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Healing must come also, from Truth in the Holy Name. It also must come from that God-self within the one stricken. It must come through the "mind". It can "only" come through the mind so better ye ones who would heal, learn to contact and work with the portion of mind that literally "controls"; that which is beyond the consciousness. There are lessons on thy plane which can be given by very learned Masters of the art. These are not removed from thee, but within thy group. So be it. We will be speaking more on these matters for healing will be integral to our success. What have we done if we create a place to be in­habited by crippled energies. It has naught to do with "bodies". A "body" can be handicapped--a "crippled" body is very sad indeed. Illness and crippled states are sentences passed out by the "Judge" within self. Ye cannot help of it in thy consciousness for ye are being the "perfect prisoner", serving thy sentence in good behavior. To be free, thee must set of thyself free. Refuse longer, the sentence--pronounce thyself having "served" the "warden" long enough and remove the binding shackles. I can tell of the "how", ye must unlock the door and come forth.

Ye are my precious ones, thee and others such as thee, who will carry this glorious banner beyond the gates and set up the city of light. We of the Realms of Glory will walk every step of the way with thee--we will carry thee if thee stumbles and pick thee up if ye fall. So be it for the "story" is written; the "play" finished--we have but to fill the roles-the alternative to this responsibility is devastation upon this magnificent garden. Let us bear of our responsibilities in magnificence that we may stand tall at the mirror of our God and pronounce our job well done and our performance pleasing.

Thank you, Dharma, for thy willingness. Thy body is weary and thy mind confused; go to thy place of quiet and spend a respite with Aton. The Omega is worth the Alpha. So be it and I place my seal upon these, my words. In the service of my most beloved, I am thy humble servant.



Hatonn here, Dharma. Ye have done well this day. Go now and allow the energies to settle into perspective. We can introduce the sixth and seventh another time. It will require a long session for Germain, I warn, for he will be thy constant companion in this journey through.