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Repost:  Sept. 5, 2015

NOTE:  This article by Korton was received in March of 1999, at a time when our world was at the brink of a nuclear world war.  Creator GoD Aton has decreed that Shan shall not be destroyed by a man-made nuclear world war.  Thus, the need for nuclear fallout shelters has changed.

There is much talk today (2015) of a nuclear world war, but it is only talk.  Russia has been appointed by Creator God to stand guard to prevent a nuclear world war with her technology, that has rendered nuclear obsolete.  May the Khazarian Zionists not be so foolish as to test Russia's resolve.   ---PHB


3/2/99    KORTON

Good morning. Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in Radiance and Light and in Service unto Holy God.  I come as one of God-Aton's Hosts, come at this time to show you the way out of the affliction brought upon you by Satan's workers--most of whom are not souled beings, but biological replicas programmed to destroy a world.

In order for you to prevent the heinous plans and Protocols of the "elite" parasite class of "royal" overseers, you will need to distinguish between what is REAL versus what is a manifested conjuring of hidden technologies--for you see, in these so-called Ending Times, your own Bible tells you that "man will do greater things than I".  So be it.

This is what the "new" millennium is going to bring you, and man's signs you will see in the sky foisted off upon you to make it look as you have gone astray as to God's laws and ways of Creation, but He is not how your Bible describes Him; fire and brimstone may well rain down from the skies and belch forth from the bowels of your Mother Earth, but it will be by the actions and negative thoughts of man that these things shall come about.

Aton, The One Light, does not coerce nor threaten His creations.  He only offers. It is up to man, individually and collectively, to accept suggestion and change his ways, lest he be left behind in darkness.

Does this mean God cares not if you "make it" through these days of chaos and great change?  Of course He cares, HOWEVER, GOD WILL NOT DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU!  He will show you the way and instruct through instinct, inspiration, and imagination--the three ways God uses to talk to the minds of His creations.  YOU will change a world or it will not be changed.

Your "Jewish" Israeli Zionists are readying a massive Hollywood production utilizing technology you-the-people believe is scarcely little more than science fiction.  (When I speak of Jews, I speak of the false "Jews" who are of "the Synagogue of Satan"--again, from your Bible; I am not referring to the Godly Judeans who make up less than 8 percent of world Jewry.)  Well, your so-called "Jewish"-owned film and TV industry work hand-in-glove with the most dangerous terrorist organization on your planet.

Israel's Mossad and Britain's Secret Intelligence Service are the clandestine enforcers for a global cartel of super crooks classified as your "establishment families" of old.  These ones have been in power since the beginning, but only now, as you approach the ending of this two-thousand-year period, do these entities come to the surface as a whole--for in these ending times, Lucifer has promised them YOUR EARTH, and they intend to fully inform you ones of this, because they believe you are beyond the ability to do anything about it.

When the very stars fall from the Heavens, and night turns into day, and visitors come to fulfill "prophecies", you will witness the curtain rising on the final act of man's play.  And with it will come that which you have been programmed and readied for lo these many eons to accept.  Will God allow such a thing to come to pass?  Indeed, for if it takes such to cause you ones to learn your lessons of war, greed, lies, and spiritual and moral decay, then so be it.

Does it HAVE to be this way?  No.  But if it is to be "better", then you-the-people will be the ones to rewrite the play and CREATE a better ending!



You have a saying that touts: "When the Death Watch Beetle is heard, death is coming."  It is a phrase that mystics or Satanic worshipers are familiar with, but it is also very accurate as to your plight with evil amok on your plane (or dimension) of physical experience.  According to plan you all are so worked-up to expect a year-2000 (y2k) computer "glitch" that even if there were no concerted covert actions being readied, THE COMBINED THOUGHTS OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE FOCUSED ON DECEMBER 31, 1999 WILL BRING ABOUT THE VERY THING YOU FEAR THE MOST!

That is why it is so important to be ever mindful of what thoughts you allow to pass through your beings.  Your brain and your body ARE NOT YOU, but they are used by the Light Fragment of God that IS you.  And it is that forever entity who is all powerful and all knowing--once you come to appreciate who and what you really are.  Your adversary knows this and spends enormous amounts of your tax dollars so you don't ever figure it out.  Because if you do, the play is finished for them; even your adversary knows, ultimately, that evil never prevails against The Light.  (And by the way, what do you think your tax money is used for--paying back the international banksters of England, France, Italy, and Israel?  Dear ones, you don't even begin to pay back the interest on those incredibly massive "loans" to/by the Federal Reserve.)

