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Now, heed carefully; having a physical form partially dedicated to Truth and partially involved in the world of the senses and relationships of controlling nature, is not as the Masters have intended that you should be. You have accepted a mission and it cannot be "sometimes"; it has to be all times or the work will not be finished in "timely" manner. So be it. I would wish that it be otherwise; it is not otherwise.

I, Hilarion, place my own energies at thy disposal, to help thee find and hold thy way in truth. Men and women who would carry forth on this mission must be in the thinking once, then twice and again and again of Holy integration and bringing forth of Truth in perfect form. It is not that which goes into thy mouth that defileth man (ye stumble around about that which you eat and drink), but rather it is that which comes out from the mouth that defileth.

Healing in thy force field means the actual healing everywhere upon this planetary body. For as you are (as the God within "you") the authority for this earth, you will find that in geometric proportion by the infinite calculus of the Spirit, one with God is a majority for the entire universe.

You must see, then, that you are but a replica of the planetary body in your forcefield and in your own self-ness. Therefore, just as the Christos had the power to change an entire course of history, so do thee.

And so, I, Hilarion of the ray of the fifth refraction, come with the answer and the key. If it be heeded and taken, you will find that the power of Truth, as it is released from the 'heart of the Great Central Sun Magnet, will "draw all men unto me". For I AM--the I AM of me IS--the Living Christ Circle of Infinity and I bear witness to Him who showed me along the way of Life that the only Truth, the only Way, the only Love, and the only Power is the Victory of the momentum of God within the individual forcefield of all mankind.









Wholeness is a concept which is required as you pursue thy path; especially the path of "healing". "Healed" means "in wholeness", and you cannot have a "whole" in "partial-ness". It requires skillful practice to master the art, just as an artist must practice first with the brushes in clumsy strokes until perfection produces the beautiful reflection on the canvas.

It is incorrect, beloved ones, to wait for some future nebulous time when you think by some miracle that suddenly, with one sweep, you shall step forth and speak the word of healing and at that moment you will be transformed into the magnification of the Christ.

Healing comes as you apply yourself day by day to the invoca­tion, the calling forth of the healing ray, the garnering of that ray in your aura and in the chalice of your consciousness, and then the application of that ray as you are called upon in hour of crisis or need for one another.

Another incorrect concept is that you are NOT in need of heal­ing. You "seem" to be "well" and functioning, and therefore you perceive "all is well". Precious ones, until the hour of Wholeness, of cosmic integration, you are less than whole and therefore you require healing. Each and everyone of you, each hour of the day, can therefore practice the fiats of the Christ.

Go back and study the words of the Great Teacher. Study his words. Use the fiats that he used to make men whole. First he would usually remind them that their transgressions were for­given; that they might forgive themselves. Thee must forgive self for all states of imperfection of self are wrought upon self in some means or manner as a result of self punishment for perceived "sins". You must realize that healing is first and most critical, an action of the mind--the subconscious mind that harbors thy instructions for actions performed by self and consciousness. It sounds as if it is a great difficulty; nay, simple, simple in Truth.

Why bother with the healing of the consciousness and human form? Ye will just be changing dimensions into wholeness, will thee not? Nay, absolutely not! Can you function without a physical form in this octave? Of course not. Would you then, be elsewhere? Perhaps, but your mission would not be fulfilled. Thus a return once again, another descent of your soul energy into a physical form might be required should you pass off lightly the calling of your present position in the world arena.







Ah yes, ye better be in the listening or the "call" can be most uncomfortable to the human being. For your confirmation, do ye wait for Him to appear in visions, to flatter you with the presence of angels and trumpets; harps playing and a retinue of God beings? Ah, chelas, ye may wait very long, and you may find the waiting very "hard". Just as I had to be in the facing of my task in the Lighted Path, ye must face the difficulties and expectations of evil attack upon thy path. This receiver, this Messenger, Dharma, must face all possibilities. I effort at warning her, and you, of the pitfalls of the Path and the mission for the way is cluttered with all that would stop thee. Do not be smug in your understanding of the mysteries, for there are many who have had the sacred mysteries who have never experienced the resolvement of the Lighted Red Road to Creator Source.

If you do not neglect the requirements of the service, you will find that the God Presence will come forth from His place within and become without. You will also feel the encircling comfort of the Brotherhood of the Sacred, Infinite Circle, which is the Christos, form total protection about thee.

You might proclaim: "I am not worthy for I walked in such negative manner, yesterday". AH SO, man walks that path constantly. Man needs the example of imperfection that he can relate to perfection. Do not suddenly sit on thy pedestal and proclaim achieved perfection. Seek rather to be perfected by that wondrous energy that comes from perfection. As you are perfected within, the Light will radiate without. Know perfection as the graces of that Great Spirit and seek them. Judge not how far thy brother has progressed; look within at thy own degree of progress and move ever forward. Wrap thyself in the protection of that perfection that the evil brotherhood is kept without. Darkness cannot invade thy presence in Light, unless thee allows of it.

Do you not see that if it were possible to be humanly perfect, there would be no need for divine perfection? If it were possi­ble to contain God on earth outside of thee, there would be no need to pursue heaven. Once you have experienced the energy flow that comes with a healing salve of wondrous beauty, thee will want to remain inside that calm and harmonious wholeness. Look always within in truth and honesty. Just as I, as Saul, was struck by the Light and blinded upon the roadway, have ye not perchance been stricken? Just as the Master Esu Jesus stood in my presence and asked; "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" Have ye not heard these words in thy soul as ye have witnessed curses upon thy fellow man, abortions of thy babes, deliberate actions to avoid responsibilities of truth; as thee has taken the "easy" way, the human way? Oh yes, there is not one energy who will fall heir to these words that will not have experienced that small, wee call within thy mind.

