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Kirael: " Harmonic Concordance: The Days Of The Matrix Energy Are Numbered", Oct. 2003

Energy Are Numbered", Oct. 2003

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October 2003

Harmonic Concordance: The Days of the Matrix Energy Are Numbered

By Reverend Fred Sterling through the loving guidance of Master Guide Kirael

Kirael Shift Report – October 2003 (Adobe PDF file – 339KB)

The upcoming Harmonic Concordance is another major milestone in the evolution of humanity. Just as its precursors, the August 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the Light Shift of May 2000, fundamentally influenced the Earth plane, this auspicious concordance (based on the Latin word meaning "heart") marks the next significant shift in the energies surrounding and interpenetrating Earth. In this conversation with Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling, we get a detailed look at the dramatic changes occurring both in the matrix energy and in human awareness.

Q: Master Kirael, from your perspective could you explain the significance of the Harmonic Concordance and the lunar eclipse that is slated to occur on 8 November 2003?

KIRAEL: Let’s look at it from the standpoint of when it began, how it will take place, and what will happen as a result.

If you look at Mother Earth as an embodiment of the Creator Source, you can see Mother Earth as a physical body. When the Creator brought the physical body to be, the Mother Earth to be, it was done in such a magical and loving way that Earth was, in its own right, destined to become an evolutionary planet. Therefore, having no beings upon it, it was left with its own thought process.

The thoughts of Mother Earth looked as you now see them today: you see trees that are growing and grass upon a plain; you see rivers flowing. These are all of the thoughts of Mother Earth. Mother Earth thought herself into the beauty of what she is via the guidance of the Creator. But that is all there was—Mother Earth’s thoughts.

And so a beautiful weave of energy began to surround Mother Earth in her own love and her own life. She was pure in that way. She was pristine in everything that she did. Every part of her reality was in beauty and in harmonic light concordance with the Creator. So you can begin to see how she had created what we will call today a weave of energy that surrounded her.

Then came the time when the Creator would install what we call humanity, and this humanity would become the Earth guidance factors. They themselves would then be allowed the thought process. They began to think themselves into a reality, and that reality began to create another weave on top of Mother Earth, and that weave then became what you now call human consciousness. In the beginning stages it was nothing but Light thoughts, thoughts of the Creator’s positive reality.

However, over historical periods of time this energy began to take on a new vibration because people began to have thoughts that were not of the purest. And so the weave created by humans began to be filled with thoughts that were both good and not good. Unlike that of Mother Earth’s weave, humanity began to think itself into a reality of what you call yin/yang, in essence, everything having opposites. Thus, Mother Earth’s weave, called the physical weave, which had begun as pure light, was now being replaced by the thoughts of humanity.

With the emotional energy of humankind, this new weave was heavily weighted by thoughts of fear and, in that, the weave became less than light. In fact it began to hold all the fear-based thoughts and send the Light thoughts into the weave beyond it. The weave now closest to Mother Earth, where humankind walked, would become the matrix weave.

The matrix weave is now seen as the emotional body of Mother Earth. If you look at the emotional body outside of Mother Earth, you see fear. Is not fear an emotion? And is not the whole of your Earth plane devastated by the fears that it is encompassed in? Every human being on Earth is a process of thought. Consequently, everyone is constantly using thought to project its own life force. Whenever you are in thought, your thoughts are collected in the matrix weave. What has happened is that the Earth being has become relatively negative in its own thoughts. Hence, the matrix weave has filled itself with a number of what we consider to be non-enlightening thoughts.

Outside of this matrix weave the Creator, in its infinite wisdom, had woven strands of light known as the humanic weave, or the mental/thought body of Mother Earth. "Humanic" is not a word that you will find in the language of today; yet it was what it was called before time was measured. (If you feel comfortable calling it the harmonic weave, it would be OK with us.)

Because this humanic or harmonic weave was made only of light strands, nothing of any other manner could penetrate it. Hence, whatever energy, being sent from the matrix into this higher vibration, that was not of pure Light was restrained and therefore could only continue to have life if it continued in the matrix. Consequently, the darker forces of thoughts stayed within the matrix, and what was collected in the harmonic weave was all of the Light that passed through the matrix weave, joining with Angelic and Guardian thought forms.

Your animals have their own weave in the consciousness of the harmonic light. Every animal that you have here on the Earth plane—pussy cat, puppy dog, whatever it is—they come from that weave of energy. That is a pure energy. They do not have animosity; they do not have anger; but because they must come through to the Earth plane, they will pick up fear along the way.

