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Kirael Shift Report - "Our Healing Adventure

Through Rev. Fred Sterling

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this concept with the people?

KIRAEL: When you commit to do a healing journey, you might think it is about the physical body. You might think what brought you to the church is the fact that you had this huge tumor way down low in your belly. You might think your fear of dying and not wanting to leave this Earth plane is what brought you to this beautiful energy called the healing experience, only to find out that you couldn't leave even if you wanted to because we had too much scheduled for you. And then the real healing journey began.

So I say to you this very day: Once you have decided you have the desire to heal, left only for you now is the commitment you make to do it. There are those of you who will make this commitment to heal and you will stick to it. Then at a given point, you will fall backwards and will need to start over again.

And so you say, "What's up with that? Why do I keep hurting myself when I know I want to heal? How is it that I want my relationship to be so good, yet I get into these damned fights with people? I know I want to be wealthy, but then I get one of these little plastic charge cards and I run it sky high in interest that would choke a good size horse, and then I am in debt up to my eyeballs, and I can't find my way out? Why do I do this to hurt myself?"

"And in regards to my physical body, I receive my healings from the medium and all of the beautiful people that heal me, and I am feeling better all of the time. However, the first thing I do upon gaining my strength is run a marathon, and then I go right down to nothingness again. Why do I do it, Kirael? I am sick and tired of stumbling over me own self to heal."

Well, let me say to you that the answer to your question sounds like this. You do it because you are a human being. You do it because you are a beautiful light of the Creator who has somehow wiggled yourself behind a veil that is called ego. You have allowed yourself to forget just a little tiny part of the lesson plan every now and then.

You say, "Wait, wait, wait. You mean if I forget one little tiny part, I want to come back and do it over again?" Yes. Why? You've got to ask me why because this is what I have to say to you: You get to journey through this evolutionary process called Earth as many times as you want to. For some of you, this is going to be your last journey in this third-dimensional arena. When you try to return here the next time, it won't be the same. It will be a fourth-dimensional journey, and there will be none of these lesson plans to deal with.

So here you are trying to get to the Fourth Dimension. You are trying to get out of the Third Dimension, and you got a dis-ease tucked down there in your belly. And, yes, you do make a mistake of going out and running the marathon. And you could just quit right now and say, "That is it. I am taking myself back home to God Creator. I will find one of those other Third Dimensions. I will heal this someplace else." But don't think it is going to get any easier because it is not. The point is that you are allowed to be here-this is hard for you to hear, but hear it-you are allowed to be here so that you can heal, and if you miss a step, you have told us in all of your love and all of your light, you told us, "Bring us back, Master Kirael. Don't let us short-cut this life."

Why are you sitting in this audience if you don't have the money to do it? Because at some time you said to one of your angels, "I am going to Earth and I am going to get that damn money thing done right this time." And you're as poor as a church mouse. You are as poor as a church mouse, and you say, "Well, I must not be getting it." That's right, you are not. But guess how far you are from getting it? A breath is all. You are one tiny breath away from bringing your lesson to completion.

You say, "Well, Kirael, tell me what it is." It is called the journey. And all you must do is hear my answer now. All of you, whether it is money, relationship, whatever, you made us promise, every one of us in the Guidance Reality, including the beautiful Master Jesus, you made us all promise, "I want to go down there for the Shift process, and, by God, don't you let me sneak out of there without getting the lesson plan. If you see me take a shortcut, you boot me buttocks right back to the beginning of the line again - to the end of the line - and I will walk back up through the journey again."

And so you can be upset with me if you want, but we are only listening to your own guidance. You are the one who said, "I am going to win this thing. I am going to come out of this a total success. I am going to have the finances, I am going to have the relationship, and I am darn well going to have the healing body that I want. And I am going to have it all. And, Master Kirael, don't you get in my way because if you get in my way and you give me one of those little shortcuts, I will haunt you in the world of spirit." I don't want any of you haunting me, so we don't get in your way.

