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Kirael Shift Report - The Changing Physical Body

Channeled Through Rev. Fred Sterling

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erstand is that your world, like your human four- body system, has evolved physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the everlasting change of events.

As we have spoken before, the Lemurian energy converged on the Earth plane to evolve spirituality to its highest form. And if you fast-forward into the Atlantean period, you would find the people expanding their evolution with little connection to their spiritual world by awakening their mental process. Then some 6,000 years ago, Imhotep began to reshape people's perception of their physical world. And now, approximately 2000 years since the Lord Jesus entered onto your Earth plane, it has been your emotional awakening.

As you move into the Great Shift in consciousness, you will work on all four bodies simultaneously. In fact, the changes you observe more easily in your physical body are directly related to the healing of the other three bodies. Many of you by now are seeing your journeys shifting. Possibilities in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are surfacing at an accelerated pace. Instead of taking centuries to evolve your four-body system to a higher rate of vibration, you are doing it all in this lifetime, and that is why many of you are here on the planet at this particular time.

You are moving beyond your five sensory-experience to include your sixth sense, which is simultaneously enlarging your four-body system. Now "enlarging" doesn't mean your physical body will be gaining weight; it means your physical body will rejuvenate into an efficient energy system. In essence, the fat tissues your body now stores will be released, and the cellular memory will look towards the spiritual body to become in-lightened, I-N-lightened. And that means the foods you eat will play a wholly different role from the past. You will find foods you've liked all of your life no longer appetizing.

For those who take time to pray prior to your meals, you will simply by the "will and the word" reformat the energy of the food. For instance, one of the things my medium states in his prayer is for the food be raised to its highest vibration. The "will" being the prayer, and the "word" being the spoken part of the prayer, begin to adjust the fibers and the molecular structure of that which you are to take into your body. If you are learning your lessons and applying the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation to your world, you will utilize the new awareness to a much higher advantage.

[For more information on the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, please see: and Ed.]

As for your emotional body, you will use your emotions to direct every step you are to take. You will govern your emotions, not by suppressing or by exuding them, but by utilizing them to create everything in the world you desire. Your emotions will carry you on a wave of energy that shall in-lighten you throughout all experiences.

If you then move to your mental body in this new configuration, you will find your mental thoughts based on the highest element of truth available to you at that time. Once you no longer need to worry about whether you are speaking truth, your mental capabilities will expand well beyond the current 10 percent limitations your brain has been using.

That, of course, brings us to the spiritual body. Your spiritual awareness shall become so vast you will not judge or be judged; instead, you will have the opportunity to decide what level of understanding best fits you. Each and every time you find a level that fits, it will be the stepping-stone to a new and higher vibration. Then, you will become that limitless energy pattern you have hoped and prayed for.

I reiterate, all of this will be due to your adherence to the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating your world. I must emphasis "consciously creating your world." You no longer can sit back and be swept along in the tide of humanity expecting everything to be absolutely perfect because someone said so. You must awaken to a new and profound way of utilizing every spectrum, every iota of light you have, every piece of information you have accumulated over many lifetimes throughout many incarnations. You are the energy that shall manifest the beauty and love of the Earth in the post-Shift energy.

See the in-lightenment within yourself. Those of you who cannot see it-and you will forgive my negative tone for a moment-you will fall behind. I am asking each and every spiritualist and seeker of the light to not be the ones to fall behind. It will be the responsibility of the Lightworkers to understand their involvement in this new shifting process. They will use every power they've obtained to bring others forward as they continue to evolve their own experience. Do not drag those who fall behind kicking and screaming-keep your light so bright through the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, for those who choose to enlighten themselves will know exactly how to in-lighten.

You know what needs to be done, and you must begin to do it. You may start whenever you are ready, and I pray it be today.

Q: Thank you, Master Kirael. Could you describe some of the physical changes our bodies will experience as we heal the four bodies?

