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Message From Kirael, November 2002

Rev. Fred Sterling

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rgy exerting itself on the Earth plane than has ever existed in the past.

I remind everyone who hears these words that now is the most tenuous time, now is the time you will be most tested. You will be tested by the over-mastermind. You will be tested by your inner core light. You will be tested to see if you can hold the strength in the light to maintain a Fourth Light energy. What does that mean? It means that you must watch every thought you have. Most of you can already recognize that when you have a thought, it begins to materialize. Some of you are recognizing it on a deeper level than you have ever recognized it before. Yet it is nothing compared to what it will be as you close out the year 2002 and head into the 2003rd year, for thought manifestation is what the Great Shift is truly all about.

There are many around the world who want to hear these words, so scatter them as far as you can. There are things happening on your Earth plane right now that many of you are willing to close your eyes to. I pray that you, my friends, open your eyes and be alert. And when you have become open-eyed and alert, I ask you to take action, for right now your world is in a very, very precarious position.

I know my words reach deeply into Asia through the media and also to Europe, but this day my message must touch those in the United States, for your country is engaged in a set of circumstances that seems to pit two individuals together in a global face-off.

Please see the over-picture. You must begin the “We the People” process. We the People must create a mastermind that in its own light will begin to diminish the strength of the over-mastermind. You will be challenged almost daily, and I don't mean that as a frightening thing. Understand that I mean it as a beautiful thing. Each and every one of you will be pressed as individuals to find your center and hold it. You will be challenged each day to see if you can live within the Principles of Light themselves.

Do not allow yourself to have choices made for you. Do not allow anger, discontent and confusion to become part of your experience. You will be tested, my friends, not only by outside forces but by your own inner core love. So when you feel yourself becoming agitated or angered or losing faith in your light, do not give in. Center yourself and step forth.

You can only be heard if you are willing to step forth. You must talk to everyone you know, not to persuade them of your belief systems, but to get them to look at the totality of the picture as opposed to one man against another man. You must realize that this is now about a force of light against another force of energy. I do not say “dark” because you tend to misconstrue what that means.

It is about We the People. You must stand now as firmly as you have ever stood before and prepare yourself to lift the light and let the actions speak for themselves. You need not shout from the rooftops, but you must utilize the Ten Principles of consciously creating the world that you desire.

You must understand that these two individuals who seem to have a relentless vendetta underway are not that powerful. The power is within your hearts. Each of you must now hold to the truth of what you want your world to look like. If you want your world to be devastated by a war then go to sleep, my friends. If you don't want war, then you must fully awaken.

It would be great if you were given more time to have another three or four years to see you more involved and more present in this thing that we call the Shift. I tell you that now is the time you must begin.

Please use at least the last four Principles of Conscious Creation - Prayer, Meditation, Sleep-state Programming and Masterminding. It is imperative for We the People to stand in alliance in the knowing that you have each done your part. No matter the outcome, my friends, the only thing that must be done is each human being must stand in their own presence of light. If you stand strong enough, you will begin to create a new “sub-mastermind.” You will create a motivational energy which will reach the powers that be. You will create a spiral of energy that will go out and touch all those who need to be touched.

But it needs to come by individual actions from what is collectively called We the People. Each and every soul must make a commitment to change the world as it wants to see it. Not to impose one's belief systems on a society, but to change the atmosphere and the energetic patterns of Mother Earth from “I guess” to “I know.

It is not the responsibility of America alone. I suggest that if you live on this Earth plane and are reading these words, then you are to be held accountable for your own light, which creates mass consciousness.

The Great Shift, my friends, is about the privilege of being the Creator's experience. It is about the privilege of feeling evolution. It is about the love that is possessed within each of you. It is about awakening to that love.

The Shift in consciousness is the alignment of your own inner core knowing. If you want to live in a world that is harmonic and full of peace, then you must begin to live your life in that way. If you want to live in a world where everything isn't about an over-mastermind but is about We the People, then you must live your lives in that light. If you want to live in a world that is finally able to see one another in equality, then you must live in equality in your own life.

