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1/25/97   HILARION

Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Hilarion, of the Emerald Ray of Creator's Spectrum of Light-Thought projection.  I have come this day that a needed message be penned for there are many in need of THE TRUTH regarding the nature of their current condition.

Many are faced with the bombardments of the physical environment at this time.  One major way of distracting a person is to get them focused on the physical body in which they are housed.  You are bombarded from every direction imaginable at this time and, for some, these directions are UN-imaginable.  Let us simply list a few of these serious distractions:

1.    Your food supplies are depleted of the necessary nutrients.

2.    You are being attacked with various lethal viruses that, on top of the physical dangers and discomforts, cause further mental anxiety (FEAR!) of the possibilities that you or a loved one "might" contract such a disease.

3.    Your medical doctors lack true healing knowledge, and thus the treatments lack depth and understanding, and thus fail in most cases.

4.    You are being heavily attacked with electronic "pulse" weapons that cause disrupted sleep, so that no matter how much sleep you get, you never seem quite rested.

Throughout all of this, you ones attracted to these messages are trying to maintain a focus on the spiritual aspect of "why" you might be there.

I have been asked to assist in the understanding of who you are and the purpose of the physical experience.  I am known as the Healer because the frequency and wavelength of my energy field most often will cause a triggering within others of the Heart Energy Center.  I only CAUSE the triggering; the person or entity will do the rest if it is to be done at all.

The GREATEST killer of mankind is the inner mental programming of the mind.  Put in other terms for clarification: Man creates and holds onto the past pains, and allows them to grow until they literally manifest in the physical.  For example: Ones will hold onto the pain of past emotional trauma that resulted from the "lost" love that they felt for another.  They continue to grind on this past emotional trauma until it manifests in the physical domain as an "incurable" cancer.  The condition may even respond--at first--to treatments, but it will come back stronger than ever, for you have decided that you do not want to get better and that you, somehow, need to punish self.

The only way for this type of condition to be healed is from the inside (inner mind) out.  Treating the body in this case is of little-to-no value unless and until the MIND is in a balanced mental state AND the HEART is in a balanced emotional state.  There is an important distinction to be emphasized here: Ones can MENTALLY tell themselves to heal--BUT--if the HEART is in conflict, the healing shall not occur.  IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ONES TO HEAL ANY CONDITION THAT AILS THEM IF THERE IS TRUE HEART DESIRE TO DO SO!

Many will simply say that they do not wish to die--yet they will, in actuality, create a condition in which they will suffer for years and be a burden for others as they fight with a mental desire (USUALLY FEAR OF DEATH) to live and an emotional desire to escape the pain.

When these ones can learn to forgive themselves with the heart, and not with the mouth, they will begin to turn around the condition in which they find themselves, and the miraculous healing will have begun!

This condition is becoming a plague on your planet at this time and will continue to grow in the coming years due to the impact of that which is to come--from the process of the cleansing of the planet itself.

You live on a Sentient, Living Being who has a right to mentally and emotionally heal herself of the "cancers" that have been allowed to fester and grow.  She will not be denied this right, and those who cannot withstand the cleansing process (a frequency shift into a higher dimensional existence) shall be the ones who will not survive the impact of this shift!

This will, in effect, be a lot like what your biological scientists call Natural Selection, wherein only the strongest survive.  In this case it will be only the strongest emotionally and mentally--those who have their heart and mind in balance enough to keep up with the frequency shifts.  The chaos of unbalance will not be tolerated.  Those who refuse to pursue the personal responsibility of BALANCING their thoughts and actions, and thereby maintain the emotional wattage (power) that they give these unbalanced thoughts, will simply weed themselves from the play!

The choice is always left up to the individual in these cases.  Each must make their own choice as to what is the more important heart desire.

1.    to grow beyond what you are this day and explore further your potential as a souled being, or

2.    to succumb, as you are, without knowing what you could have accomplished if you had chosen to overcome the limitations that you have placed upon self.

Keep in mind that the journeys of the soul are infinite and that you will again be faced with the same choice, again, in upcoming experiences and you will have to face the inner battle, again and again, until you can find a deeper purpose in making a more daring choice.

This same general phenomena applies to ALL your choices in life, regardless of whether or not it is a terminal disease or going through abusive relationships, one after another.  Unless and until you decide that you have punished self enough, you will continue to subject self to these tortures.

WHO, exactly, might you think would help you to stay in this state of self punishment?  The adversary (that which is in opposition to Creator God) knows that he cannot be victorious and behaves somewhat like an immature child in that, if he cannot win then he will make the game as difficult for everyone else as possible.

What causes you to hold on to these past pains and traumas?  Why is it that you can MENTALLY see the absurdity of doing so, yet you cannot seem to EMOTIONALLY break free?


Could it be that you are lying to self and holding onto a fallacy that only exists in your mind*--or heart?  You must get honest with yourself!  This is done by looking within and seeing yourself as you REALLY are, and NOT how you "think" that you are.

