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Jan. 25, 2013

11/29/90   KORTON

I Am Korton.  I come in the Light of Holy God in service unto Esu Immanuel Sananda and my fellow aspects of God, humans upon Earth.

Let us begin with the continued activities of the U.S. military and the Russian Cosmospheres that are present within your Edward's Air Force Base area.  Though Commander Hatonn has been in contact with the military leaders of both these nations, the commitment to use us as the focus to create an incident continues.  It is obvious that the minds guiding this flow of sequential pushes toward us are determined and, even though the military leaders understand now to a greater extent what they are confronting than they did a few days ago, it is clear that they are following the guidance that they are being given.

Again we stress here that the robotoid mind has no ability to comprehend danger from the larger perspective.  It can comprehend its own possible demise, but there is no "Soul" connection to God.  Survival is a most elementary emotional connection to God and in times of great stress (i.e. "all men in a foxhole wholly believe in God") this is through the Soul.  Since the robotoids do not have this connection, they simply intensify what ever activity they are focused upon, unless concerned for their own bodily survival.

Thus we have men in high places who are Soulless and beyond the reach of normal reasoning process.  We speak truth unto them as to what the consequences are of continuing this insane push and it does not penetrate, for the focus is only intensified. So, the maneuvering goes on in attempts to strike what they believe to be our vulnerable point, the crystal and our ground crews. It behooves all ones of this group to stay close within the area and to stay in constant focus of maintenance of your shields.  'Tis not the time to question the validity of what is going on about you as to reality, but to come into understanding that it is real and that you do play a most crucial and critical role in the sequential playing of God's hand in the game being played out.

Though we have all manner of scanners and do track and monitor key players, even then we are also somewhat surprised at the audacity of Satan's challenging us directly at this stage, but we must all remember that man's plunge into evil has carried him far beyond even that which Satan sanctions.  However, neither is he going to put a stop to one of his humans that would carry his plan forward with the creativity that he, Satan, lacks.  Neither will he make any effort to protect or salvage these ones.  They are way out there on a limb of their own projection; if robotoid, it is a distortion within the original human being that is being followed into manifestation.

This discussion is so that you ones may perhaps grasp the degree of danger that not only you as a focused group for God face, but humanity as a whole, for few grasp, accept or even have an inkling of what they are facing when it comes to the layers of evil planning as well as the presence of those Soulless ones that cannot be reached by God for there is no connection.  God does not sanction war or death for it is destructive to the Soul to participate in such, however for those that are soulless there is the dilemma of man as to what to do when one such as this becomes focused upon the destruction of God's real children.  How indeed do men of God handle such a situation?  How does man know when indeed one such "being" is confronting him face to face?  One such test is the challenge, "if you are not of Holy God, I command that you stop this instant."  A Soul connected being will hesitate, even if only for a split second.  If you identify yourself with Holy God, then you had better be prepared to defend self, for a robotoid is programmed to destroy that which is of God.  It is part of the process.  They have not the connection with God that hu-man has with which to identify each other, so they cannot be sure until you declare yourself, unless you are already known to them.  That does not mean that you, if you are walking within the shield of God, are left defenseless in a moment such as this.  The Presence shall be right at your shoulder and you will be given to know that which you are to do--if you are not in such fear and panic that you cannot instinctively know.  Here you could hear words, but the reaction time would not serve you, instead there is a survival instinctual connection that allows for instant perfect action.  Thus we encourage you to constantly acknowledge and recognize the Presence within you and without you.  It is within this Presence of Spirit that you live, move and have your entire experience.  I can assure you if, in a moment of confrontation, your mind takes you back to a Rocky or a Clint Eastwood scenario, instead of connection to your own instinctive God connection that you have cultivated and prepared by holding self in the present moment, your body is either a write-off or you will have lots of incarceration time to ponder your error in not being prepared as you are being given direction to do.

Have we wandered far from this morning's continued attack upon the crystal?  No indeed, for the protection of it is our job, but the protection of selves as Space Command ground crews is in large part your job.  You must set up the continued contact and train the subconscious area of your being.  Just as it causes your lungs to breathe, your heart to beat, your bodily functions to happen without your conscious awareness, so it can also keep you within the Lighted Shied.  Why is it so difficult to get it set up when you are born with the rest already in tact?  Because since man's first walk upon this planet, it has been carefully prevented from being a part of the automatic autonomic system.  You must purposefully program self and the completion of it comes in the clearing of the darkness from your expression and the coming into the Kingdom of God by FREE WILL CHOICE.  We hear from you, "But, I just get busy and can't remember!"  Find a way to remind self.  Perhaps a ring can be touched.  The thumb can comfortably touch the ring finger.  Each time that is done it can be a reminder to the subconscious and not even a conscious thought is required to interrupt what you are doing.  This is purposeful intent!  Even a slight recognition of that intent will do it.  There are other ways to create your own reminder or "habit".  Is that not what the subconscious is, a collection of habits?  It is your mind, change it and use it for your own purpose.  What better purpose can there be than survival to do the work of God.

I shall draw this to a close, for my intent was not to fill you in on details that shall come forth through Hatonn, but to impress upon you the serious and very present danger.  You are indeed involved in a most formidable and hazardous mission.  You must remember the rule of help being available in greatest measure when requested.  We appreciate your trust in our ability to protect you, but you must participate in the process!

I move to standby that your activities of the day may continue.  It is your intent that shall be your impetus.  May it move quickly into resonance with ours within the loving radiance of Holy God through His expression into Creation.  SO BE IT!  Korton out.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, December 1990, Volume 5, Number 11 & 12, Pages 7-8.

Transcribed into HTML format by Rocky Montana.