It is about each individual waking to their own momentum. It is about taking that momentum and building it into a process whereby the light shall be the focus of the world. You are but a small band of people here to hear my words this day. But understand them clearly, if I got no further than just this group and what goes down on these pages, then I would have done everything I have come to do. Yet, I will find the space to do more, as will each of you.

For it is about each and every one of you allowing that spark of light you brought from the Creator's experience to take the Earth to a new journey. The time is upon you, my friends. Make the most of it.

I end my opening statement with this: You are the ones that have come here to experience this beautiful, wonderful, magical time called the Great Shift. You are We the People.

And this is the greatest time in Earth's history.

Q: Would the Lightworkers in Iraq or in the Middle East resonate to your message at this time?

KIRAEL: Absolutely, my friend. There are many Lightworkers in all countries, and they are getting stronger every day. But you must understand there is more fear rampant in that particular country than in most other countries today. They do not have the beautiful democratic societies that you have where you may say what you wish to say and live to talk about it.

So you must be strong for them. You must not make them do what you want them to do. You must be strong for them to realize that you are all of the same light, that you are all products of the Creator.

Q: I have seen a lot of play in the media about terrorism and Saddam Hussein and only a smattering of articles on spirituality since September 11. I'm wondering, is the media a tool of the over-mastermind?

KIRAEL: The media is a tool of whoever is processing the most energy - including advertisers. But it is also being driven now by We the People. We the People are saying we want relief, we want to see something a little more positive. That is why you see the sprinkle of spiritual articles.

But there is definitely a powerful influence called the over-mastermind. It doesn't have to be a “secret government,” just an over-mastermind fed by people who want to control. But understand that in the attempt to control, they leave themselves wide open to be seen. And if you are looking, you will begin to expose them. It's not your job to stand up and punch anyone in the nose or anything like that. It is your job to keep the light so bright around them that they can't help but be exposed, and that is all you can do.

Q: You mentioned in your opening statement that each individual being needs to stand in their own light. My question is: How?

KIRAEL: The answer to the Q of how We the People as individuals can bring forth the highest amount of their own vibratory sense is to remember that you are a light particle of the God Creator. And because of that, when you unify your experiences within yourself to predominantly light, and you find yourself surrounded by others who will do the same, you then begin to invoke the Creator's Light incarnate on Earth.

This is something that cannot be withstood. No one in any form of light whatsoever, however dense or dark, can withstand the force of the Creator's Light once it begins to shine in its brilliant violet aura. It begins to see itself within itself. When that happens, one person can magically begin to change the whole of Mother Earth. One person, through the word, the will, the intent and the structure of love itself, can make a difference in the whole of human experience. Just one.

Q: What would happen if the Lightworkers fail in rising above the over-mastermind? How would that affect the unfolding of the Shift?

KIRAEL: If the Lightworkers succumb to the over-mastermind's powerful rage, We the People will fight among themselves and you will face the distinct possibility of an all-out, full-scale world conflagration that will potentially escalate beyond what you can even think of right now.

But hear me well, my friends, even if you choose the path of war, you are not going to waylay the Shift. The Shift is going to take place. It is due to take place with two billion souls celebrating the beauty of their enlightenment. But there are no guarantees. As I have told you from the very beginning, Mother Earth is going to shift. Gaia will do it with two billion or 22 people, whichever way you feel that you want to do it.

Now if We the People decide that we want to see a brand new Earth plane which can live in peace and harmony and love and truth and trust and passion, with all the Principles enacted, consciously creating your world every moment of every day, then we need to make sure we choose the other path.

