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Feb. 13, 2012

12/22/98   KORTON

Good afternoon.  Commander Tomeros Massu Korton here in Service and Light unto Holy God.

This is a time of many lessons upon your world--the unfolding of long-standing Truths, the revealing of long-hidden lies, and the emancipation of the True Power within each Lighted fragment of Creator yearning to grow into Radiance.  Toward that end I come on your planet to discuss some of the ongoing recent events on your planet and coordinate your understanding of those events with Higher Purpose, that you may grow in ability to better read the clues on your own.

Now that you in America have been led to focus your attention back into outer space, such as through the recent publicity stunt of John Glenn, it is time to allow the last act of a most interesting physical play to unfold.  Your adversarial group of Satanic controllers--Committee of 300, Illuminati, Freemasonists, MJ-12, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Foreign Relations Council, Club of Rome, or, Big Oil, Big Business, Big Bankers, The British Crown, The Zionist-affiliated Jews, The P2 (Propaganda 2)-affiliated Italian mobsters, right on down to Global Intelligence uniting of KGB, CIA, NSA, MI-6, Mossad, SEDECE, and all the world's spy "cults"--are now ready to pull off the biggest hoax man has yet to witness, whether or not he is ever made aware of it.

It has taken two thousand years for you to evolve to THIS DAY, and your technology that has been kept from you (while bits and pieces were allowed to filter through to your markets, adding to the coffers of the "elite" controllers) is now ready to do the unthinkable--imitate God.  "Man will do greater things than I" is wording from your Bible that will have great meaning for those who know the full technical capabilities of the secret manipulators of your planet.


The "god" your Satanic masters are going to imitate is the one most of you have come to "know" from generations of religious programming.  Lucifer, the fallen one, who believed he could rule just as good or better than God-Aton, The One Light, has enlisted some very astute beings to help him pull the wool over the eyes and minds of you-the-people.

This is what will determine if you indeed have the capability to discern what is of God of Divine Light and what is of "god" of dark influence and manipulation.  Always your measuring stick will be:  God-Aton neither coerces nor tricks you into doing or believing ANYTHING.  He always allows humans to learn their lessons for advancement at their own pace and at their own level of awareness of what "reality" truly is.

If you are fooled by the tricks and false promises of the evil magicians who control ALL availability of technological applications considered to be "advanced", then it matters not what is happening in the skies above your heads or what materializes in front of you, for you will not know the difference.  You have no practical understanding of what can and cannot be made manifest for your senses, other than that which you have heard in legends and myths.  This is SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE and it is this one area of your lack of knowledge that is going to do-in a great number of people.

John Glenn's show-and-tell trip back into space was the cover for some very heinous plans--OF WHICH YOU ONES HAVE BEEN GIVEN NOTHING AS TO WHAT ACTUALLY TRANSPIRED!  The moment that Shuttle was out of sight of your inquiring eyes, all video sequences fed to PUBLIC monitors instantly were switched from live, realtime images, to PRERECORDED, previous missions and training mockup flights done within your very atmosphere.  Have you forgotten Hollywood's capability to simulate weightlessness effects such as was demonstrated in the movie Apollo 13?

You were prepared every step of the way in case something went wrong with the televised portions of the launch. (And with this Satanic bunch, something always goes wrong; it is just that the masses are unaware that there is anything sinister happening that they should be watching for.) Excuses were given to cover military attacks upon the Shuttle, in which case the original Shuttles; all of them have been destroyed or abandoned in space, while new orbiters were continually manufactured and flown in at the appointed times and places--always with full complements of "cloned" crews.

The Space Program simply cannot be as NASA's Dan Goldin is telling you.  Every corner of your sky is teeming with space-capable craft of every description.  Your solar system's planets all have orbital space platforms that put the purported International Space Station to shame.

By the way, the first mission patch for the station depicts the Earth surrounded by a chain made of gold.  The chain signifies your bondage--and I need not remind you what importance gold has played in the master plan of the Bolshevik-Zionist "Jews".

They tell you that you will be able to see the station every night.  Chelas, what about all the other objects seen nightly by thousands that your media completely ignore?!?  And when enough of you phone-in to the news and police centers to report them, a hastily put together blurb is presented to once again put the masses back to sleep, lest they miss the latest sexcapade on television.

