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Message From Kireal: How The Guidance Reality Views The Galactic World

Views The Galactic World

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By Reverend Fred Sterling through the loving guidance of Kirael from the Seventh Dimension -


Good evening. Much of how we in the Guidance Reality view your brothers and sisters of the galactic world differs from the way you view it. You frequently hear that the guidance council will very seldom speak of anything that is "anti-light," so to speak. Yet, as we sit with the entirety of your universes in our view, we do have to be mindful of those forces that are not operating at the very highest of their value. We will touch upon that briefly as we go along, as well as on some other little known facts about the galactic world.

Let me start by giving you a picture of your universe. You are a society that has been cast in this world by the Creator's Light as an evolutionary product that utilizes a five-sensory process. Most of your galactic brothers and sisters dwell well beyond the five senses. Most of them have learned many things that you are only now beginning to understand. In your universe, which expands billions and billions of light years, it is known that there is a life sustaining process such as Earth's on every fifteen to twenty planets. There are far more life forms in your universe than we can name, yet we do know of their existence. You are what we consider to be of the humanoid species, and many of the forces that you have interacted with are also of the humanoid species. "Humanoid species" simply means that they look rather like you: they walk in an upright fashion, they have no more than three brains, and they have many of the appendages that you utilize on this Earth dimen! sion. They also have a thought system based on their own concepts of light, and they dwell in the same evolutionary pattern in which you do.

There are other life forms that are not of the humanoid spectrum. The Aquillians are one example. They are what you on the Earth plane would refer to as being the reptilian energy. Many societies outside of your reality focus are of the reptilian-like energy. Now you must be clear that the fact they are not humanoid does not mean they are in opposition to you. All societies, humanoid or not, are evolutionary in the Creator's Light, and each society is loved by the Creator for its own experience.

An example of a reptilian-like force that may not strike you as friendly to the Earth plane was the Arcarthians. The Arcarthians were relatives of the Aquillians. The remnants of their species traveled across your universe in what you call a space ship, and came through a portal to the planet Mars where they were stranded due to irreparable damage to their craft. The Arcarthians arrived because their own planet was dying, having been depleted of its natural resources. Because the Arcarthians were pure energetic forces, they found that every living thing on Mars was digestible, and they proceeded to absorb all that was there. Understand, my friends, this was not a force that came to commit evil. They came to fortify themselves and to find a planet that would best suit them. Mars was populated at that time by humanoid entities similar to your Earth beings. The inhabitants were a civilized population of two-brained entities who lived very simply and peacefully. But because they h! ad long since diminished their chromosomes of defense, they became a perfect target for the Arcarthians.

To complete a very long and not very pretty story, the Arcarthians absorbed the energy of everything and everyone, except for a few that found their way beneath the surface of the planet to dwell in the caves below. Eventually, over a period of thousands of years, the Arcarthians finally turned upon each other until they themselves were completely eradicated.

The point of my story is that not everything that comes out of the galactic empires is what you might call your brother and sister of love. Yet, the vast majority of galactic energies is well advanced in their understanding of Creation and would have, if nothing else, great sympathy for the level of society that you have reached at this point. The forces that will visit - and who are living aboard your planet right now - are all of the humanoid extraction. They literally live in alliance with the Creator's devotion to creating and not devolving. Those forces that have been marauding the empires of other worlds have been contained for the most part. That includes the so-called "Greys," who were a very small number - no more than 30 million total - that caused a lot of controversy on your Earth plane. I would suggest that there is very little a planet such as Earth now has to worry about. In the first place, you are much too small, and there are so few of you that you ! are of little concern to anyone who would be marauding the networks outside of your planetary system.

As for the world of guidance reality, we watch over the planets now in a much closer way than we did when Mars was absorbed. There are few in any empires, crossing whatever levels of dimension that you might suggest, that would stand up against the guard of a watchful guide. In this light, we have also enlisted the aid of the angelic realms, within which most of your galactic energies have spent at least some definable time. In other words, my friends, you are protected.