As you continue with your countdown to destruction according to your adversary's plans, we will allow you to follow most closely that countdown.  However, the accounting will be to ACTUAL spiritual "time keeping".  In all of the countless inter-experiencing dimensional arenas in the Mind of God, "the plane of demonstration", your physical world, is the only one where TIME is measured. In the Celestial Realms, we follow sequence of events, and even that is not linear, for what you label as time travel is indeed a reality.  Another little secret kept from the masses.

AS OF AUGUST 17, 1987 YOU ENTERED A NEW MILLENNIUM.  YOU ARE 12 YEARS AND 196 DAYS INTO IT!  All the ancient aboriginal calendars ended after August 16 and, like the aboriginal people of America (Native Americans, whom God called HUMAN--HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN), they are waiting for two things: (1) their (and your) extraterrestrials brethren to return, along with The Great Spirit; and (2) to see if and how far man will fall during this time of kali (chaos).

While your adversary is causing you to focus on an ERRONEOUS millennium countdown, the evil elements are planning to usurp August 17, 1999 as a day to attempt to bring their own heinous plans into fruition by causing ones to believe a STAGED HOLOGRAPHIC PRESENTATION OF "JESUS" CHRIST.  Whether they actually wait until August 17 or January 31 of 2000 or 2010   the point is to cause the world to be fooled by the magic of David El Roy, the Khazarian mystic whom the six-pointed Star of David is fashioned after.  This was NOT the King David of Judean history.


This will come as a blow to those believing they knew all there was to know about being "Jewish".  It is just as devastating to Christians who are unaware that "Jesus" is not, nor ever was, the name of Esu Immanuel.  His most bitter Khazarian enemy, Saul (Paul) of Tarsus, called him "Jesus Christ" to further obscure the truth.  "Jesus" is a Greek word that means anointed, and "Christ" is not the name of a person; it is a state of beingness and level of accomplishment.

You ones have NEVER been given The Truth about ANYTHING important and you cannot fix a problem or avert disaster if you don't know what you're up against.  There is no longer time to catch you up on all that your institutions of "higher un-learning" have not taught you.  We will integrate as best we can that which you need as to pre-history with what requires immediate attention.  You are in the eleventh hour of your sojourn of your current incarnation, and literally, every hour counts.

Under this subheading will be the latest updates to events unfolding that directly affect the close of the old millennium and the starting of the new, as well as direct actions Americans can utilize to prevent the holocaust (as in "destruction, usually by fire" definition and not the controlled FALSE "Jewish" death-camp version).  As has been outlaid many times before: around 300,000 to 350,000 people were allowed to die during that period of time of Hitler's Germany due to starvation and some torture--ALMOST ALL WERE GERMAN CITIZENS AND JUDEAN "JEWS".  THE ZIONIST-AFFILIATED "JEWS" (TURKISH-NORDIC-MONGOL KHAZAR NOMADS FROM THE CAUCASUS REGION OF SOUTHERN RUSSIA) TRIED TO ERASE THE EVIDENCE OF A STOLEN LEGACY BY WORKING TO EXTERMINATE THE PEOPLE WHOSE HERITAGE WAS TAKEN.

Why am I harping on the "Jews" again?  Because it is the current thrust of your Satanic adversary to use whomever and whatever gains him the most.  Since you have allowed IN THE NAME OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND BIGOTRY for a group of people, legitimate or not in your perception, to take control and run every aspect of your lives, it has become merely a matter of convenience for the prince of evil TO UTILIZE THESE SAME ONES.

Do you not have a world of many and varied humans, and do they not have their own customs and beliefs, and spiritual or religious practices?  Then why must Zionist Protocols for human behavior be foisted off upon the rest of the planet?  Does that not fit your definition of racism?

You think Korton is being a stickler for terms and definitions?  Well your own United Nations was forced to admit in open forum that "Zionism is equated to racism".


Your civilization and military personnel are the targets for any ABC (atomic, biological, chemical) attack by your so-called Arab terrorist enemies.  Chelas (students), the only enemies you have as a nation and as a people are the adversarial so-called "elite" right in your own governments pulling the strings and running the world from behind closed doors.  Known by many labels (Illuminati, Club of Rome, Committee of 300), the "Olympians" is the term I believe best describes them.