Come now, come and let us reason together, you who are the intelligent, or so self-considered, you who are the ones who know of the things of this life. Let us consider the end of cycles and the sluffing off of the old. Let us remember how all that appears in manifested form must be recycled back into the cen­tral Source. "You can't take it with you" truth.  Is it not better to come into early understanding and communion with thy Source before having to climb back up the ladder to a level whereby thee can do of thy appointed work during this time of transition? Is thy alarm clock not ringing and ringing? There is a pattern, a blueprint, a building if you will, whereby sequence is mandatory. Are you filling thy service station in timely manner that the sequence is not interrupted? Are you aware enough to count the days and the hours of opportunity open unto you? You cannot ask of another "What is my level" or "Am I doing OK?"--not even thy Higher Brothers--for you know whether or not you are doing all thee can; all thee has "agreed" to do. You "know" if thy job is being fully tended and naught left undone for another to need pick up and bear. Ye "know". If ye claim ye do not know--better go again, within and see what you find. For if you question and excuse; you know thee are not acting in wholeness, but rather wish ones to assure you that you are OK. No, brethren; thy job is solely between thee and the God-within. It is much as in pregnancy with child; ye are, or ye are not, pregnant. Ye are doing thy job fully, or thee are not; gray areas are excuses. This is not to be condemning-­only, when confronted, then the response need not be excuse but truth. God knows the difference; more, even thy cosmic brothers know the difference; 'tis only man who has closed his talents of understanding to the limit of hiding one from another.

Just as I was given a "new" name by the Master Teacher; Paul to replace Saul, it was to remove the old from my presence that I might experience in the new. The inner name given unto me at that time signified the great power of the mission of healing that was to be mine. Each one of you have a secret name which is given unto you. Some of you will hear numerous labels within thy inner self i.e., John S. has many names and great purpose--never be in surprise as you confront thyself coming and going in thy daily life. Many of you within this tiny circle have taken great loads to burden thee along the Path to harvest of "this" mission.






I also have witnessed that even through the acts of "evil" which were perpetrated at my hand, and command; the balance of good has been allowed to blossom indeed. Therefore, chelas, do not cast aside ANY lesson for ALL scenarios are intended for thy experience and learning achievements. Simon W. is correct; it is when the actions are perpetrated, and then man allowed to "forget" or deny, that the true lessons are lost to be repeated again, and again, and again.  Ye ones become "bored" with the repetitions that the Jewish peoples repeat yearly at all important days.  Most do not even know why "they" do it and the "point" is missed. There were almost as many non-Jewish persons annihilated in the days of Hitler, as there were Jews (give or take a few "million"). I will not go into the reasons, now, that those things happened, but it had to occur for the rest of the mandates to be allowed to bloom. It had to be for the revelation of the prophecies. One man's evil? Oh no, brethren, not one man's evil.  Evil so widespread that you would not even comprehend the level of hatred against brother which was really present.  If many were not evil, Hitler could have done naught; he would have been killed or at least cast away from leadership. It was the dark brotherhood at work in fine form. So be it for it is done, but the lessons brought forth must not be lost unto any of you for you have only just begun the next "segment" of horrors as the evil ones come into final confrontation.

When ye have been tempered in the fire for thy purpose, however, the entry of the Master Teacher is as the whirlwind. It comes in mighty force, confounding of the very consciousness of the human entity. If thee are appointed, it will come when and wherever the God within confronts the Master alchemist. It can gently grow from that point or it can completely consume of thee. Mostly, ones are of basic "goodness" and the moment of "conversion" is not really known to thee. Until the "awakening", you will not probably know at what point in the existence of your soul you finally offered "all". There is not even a way to know if you came for a purpose as I have. Back again and again to assist ye of the mortal density. Let it be, just know that you ARE and let us do of our work.

Actually, it is the culmination of the call and many calls. Ye know of your growth when ye recognize that you are "broken" in the "human" and accept the Divine as thy only choice. Ye will err again and again; thee will never slip again into the pits of evil.








Healing must come also, from Truth in the Holy Name. It also must come from that God-self within the one stricken. It must come through the "mind". It can "only" come through the mind so better ye ones who would heal, learn to contact and work with the portion of mind that literally "controls"; that which is beyond the consciousness. There are lessons on thy plane which can be given by very learned Masters of the art. These are not removed from thee, but within thy group. So be it. We will be speaking more on these matters for healing will be integral to our success. What have we done if we create a place to be in­habited by crippled energies. It has naught to do with "bodies". A "body" can be handicapped--a "crippled" body is very sad indeed. Illness and crippled states are sentences passed out by the "Judge" within self. Ye cannot help of it in thy consciousness for ye are being the "perfect prisoner", serving thy sentence in good behavior. To be free, thee must set of thyself free. Refuse longer, the sentence--pronounce thyself having "served" the "warden" long enough and remove the binding shackles. I can tell of the "how", ye must unlock the door and come forth.

Ye are my precious ones, thee and others such as thee, who will carry this glorious banner beyond the gates and set up the city of light. We of the Realms of Glory will walk every step of the way with thee--we will carry thee if thee stumbles and pick thee up if ye fall. So be it for the "story" is written; the "play" finished--we have but to fill the roles-the alternative to this responsibility is devastation upon this magnificent garden. Let us bear of our responsibilities in magnificence that we may stand tall at the mirror of our God and pronounce our job well done and our performance pleasing.

Thank you, Dharma, for thy willingness. Thy body is weary and thy mind confused; go to thy place of quiet and spend a respite with Aton. The Omega is worth the Alpha. So be it and I place my seal upon these, my words. In the service of my most beloved, I am thy humble servant.