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Good morning and thank you for sitting to write for many who inquire by petition that they might help their brothers more effectively.  I am Master Hilarion, come in the Light of Creator Source.  I am most closely associated with the Emerald (green) Ray of Creator's Spectral Expression.  Take a moment to find peace within your Heart.

Many these days have what they label as "health" concerns of the physical.  Health is!  Health is neither good nor bad, it simply IS.  What many actually ask for (and many others only give lip service to, for reasons of sustained attention-getting) is a state of "well being" over that of illness or unbalance.

We see many efforting to fix or cure an unbalanced body with all sorts of physical remedies.  This is fine--as long as patient BELIEVES in the remedy, for the mental state is key to the re-balancing of the body.

To truly understand and heal, one must realize the TRUE cause or nature of a condition.  First and foremost is the fact that YOU are NOT your body, and YOU (the NON-physical you) manifest (create) your own reality AT ALL TIMES.

You ones will say, "I do NOT want to feel sick!  But at the same time you will dwell upon (pump energy into) the feeling of sickness, and for most it will last until you either get bored enough or distracted enough to stop dwelling upon that which is causing the unbalanced state.

Likewise, illness is often utilized by you ones as a tool for getting the attention of others and keeping that attention focus as something to fill perceived voids of loneliness.  In this case, you don't really "want" your health to be in balance.

Rather, focus your thoughts upon that which brings forth inner fulfillment and not upon that which causes you to get upset or frustrated.  You can try to carry the burden of an entire family, country, or even planet, if you wish.  But I will tell you here and now that your reason for coming into the physical experience at this time was NOT to alleviate another's responsibility.  It is, in fact, to learn to become a more responsible co-creator, ultimately with the One who created you.

You each have strengths and weaknesses.  You each must learn to focus not upon that which is lacking in your life, but rather, be thankful for what you have and what you have accomplished thus far.  In this way the energy patterns you radiate attract that which leads to fulfillment.

Many of you are efforting to get family members to see and hear The Truth as offered forth in this publication.  This is indeed fine and noble--and usually involves quite a bit of heart energy on your part.  When your enthusiasm is met with the negative responses that are common these days, you ones are left feeling somewhat frustrated and drained.

In this drained or fatigued (low-energy and low-frequency) state, you are most vulnerable to the influences of the adversarial forces.  This is when doubt creeps in and you ones will question your "reality" as to what is truly REAL.  You each must go through this discernment exercise for self, for it is YOUR reality that is in question--not mine, and certainly not God's!

Let us back up a bit and examine some of these more typical causes for arriving at the point of doubt.  For many it will be inner anxiety of going against the "norm" of that which society dictates as being acceptable.  For many of you, your hearts soar when you hear Truth, and you want to share this inner enthusiasm with any and all who will listen.

Again, I say to you that this is fine.  But, let me add that YOU cannot actually shift another's reality.  You can offer insights and data for evaluation, but each must discern for themselves what is the correct path for them.

Now, when another rejects your reality (beliefs), you do not have to take it personally.  However, we of the Hosts see that many of you carry this "rejection" response as a burden of guilt--that you erroneously view as responsibility for that of your family, friends, and loved ones.

You cannot "short circuit" the lessons of another.  When you try to take on this role, the logical response from the other will often be anger and even disgust.

Allow each to find their own way.  And, more importantly, learn to release the inner GUILT that weighs on your heart.

Now, why have I introduced this subject of guilt?  Because, for most of you who are sick, there is a primary cause that will be at the root of nearly any unbalanced condition.  That cause is guilt, in one form or another.

Many of you of Ground Crew have a tremendous capacity for compassion within your being and this can predispose you to carry quite a large amount of unnecessary baggage for your brethren.  Balancing out this tendency is, in fact, why some of you were compelled to become part of the awakening efforts of the Earth's population at this time.

Please remember that there is wisdom in approaching any and all situations with balance.  Sometimes the most giving action you can take concerning loved ones is to allow them to simply walk off the spiritual path altogether and find their own unique manner.

This is perhaps the hardest thing for you ones to do.  In the searching to understand, you can know that there is only One Ultimate Truth and ALL shall, in the end, find their way Home (back to Source).

God monitors heart intent.  When you effort to assist another, it is noted.  When you beat-up upon self for some perceived failure, this too is noted, for it is an indicator of your progress with respect to TRUE understanding of who you are and why you are there.

There is absolutely NO need to punish self.  You may do so, as you wish, in utilization of your gift from Creator of free-will choice, but there is truly no need.

Seek within for understanding of that which is offered here in LOVE.  Chose for yourself the path you will take, and know that each path will be filled with its unique challenges so that YOU may test YOUR reality and YOUR awareness.

If you choose a harsh path, then so be it, for that is YOUR choice.  Look not for sympathy from those who tried to offer to you wisdom that you then rejected.

On the other side of the issue, remember that YOU are not required to concern yourself past the point of offering a helping hand if the help is rejected.  You did your part in the offering.  Release the emotional pressures associated with the rejection, and look forward to the next opportunity that will come your way to assist.  These emotional pressures are the seeds that grow into illness and physical degeneration if allowed to accumulate.

Most of you who are guided to read these messages are not just emotional beings, but emotional beings with a highly attuned sense of compassion for your fellow travelers along the paths of life.  Because of a Higher Sense of Connectedness regarding this effort--that "all is connected to all" and "as one grows, so grows all"--you each want to help those whom you perceive as having need.

Learn to move through each experience and not get stuck in those seemingly negative emotional "micro-realities" that can seem to invalidate your reality, and you as a being, IF YOU ALLOW SAME.

It is perfectly fine to feel the invalidating emotional emanations of a "rejection" experience, but it is quite unwise to allow them to build into a state of doubt and frustrating "reality" shifts FOR YOU.  Move through the experience and leave behind the garbage and take with you the knowledge gained from having the experience.

You cannot be held responsible for the "reality" or choices of another.  If your intent is goodly (Godly) and you KNOW that you have acted from or spoken from a position of love, then please realize that there is truly nothing more that you can do for another.

Release the guilt that you hold onto!

Allow for the liberation of your heart and you will find that a brighter reality does exist and that the physical body will respond to the newer, lighter (en-Light-ened) you.

This exercise in balance is also a key to releasing the unwanted insulation (fat) that you ones place around yourselves in order to buffer the emotional impact of negatively focused energy pulses.

Perfect "health"--whether it be "good" or "bad"--is what you already have.  So quit asking for health, and start asking for that which will bring forth inner balance and understanding of the TRUE cause of your un-balanced physical state.

Seek first WITHIN to find the answers to that which ails you, and you will be well--well on your way to achieving physical rebalance of the body.

I am Master Hilarion of the Healing Emerald Ray.  I come at this time as Elder Brother and Teacher so that you who seek will have insights and tools to use, if that be your choice.

In the Light and in service to Creator Source, may these words find Understanding within, for as Understanding leads to Peace and Balance, so shall your body reflect same.