As you watch the Olympic scandal unfold, what you are actually witnessing is a parading of the very so-called "elite" manipulators we speak of.  These ones call themselves Olympians because they believe they have the power of the ancient gods of Greek mythology.  Before your physical world evolved over many past millennia, these entities did indeed exhibit what you term to be god-like qualities.  However, the reality of their existence was not tangible to what you recognize as corporeal bodies. In appearance you may not know the difference, but there was great difference between those considered to be gods of Olympus and ordinary people.

Today these same energy forms incarnate as, and influence, the kings, queens, and overseers to keep the masses of slaves chained to the dark ages of technical, moral, and spiritual achievement.  They do not want you to come into your own as a cosmic, Christ-conscious being because, WHEN you do, they have no power over you.  This is why ALL FORMS OF ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA are controlled with an iron (gold is more fitting) fist.  By keeping knowledge and information from you, the Olympians hope to conquer a planet.  "My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge" is a phrase that has great meaning, and it behooves you to keep this thought ever present in your daily ponderings.

The Dark Brotherhood are your enemies!  Your enemies are NOT your ethnically different brothers across your borders and seas. Are they not in the same mess you're in?  The space few who control your world from behind the scenes are moving headlong toward Nuclear War One, and it is America who is going to lead the way in the name of Zionism.

The Khazarian Israeli plan labeled Project Z is very much on track. The reason the letter Z is used is not just to highlight the Zionist agenda, but more importantly, because the war planners decided that this is the last plan they will ever need in their war AGAINST CHRISTIANITY.  And as long as you still have no shelters to protect your populations, you have almost zero chance to survive the holocaust.

Remember, by allowing American civilians and military personnel to have protection against nuclear attack, PREEMPTIVE FIRST STRIKES BECOME A MOOT POINT.  This is the only card left to play, chelas.

Your "enemy" states have shelter systems for their people, so your missiles will not reach them.  BUT YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SITTING DUCKS FOR THE THOUSANDS OF MISSILES AND NUCLEAR MINES POISED TO REDUCE THE U.S. TO ASHES.

If America is consumed by nuclear fire or cataclysmic Earth changes, a remnant of both your people and your nation--as founded under God of Light and inscribed onto your precious Constitution documents-- must make it through to rebuild.

Rebuild what? Not a new government that will be worse than what has already taken your nation--BUT ONE BUILT UPON THE FOUNDATION OF THE ORIGINAL.  The ruins of what you have now--be they ruins of charred rubble or just ruins of a tyrannical government gone mad--will be as the Phoenix Eagle rising from the ashes.  (This is a bird in Egyptian mythology that consumed itself by fire and rose up, renewed, from its own ashes.)

Your enemy is playing a very well thought-out game of chess--the favored strategy game of the "elite" manipulators of Russian-Khazarian decent.  (The game Monopoly is favored among the relatively new members of the "elite" who were charged with the secret taking-over of America; ask Rockefeller and Morgan how enjoyable and profitable the game was to them!)

God's people also must know about these things so that those who conspire to do you in do not have such a wide-open playing field.  By operating within the same corporate and national security veils that the evil manipulators use, Americans can get a shelter system set up quickly and in record time.

Surviving a nuclear attack is one of the easiest tasks your community and state leaders can accomplish and it IS ONE OF THE MOST BENEFICIAL UNDERTAKINGS YOU HAVE AT THIS TIME.  If you have no living humans left alive, it matters not one whit what goes on in the continuing misadventures of "Zipergate".

By the way, ALL of your political, top military, and police insiders are up to their ears in these ever increasing sex scandals.  What you are not told is that such as the Ramsey child murder case is the norm as "entertainment" in those higher so-called "elite" groups.  These are the "cults" the media efforts to "warn" you about--but not by pointing a finger at the guilty, for that would implicate many, many of those you have great respect for.  Indeed, secret satanic and Masonic  (I speak of the 33rd degree and above, not the local community lodge that has bake sales to help the needy.)  rituals routinely involve sex with children and participation in "snuff films".  For a price or for satanic rite, children are murdered just for the experience.  The Khazar element believes that to kill a Christian child, preferably between 7 and 12 years old, while displayed in "Christ-like" fashion and with as much pain and suffering as can be inflicted, will give the evil ones power over their hated Christian enemy.


You cannot reason with a rabid wolf, and if you believe you will be given a counter-offer as to the terms of some of you surviving and just being allowed to live out your days, you would be sorely mistaken.  Your adversary plans on ridding your Earth of all but 550 million people BEFORE the end of this millennium.  That does not give you much time.