Continuing one step further with these weaves—because we have now established the physical, the emotional, and the mental—we now have the spiritual. Outside of the harmonic weave is the spirit weave, and here is where all of my kind exist. We exist in the spirit weave. (Just for information purposes, the weave beyond the spiritual is called the cosmic weave or ethereal plane and, for now, little need be explained of this consciousness.)

In 1987, with what has been called the Harmonic Convergence, we [the Guidance Realm] began merging our light into the harmonic weave, which began to affect the weave of the matrix and, in turn, affected all humanity. Ten years later, in approximately the latter part of 1997 through the middle of 1998, there was a lot of what we will call energetic releases or explosions throughout the cosmos. With the Creator readjusting many life forms throughout the cosmos, certain planets were no longer needed and space was to be made for other planets to move into. One of these energetic releases actually reached your Earth plane and opened up a gate, and here is where Earth’s energy was impacted.

You have really been able to see the major impacts of that energy, which has sent your Earth human into a bit of a dither in the last year. In simple terms, people now have more questions than they have answers because they try to get their answers out of the matrix weave; yet that weave is so dense and so filled with fear that most of the answers come out in that vibration. This is where your over-mastermind will gain all of its strength because it uses fear to manipulate.

Outside of [the matrix energy], in what we call the humanic light or the humanic weave, this is where all of the interactions between the Guidance Reality and the human have taken place, though the human has felt somewhat separated from this by the matrix weave. The harmonic weave has taken on an even fuller force of Light, and you find yourselves now in a much more enlightening position. Thus, because of that particular time, it has now brought you into what we consider to be the Harmonic Concordance.

Some may wish to see this great expansion [the Harmonic Concordance] as a single day where a lunar eclipse occurs (8 November 2003). You will come to understand that it is not defined as just that single day. Its emergence has been around with you since the latter part of the 1990’s. You must spread it out in your thought processes to see what you have been going through the last few years, or even more importantly, since 1997.

Now, isn’t that just around the time that the Honolulu Church of Light was brought to be?

Q: Yes.

KIRAEL: You will find that I am fairly accurate in telling you that this church, the "Beauty" as you call it, is a representation of the new exemplary thought. You are in the throes of what I have spoken about since the late 1980’s and that is the "Great Shift" in conscious awakening. Understanding that, you can conceive of why we don’t limit this awesome awakening to one day.

Along with the powerful blasts from the outer realms, the energetic forces of the harmonic weave are now applying pressure so intently on the matrix weave that it is beginning to break apart. That is why so many spiritualists are awakening. That is why so many who have lived in the matrix energy—satisfied with it in the past—no longer find the satisfaction. It is because the matrix weave is actually being penetrated by Light.

This brings me into alignment with what we pray you will recognize as great changes for the human being in this Harmonic Concordance. If you look at your human experience, you are in the throes of attaining greater levels of enlightenment. I am not talking about the whole of the world; I am talking about the lightworker who has purposefully reached into this new awakening.

You live in what you consider to be a physical body. In order to live here you have had to use something that is called the ego system or the veil. If you will draw a picture with me for the moment, you would take yourself and draw a circle of energy around you. You would fill in that circle with ego, and you would look at the ego as though it were a mist that you couldn’t see through clearly. You couldn’t see the beauty of which you truly were.

The human being looking through the mist of their ego will see a bit of a distorted reality. However, the spiritualist is no longer willing to have this clouded area around them interrupting their visual experience. It may sound a wee bit complicated, but what they are using is called a reversed shield. Through a reversed shield, the physical body is separated from the emotional body by a beautiful shield of light, rather than a mist. The shields of light from the emotional out to the mental and from the mental to the spiritual body are no longer filled with as much mist as before. So you no longer have the fullness of your ego system.

Now, this sounds like a glorious thing to most, but you must realize, my friend, that some of those that are totally imbedded in the matrix energy will find their lives completely spun in a different direction. That is because not only are the spiritualists but all of humanity are going to dissipate this mist. So those that are searching will take their search to new levels. The journey will cover those who would have nothing to do with spirituality to those who are still totally absorbed in religions. The good news is they will start to seek at an unprecedented rate. They will look, they will be afraid. You must go gently for them.

The spiritualist must now take on the brightest role that they have ever taken on. And that is why it is so important for the human being, the spiritualist human being, if you will, to not stand on the rooftops shouting what a great world it is going to become. But it is so important for the lightworker to change their vibration. It is about the lightworker awakening to be the beacon for those who are in the greatest search.

