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unately for Satan, he has not yet come to the point of doing this and so he has been allowed to play out the scenario again.

In the depth of his being he knows that he cannot win, but try he is and thusly the planet Earth and the souls who choose to come here are completing the scenario again.  Yes, it is again for this is by no means the first planet that Satan has played out this drama with all of its ramifications.  This time the rules have been changed, for he has indeed totally destroyed planets as evidenced by the asteroids and other pieces of planetary debris that are floating about in what you call space.  He will not be allowed to bring Earth unto total destruction.  No more distortion can be allowed in the universe as far as planetary orbits and inter-relationships are concerned.

However, there can be no intervention until the point of actual destruction is reached.  That is the way the rules are written and they will be followed to the letter.  It is always hoped that mankind will awaken to the fact that some force other than their own psyche is at work in their world and that they will stand together and proclaim "Enough!" and thusly Satan will once and for all get the message that he cannot win.  You see, dear members of mankind, you are the key to the return of Satan to the fold of God.  If you would stand together and recognize him for what he is, a foolish and errant being, then he would have to come to the end of his quest.  However, as long as he can continue to fool you and to manipulate you, and go on with his games, there is little hope.

This indeed is a most pregnant opportunity here and it is most carefully observed.  God, of course, knows exactly how it will all come out, but the rest of us can only know our part of it and that it all fits together into the grand plan.  Even Sananda knows exactly that which he is allowed to know at this point. When it is all completed and Earth makes its transition, so then does Sananda make his graduation and along with him so also do the beings of light make a jump forward.  The entire Universe than makes a transition into balance and centropy is then again established.  This is indeed quite a show and is being observed by the cosmos with great interest.  You are really in the limelight, so to speak.

Mankind has quite a role to play in this drama of the Light versus the dark.  Man often wonders why it is that all of this is necessary, but then it does present unto all the opportunity to experience and to learn.  With forever to spend, it certainly would be boring to spend it floating around on a cloud playing a harp.  For myself, Korton, I would be exactly where I am, in the midst of the activity with a duty to perform and a role to play.  If you believe that my part is easier to play than yours, in one respect it is, not the risk of physical pain, but indeed, there is risk here also, for much rides upon our ability to focus and be intent and committed to God's plan.  For to fail in any way would not be smiled upon, to say the least.  The point being that at all points of this process there is the need for complete participation in what one is doing.  No messing around is going to be tolerated either up here or down there, so to speak.  It is getting to the point of being serious business, lively serious business shall we say?

Does it seem that all the space brothers are hung up on lecturing you of embodied mankind?  It does seem so. What you desire is less lecturing and more concrete information and that we desire greatly to give you.  However, it is necessary to have scribes that can receive that kind of information with complete openness and those are difficult to find already prepared, thusly we spend many hours, the sender and the receiver, practicing and working to open the receiving abilities in order to achieve that goal.  Dharma is a most adept and proficient receiver.  Would that we had more of that ability, and we strive to come to that goal as quickly as possible.  This receiver is most anxious to reach that point now that she sees that, that kind of clarity is possible.  It does require a dedicated being that is willing to have their entire life disrupted and reformatted to be available almost constantly and that is not an easy decision to make for it leaves little of personal life and interaction for friends and family.  It is indeed a serious decision to come to that point.  Human beings of that caliber are few and far between and this receiver has long resisted this commitment because of seeing a lack of the point of it.  Time will tell if she is there now or not.

Man wants facts and figures and lots of them, but then when he has them, what does he do with them?  Read them and say, oh my, that is really interesting, cast them into a pile and go right on doing what he has been doing anyway.  Ah, but there are a few, A PRECIOUS FEW, that the impact is profound enough that they begin to look for a way to use the new found knowledge and to make a difference.  It is amazing just how much of a difference one man can make.  People look at history, or the versions of it that they are told, and take note of the famous ones who "changed history" for the better or the worse and never consider that they carry within them the very same latent powers.  In this moment there are active on this globe many who are grasping the opportunity to make differences.  Unfortunately the ones in the limelight of the media are the negative dark ones, for those are touted for specific purposes, but indeed there are many who are making their mark for the Light.  Many do not even recognize that they are doing this.  They are doing what they do because they believe in what they are doing, and simply cannot keep from speaking out or writing out, so to speak. There is market for the spoken words on the lecture circuit and in the selling of the books, so the lectures are scheduled and the books printed.  They are but bits and pieces of the Words of Truth that God has promised, but indeed they are the back up and the proof of that which is being published through America West of the higher thought that Dharma brings to paper in specifics.  The SWORD OF TRUTH indeed is contained in these precious Journals.  It shall be the weapon that will arm the people of this world that shall choose God as their shield.  Armed with the shield of God and the Sword of Truth they shall be invincible.  Those of you who are responsible for taking the sword in hand and distributing it far and wide shall receive of your reward, that is a promise, for in its simple and small beginning a great tidal wave shall be forth-coming.  It is written in the prophecies that have been denied and removed from your reading, but there are yet copies that shall be brought out into the light and you shall read of the prophecies of yourselves and be amazed.  Indeed!!