Can it be done by ordinary citizens?  Indeed, why do you think we've come to assist?  It is God's promise that a remnant will make it through.  Evil will destroy itself; the meek will survive ONLY IF THE MEEK HAVE MADE PREPARATIONS TO SURVIVE.  Even if you are greatly successful in turning around your adversary's genocide plans--shelters and belowground domed dwellings will still be very necessary.

Weather modification by Russian electrogravitic hovering weapons platforms, by HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project) transmissions into the upper layers of your atmosphere, and belowground nuclear power plants feeding tremendous energy to buried continental cables--not to mention underwater nuclear detonations spawning UNNATURAL planetary changes on top of rebalancing natural occurrences by Mother Earth (your El Ninos and La Ninas)--these are just as valid reasons to have shelter systems as any other.

There is now no part of your country or world that is any less dangerous then another.  You have earthquakes in such as California, but you are also having destruction to life and property on greater and ever increasing scale by high winds, massive flooding, raging fires, killer avalanches, droughts, etc.  Does it not seem a bit too coincidental that Mother Nature's fury begins to awaken just in time to bring in the new millennium?  Ah, but with man's help it is coming to pass right on cue.


You have been lied to about the survivability of a nuclear blast--it is 100 percent survivable WITH ADEQUATE PREPARATION!  It is not expensive, as [opposed to what] the British-Khazarian Bolsheviks would have your politicians tell you.

For the price of a new compact automobile, every family in America can have an emergency shelter WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF HOME OR WORK.  With available packages, occupants can have water, food, health products, electricity, sleepers, toilets, survival supplies, and a nation-wide digital Shelter Communicator Service.  (And by the way, I use the term "health products" above because, by Khazarian law, the term "medical" or "medicine" may not be used; cures for cancer, AIDS, and protection against the many and varied plagues ready to be loosed on an unsuspecting world will not be allowed.  The point is to depopulate using any and all means--INCLUDING ATOMIC WAR.)

Your military bases are the first targets because it is there where you have the largest concentration of people strong enough and healthy enough to be of greatest assistance to you during a nuclear confrontation.  IT IS THEY WHO ARE TRAINED TO PERFORM THEIR DUTIES IN TIMES OF DISASTER AND EMERGENCY, SO IT IS THEY WHO YOU SHOULD PLACE HIGH ON THE LIST OF IMMEDIATE SHELTER INSTALLATION.

At the same time, every daycare center, school, and university had better utilize those parking lots and playing fields to house your children while they are away from home.  Within a week the shelters can be installed and the landscape returned to usable aboveground space with only entrance ways and small Shelter Periscope Conduit Pods (SPCP).  These SPCP's contain environmental control equipment and communications ports.

For shelters installed in areas of high-risk from flood or heavy debris, the SPCPs can be outfitted with a special module that allows the occupant to survive for seven days in a completely self-contained, watertight, and airtight enclosure.  The Shelter Communicator Service of every high-risk area shelter and all belowground domed dwellings will be constantly monitored by a triple-redundant system in preparation for all possible communications problems--especially those very likely to be encountered during war.

SAA, Inc. (Shelters Across America) will soon offer Iridium Satellite Communicators to help SCI (Space Command Intelligence) field officers, vehicles, lifeboats, and aircraft maintain a ready lifeline to the shelters and domed dwellings for emergency assistance and locator relays.  (For more information about Shelters Across America, call 805-908-3616 during normal West Coast business hours.)  By the way, "intelligence" is merely a synonym for "news" or "new information", especially about an enemy. However, in the world of international security agreements and covert double-talk, not having access to these circles is legal grounds for PUBLIC exclusion from matters that have grave consequences to civilians.  You have no idea of the painstaking procedures and "special" committees set up against unsuspecting civilians.  All the world's spy cults are now united and have been charged with ushering in the One World Government where rulership is absolute and all those not of them are to be stripped of every last thing they own.

Interestingly enough, the Iridium logo is of the Pleiades constellation--the location of your Earth's central Sun--the system from whence most of you came, and it is there the lot of you will go for your next experience.

