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There is only ONE way to know God and that one way is throughknowing and living His Law of Love. That one way is found through inner vision which inspiration awakens into physical expression.

All down the ages, man has felt the necessity of knowing that there is a God who created him. His desire inspired him to create idols which he formed in the image of himself, for he had not yet reached the stage in his Soul-unfolding where heknew the Light, which God is, that centered him.

Man knows God when his awareness of the God-Light is awakened in him. This awakening comes into being by diverse experiences and that is why we say every experience is GOOD. The experiences which bring man a great sense of aloneness most often are the ones which awaken the Light of God in him--for where there is sorrow, there is solitude and then a point of rest is reached. Man's fulcrum, which is his balance, lies within himself. To "discover" and know his fulcrum is his moment-to-moment task. That is why we so often stress the fact that the incidents in your lives are of secondary importance but your adjustment TO those incidents and what you gain FROM them is of PRIMARY importance.

When you at long last come into realization of what is the purpose of life, you endeavor to use each moment constructively for you know that when you overcome a weakness in yourselves, you have gained strength in your character, andyour individual destiny is created by your individual character. That is why philosophers of all time have counseled you toseek within and know yourselves.

To know yourselves is to know all men, for all men have identical God-like potentials which are just awaiting their awareness of them.

Immanuel said: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God within and all else shall be added unto you".

Socrates said: "Know Thyself".

The people who give most to life are usually the ones who have known the greatest personal suffering, either mental or physical. The deeper the suffering, the deeper the inner searching for the answer. From that deep inner Source of all-knowledge comes the clear answer.

There are many examples of man's spiritual awakening in desolate solitude. Men such as Socrates, and others would never have given the great wealth of their thinking to the world but for their aloneness in deep sorrow arising from personal tragedies. Kahlil Gibran, in his timeless and beautiful book "The Prophet", wrote:"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain".

No man has known greater sorrow on earth than did the one called the Christos, and the more he suffered, the more he loved and gave. Deep within the heart of the persecuted is born pity for the persecutor, for the suffering Soul is often awakened and knows its true identity with the God-Self and, realizing this, is filled with pity for the unknowing one. I watch, for instance, as this very example flows forth from this scribe who understands it not. 

Solitary confinement can also awaken Cosmic awareness. It is witnessed that many men and women serving prison sentences have found their true selves behind prison bars. You are, no doubt, familiar with the statement: "The greatest sinners have often become the greatest saints".

When reincarnation is actually fully comprehended, capital punishment will cease for the "body" that is put to death is NOT the being and that being or "Soul" will return in yet another manifestation at the same stage of Soul-unfolding as it departed. If it left with a sense of hate and revenge, it would return with the same negative thoughts and would play the same kind of "role" as it did in its previous incarnation. If the offender had an opportunity for solitary confinement prior to the death of his body, he could "find" himself. In other words, he could have a cosmic awakening and his desire for revenge would be replaced with a desire to love. In the silence of man's Soul is the seed of God's love. In that love is only beauty and a desire to give--and in giving is unbounded joy.

In love there is freedom--every kind of freedom--for there can be no hate, fear, greed, jealousy, covetousness or hypocrisy where there is all-enveloping love. When a man has the opportunity to know "himself", he knows the exquisite ecstasy of his true Self--the Self which all men are destined to find and know whether it be in this life or a million lives from this one brief expression which, at best, is but a breath in the timelessness of eternity.

What is meant by "The truth shall make you free" is that when you really know TRUTH, you will LIVE TRUTH--and "TRUTH" is love, honesty and beauty--and you will desire only to GIVE for you will know that you can fulfill your purpose on Earth only by giving so that you may, in turn, be regiven. In other words, if the man who had taken a life or committed some other unpardonable crime had an opportunity to "know himself" in solitary confinement, then when he again returned to earth he would not commit the same crime for which he lost his life (body). An understanding of God's scientific ways and processes brings full comprehension of reincarnation, which is the repetitive principle in Nature. That is why it is of utmost importance that Universal Law be understood and practiced in all human relations. An adherence to Universal Law will dispel individual and worldwide inharmony and the leaders of all countries would endeavor to work cohesively for the peace and prosperity not only of their own people but of the people of the whole world. They would then truly be "their brother's keeper".

Only basic knowledge of the science of the universe and man, himself, will bring this utopian state to earth, but the agony and sorrow of man's awaiting is his alone.