This is the course I would love to see take place now. And it has potential for the first time ever because this is the time of the Great Shift. Think with me for a moment. Imagine a world that doesn't have to have unions. Imagine a world that lets everyone come to work when they want to come to work, to do what they want to do and have the opportunity to make whatever they want to make. Would you not see a world that is beginning to change deep inside of itself? And what if we lived in a world where we didn't shout from the rooftops that Mohammed is better than Jesus or that Catholicism is better than Protestantism. What if we didn't shout religion at all? What if we shouted instead about Creator source?

We the People can make sure of that happening by simply lighting the light. You on the Earth plane try to make it hard, my friends, but it is not. It truly is that simple.

Q: Master Kirael, you are challenging us to be more active participants, to make a difference, but how do we do it without “shouting from the rooftops?”

KIRAEL: I will answer this way: To shout from the rooftops is to stand up on the television program and demand that people do things your way, and to threaten them with communism or Saddam-ism or whatever “dark-ism” you care to name if they don't.

The other process is to belong to this little group sitting around the table this day and saying, “I believe that I can make a difference. I believe it not because Master Kirael said I should; I believe it because I feel the Light of the Creator within me, because I feel a source of love that seems to be stronger than anything they can put on top of the roof.”

For whoever is shouting from the rooftops has an agenda outside themselves. Your agenda is to make your own life better. I wouldn't want you to drag people into your space and shout in their ears. I would want people to come to you instead and say, “You are so beautiful. What are you doing?” And for you to say, “What I am doing is awakening. I am discovering inside myself that there is a power I never knew existed. How did I find this power? By meditating; by praying; by living my life based on the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation.”

So you see, it is not about proselytizing. It is about shining your own light so brightly that others are led to follow. That is how you make a difference.

Q: My question is about my effectiveness as a Lightworker. Here in this sanctuary of ours, I feel all the light and love of who I am. But when I go outside into the matrix, I am filled with doubts about whether I am healing, and I am very, very critical and judgmental. So when I send light to places like Iraq or to President Bush and Hussein, how effective am I when I am still working in this world of duality?

KIRAEL: Here is what I say to you, my friend, When you get ready to send the light, pick a person you may be struggling with right now. When you get ready for bed tonight, you take your heart light, you take your heart energy and you connect it to that person's image, and you let your force flow from you into that person. You let your love leave your body and fill that person's with every bit of love that you can.

And when you are doing that, think this thought with me: This is what it must be like to share love with myself. And then watch that other person and see what happens to him or her. Watch and see what happens for a moment, and then let it go so you don't judge. Then tell me how you feel about yourself right now.

You are right. In a sanctuary such as ours, it is easy to stand within and see all of the great work that you are doing. But when you can enter the matrix, when you can enter the so-called “real world” and you are able to take that energy of love with you, then you are truly a Lightworker.

When you can walk out into that light and you can put that beautiful smile on your face - not a fake one, but a smile that is from deep within you - and you can share it with the people “out there,” then you know you are truly a Lightworker.

But listen to what I'm about to say. It is okay to stumble now and then, knowing that if you are really trying, you are going to judge yourself because the more you try, the more susceptible you become to self-judgment. And the minute you judge yourself, you will find failure in your own work. And the moment you find that, you are so attuned to amplifying it you will blow it out of proportion in an instant.

This is the time to take a moment to connect your heart straight into the Creator's love, and just love the Creator for all you are worth. Don't ask for anything in return; just love the Creator for everything you are worth. In a matter of moments, my friend, you will be a puddle of love.


It is time for the decision. Not the decision about right or wrong. Not a decision as to whether you are going to judge, pre-judge, un-judge, over-judge. It is time to decide that you are Creator Love, that you are the Creator's Light. You are not a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist. You are a human light particle that loves in many different ways, and no matter which way you love, as long as the end result is a betterment of human kind, as long as whatever way you love is to experience more deeply the love of Creator, then you will have the absolute just result that you have wanted to achieve.

You are what we call the essence of experience, and the essence is the part that all of us would love to be. You are the essence. Let your essence prevail. I remind you that this is good news, and it needs to be shared with a friend. And with that, I take my leave. Good evening.