You are the most like the beings from Pleiades--and rightly so--they are your ancestors.  The lives and living conditions are greatly advanced from that of Earth-Shan.  Your more advanced brothers and sisters from that place live in what you would consider a Garden of Eden.  They do not overpopulate their planet or destroy their environment through greed of mineral and other natural resources, nor do they destroy the landscape with the clutterings of man's unaesthetic and illogical housing methods.  Living WITH Nature means to blend in harmoniously so that the delicate balance of man (whether terrestrial or extra-terrestrial) and his environment is not upset.  ALL worlds experience planetary changes from time to time; it is part of each celestial orb's growth and evolution.  Your dwellings should reflect the INEVITABILITY OF THAT CHANGE.

Just as terror and destruction come to a colony of thousands of ants in their microscopic community in the form of a devastating flood because a child forgot to turn off the water hose during a warm summer afternoon, a little preparation--such as a door to close over the entranceway until the water subsides--can save many lives, be they insect or human.

Animals do not live out in the open the way humans do, and yet they are protected from the elements because God, through instinct, gave them the knowingness to seek shelter in the womb of your Mother Earth, or nestled among and within the great trees; only man disregards the Whisperings of God and lives in a far less balanced fashion.  Well, if man's ways are not changed most quickly, he will be as the grasshopper who has a carefree summer and autumn and, because of lack of preparation of food storage or shelter, perishes because of a change in the weather.



At present there are five main categories for belowground shelters and domed dwellings.  Continuing research and development on more expansive domed living spaces and layouts for underground hydroponics, livestock, recreation, and even parks will be forthcoming. Interconnecting ABC compressed earthen tunnels and custom entrances will also be available as add-ons to each shelter and dwelling.

In order for nuclear war to be averted (at best, or ensure that a remnant makes it through if you insist on conjuring the Armageddon scenario) residents of united States of America must have easy access to purchasing shelters.  Just as your world changed because of the invention of the automobile, so too will your way of life change (for the better) by having a secure place to live in relative safety.  You are moving out of limited human physical sensing into Spiritual Knowing and that means you must begin to live your lives in a way that follows the Laws of God and The Creation.  For it is when man breaks those laws that he brings misery upon himself.


By being as clever as the serpent, but as gentle as the dove, sovereign American residents can prevail against the New World Order's SS intelligence police.  Their dark protection for hundreds of years has been through secret societies and satanic cults hiding your most prominent "servants of the people".

While you are preparing for the Olympic games, like Caesar's gladiators and lion pits of old, "His Excellency" (what elitist member Antonio Juan Samaranch is called in international circles--which is everywhere outside America), a lifetime member of the IOC (International Olympic Commission), and his fellow Olympians--each operating quietly behind the scenes of other philanthropic-seeming foundations and organizations--plan to spread the plaque (manmade, of course) from Utah U.S.A. to the rest of the world. Seeing that international travel is to a pandemic what fanning winds are to a hot, dry brush fire, the combination is going to have a devastating effect upon your world population.

Your Space Program also ties in with this heinous plan as a rocket-launched satellite probe is to bring back samples or something or other  (You are never given truth about what is actually carried aboard these vehicles or their missions--nearly all are military payloads designed to hasten your trip down the road to Armageddon.)  and deposit the confounded thing by parachute into the Utah desert just in time to blame your massive plague on one more thing from outer space.  Remember what you are up against and know that every trick in the book, so to speak, will be used to try to pull the wool over your sleepy eyes.  James Bond super villains do, in fact, exist; it is only you-the-people who do not seem to comprehend how such things have come to be.

Perhaps it is time to revise Ian Fleming's film: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, one of the one or two screen adaptions to Fleming's books that still holds a great deal of truth regarding your "elite" manipulators.  Again you will find much similarity to the Anthrax scares and sudden disease outbreaks that kill without warning.

Dear ones, you have NO sudden outbreaks of anything attributed to Nature; however, you do indeed have them during a biological weapons attack--which is what the U.S. is currently experiencing.  Soon your government traitors will have to admit to you that they have no protection nor warning system against the attacks that are passed off in the controlled media as mere hoaxes and scares.  The greater danger with some of these bio-chemical agents is that they can be engineered to infect casualties days, months, or years after exposure.

Do you not think there is some measure of retaliation for the British-Khazarian use of your military and special-weapons forces bombing Iraq?  Even though the SAME ENTITIES ARE CAUSING CASUALTIES ON BOTH SIDES, THE U.S. IS GOING TO SUFFER GREATLY AS PLANNED; YOU CANNOT VERY WELL GET RID OF THE "USELESS EATERS" IF YOU DON'T HAVE COUNTER ATTACKS, NOW CAN YOU?