For example, we see those who will run around loudly complaining about others, such as how this or that person gossips to much, etc.  Yet, all the while, these complainers do not ever stop to notice that they do the same EXACT thing which they claim to despise in these others.

If you are not willing to confront your SELF then you are insuring that you will be repeating the same unbalanced conditions over and over again.  These experiences are for SELF discovery!  God knows your inner potential. It is YOU who do not realize it, for you are too busy with your emotional guilt and mental anxieties to realize that these are the challenges that you have to face in order to grow into the responsibility of the position as a Co-Creator in the infinite expanse of everything that is.

HEALING BEGINS WITH THE HEART DESIRE TO DO SO!  This is the emotional feeling that precedes the mental desire.  This brings us to a most important point: What comes first, the thought or the emotion?


Emotion is the energy that precipitates the thought!  Emotion has potential that is focused with the thoughts.  Thus, you will have greater success in healing if you can become impassioned about the healing.  When you feel "down and depressed" over your condition, you are utilizing very basic (low frequency) emotional energy.  This energy is NOT very conducive to healing!

Returning now to the point I was introducing at the beginning of this writing: the ones who are trying to control your societies are aware that if they can keep you in an off-balanced condition, with great mental distractions which precipitate these lower emotional states then they will keep you sick, mentally stressed, and thus in a drained condition that is most conducive to the suggestive nature of their mind-control techniques.

You can override these traps when you realize that you do not have to dwell long in these lower emotional states.  DO allow the honest emotional reactions to a situation to play out, but DO NOT dwell, for very long, down in those low frequency depressions.

For instance, you ones have heard that "laughter is the best medicine!"  Why can this be quite true?

When you laugh, you are altering (raising) the frequency of not just your brain waves, but of every cell in your body!  This, in turn, will allow for better, more efficient communication among ALL of the various parts and systems in the body.

The body will begin to operate more efficiently and you will begin to eliminate the toxins, poisons, and other foreign agents that will otherwise accumulate due to poor communication between the various organ-coordinating energy centers of the body.

It is like reviving up an internal combustion engine (like your automobile motor) and blowing out the carbon deposits that will otherwise just sit there and accumulate around the cylinder walls and exhaust ports, to the continual detriment of engine performance.  In a mechanical sense, you can think of the revving-up process as akin to "raising the frequency" of the engine.

There shall come a time when you ones will not feel much like laughing about anything.  You must effort to keep in mind that the upcoming, massive cleansing cycle is as natural as sneezing.  When your planet sneezes, coughs, and otherwise shakes with the tremors of a fever, she is doing this out of a NATURAL healing cycle that will lead her back into balance. YOU may perceive this a very destructive occurrence, but let me assure you that it is quite necessary and quite beneficial in the long run.

When you are sick and trying to rid yourselves of a viral infection, do you give consideration to the very germs or conditions that allow for this sickness to persist?  If the raising of your body temperature a few degrees, for a short period of time, will burn out the viral infestation, is it not acceptable to do so without regard for the well-being of the life-forms (viruses) causing the conditions that allow for the disease to grow?

Your planet shall have the balance that she seeks, for she is entering a high-frequency light field (what you ones have named "The Photon Belt") that will help facilitate this healing and transformation.  In the process, those who are adding to the problem (by not putting their houses in order) shall be "out of sync" with the cleansing and will, in effect, remove themselves from the playing field.

Remaining in ignorance will not be acceptable, either, because the emotional frequency and vibration of "fear that is borne out of ignorance" shall likewise cause these ones to remove themselves from the playing field.

Under the purging conditions of this high-frequency light field, holding onto ANY lower-frequency emotions will cause a very rapid deterioration in the physical body.  Thus ones will have to deal with these lower emotions in short order. Noticeable deterioration will take place in a matter of weeks instead of years!

Please know that you CAN survive the upcoming changes.  You will have to learn to release the garbage (the emotional baggage) that you hold onto so closely.

You will need to be more consciously aware of how YOUR emotional state affects your health--as well as affecting the health of others AND the very planet upon which you live.  These emotional energies are focused with the mind and can add to our subtract from those around you.

The general, overall result is a collective frequency or tonal vibration of the planet and her occupants.  You EACH contribute to this overall average and you EACH have a choice in whether you add to or subtract from this average.

Find something that you can be thankful for and happy about, and you will have taken the first steps toward healing.  Get impassioned about something worth living for, and you will almost undoubtedly heal.  Keep up the "woe is me" attitude, and you will almost certainly create a condition that is most unpleasant.

Choose wisely that upon which you focus your emotional energies for you will ALWAYS manifest your HEART'S desire!  Your actions will always reflect this desire.

I am the Cohan of the Emerald Ray.  I am Hilarion, teacher and wayshower.  I come in the Radiance of Creator's One Light, which is Infinite and Eternal.  Blessings to you all, from my heart to yours!  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, January 28, 1997, Volume 15, Number 12, Pages 26-27.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.