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Kirael Report: Rhythmic Levels Of Consciousness

By Rev. Fred Sterling Through Kirael

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re than willing to just let the world go by and hope for some magical ending.

For those of you wanting to feel the full expression of healing, this article will open new doors of passion. I pray that this will offer you a clue as to the "why" you are sometimes driven to levels of action that seem almost alien to your current lifestyle, and yet you feel destined to act out the adventure in a certain manner.

In life journeys we almost always choose a certain "life flow" or "design of energy" to best complement the awesome experiences that we live for our Creator. Once we are on the path, we steadfastly attempt to master our commitment to be as thorough as possible and to expand our creation to the fullest measure available.

Many on the Earth plane are searching for that energy that seems to drive the soul forth. I find it interesting to help identify different possibilities, and in so doing, allow the seeker the expansiveness to move into life journeys with a little more understanding of just why they do what they do. In that light I have offered some possibilities of certain energies that likely will guide your thoughts as you endeavor to fully integrate your current life journey with others that you may have experienced in other worlds (dimensions) and other times.

Knowing, for instance, that you were of the Enchanter Class of energy, you might begin to understand why you forever need to sing or use sounds and rhythmic beats while drawing or painting. Art in many forms will come quite naturally to the Enchanter (see below) in fulfilling a particular part of the life adventure.

One last offering! Although you may be working a life pattern in one class or category, your higher self may at any point feel the need to integrate a new vibration, a whole new class of energy, into your system (also known as a "splinter"). Hey, no one ever said it was easy! What you can bet on is that you are here for growth, and whatever the higher parts of your energy want, it will move forward. I believe it's called evolution.

Classes of Soul Experience

Here are a few of the classes I have encountered and I offer them to you in love. Please remember that the following list is not meant to bring all levels of class to light. It truly is an overview of the potential consciousness a soul might endeavor into. It might be fun to see if you are led to any of the vibrations below.

The following classes are not in any particular rank or order.

Alchemist Class: You possess the power to transform something of common value into something of greater worth. It is said that this is one of the classes of energy that Master Jesus brought forth when he changed water into wine. If scientific lore draws you, welcome to your class.

Archivist Class: You are a record keeper and gatherer of archives. Often these records or historical documents are preserved in tomes off-world and/or are sent into the light of your soul family for access at various levels of understanding. Record keepers are usually strategically placed throughout all evolutionary planets. Their role on this planet will be more pronounced after the Shift. If you find your memory of your current incarnation taking a back seat to your need to explain other histories, you must claim this class.

Archeologist Class: In this category you carry great knowledge of evolutionary lifeforms that have inhabited the planet you are currently working on. Earth archeologists, for example, would have a greater knowing of Lemuria and Atlantis because of their great need to understand the reasons for our current situation. If you find yourself fascinated by these periods of Earth's evolution, there is a great chance you are a member of this class.

Educator Class: You a likely a scholar from systems other than Earth because, by light standards, this planet is relatively young. The need to offer solutions to uncommon situations while striving to be of service keeps this class of energy always busy. If you often find yourself the center of attention, welcome to your specialty.

Shaman Class: After spending lifetimes studying the art of healing on many different levels of incarnate beings, you are assigned to this class. Here, you will draw on the powers and practices used in your current incarnation (such as Earth human) to be of service, while constantly trying to achieve new methods of healing. With an insatiable desire to better their art, being here for the "Great Shift" is the reason so many shamans have amassed.

Sorcerer Class: Having experienced practically every other class to some extent, you typically learn alone - without the aid of teachers and schools. Because they must study via trial and error, the castings of sorcerers often miss their intended mark. In these class patience is needed; yet when this level is attained, sorcerers are held in the highest esteem. This class is the most misunderstood and sometimes even feared.

Star Traveler Class: You are a cosmic traveler, sharing your inter-dimensional experience with those around you. Often of extraterrestrial origin and focus, a star traveler often specializes in the gate keeping of portals. With an insatiable need to explore combined with a high dislike of enclosed places, this class of energy is very important to the "Shift" because it carries knowledge far advanced of Earth beings.

