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Kirael Shift Report, July 2003 "Our Healing Adventure: It's A Thrill Of A Lifetime"

"Our Healing Adventure: It's A Thrill Of A Lifetime"

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(By Reverend Fred Sterling through the loving guidance of Master Guide Kirael)

KIRAEL: Good evening. What a beautiful entrance we make this very day. I will open with a statement of healing in hopes that each and every person here can begin their own beautiful journey of healing. The beauty of this word "healing" is much like the beauty of the word "love." Each and every individual on this Earth plane, without exception, my friends, needs to move toward their own healing.

No matter who you think you are here to heal, no matter what part in someone else's healing journey you think you are about to play, I tell you, without doubt, it is seriously first about your own healing. The moment you decide you cannot be held back, the moment you recognize that everything is potential and every potential is yours for the thought, then you will begin your own healing journey.

When you truly begin to heal, my friends, you will recognize that you live in a limitless world. You live in a world that all you have to do is conceive a thought, be able to perceive the reality of that thought, and then manifest it into your reality. This is called the journey.

So, when we talk of healing, my friends, we talk about more than a scar on the arm, a cancerous tumor or an age old rickety knee. What we are truly talking about is the healing of your universal light, the particle of the God Creator of which you are and the Beauty of your own journey.

I want you to reach back in your memory. For some of you it won't be such a far reach; for others, it will be a long travel for you. But I want you to remember when you were going to school. I want you to remember going all the way through grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, until you finally came to the 8th grade. You were the king of the mountain in junior high school because you were at the top. That was in June. Then came September when you started high school, and you became a minnow in a huge ocean, in a sea of people, and you became a freshman.

Then remember how you went through another four years until finally you worked yourself back up to the top again. When you left high school, you went to a big ivory tower of a school, and when you walked in on the first day, you didn't even make minnow status. Can you imagine the healings you must have gone through?

Or imagine being a particle of light floating aimlessly in the love of your Creator where there is nothing but bliss, and one day finding yourself coming down through a little black cavern. All of a sudden the lights strike you, and the first thing you want to do is yell, "Whoa, what's up with that?" But all that comes out is, "Waaaa." And a new journey has begun.

So, you see what I am trying to say to you is that healing is about the journey. It happens on many levels in all four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and there is absolutely nothing that cannot be healed. What if tonight you can bring the healing journey to focus, and before you leave this evening, you start your healing journey.

I have a friend of great quality who works into the highest of his own levels. He has the gift of gab that is beyond all you can imagine. He has all the beauty of a physical body that anyone could ask for. He has everything you can imagine except a true, meaningful relationship with someone of his choice.

If you tell this young man, "We need to heal you," he is going to say, "Wait a minute. I got me a thousand dollars in me wallet. I got me a fancy car sitting out in the parking lot. I can go out every night of the week and have a great time. I feel wonderful. I am in good shape. I work out and I exercise and all that. What do you think you are going to offer me for a healing, young Master Kirael?"

And I would say to this young fellow, "Not a thing until you figure it out. And then, just maybe, that meaningful relationship you are looking for, just maybe, it will fall right before you."

But, you see, that is healing, my friends. If you are looking at your purse and there aren't enough nickels to rub together to make the buffalo roar, then you go to work on that, don't you? If you are looking at your apartment home or your house home or whatever you have, and you don't like the appearance of it, then you have got to heal that.

You say, "Master Kirael, is everything about healing?" Yes, it is. We have to heal the whole of you. We have to take you through the whole journey.

And you say, "There it is. That is the part I hate the most, Master Kirael. Can't I just have a wee journey once in a while?" No, no, you can't. Because you don't choose to.

Let me put it to you this way. What if I said to that person who was told by his doctor he was dying, "Travel with me this very night, burst free of your embodiment process, let me take you out into the etheric lights where some of the most magical healers to ever exist await your presence. They will give you the beautiful power to heal your physical body."

And you said, "Oh, yes, that is it. I am ready to go, Master Kirael." Then I said, "Okay. Let's meditate." And you responded, "But, but, but, but, I don't know how to meditate." Well, then we slow down the process until you can figure out how to meditate. Then you ran off, you began to learn to meditate, and you returned and said, "Okay, I got it now, Master Kirael. I know how to meditate. Let's get out there and get me fixed up."

And if I said, "All right, good job now. Last thing I need you to do is say a nice prayer for us before we go." And you say, "But, Master Kirael, I don't know how to pray. You told me to learn how to meditate."

You see what I am saying? Healing comes to its fullness when you are completely aware that you want it. Now, wanting it and having it is what distance apart? Thought. There is your answer.

You say, "It is just that simple, isn't it, Master Kirael?" Yes, it is. You can find your way through it if you learn to think the proper thoughts.

So, here we are. Healing 101. The design that it takes to bring healing to your physical, if that is what you are searching for, or your mental, or your spiritual or your emotional. The healing that it takes to bring the two points together is connected by the wavelength of your thoughts. And once you recognize you are a product of thought, that you had to think yourself into being physical, and you had to think yourself into this reality called the human experience, then you come to the greater understanding that you are made up of thought. And once you come to that reality, there is nothing that cannot be healed.

So, I have given you the answer. Now, all you got to do is figure out how to understand it because the answer is this: think your way into whatever it is you truly have a passion to create. Open your beingness to it.

Now, the last part of me wee lecture is this. I have already made the statement there is nothing that has been made which cannot be unmade. There is nothing that has gone wrong which cannot be healed. I make the statement even more boldly now. When you truly recognize that healing is a bit more than just going to your doctor and getting an aspirin, when you realize that healing is an adventure, a thrill of a lifetime, then you start to look at the process in its wholeness.

