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Kirael Pre-vews and Re-views "Matrix Reloaded"

Channeled by Rev. Fred Sterling

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REV. STERLING: As I sat in the theater waiting for the opening scenes, I wondered if there was a chance that this new "Matrix" movie could ever match up to the original film, which had Lightworkers around the world seeing their journey from a completely new perspective. As I had promised, I called on Master Kirael to see if there were any last minute instructions before "Matrix Reloaded" began.

KIRAEL: It would be me highest guidance to remind each who watches, that this unfolding awakening of truth is, in fact, registered in six completely identifiable levels. In short, each will choose to see it at the level most suited to their desire of awakening unto the multi-levels of awareness. The most important thing to remember is that which is spoken of in the onset of this movie adventure: don't let fear rule your world.

Level 1 - This is the level where the seer is most taken by the action and costumes and not at all interested to hear any slightly- or fully-veiled messages. On this level, I be thinking the movie was created to awaken a grand array for the human senses.

Level 2 - Here, the watcher begins to feel there is more to the movie than meets the eye and actually finds the experience a bit disheveling because they came to see what their minds remembered of the last movie, and they simply wanted it to fit into their belief systems. It doesn't. This one moves the watcher to levels unchecked by restraints and at Level 2, fear may still be part of the life plan. These will be the most vocal against the movie.

Level 3 - At this level, the searcher within one's self comes out. Here, one's mind is opened to the possibility that the world has changed since the original "Matrix" and the writers needed to move to new levels. Still, there is the feeling that something is missing. The desire to understand is strong, but old belief systems want to maintain control. Each at this level will be ultra-clear that they may have to watch it over and over again.

Level 4 - On this awareness level, it [is] as though the human part of the mind (the ten-percent) seems to be torn into different realities. In this consciousness, the sights, sounds, and even the emotional stirrings are erupting into the need to find the answers to the seemingly puzzling array of possibilities that are emanating from the screen. Yet, in that moment they do understand.

Level 5 - Can the mind split in two? The answer to that long-asked question will flow like a torrent of new awakenings when this movie is seen at this level. The mind watches the action unfold, while the interactive portion of the higher-self attempts to show you the meaning behind each word. Here, you find yourself 'oohing' and 'ahhing' while people around you are wanting you to keep your awakenings to your self. Imagine, a multiple awakening while in the constraints of being physical.

Level 6 - If you're to see it at this level, there is no need to explain. Here the entire movie becomes a text of the unfolding of "the Shift" you have only read about so far. Here, you get a visual and emotional experience that serves as a reminder that this type of event has unfolded many times before in real life -- yet on an entirely different level of consciousness -- and it's as though the writers have the inside edge on knowledge of Earth events unfolding.

REV. STERLING: The movie hadn't even started and I felt as though my senses were moving to new levels of awakening. And then it began. My mind seemed to explode. Each component of what unfolded before my eyes moved me to another level of understanding of what the "Great Shift" was all about.

It's best that I allow Master Kirael the wonderment of reviewing the film from here on, for as I sit here two days later, I feel I have not yet assimilated all that was fed into my conscious awareness that day.

KIRAEL: How long has the human experience waited for their awakening into the world outside the matrix? How long have "we the people" of Earth desired to see a world filled with less control and to be seen through the eyes of knowingness?

This movie will be bending your traditional format of time and space and will be using mind impulsion to hold you into your seats until the physical body can attune to what the human mind is about to go through.

Like the little girl that looked into the rabbit hole, you will find yourself reeling into spaces of the mind seldom encountered. Your senses will be tantalized while your higher self-mind will be literally enlightened by the luxury of consciously being awake on two levels simultaneously. As you seem absorbed in the lightning pace and the unfolding drama, your are at that same moment alerted to the truth, trust and passion used to create each scene.

The masterful work of the two brothers (the writer-director brothers of which little in your world is known) was guided by a full force of off-world beings. Here, their higher selves were integrated into the spirit world of almost every known level of consciousness. They were ushered into an awakened state of consciousness for each level of this work, and even they would likely admit that they couldn't pinpoint where this entire magical dialog was manifesting from.

The movie, my friend, is a virtual cacophony of sensual mind elixirs capable of reorienting the very way you choose to unfold your journey. It will, without a bit of doubt, add adventure to the possibilities you currently are sifting your mind through, and in that, you will consider yourself no longer willing to be part of the matrix energy.

See the movie with but one intent, and that just might help you unplug from the limited thoughts you may for too long embraced.

Let yourself open to the "what if" thinking and allow your new understanding of the "Great Shift in Consciousness" to unfold. Welcome to Zion (meaning Utopia) my friends and let your mind become limitless in a world designed for the expansive soul. Be in your "consciously creating" mind and let the experience of evolution unfold. Enjoy, my friends, enjoy.

REV. STERLING: As Kirael might say, "It's me thinking" that anyone who is about to see this movie -- or has already seen it -- and doesn't understand it just might benefit from this awesome commentary from Kirael. In that light please, pass this article on to a friend and see how they feel.

In Light and Love, Reverend Fred Sterling Medium for Master Kirael

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KIRAEL is a loving spirit guide from another dimension, who has committed his light into the earth plane to help humanity heal, evolve and experience what he calls "the Great Shift in Consciousness." Brought forth through the mediumship of Rev. Fred Sterling, Master Council Guide Kirael consistently maintains that this profound, all-encompassing "shift" is a time of great joy and celebration, as Mother Earth re-balances her energy and the human world evolves into a brilliant new era of consciousness.

FRED STERLING is a medium, a minister and a messenger -- a man who walks between the third dimensional world of human and the boundless realms of spirit. For more than 15 years, he has channeled the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide, into books, articles and recorded sessions. As founder and Senior Minister of the Honolulu Church of Light, he shines his own love and light upon both a local congregation and an international community of lightworkers via the Internet. He has authored several books with Kirael, including "Kirael: The Great Shift" and "Guide to the Unseen Self", and shares his wisdom and Kirael's message through frequent radio, Internet and television programs. Rev. Sterling is, first and foremost, a gifted and dedicated healer, helping seekers around the world discover their own paths of healing into Love.