KIRAEL: You will look into the proverbial mirror of life when you adhere your light to consciously creating your world, and you will decide how quickly you want to evolve. You will look at these toxic, pre-made foods you are eating, and you will see the damage it causes to the body system which will carry you through the Shift. You must then decide how far into the Shift you want to move and at what level you would like to arrive. If you do it from fear, you will do it for all of the wrong reasons, and it will not help you.

However-listen carefully-the physical body will reshape itself when you begin to put the higher vibrating energies into your physical body. This starts with a substantial amount of prana breathing. By doing this, you become body in-lightened. This means the cellular consciousness of your body shall vibrate to the colors you utilized to bring yourself to the Earth plane.

Most of you are aware you come with a core essence of gold, and you bring four defined colors to vibrate your physical system. The foods and drinks you ingest affect your colors. For instance, if you have a color that is emerald green and you eat foods high in fat content-indigestible energies-then the emerald green is dull in color like the casings of a pea pod. If you take the most iridescent emerald color shining in all of its love and place a drop of water on it, it shines even brighter. Now compare that to the pea pod color. What color would you like to have? What difference do you think it will have on your physical body?

In the past, your negligence was a reason to not evolve. It was your way of holding on dearly to the human experience in a negative flow, thereby allowing you to learn all of your third-dimensional lessons. And I congratulate you for your pea pod emerald green color. However, it is no longer justified because now there are tasty foods that can be prayed over and can be in-lightened to restructure your color modalities.

Your colors are your connection to Source. Your Source is the connection to Creation. Creation is all you ever will be. Thus, if you look at the chain of events, you will recognize you cannot continue the way you have been doing things. Once you are consciously aware of how gorging foods that are not in your best vibration affect your colors, you will begin to make the shift. And once you bring your body to a certain point of evolution, it will naturally heal into the next vibration. You will find yourself eating more nutritious foods and being more concerned about what you breathe. Your body will begin to in-lighten. Prior to the Shift, you will become light-bodied, and that, my friends, is one of the most exciting things I could share with you.

Q: Does everyone have four colors?

KIRAEL: When you stand in the presence of Creation with your guardian angels and your guides, you choose your four colors. Each of you is identified through your colors. For instance, if you have sapphire as a color, you are here to-is there a better word than "conquer"?-probably, but you have come here to conquer truth.

Now, if you have, let's say, the onyx color, everybody hedges back and says, "Onyx, that is black, Master Kirael." Well, let me tell you something. If your color is onyx, it means you have mastered almost every phase of wizardry throughout your incarnations, and you are presently waiting for an opportune time to utilize your skills.

Each of your colors signifies an aspect of what you are to do here. So does everyone have four colors? You wouldn't want to come to Earth without them. Could you have more? Chances are yes, but you probably wouldn't want to remain on Earth. I have 144 colors. Each color has 144 variances or different vibrational spectrums to it, so I could not do Earth anymore.

Q: How can I discover my four colors?

KIRAEL: If you do not know your colors, yet you know your colors exist, then you are the one we plead with to discover your colors. One day you will be thinking about something or you might be meditating and the color emerald green will come to you, and you will gasp-"Is that my color?" This knowingness beyond anything you can recognize will simply say, "Yes, it is." And you will never have to guess again if emerald green is your color. You will not need me for verification. You will know that is your color.

Why is it only now we begin to talk about the colors? Because now is the time that you will shift. For thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years, you have been held to the physical human experience, and once you know your colors, you can no longer be limited.

When my medium discovered his colors, he didn't have anybody to play with. Can you imagine? Hence, please learn your colors so my medium has someone to play with.

Q: I only know two of my colors: cobalt blue and emerald green. How did this relate to my toning during the Billion Person Peace Meditation?

KIRAEL: You can tone without knowing any of your colors. However, knowing your colors magnified your toning. When you brought your cobalt blue and emerald green colors together like a woven rug, they automatically attracted your other two colors and strengthened your connection to your source light. Guess what your source light is? It is all of the colors that ever existed in creation. The Creator is limitless in its color formation.

Q: When I have aches and pains in my body, how do I know if it is due to a poor diet, cellular release of certain memories, or my DNA increasing?