The high content of sexual situations in the media, by the way, is also part of "the plan".  With AIDS running rampant within the Black communities throughout the world, and now working its way like wildfire through all other groups, your PROGRAMMED preoccupation with sex (protected on not--CONDOMS PROVIDE NO PROTECTION AGAINST AIDS) is just what the evil doctors prescribed; global depopulation is a UN mandate, my friends, and the secret Bolshevik manipulators of the Security Council plan to carry out that mandate to the letter.

You will find very little in your media, besides distraction tidbits, about Mars or Earth's Moon.  This is because they are two parts of a planetary triad, that includes Earth, as you prepare to join intergalactic communities you never knew existed.

Have you ever wondered why the Moon is so large in comparison to the satellites of other planets, yet Earth-Shan itself is so small next to such as the gas giants--with many and varied moons?  Why is it that yours is so hospitable and convenient?

Indeed, there is much awaiting unfoldment as you enter the Age of Cosmic Man's Awakening.

You have so many Spaceports on your planet that it has become impossible to hide the daily trips outside your atmosphere.  The conspiracy-based and heavily controlled major media simply do not mention them.  These things are not just visible near outbacks or remote island locations, such as Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.  Rather, as you enter the "new" millennium, in your counting, space flight is becoming routine and very necessary. And, if it does end up on television, the accompanying story is as ridiculous as your military's apparent lack of interest in these publicly witnessed "phenomena" (I think is the "politically correct" term Tavistock Institute's brain-shaping London think-tank has you using.)  The reason you have been kept in the dark about the actual advanced state of your technological capabilities is so that, when the time would be ripe, an entire planet could be captured by the relative few who are in a position to pull these technical strings to bedazzle the masses.



The FALSE "Jews" from your Bible have fulfilled Nostradamus' prophecy for the war that is to be number three--and your last--on worldwide scale.  The fifteenth century Frenchman told you, 500 years ago, that the series of battles which leads up to nuclear holocaust was to begin before the end of 1998.

He also said in his quatrains (before the interpreters made the messages more confusing than even he had intended--which he did to avoid being burned at the stake, not unlike what ones face today in order to bring you Truth) that the group identified by the blue turban and flag of Khazaria (Israel) would be the ones who would send the missiles flying.

You must understand that the need for the Khazar "Jews" to be masters of the planet is as great as their desire for gold.  Your Space Program has one of the greatest secret stockpiles of precious metals imaginable.  The spacecraft that operate outside of the Earth's atmosphere, as well as from the surface (far from the prying eyes of you taxpayers who funded it all), utilize great amounts of gold in the alloys that make up the outer surfaces. There are many industries which support super-secret space applications that are either covered up or made to look like parts and equipment for already proven technology.  All of it is in the hands of the Zionist (Khazar) Occupational Government (ZOG) that has slowly taken over Washington starting many years ago.

Why do I speak so harshly of "Jews"?  I speak only of that which they do which is against the Laws of God and note their flagrant attempts to wipe out a planet of His creations: you!

You don't have to take the word of a prophet or even a Space Commander.  Your own Bible--tampered with as it is--spells it out quite nicely for you, such as in the Book of Revelation:  "I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan."

The false Jews are generally called Ashkenazi Jews in more modern times and are those Khazarian Jews whose medieval ancestors mostly migrated to the land that became greater Germany.  Being parasites by nature, this migration was partly due to the attraction of the prime, desirable area and culture of vibrant Germany, and partly due to the relatively peace-seeking nations around them finally driving them from what was their original location.

The evil Khazar empire flourished around 700 A.D. between the Black Sea and the Caspian (Khazar) Sea, and did so through the most "blood-sucking" of activities.  Many writings in this newspaper over the past many years have covered the history of these dark ones in great detail, from available records and good scholarship.

Their parasitic nature disposes them to live off of the sweat and creativity of any outside culture.  The more hard-working the culture, the more beneficial to their games of deception and control.  THEIR THEFT OF THE LEGACY OF THE LEGITIMATE JUDEAN IS WHAT YOUR BIBLE IS REFERRING TO.

Also in the Book of Revelation: "Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie--behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and learn that I have loved you."  This refers to who, ultimately will win the final battle, chelas. However, YOU must do your part in saving your own planet and your own lives if you wish to halt Armageddon (the days you have been living out for at least two decades now).  The situation on your planet does not have to descend to full-scale war, as your enemies have written, before "the meek inherit" what's left.