That said, we will go on to talk about how the galactic empires have interacted with certain countries of Earth. The first is the former USSR, which has had the most contact with your galactic brethren, and which has held that knowledge closest to its vest. The situation is soon to change, and you will receive much more information in the months to come from "we the people" of Russia about their galactic experiences. You will discover that the so-called breakup of the Soviet empire was partly due to the great influx of galactic energy. The galactic empires sent officials from their realities into that country to show the USSR that it was losing its evolutionary potential and had become quite the contraire. The breakup was instilled solely to resume the evolutionary progress of humankind. The populace and presence of that country is vitally important to the role of the galactic energy forces. More will be revealed about this at the appropriate time.

One country that has received some of the most beautiful help imaginable is the little nation of Japan. This is especially true in their electronics and things along those lines. The reason the galactics love this place called Japan is because of the great love they share with each other. Much of the Japanese race comes out of a place called Sirius, which is a planetary system very close to yours. Because of that, the galactic energies have expanded the technologies coming out of Japan and allowed them to become globally competitive in many areas.

Nations such as your European countries of Germany and Austria have had great understanding of the galactic energy, but it is only with "we the people" of those countries. The leaders of those countries have been sidestepped by the galactic empire because of their unwillingness to listen to what the outer worlds have to say. The people of Germany have been the message-carriers and the lesson-bearers of the world. That was their role. They were the ones who were called upon to bring the lessons of how to combat the forces that were not in alignment with the totality of light. Their experiment got well out of proportion. They were the message-bearers, and they paid dearly for it in the form of a world war. Had it not been for the interceding of the galactic empire, the whole project could have stymied the Earth plane's growth, and we may have had to redevelop another new wave of humanity here.

Each of your countries, my friends, brings a special value to this world you call Earth. The United States is an interesting anomaly, because it is not so much a homogeneous country as it is a mixed bag of energies from around the world. Prior to that it belonged to the Native American, which made it one of the most spiritual countries possible. But the incoming of the different nationalities from all over the world brought their diverse belief systems onto America, and the American energy has stayed as a very grounding force for the rest of the world. Because of the great influence of the Andromedans on the American continent, America has been entrusted with some of the duties of guardianship. The Andromedan influence is why you are such a military might. But trust me when I say this: Your time of being a military might is limited because there will be no reason for such might when you discover what is available in the next few years.

Leaders of your world have had alliances with the galactic empire for hundreds - even thousands - of years. Even your Vatican, as I pointed out some time ago, has been in alliance since its beginning state. It has never been out from under that influence, and it will be under that influence until it finally comes to a new level of awareness, something that it is quickly coming.

Your world has been put together in such a fashion that those in total control of it, that which we call the over-mastermind and the religious orders, are in total collaboration with the galactic energies. I am not talking about your governments, my friends. Governments are pawns at best. It is your religious orders and your over-mastermind, which represents the collective thought processes of your world, that have worked with, and so diligently hid, the knowledge of this collaboration with the galactic empire.

If it sounds like the galactics are "bad little fellows," they are not. They have moderated the religious orders and the over-mastermind, kept them in balance and lessened their influence on you. They are totally protective of you. They know the way your world has been set up, and they have honored it. They have honored the fact that you are allowed to live in fear. They have honored your free will to be led by the few and not by the masses. They have honored you because they have wanted you to grow into an evolved force that would incarnate yourselves. They have given you thousands of years to incarnate, time after time, to learn the basic lessons of humanoid. They have monitored your skies for a long time. And now they have run out of time. Now they are involving themselves with the Earth plane in a total capacity.

Q: You have pointed out that there is no such thing as Earth humans, and that we were all seeded by some galactic presence or other. I read elsewhere that unlike life forms in the plant and animal kingdom, there is only one human species, and that it is the only species on the planet that has only one of a kind. If it is true that we were seeded by galactics and that there is only one species of human, who seeded us and how was it done?

KIRAEL: Let me start by saying that the current population of Earth is not the original population. Your populations have been eradicated and introduced anew multiples of times. The Creator originally made you into Earth humans because there was nothing else like you in any planetary system. Each time you have fortified this Earth plane with a new generation of humanity, you have changed that presence to the point where in this latest manifestation, many of you were seeded with the energy patterns of your galactic brothers and sisters. In this way, you are able to hold the uniqueness of looking like an Earth being.