I know I am making a bit of fun out of it, but you think about it. Not one of you truly in your heart wants the shortcut because if you take the shortcut, you are going to wind up without having to see the beauty of the Fourth Light. You are going to wind up not wanting to stay home with your Creator. You are going to beg to get right back and find another third-dimensional experience to get through the healing this time.

So go with me, my friends. No matter physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, go with me. Take the journey. In all that is light, you are a breath away from having the whole of the healing. A breath. Breathe with me. God bless.

Q: I have heard you say, Master Kirael, that during a healing session the healer also is healed. Could you please explain what you mean?

KIRAEL: Grand question. As you know, every cell in your body is compressed and surrounded by liquid. The liquid begins to vibrate at a higher frequency when you begin to feel love and send your healing energies. If all four bodies are aligned, the vibrational frequency increases four times what it normally would have risen to, so what you have is a body susceptible to light energy. While you are in that state of awareness, every cell in your body begins to vibrate, looking for anything in your body that could use a little extra energy to heal within itself.

Let's suppose while you are participating in a healing one day and all four of your color strands are activated simultaneously, your body begins looking through its cellular memory and wants to heal any memory that is out of alignment within itself. So, for instance, let's say you are a tennis player and you experience something called tennis elbow. Your elbow begins sending out the messages that it is not in alignment with the rest of your physical presence. Your mental body looks to see why the message is coming out of the elbow and why it is not in alignment with the healing light. As your emotion of love becomes ultimately involved with the healee, there is a spectrum of your emotional awareness that is flashing up and down your body which looks like-you remember the old thing called a hula hoop? It is moving up and down the healer's body searching out the noise, so to speak, that is coming from the elbow, and then begins to decide on what should be done with the elbow by focusing the healing energy. It normally takes about ten minutes at the minimum for the self-healing to really start to activate. It probably won't heal the elbow completely, but it will likely bring your attention to it more readily when you go to get your own healing.

Q: I celebrate my healing every day with loving thoughts, and yet there must be some way that I am missing loving myself because I am still having physical challenges.


Q: And I would love some guidance on what I am missing and how I can do it better.

KIRAEL: God, I would love to give you that guidance, and I will try my best. Because what I do know about you, my friend, is that you are but a breath away. Let me ask you this: How many times a day do you meditate?

Q: Not enough.

KIRAEL: All right. I am not going to let that stand as my answer, though you know I could, right? What I am saying to you is what I was saying to that little girl over there: When you are willing to go beyond what you think is the whole journey-listen to what I am saying, you are that close-look at the fingers of the medium, they are not even separated. You are that close to healing this physical thing that you got going.

The guides are trying to say to you-now, you may not be ready for this answer, but here is your answer-the guides tell me that you are one of the most powerful mediums that ever walked on many dimensions, but you've never even so much as attempted to really let the fullness of that be free over here.

So maybe, just maybe, you are keeping that physical ailment contained so you can't get to the depths of what you really know you want to do and have to do but haven't gotten around to doing. So let yourself do the whole journey.

When next time I ask you how many prana breaths did you take this morning, say, "Well, throughout the day, Master Kirael, I have done 50 of them." Good job. How many times have you meditated? "Only three today." Good job. How many prayers have you done? "I lost count." Good job.

What I am saying to you is that you are so darn close to completing this lesson if you just go the extra mile. And when you begin using the healing power you brought with you, that might just be the ticket to take your healing over the top.

Q: I have a simple question that may have deep implications for many of us. Can you please expound on how healing our inner child affects us?

KIRAEL: I can, my friend, and I will tell you why. What a grand question! When you come into the Earth plane, you come in as a whole soul. You come in as a fully vibrant light. You know, like that little girl that was just born the other day, she came here a whole soul. However, soon she will learn a few things. She has ears that can pick up a sound halfway across the city. So when mommy and daddy sit down at the table tomorrow evening after they bring her home from the hospital and daddy says to mommy, "You know, I was working with so-and-so today. I was working with Bill today, and that guy is such a jerk. I can't believe he would do what he did." That little girl just learned prejudice. The little girl just learned to become judgmental.