No other country on the face of the planet is behind your war with Iraq--or your wars with any other country for that matter!  You are a nation in the dark.  Other nations know that real weapons of mass destruction are waiting to be used by the Khazarian-Zionist ruling element in the American government, and if they come into play, not very many living humans will survive in the physical form.

The other nations have a more spiritual belief than do most of you Americans who have fallen under the mind control of these Khazarian tricksters, yet you are quick to label other nations as pagan.  Do you not see that you have been duped into becoming the tool for Satan's army?  Do you not realize that these weapons of mass destruction you have amassed (as a "God-loving" "christian" nation) are about to be unleashed upon innocent people? Where is your dictum of life, liberty, freedom, and justice for ALL?  Do you not remember that the rest of the world WAS trying to be like America?

Now the rest of the world laughs at you and hopes the Khazar "Jews" do not prevail in their plans--that now have become YOUR PLANS.  How did this happen, America?  Have you been asleep and preoccupied with the wrong goals for too long?  Do you care about what you leave behind for your children and grandchildren?  How shall you explain to them your choices which leave them in such a vulnerable position?  Of what importance is that country club membership compared to the incarceration of a magnificent nation which was to be the shining example for the world?

Civilization after civilization has ended after the waging of the "holy" war, and you are now about to repeat one of the mistakes history has repeatedly tried to teach you.  The Muslims of the world are a greatly united people, especially Arabs and Blacks, for they are not fooled by the Khazar manipulations.  (That is why your controlled and mind-controlling media dared not have a White or Jewish face as the one "in charge" in the film The Siege.)

Why have some who should know better sold-out their people and their lands?  For the same reason the lot of you have done so, whether you realize it of not--greed!  Remember Rothschild's words, of long ago: "Permit me to control a nation's currency, and I care not who makes the laws."  Once there is Jewish control of gold, there is control--period!  These dark ones know that indeed most every man has his price.

This is THE lesson of schoolroom Earth.  If ones chose not to succumb to the temptations of the adversary's puppets, then the mess you find yourselves in now as a nation would not be possible. For instance, picture a Congress or leader of industry who would not be bribed, and you would be well on your way to a truly free nation under God, a nation that would act as a beacon of Light for the entire world.



How can you say you won a war if your opponent doesn't show up to fight?  Saddam allowed you to slaughter many tens of thousands of his soldiers during an agreed-upon withdrawal.  THIS IS FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF GENEVA RULES CONCERNING ARMED NATIONAL CONFLICT.  The rest of the world has not forgotten what you are capable of.

You are a people of The Lie.  You believe what your bought-and-paid-for Congress tells you regarding U.S. military supremacy.

So-called "communist" aircraft, and biological and chemical delivery systems, as well as tactical compact and full-yield nuclear weapons can, in twenty minutes time, destroy EVERY SINGLE INHABITED CITY IN THE U.S.  Your conscience tells you something is very wrong with the official explanations for this diabolical engagement in Iraq.  However, you ones do not question your brainwashed "American supremacy " and thus give little thought to the possibilities of "just" retribution ON YOUR OWN SOIL!

Let us not forget WHO Iraq's allies are--only the two most truly powerful nations on your planet!  Russia and China are looking for any excuse to get rid of what they see as the parasitic cancer called Khazarian "capitalism" that is ravaging the world.

Am I against every citizen having his share of the pie?  Of course not; God is abundance!  Would His promise to you be otherwise?  However, this variety of capitalism, AS YOUR ENEMY HAS SET IT UP TO OPERATE, is nothing short of a diabolical trap for humanity.  When unbounded greed and maniacal control become the sail and rudder of the ship, you can be sure the vessel is doomed to crash against God's Law of Balance and pay the price for ignoring God's Law of Giving and Regiving.

The Russians are now using a system of barter that can turn your world around for the better.  Until you move into a new (old) way of doing business THAT IS FAIR FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED, you are doomed to failure.  Doing business by trading goods and services (like you did before the Khazar manipulators introduced gold, and then usury, into the market for evil purposes) is what will carry you through.  You must look to sustaining yourselves outside of the Federal Reserve and its collection police, the IRS.  Both are "elite-owned, illegal, PRIVATE corporations THAT ARE NOT a part of the original design of your Republic Federal Government.