Remember what I said to you, my friends. Young Master Jesus said it so eloquently. "I am here to remind you to heal back into love. And you will awaken one day to this greater power."

I wrote me wee book (it is called "The Great Shift") and in the book I wrote that this human experience would go through a huge transitional space. It is called healing, and when you recognize it, you will stop counting the days to the Great Shift and live the days.

It is your journey, my friends. You can choose to look at it any way you want, but if you would like me advice -- and I hear tell people want it quite often -- here it is. Stop rushing through your healing. Stop trying to find a shortcut. Open yourself up to the Light of Love itself. Tell your Creator Source Light and all in between, "I am here to do the journey."

Q: Could you explain a little bit further what you and Master Jesus mean by the phrase "healing into love"?

KIRAEL: Oh, God, yes. Healing back into love is a very simple answer that you would like to complicate, but I won't let you. Healing back into love simply means that you recognize you are a particle of the God Creation, which is absolute perfection. To heal back into love simply means that by accepting the fact you are the Light of the God Creator, you are already healed, and now you have allowed for a journey to show you how you got healed.

You might have to work with it a little bit, but that is exactly what it means to heal back into love. When you know you are already healed, you establish a journey to prove by your own experience that you have done the journey you have healed back into love.

Q: Now that we know illness is manifested in the physical body due to a disconnection in the spiritual, mental and emotional body, how can we best use this understanding?

KIRAEL: Good question. If you want your life to work, there are certain things you must do. First of all, in your healing adventure you must realize you are not a physical being, that you are a magnetic force of light particle energy which has amassed into a physical being under the pretense of being a human experience.

In that knowing, you realize that every thought you have counts, and that is your answer. Every thought you have counts. So, if you balanced out your thoughts at the end of the day and you said, "Okay, I had 60 percent positive thoughts and 40 percent negative thoughts," then you are saying to yourself and to your God Creator, "I want a 40 percent chance of healing. Not the 60, but a 40 percent chance of healing."

Every thought counts to the fullest. If you could have every thought in the positive light, you would never have an ache or a pain in your physical world again. If you could have every thought in the absolute positive of lights, you would never long for a relationship. If you could have every thought in perfectness, you would never have mental instability in your world. And believe me, if every thought were positive, you would be the highest bound spiritualist on the Earth plane.

I can hear many of you say, "Yeah, right, Master Kirael, who in God's name can have a positive thought every moment?" Chalk it up to a big loss right there because that was your first negative. Now eradicate it and say to yourself, "I can have every thought positive." And watch the little chain of electricity that goes right down your spine when you recognize you are just light looking for a place to beam.

Q: How can we stay on our journey to achieve what we want to manifest in our life and not allow ourselves to sabotage it?

KIRAEL: When you decide you love yourself enough to have everything you want in a God-given limitless society, when you recognize you have come to the level of Creation that you want and are going to have everything and you will not let anything, absolutely nothing, stand in your way, then the sabotage can't get in.

What happens when you allow the sabotage in is you literally take a break from your healing. You say, "Well, there is the answer then, Master Kirael. I cannot take a break." No, you can't. If I told you that you were going to die if you didn't do certain things, you would do the certain things. But, as a human, unless you are truly threatened, you do as you please. And we are totally all right with it, except we are running out of third-dimensional experiential time to do these things.

What we are saying to you is you have got to stop the sabotage, you have got to note the minute you throw something onto your path such as a log for you to trip over. Know when you have thrown the log down, you will walk right into it, stub your toe, then fall down and scrape up your knees.

When you no longer are willing to do that, when you will not sabotage yourself, when you will allow yourself to have everything you desire, then you will have everything you desire, and that is the easiest answer I can give you.

Q: How can we assist others to see that they are capable of doing their own healing journey?

KIRAEL: God bless you, what a grand question. Here is the answer, if you really want to hear the truth. You keep healing the way you have been healing, and you will become the healer that all will listen to. All will come and seek your guidance and your touch because you will have learned the one simple fact that in order to be a healer, you must heal yourself first.

And that is what you have been working on, that is what you will create to be the healer, and then you can share your light with them just like I am sharing my light with you. Thank you.

Q: I have a great passion for my own healing as well as assisting others. How can I assist someone in finding his passion for healing?

KIRAEL: You sit and you hold his hand, look into his eyes, and tell him what you just told me. "My heart wants so badly to touch you deeply and let the healing journey begin, but I need your help. Can you help me?" And he will tell you.

Q: I was listening to the prayer tape of the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation where you talked about particle alignment. I believe I am a healer. I claim that. I also believe in the pure particle alignment to God's Light. Can you elaborate on how I or the healers of the world can align to this pure Light?

KIRAEL: Everything you said was the God's Light Truth, including the claiming. In that claim please understand that if you will use healing power, such as the touch or the long-distance version of the healing, then you must learn eventually how you can align a row of particles with the will of your mind. And once you can align a row of particles, you can get the row of particles to do anything you desire, including traveling through a tissue of your skin to pull out the cancer experience.

Once you learn to align your particles through your will and let the words in your mind formulate the experience without altering the experience, once you can see the first particle attached to the second particle, the third and the fourth and the 100,000th one, then you create a beam of light

Imagine, if you would, all of these particles floating around you. Pick any one particle and hold it still before you. Draw another particle to it, and another and another, until you got about a quarter of an inch of particles. Right there, if you can hold that vision, you can run that light into the next person you heal, and I will promise you, you will be calling me up next week to say, "Master Kirael, you are a genius. I walked away with a perfect healing."

And you say, "Well, I get it, and if I don't heal, then I didn't have enough particles, right?" No, you didn't will it strong enough, and it takes practice to will it, that's why you have to practice at being a healer. Thank you, my friend.