So the answer to your question is: As children, you are susceptible to learn all of the idiosyncrasies of being human, and your parents and your teachers, they want to give you all that they can, and I guess a great portion of that turns out to be just about as negative as can be. So your little child self never has a grand opportunity to heal. You just keep stuffing it down until you get older, and you say to yourself, "I've got to heal my inner child." And then the healing begins because, you see, you never gave the inner child a chance to heal. You just kept stuffing it full of stuff.

And you say, "Well, wait a minute, Master Kirael. I am a parent, and I didn't do that to my kids." Well, if you are human, you did. You say, "Well, that is not fair. I am human." Of course, you are.

So how do you heal the inner child, and why does it always need to be healed? Because you have done nothing but punish it. For instance, I won't pick on you directly-oh, the heck I would. I just took a look at your little child. Your little child is sitting in a dark room right now, and it is holding an ax. Think your child wants to come out and play? I am saying it does. It won't come out for nobody but you. I can't go there and bring it out.

You got to go down there and say, "Hey, come on. Put the ax down. Let's go. You, me, and my friends are going to get a kite, and we are going to fly it tomorrow, and you are going to giggle up a storm with me." And take him out and let him do that.

Now, maybe you do and maybe you don't have a child in the cellar, but somebody out there does, and whoever that is has just heard me real clear. Don't let him sit in there with an ax. Don't let them be misjudged. Your child self needs to be healed, and only you can go it.

Q: I trust you to make this relevant for the audience and healing. You mentioned something to me last time about the Shift, that I would be here for it, and I just wanted to know if you could elaborate on that for me and the audience.

KIRAEL: Surely. If you are coming to see me or some energy like me, you are going to go through the Shift. You may go through it kicking and screaming. For instance, there's a young fellow back there (first time that he has ever been here), and he is listening to what I am saying right now, and saying, "Wait a minute, I don't live here. How am I going to be able to hear you next time?" That is why we put it in the recording box over there.

The point is this. If your vibration has reached a level where you will come and listen to an energy pattern from another source of Light and you won't get all jammed up on whether it is the medium or Memorex; when you don't get all jammed up with questions that don't make any sense to anybody, but you just listen to the message; when you can come to a space like this, and you can hear the message without beating up the messenger, then you know that you are going to be part of the healing experience we call the Great Shift.

You, for instance, my friend, in relevance to many like you, this is the reason you have come here. You have come here for the Shift. You have traveled dimensional realities far beyond your wildest expectations. You have traveled dimensions similar to this Earth plane and so far from this Earth plane that you couldn't even put the two in the same league, yet here you are trapped up in a beautiful little physical experience like you got here, waiting for your whole beingness to develop and let you shine the way you have always wanted to shine.

You, my friend, and your work as a medium, as a channel, as a healer has only begun to unfold itself. When we get closer into the Shift process, your higher self, your essential light is going to push you like you have never be pushed before. So right now you are being asked to enjoy your Third Dimension because eventually that enjoyment is going to turn to the most beautiful experience you have ever been able to imagine. You are going to make differences as you have never anticipated before, and when it is said and done-you know how the medium stands up on this little platform right here on the Sunday morning-you might as well come take a good hard look at it, so you know what it looks like from that end. Thank you.

Q: Could you sum up in a nutshell or one sentence the ultimate best way for quick healing?

KIRAEL: In one sentence, watch how I do this. The quickest healing is the journey to remember that you came here to fall in love with you. That is the quickest journey.

***Closing Statement

I am here with my medium. I love this little medium I have because he is a healer, and I am here to push every button he ever thought existed. Trust me, you would not want to be my medium. You would get no rest.

My journey to you, my friends, is this: I AM that I AM. And you know what that really means? I love me enough to have done all of the human I need to do. I love me enough to let the Creator call me from retirement and come here to this beautiful, beautiful journey you call Earth. And I love me enough to put myself right into your experience.

And I love you enough to let me be there. Good evening.



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