The Russians, who are native to their land, are Christians, just like you profess to be, and they are taking back their country from the Bolshevik-Zionist "Jews" who killed more than 100 million people--again Christians.  These Russians are now in the process of breaking the economic hold the Bolsheviks still have on their non-military infrastructure and people.  The Kremlin has had enough--both with Israel and with your inability to rid yourselves of your "cancer", including at the very least, your inability to control Israel's aggressive use of your government.

Russia is preparing to use their very advanced and powerful Space Triad--consisting of manned killer-beam satellites, Moon-based beam mega-weapons, and platforms--to put an end to the Khazarian Zionist parasitic infestation of your planet.

Modern Israel (the location of the state of Palestine) is about to be blown out of existence, since all diplomatic attempts to stop World War III from escalating are failing.  The Khazar Jews and their genetic-replica puppets are programmed to fight; it is as simple as that.  If you had no worthy adversary to supply your testing, you would not have a journey or lessons worth learning, for in the Higher Realms (your next stop when you "graduate") there is no aggression, nor even tendencies toward negative behavior.

Do you see?  You MUST learn these things while you are experiencing in what is called The Plane of Demonstration.  Schoolroom Earth is providing you with exquisite learning and testing challenges.  How do you think you are doing, grade-wise, with your lessons?  The deeper lesson of Esu "Jesus" Sananda's parable about the Good Samaritan is one of daring to take risks to right the wrongs that cross your path. How many of you look the other way, instead?  The bad won't just go away by itself!  Explain your choices to your children and grandchildren when they ask you why things are such a mess--and especially when they have to go off to fight in those Khazarian-generated wars!

You can no more get into Heaven (the Higher Realms) without learning your lessons than you can get a driver's license (legally) without learning the rules and laws of the road, and the operation of a vehicle, lest you be given a death machine.  A car has the capability, if misused or used incorrectly, to kill many people, as your yearly highway death statistics prove.  Technologies of societies of infinitely more sophistication and power (in the Higher Realms) would cause even greater damage if they were not understood and used correctly!

America, you did not always have so many enemies in the world, and the Arabs, Chinese, Russians, and soon to be Muslim Blacks do not have to declare war upon you.  As a nation, it does not have to go that far.

Do not allow the "divide and conquer" formula (another old Rothschild technique) of the Khazar Jews to pit brother against brother and country against country so that the victors of the contest (Bolshevik-Zionist anti-God "aliens" in your midst) succeed without so much as an attempt to save your lives, not to mention your planet!  Meanwhile, the cancerous parasites will make sure they are hiding in underground caverns and shelters.

Russia is moving all of their diplomats out of harm's way before they get involved in the shooting.  Are you ready for a real war?  I thought not.



Do not be fooled, America.  Your nation was already at war well before the Bolshevik-Zionists attacked Iraq--while the masses have been largely unaware of the situation.  Missiles were flying DAILY above you heads and homes, especially being observed along your West Coast as nighttime "meteors" with unusual trajectories.  Your nation was (is) at the highest state of alert in the history of organized warfare.  The politicians and military analysts are fully aware of the likely results of a world war in your current state of a world war in your current state of technological advancement and are in nothing short of a panic. The ones who appear to have no emotions regarding the suicidal outcome of such belligerent actions ARE NOT SOULED BEINGS!  Manufactured organic intelligence tools (agents, soldiers, or politicians) have no attachment to Creator Source, so they do not fear death as such, and will continue their programming until physically unable to do so.  For these beings it is as simple as that.

The secret Bolshevik-Zionist warlords who control NASA and your other MILITARY Space Agency have been trying to get sensor satellites into orbit long enough to facilitate a first strike nuclear attack on your Kremlin brothers.  While you hold hands in orbit with Russia in front of the cameras, behind the scenes rages a power struggle of epic proportions.  (Note how during this last trip into space, for the Space Station, there were no Russians present.  I would think that it would be a very festive occasion for all involved.)  Russia's Cosmosphere space weapons platforms, of which there are thousands upon thousands now, have SO FAR narrowly averted Nuclear War I (World War III) that is to begin in the Middle East.  But your blackmailed President and his Khazarian-anything, they have intensified their thrust to bring to you the prophesied Armageddon scenario as presented in the scripted planning outlay of your Book of Revelation.