Q: You mentioned the term "Earth humans," which leads me to think there are other kinds of humans on other planetary systems. You also mentioned that the Sirians have seeded us, and the Pleiadians and Andromedans as well. Does that mean we are "multi-galactic" in nature?

KIRAEL: Yes, many of you are, but "multi-universal" may be a better word. Here is one example of how seeding works: Suppose while in the womb you suddenly recognized that the life plan you picked out was above you, and that you would not be able to complete it as a human. The call goes out to your galactic brothers and sisters who have a higher balance of the sixth sense, and they begin to seed the energy force that was already implanted in mom's belly. However, you have to be of the humanoid class to be seeded here. That is why you don't see too many six-foot talking lizards walking around. [Group laughter.]

Q: Can you tell us more about the so-called "Mars human?" What were they like?

KIRAEL: They were humanoid, no doubt, but they were darn near angelic, my friend. They had diminished their defense chromosomes because they did not need them, for they lived in a beautiful world. The whole of the species was less than a million years old at the time of the Arcarthian intrusion. Their average life span was 2,500 years, and they procreated no more than three times. Males and females were equal in their own love. The children were not allowed to speak until they were about 75 to 80 years old - that was part of their training. They had to learn how to speak to the flowers and talk to the grass. Some say they willingly gave up their lives for this group to come in so it would never be forgotten again. They were a beautiful, beautiful class of society. Much like your underground society of Earth.

Q: You talked about the Sirians working with the Japanese and the Andromedans with the Americans. It seems that each of the galactic energies have a specialty. It also appears that some of the gifts brought on the Earth plane by the galactics were misused. Could you comment, please?

KIRAEL: Indeed. There is a Federation that oversees your planet from the standpoint of the galactic forces. When the galactics work with a certain segment - the Japanese, for instance - the Federation chooses them. They do not bring the fullness of their awareness to your societies. They bring a mastermind group to seed a certain population. When they see a population going in a course that they think is best for evolution in the Creator's Light, they will seed it in one direction. If the Federation recognizes that it is going off in a "wrong" direction, they will re-seed it and bring in different energies. That is why you see some segments vibrating higher than others do. The Federation, like the guidance world and the angelic realm, has always tried to balance the energies of your Earth plane. In the end, we have always entrusted the Federation and councils to come to the appropriate choices.

Q: How exactly do the galactics help us as evolving spiritualists and as human beings on our diverse journeys? Is it action on the physical plane or is it like a whisper in one's ear of a direction to go?

KIRAEL: More the latter. Physical intervention is frowned upon even at my level. There have been exceptions - the dishevelment of the Low Active Frequency Sonar exercises being one example - but not without Federation consequences for the galactic energies involved. As a rule, the intervention is much more subtle, much more sophisticated, and much more pervasive and long-term as well. Disregarding the innumerable technological gifts, the galactic forces have managed to at least moderately maintain a balance on your Earth plane by intervention here and there. They have be able to simulcast their energies into different spaces so you could collectively recognize their forces. They have made the little twists and the little turns to keep it so a Buddhist can love Buddha and a Christian can love Christ and a Mohammedan can love Muhammad. You see what I am saying? Freedom is the one thing they have instilled because there is nothing more important to the galactic empire, the Federa! tion and the All That Is than freedom of choice. America is not the only country that lives in freedom, but I can tell you that one of the reasons America is a power is because of its devout desire, its unending and insatiable yearning for personal and societal freedom.


How do we in the guidance realm view the galactic world? We view them as our counterparts - our "counterlights," if you will. They stand in for us because you will understand them much more readily than you will understand the world of guides, much more readily than you will the world of Light. Those of you in the humanoid world called Earth beings, you are so loved by our counterparts that they will go through what they have to go through to see to your experience, to let you have the thrill of life, to let you experience the pain and the gladness and the sorrow and the love and the healing. They will go through what they have to go through to see that your world will always have the ability to understand and grow in its love, and to heal back into the Creator's Light. Stay the course, my friends, for you have not even begun to witness the beauty of your world to come. With that, I will take my leave. Good evening.