These are the plans, deeds, and words of those whom you allow to hold top positions in your government and other MORE INFLUENTIAL POSITIONS.  Ones such as Albright are marching right along to programmed orders to openly get you into a shooting war with Russia and China.  Do you not understand what is happening?  It has been prophesied that the (Russian) "bear from the north" and the (Chinese) "dragon" will devour you in the days described as the "ending times".  Why do you think these "wars and rumors of wars" are becoming more and more frequent as the clock ticks closer to December 31?


Do not for a moment believe that the Year 2000 computer "glitch" is not tied to the Bolshevik Zionists' "Project Z" war plan.  It not only is tied to it, it IS THE PLAN.  Since the United States lost the space battle with the Russians in September of 1977, which started with the destruction of U.S. surveillance satellites over Russia, the "taking out" of two MANNED installations on the Moon, the downing of Skylab with FIVE ASTRONAUTS ABOARD, and culminating with the sweeping of the skies of the remainder of your surveillance and early-warning satellites, the Bolshevik warlords have been trying to retaliate against the new Christian anti-Bolshevik rulers of the Kremlin.  A worldwide computer failure is just the ticket to plausibly launch the attack.

Large corporations, especially those owned by the Japanese, plan everything they intend to do years and even decades in advance, and their computer systems are no exception.  Rockefeller interests have been in control of world commerce as relates to the U.S. for more than a hundred years, and SONY, a Rockefeller company (SONY stands for Standard Oil of New York) is the epitome of "elite" corporate efficiency.

The y2k computer bug is the failsafe mechanism to start a war.  As Russian (!?!) and American officers huddle in your Aerospace Command and Control centers deep underground in the Cheyenne Mountains (and other locations) preparing to control the aftermath of nuclear war on U.S. soil, no one is telling the American people what everyone else in the world already knows.

While you ones go about doing nothing, hoping some miracle will save you without any effort on your part--or worse, refusing to believe that such a thing could conceivably be done to so many innocent people--your traitorous leaders have signed over your very souls to the death merchants.  On web sites such as Art Bell, ones are beginning to stock-up on offered foodstuffs and other survival gear.  BUT IF YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO PUT THEM THAT IS PROTECTED FROM HARM AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE, IT IS USELESS.  The mouthpieces in the controlled major media are giving you all the clues you need BY TELLING YOU "NOT TO WORRY...TOO MUCH."  Chelas, they do not want you to prepare because they want you completely off-guard and confused so that, when the lights go out for good, you will be as helpless as the sheep being herded to slaughter.

Computer and Internet systems will indeed crash.  AND WITH ALL YOUR ASSETS GONE AND NO WAY TO DECIDE WHAT HAS REAL BARTER VALUE, F.E.M.A. TAKES OVER AND, WITHIN THE HOUR, YOUR ONCE GREAT NATION BECOMES A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.  And you will accept those terms, if need be, through the persuasion of UN "peacekeepers" and their assault weapons, training right now on U.S. soil and south of your border.

America is only as great as her perceived financial stability, and when that is gone, all your enemies wearing false smiles and bowing and scraping will turn on you, walking right along in step with the UN mercenary forces.  If or when America dies, those who helped to kill her will also be destroyed as the beast turns and devours them.  Remember, Satan has no qualms about eating his own.

Computers are wondrous tools.  However, in the claws of the New World Order conspirators, they ARE the Beast of Revelation and you'd best take this portion of your Bible most seriously.  The rest of the Bible is nothing more than tampered and revised works by the descendants of kings and monarchs--since when has ANY ruler cared about the sovereignty of the people?  Their goal has always been to amass as much power and gold as their greedy hearts could bleed from the people; now suddenly, in this "new" age, is it feasible that your ancient-current nobility has abandoned all they've worked toward for so many centuries?!?

If you do not stop this mad dash to war (allies and enemies alike are armed with small and incredibly destructive atomic weapons), you are going to manifest the only outcome to a third world war.  If that is what man's evolution is to be at this passage in his experience of Earth-Shan, then so be it; however, you do have a choice.  You can work with God to preserve your planet and your people, or you can do nothing and allow Lucifer's servants to make what remains of your soon-to-be short lives a most unpleasant experience.

May the Love of God and The Creation and the future of your children's children guide your action, for in the end it is your intentions that are looked at most carefully by God.  Korton to clear, please.  Salu.



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 22, 1999, Volume 24, Number 5.