Remember, an "Armageddon" IS NOT God's plan!  Many centuries ago the Khazarian revisionists infesting Germany rewrote the Book to suit themselves AND to facilitate the taking of a planet in the name of the Evil One himself.

How did you think Satan was going to "getcha"?  In dark robes, during a Halloween parade?  Or did you think CNN was going to announce suddenly that the world had a new ruler?


Dear ones, Lucifer has been planning this from the beginning, and it is his most intricate, most elaborate of schemes.  How else can even the Prince of Deception hope to capture a planet of almost 9 billion of Aton's wayward children?  (Yes, I know some of you are saying, "But some of this population are soulless creations of the secret genetics laboratories."  However, I would suggest that you do not underestimate Aton's abilities to instantly provide the missing soul material if and when He sees fit to do so!)

When you have Cruise Missiles poised and ready (reportedly 65 of them) to be launched from a submerged craft or crafts many miles inland to "a" spot in the Mojave Desert--ON THE DAY YOU INITIALLY WERE TO DO EXACTLY THE SAME TO IRAQ--wouldn't that qualify as a modern "shot across the bow"?  (And just because they told you that ONE British[?!?] submarine sat off the coast of California, how could you know what lurks beneath the surface?)

Whether the "target" (or TARGETS) was the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, Edwards Air Force Base, cities along your entire West Coast as part of a preemptive attack against U.S., or our little Space Command nerve-center nestled in the Tehachapi Mountains, your nation came within hours of experiencing a massive firestorm in your dooryard.  And, dear ones, it wouldn't have been just a few pounds of TNT--I assure you!

The Hollywood "spin doctors" do not miss a beat when it comes to preparing the masses for their heinous plans.  The movies Armageddon, The Siege, Enemy Of The State, and Elisabeth were released in sequence to subliminally program you, utilizing the "big screen" and video-cassette playback for repetitious reinforcement to foster the climate they need to shape your minds to war and their guided outcome of staged world events.

Khazar manipulation of the media has generated an ideal of One Worlders against the MANY COLORS of the masses of you-the-people.  AND, CHELAS, A RACE WAR IS YOUR ADVERSARY'S TRUMP CARD!  Do not be fooled into thinking the problem is one race or color against another.  IT IS ONE MIND SET AGAINST GOD'S PEOPLE--ALL OF YOU.  BY CREATING DIVERSITY AND STRIFE AMONGST DIFFERENT SEGMENTS OF AMERICANS, the Satanic Bolshevik-Khazarians can incapacitate everyone, regardless of creeds, colors, beliefs, religions or associations.

In addition to setting the stage for a second and final American civil war, these films show you just what your government will do to innocent people while trying to "find" "terrorists" or other enemies of the state--THAT IS, ENEMIES OF THE PSEUDO-STATE OF ISRAEL, NOT THE U.S.  The evil manipulators do not want you to know the truth about how all your political, military and economic problems stem from their warped minds.

Armageddon, the movie, was timed to be released during the Leonid meteor shower so as to prepare you for something altogether different than a nighttime light show that was best viewed in Indonesia.  For any of you with access to the raw video and other data that was recorded of the event, you might notice that these were NOT "meteors" but spacecraft crisscrossing your atmosphere.

Every attempt was made to allow presentation of evil aliens and invading ships, should November 18 become THE DAY to introduce the world to extraterrestrials.  Were they friends here to assist you in your plight, or were they your secret government's replicated aliens, manufactured right within your underground labs for just such an occasion?

All I will say is there is a lot going on in that part of the world at this time and God's Hosts ARE PRESENT, and in great numbers, to see to it that you ones of the Lighted Workers have what you need to do your end of the Divine Task.  Allow common sense and reason to be your indicators of what is of God and what is of evil manifestation.

You have not been left alone to fend for yourselves during this confrontation period called Armageddon.  We, along with a good number of advanced Russian craft, were present.  However, none of the earthly vehicles of your evil so-called "elite" could keep pace with our ships. There is and was a total news blackout regarding the "light show" and I doubt you will ever hear about it over your airways.

KNOW that we are here and that your leaders also are fully aware of our presence--for it is THEY who fear us, because the strength of our presence weakens their dominance.

Korton to standby for the present segment.  Salu.



Source: CONTACT, The Phoenix Educator, December 29, 1998, Volume 23, Number 6.

THANK YOU Rocky Montana