Royal Wizard Class: You are an energy director for the Guardians of Developing Societies. Little is known of this class because they are of a secret order, used as couriers between the highest forms of councils and all forms of life. It is said that Royal Wizards have direct communications with the Seraphim of the Angelic Realm. If you're in this class, it is likely you don't feel that you resonate at all with the current Earth plane.

Warrior Class: You are engaged or experienced in the art of embattlement, settling disputes on evolutionary planet systems. Over the eons of time, this class has been used to settle disputes between classes. In our current Earth shift, warriors are known for their ability to carry light swords as opposed to physical weapons. This is a tireless group that is busy on all levels of consciousness.

Wizard Class: A wizard is trained in the art of summoning supernatural power, capable of influencing the natural forces consistent with places such as Earth. This class is often misunderstood because when something goes wrong, the wizard gets the blame. However, they will usually be the ones, after all else fails, to bring calm to chaos.

Necromancer Class: Having studied many levels of enchantment, you choose to bring the past and the future together to create a more defined possibility for completions in the Now. Typically, a necromancer possesses more than simply a working knowledge of the other classes. Beings in this category are held in high regard because they can communicate on many levels, such as sound, color and etheric light.

Diviner Class: You use your skills to foresee future events or discover hidden knowledge, usually by the interpretation of omens. This is by far the most mysterious of the classes. Diviners are often present for great shifts in cultural awareness.

Enchanter Class: You often use sound to awaken forces that can be guided to healing possibilities. Enchanters have actually been known to manifest physically via sound vibration. This class of energy was present and very active during the building of the pyramids.

Magi Class: Largely in service to others, beings in this class apply their powers to create illusionary processes to help others make more enlightened decisions. Experience in this class of energy often occurs at the onset of higher learning.

The Seven Levels Within Each Class

All of these categories, or classes, are measurable in seven levels. The following is a description of the seven degrees of experience in a chosen class. It may offer you a clue as to how far you have come in your mastery.

1.. You are newly appointed to this class by the Creator Source after being appointed by Council Masters.

2.. You are capable of using the enlightenment of this class in evolutionary realms such as Earth.

3.. You have attained a level whereby you are considered capable of teaching the wisdom of this class. At this level you are usually beseeched by students eager to learn from you.

4.. Having chosen to move toward mastery within this class, you find yourself searching for new levels of clarity by incarnating on planes of consciousness that allow you to focus all the lesson plans into your current life for a more complete understanding.

5.. At this level you surround yourself with like-minded energies (often other beings of your own class) who help you evolve. Here, you are learning to love the journey and are willing to devote whatever span of time you and the Creator deem necessary to experience the fullness of this energetic class.

6.. To truly master any level of evolutionary journey, you must be willing to forgo all other incarnate adventures and direct your full will into completing all the studies at hand. At this level you focus your light almost exclusively into a single class of energy.

7.. Here, at the will of the Council Masters, you are sent to many different levels of consciousness simultaneously until such time that you are reassigned to a new status (usually as a council member). At this level the journey truly begins again.

Please remember that you can -- and usually will -- accelerate your life journey by receiving downloads (splinters) of new class energies from your essential light, or higher self. This allows your higher self to escalate its own evolution from one stage to another. Don't be overly concerned if you relate to more than one energetic class. Most of us are intent on mastering as many categories as possible.

Soul families are typically associated with or known for a particular class of energy. This, however, does not limit your experience. Though your soul family may be predominately involved in the Shaman class, for instance, the decision may have been made to extend your light into this evolutionary world of Earth to gather experiences in a totally different class, such as Alchemy. Hence, you may feel a pull towards the shaman class yet, with careful investigation, you find yourself wanting to change lead into gold.

In loving gratitude to Master Guide Kirael, may this brief discussion of the Rhythmic Levels of Consciousness help you discover more about yourself and those around you. You might just be surprised how much insight you can begin to have.

Yours in truth,

Fred Sterling