KIRAEL: The answer is a little too simple because if I said, "All you need to do is talk to the pain," you would look at me as though I was invisible, which I am. So, how do I make that more difficult? (Laughter)

By interacting with the source of the discomfort, you recognize you are on the same wavelength as the erratic vibrating cellular consciousness. You can then receive the pitch or the sound of its essence, and when you intone this sonic vibration throughout the rest of your body, you can discern the reason for the pain and what it is trying to bring forth for you.

So, it isn't always just about the light. In this particular case, there are sounds within you that are not audible to the human ear but audible to the spiritual ear-that part of you which hears something somebody didn't say. For instance, when you were a little girl and your mama or your daddy or somebody like that said, "That child is just going to grow up to be no good." Your human ear heard that, but your spiritual ear heard the truth. What you really heard was your parents have lost their ability to connect their light to yours. Hence, they have gone into frustration, and anything said in frustration has no meaning.

I think I have made it as difficult as I can now, probably too difficult. It is about listening to the body with your spiritual ears. Once you can hear it, you begin to heal it from that level.

Q: I remember you suggested if I ate meat, pray it is raised to its highest vibration. So, I am assuming that the same thing applies for junk food.

KIRAEL: Um-hmm. Why would you put anything in your mouth that is junk food?

Q: (Laughter) Because it probably tastes good. Anyway, since everything is made of the same subatomic particles in different combinations, it would make sense to pray over a hamburger and raise it to a very high vibration to nourish my body in the perfect balance it requires. So, if you are good at praying, then it really doesn't matter what you eat.

KIRAEL: Well, let's take a hamburger and a beautiful slice of tofu. If you took the hamburger and prayed over it for 27 minutes, you would vibrate it up to one-tenth of the potential it needs to be before you take it into your system. Also, you must drink four quarts of water within the next 30 minutes to flush out the impurities.

Conversely, if you prayed over the tofu, "God Creator, please raise the energy vibration of the tofu to its highest light to nurture my body," you would have the tofu just about perfect. Thus, if you are ingesting denser energy foods, more toxins and impurities are present and that will determine the strength of prayers needed.

Q: How can the use of habit-forming substances, such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, be reduced?

KIRAEL: If you are a great coffee drinker, you can reduce your dependency on the caffeine. Did I say dependency? I did, didn't I? What is the dependency? It is a way to limit your colors to a lower vibration.

If you drink five cups of coffee daily, it quells your natural ability to in-lighten. So, once you reduce your drinking to two cups a day, the body understands that it has a chance. If you prayed every time before you drank your coffee and said, "God Creator, let me not desire this coffee as much as I do today," then your desire would diminish every day.

Some may ask, "Why don't you just quit cold turkey?" If you do that, your body will expect its caffeine fix for the day. To compensate for the loss, it will automatically desire other substances. Instead of drinking coffee, you may now drink 40 glasses of non-pasteurized milk, which will form into fat globules throughout your entire system. So, if you don't use prayer, meditation, sleep state programming, masterminding and all of the other Principles of Conscious Creation, your body will revert back to the old pattern by replacing one "bad" habit with another.

However, when your desire to vibrate at a new level increases, you will awaken one day and say, "Ooh, I got my light back. I don't want coffee anymore. I am not going to put anything else like that in here." The moment your body says that to you, you will walk lighter, you will think lighter, you will react quicker and everything becomes L-I-G-H-T-E-R. That is how you will refocus away from over-the-counter drugs, caffeine, nicotine, and all of the other things.


Why is it that I come to each and every gathering we have? Why do I bring what appears to be new information? And where was this information five years ago? It was in your hearts, and oftentimes you are not willing to listen to your hearts. You are busy listening to your 10 percent awareness to guide you in almost everything that you do. But today I find myself in a room of heart-oriented energy patterns that are willing to hear me. Because of that, their vibration shifts.

I am here because of a Great Shift in consciousness. I bring a light to those who are starving for light. They begin to experience that light amongst themselves. They create a space where many can join, until one day, Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants will be Light.

Good evening.