Here again you are reading of things that have been told unto you before, but always there is added a bit more and a few new things.  'Tis not by accident, for you are slowly and carefully having your subconscious cleansed and reprogrammed in the preparation of the doing of God's work.  Had you not already absorbed and made many changes in your consciousness you would not be where you are and doing what you are doing.  You would still be wandering around, as are many of your friends, still going from place to place hoping this is what you are searching for and finding more disappointment.  Those that are here know that they are here for a reason.  You know what that reason is and it delights your Soul to such a degree that you feel the sense of relief for which you have been searching.  When you can clearly see a part to play in the Plan of God, and seize the opportunity to do it, then you have indeed placed your feet upon the path that leads homeward.

Man continues on in this great play out of the Plan and most wonder as to where it is all leading.  Many just exist and pray for endurance.  Endurance will not do it.  They must pray to know what their part truly is. It begins with the choice to be on God's side and no longer to be pawn in the game between dark and Light.  Man can "not choose!"  He must choose, for to renege is to do other than to choose God and he must choose God, not by word only, but by action!  All else is of darkness.  This is one reason why Satan wants the masses lulled into lethargy and inability to think for themselves.  They can do nothing without the approval of others, and like crabs in a basket, others are not comfortable with those who think differently than they do.  This is one reason you all find yourselves far away and in a small group by yourselves, no relatives and no previous friends, only those who know and approve of what you are doing.  This is a group of crabs in a basket too. God uses all that is useful to get that which he wants done being done.

Each has their own specific talent and ability that is the seed from which mighty oaks and large mustard plants can grow, however, it must fall into fertile ground and be watered with purpose, intent and focus.  Just as you spend much time in the garden tending the tiny little seeds as they germinate and sprout and gain enough strength to maintain themselves with a minimum of care, so also God tends the garden of Souls.  Dear Ones, you have been planted in a very drouth oriented garden, here on Earth.  You have been given just the bare minimum of the Living Word of God and so much of it distorted that only by relying on the guidance of the higher energies have you been brought to the germination stage and now into the sprouting stage. I tell you that you have not yet seen the oak and mustard plant stages that are yet to come.  We can see the projections of these and it is this information that keeps us keeping on and we desire greatly to encourage you to place yourselves in the places of fertility, to invoke the water of Higher Truth that you have been denied for so long and let us see together what God has in mind for you within his garden.  'Tis a homely, but apt comparison.  Hopefully it will give unto you that final bit of encouragement to bring you to the point of making the consciousness change and the firm decision as to your personal choice.  Once the choice is made, then comes the more difficult part of the focus, intent to be purposeful in that choice. Choose God and then be willing to learn everything possible about the lies that have been perpetrated upon mankind.  For only in the knowing of that which you do not want to know, but know that you must know, then you will be armed with the Sword of Truth and Satan can no longer run his scams and tricks upon you.  Then you have the armor of God round about you when you call for the Light and God's Shield of protection on a continual basis. Who can resist the sword and shield of God?  Not anyone that I know in all the realms of the Cosmos.  Certainly not Satan and he knows it.

There are yet those who do not want to admit to his existence.  Tis foolhardy, but it is their choice.  If they want to go on blaming themselves for the inability to get close to God, then so be it.  Once they come to the realization that there is indeed a counter force to God, as it would be logical in a world full of experiences of polarity, then they can make their choice and their world becomes clear as glass.  When the picture becomes clear that they have been duped and tricked at every turn, the decision to come to the assistance of mankind as a whole and those who will choose the Light in particular, their paths open up and there is a joy in serving God that has been totally absent from their existence.  It is the key that opens the door and God's army comes into being, not to do war with guns, but with the Sword of Truth about the lies of Satan.  When he is exposed he can no longer use his deceptive tricks and he is revealed in his darkness.  Sound like a Gospel church?  Maybe so, for all have some measure of the truth, it is the interpretation that leads to the distortions.  Many are getting it, but are still bogged down in the old deceptions that carry forward out of the distorted teachings and keep them caught in the net of lies.

Is this a Clarion Call?  I certainly hope so, for it is the time of the gathering of the eagles.  God has need of the eagles to fly with the Truth and spread it far and wide.  The Journals of Truth must go forth.  They must be read by people with the guts and fortitude to digest that which has been done unto mankind under the name of freedom and advertisement, under the subtlety of thought control from tiny child onward.  This was purposeful so that it is necessary to go against carefully manipulated thought patterns to read and accept the Truth.  All has been planned by a master who knows and understands human thinking and weaknesses.  He does not want you to believe that he even exists, but his energy format certainly does!!  Just as God exists, so does his PROFESSED counter part.  Even that is a deception.  Satan's own deception. He exists, it is his belief that he is greater than God that is his own deception, and IT IS ALLOWED!  Just as you are allowed to believe what you choose to believe and your own created reality reflects that, so also does Satan.  The greater the belief and the greater the power that is put into it, the larger the world to support it.  Look at the Catholic Church for example.  Passed down from pope to pope, it continues to hold tightly to millions of people's realities.  Held in place by the belief structure that is perpetrated by a committed hierarchy behind the pope.  IT, TOO, IS ALLOWED.  But soon all that is not of the Truth of God will come to its conclusion, for this is the time of the end of the entropy.  It has gone almost far enough to allow for the creation of a new cycle.  Praise God for His mercy and justice. Enough is enough!

Let us end this session.  I withdraw now and give unto you the blessing of God, our Father, who loves all greatly but is pleased with those who hear and serve in this process.  Soon the ranks will swell and you will witness the beginning of the beginning.  You will never see the end in God's service, only the beginning, and the beginning and the beginning.  Love in action! Peace be with you.  Korton out!


Source: PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, July 1990, Volume 2, Number 10.