You will find powerful, (yes, my friends) powerful people searching as they have never searched before because they have always looked to the inside of their pocketbooks to find the answer. There is no answer in your pocketbook. There is no answer to be found other than in the Light itself.

So this Harmonic Concordance is the vast awakening I have been speaking about for such a very long time. Though it will be registered and measured by many on a particular date, it is my hope that most will see and sense this awesome event long before and after a simple mark on your calendar. I am praying that there are not happenings like tidal changes. I am praying that they are strictly held in the thought presence, for we from the Spirit Reality have moved ourselves into this humanic or harmonic weave, and we have woven ourselves in there so beautifully that we are now accessible to the masses.

Many people in the human world will open up their channels at a new level. In fact, as we are writing this, many have already begun to do that. They are recognizing that this so-called separation that they have experienced—or believed that they were experiencing—could only be because they thought it to be. This new energy gives them not only the opportunity but the divine right to change their thoughts and to know in their hearts that everything is to come to a greater clarity now.

So your Harmonic Concordance, my friends, is part of the awakening that will precede the essence of the Great Shift itself. It is how you begin to move yourself forward. I brought the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating to the Earth plane for this time in your evolution. This is how people will begin to measure their own experiential growth. They will find within themselves the reality that holds them in Truth. Truth will become a way of life for all and in that the world will shift. Welcome to The Shift.

Q: How will the galactic realm experience the Harmonic Concordance?

KIRAEL: On that date, on November 8th, there will be a great galactic celebration. Over here on the Earth plane, sometimes during special celebrations, you all gather in certain places, spinning tops and noisemakers and you sometimes sit in your cars and toot your horns. Well, the galactics on that date will be radiating energies as they have never illuminated them before. They will try to enter their energies into your Earth existence via the matrix weave by casting as much of their light source as possible. They want to celebrate with you because they feel you have become galactic with them now.

You see, they are so honored by what is going on here on the Earth plane. And believe me, they have come from far and wide to be around the planet as you in the human world begin to awaken. They have been—again since 1997—moving closer. They have been watching even more intently as they have felt the changes in so many of you here on Earth. You know, there have been many times when people have said the galactics were going to make their appearances, and they have erred in their time projections. It is because of the Earth consciousness that they [your galactic brothers and sisters] have been holding off their contact.

So many energetic patterns in the matrix solely want to keep things status quo. They have kept the fear so strong that the galactic energies have decided not to even try to penetrate it. For in order to get a craft onto your Earth face, onto Mother Earth’s body process, it has to come through all of the weaves. It can come through the cosmic weave, and it can get through the humanic or harmonic weave, but when it comes to the matrix weave, it is a very unsettling process for them.

It helps to see it this way: They [the galactics] are light-oriented, and the matrix weave is very dense. So those that have tried in the past have wound up splattered all across a desert somewhere. And though they know of your journey—they love your journey, they are happy with your journey—they still have great concerns for their own safety. Their safety has nothing to do with the fact that you can shoot them out of the air, because you couldn’t begin to penetrate their defenses. But when they enter your matrix energy, they are definitely affected. Do you see why it is so important to clear as much of this matrix energy as you can before the actual Shift begins? So with the Harmonic Concordance taking place, you can almost rest assured that you will be getting your visitations relatively soon because this matrix is breaking apart, and they will find, I believe, the courage to enter your atmosphere.

Now just for my head-thinker, I offer a bit of data for you. (Heart-orientated thinkers, bear with us for the moment.) The matrix energy reaches up approximately 8,000 plus feet into the atmosphere, about a mile and a half. This is in part why some love to fly in the sky at ten to fourteen thousand feet. It just feels good. That’s also why the further you get away from the density and live in the high country, such as the Colorado Rocky Mountains, you will find people very, very aware, and it is the same thing no matter where you go.

Q: How can people best prepare for the Harmonic Concordance or maximize their experience of the Concordance?

KIRAEL: I will answer it this way: Many, many, many years ago, you brought forth onto this Earth plane, through the thought process, something called the Ten Commandments. I have referred to them as the "thou shalt nots," and they have helped very much in enlightening the Earth being on how to be okay with living a limited life experience. What they haven’t had success in is how to help the Earth being become more of a love/spiritual being.

What I have attempted to bring you through the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating (see for more information) is the reality to focus yourself while maintaining a human experience, yet not limiting yourself to the experiential world of the matrix. I have used these principles as the opening to enter into the Spiritual Realm and for you to become relentless in manifesting without limits.

Now [the term] "Spiritual Realm" will scare some of your friends away, so you can say "into the realm of the thought of light and love," and there you have what you now consider to be the humanic weave. Understand that this whole weaving process is simply the concordance of energetic patterns in a streaming fashion of light. Everything is woven into these particular segments of light and then holds its vibration there until it fully experiences what it wants to, much like a human being [does].

Q: Master Kirael, as you mentioned there is a lunar eclipse on the 8th of November. There is also a solar eclipse at the end of the month. Can you comment on the significance of the period between these two events?

KIRAEL: I would suggest to you this: Once you have experienced the first eclipse, this will give people the cause to think of how to reset their physical plane or their plan here on Earth. In that interim period you will find many people having, again, more questions than answers. As you reach the end of November and open yourself up into December, you will enlist the spirit world in a much higher fashion. In that spectrum between those two dates, you will find more people discovering their abilities to channel than in any other time in recent history. This is because of the energetic forms that are placed within the realms, including all of the divisional processes.

Q: Master Kirael, could you please comment on the numerology of 8 November 2003.

KIRAEL: I am here to tell you this, my friend: The simple numerology that I brought onto your Earth plane many years ago is not only significant, it is necessary for you to try to understand. In your busy world you don’t have time to become numerologists. You can depend on a certain few who have brought themselves into the numerology space to provide large documentation of the numbers. For those of you who are operating day to day, you must always be looking at something as simple as what I have brought onto the Earth plane.

My medium will tell you in a heartbeat that oftentimes the realities that I bring forth are so simple that people won’t pay attention to them. You will find, my friends, that if you look at the numerology of which I am speaking, first of all, the date which would be 8-11, yes? If you break that apart just to look at it, the 8 is what we call the infinity light, which means you are operating in this realm and another realm simultaneously. Now, take the month, which is an 11 or a 2 when totaled up; it is the duality of the spectrum that you are overcoming, and that is showing you that it is time to overcome the duality you have been experiencing for so long.

Now, if you look at the year as the fifth cycle of light of the 2000 energy [the numerals of 2003 equaling 5], you will notice that you are in a love vibration (Note: in Kirael’s numerology 5 represents boundless love). So the Creator in its infinite wisdom has opened up a place for you to recognize that you are not limited to this world, thereby being limited by nothing—in this time when duality is making its so-called last stand—in a year that is filled with love.

Heading into 2004, it is easy enough to add [the digits] up to a 6, and understanding this is where the Masters rule (Note: in Kirael’s numerology 6 is the number of mastery). Who are the masters? They would be the spiritualists, the lightworkers, the energetic forms that will have the courage to help Mother Earth move from one level of consciousness into another.

Do not get caught up into third dimension, fourth dimension, fifth dimension. It is too confusing. Literally, I said in the beginning stages [of my guidance on this Earth plane] that you are moving from the third dimension to a fourth-dimensional experience, and that caused ripples of troubles out there among those that like challenges. If you would be so kind as to understand simply that you are going to move from one level of consciousness to another, you will not feel the need to feel suppressed, or you will not feel the need to become disoriented. You will find the love in your heart to become what you have always wanted to be: a limitless being of light that is not a human searching for the spirituality, but in truth, a true spirit experiencing being human. And then you will recognize that your light has become so fulfilled that your world as individuals, yet collectively in energy, will raise its vibration to the fullness of heart experience.

In heart, or what I call the love of Creator, the reality is that you are one in light, and that whatever you do to another is being done upon yourself. This will guide you to your truth. You will discover, my friends, that those who have taught you your religions truly meant well and will continue to mean well. But you will also see them start to take many of their forces into the realm of spiritual because they are going to recognize that the journey can only unfold by the will of "We the People." No longer will the masses be led by fear. Each will choose their direction by the knowing in their heart.

So we ask you who would read this article to pass it on to another and another and another, until everyone comes to the greatest clarity of all: it is a Great Shift in consciousness, my friends. It is the opening to a world that you could have only dreamt about up until now. Your Creator and all of the love of the Master Jesus and all of the other great masters have led you to one place in time. It is the evolution of the Harmonic Concordance, where you enter the weave of Light itself and harmony is the rule.

Let yourselves be free. But you must, you must (that’s two times) let the people know that we have the right, that We the People have the right to a harmonious and happy experience called Life. Take this not lightly, for in this new energy all will happen at a quickening pace. Ask your heart; it will know.