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More than half of Border Patrol agents could be fired for refusing covid jabs, leaving border wide open to endless invasion

Ethan Huff

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An internal report from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) suggests that more than half of all Border Patrol agents could be fired for refusing to get “vaccinated” with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Should this occur – and it more than likely will – America’s southern border will be left wide open for the taking by the cartels, which would use all unattended entry points as superhighways for sending in “coyotes” and committing other crimes.

Fake “president” Joe Biden greased the skids for this when he signed a compact authorizing the release of illegal “migrants,” many of whom traffic children in and out of the country as part of the pedophilia sex trade.

As of this writing, some 48 percent of Border Patrol agents have not registered their vaccination status. Of the 52 percent who did, 10 percent indicated that they are unvaccinated and will more than likely stay that way, no matter what Pedo Joe says.

According to Mark Morgan, a former chief operating officer at CBP, Dementia Joe’s jab mandate is “going to take an agency that’s already gone through an unbelievable catastrophic crisis on the southwest border and deplete its resources further.”

Morgan, who obtained a copy of the report, highlighted key data points within it that show a dwindling workforce – almost like the Biden regime no longer wants to have any type of border patrol.

In one of the datasets, it is revealed that “in the worst-case scenario, agents who have not reported their (vaccination) status have done so because they refuse to take the jab, and so they will be terminated.”

“In that case,” the report goes on to explain, “net attrition could exceed 11,523 agents, leaving a mere 8,013 border agents on patrol.”

Under Biden, Border Patrol slated to lose at least 59 percent of workforce

If this is an accurate assessment, then CBP could lose upwards of 59 percent of its workforce, if not more.

This would absolutely devastate what little protection remains at the southern border and effectively merge our country with Mexico.

Morgan explained that the 10,000 or so CBP agents who have yet to register their vaccination status will be forced into counseling. If that does not sway them, the next punishment is suspension, followed by termination.

The internal report, Morgan went on to explain, “illustrates the potential impact that this mandate could have on the workforce.”

“So, an agency that is dealing with 1.7 million apprehensions, 400,000 got-aways, at that very moment, the same resources are going to be pulled away and distracted to deal with this mandate nonsense,” he said, adding that throwing counseling into the mix only further erodes the agency’s “critical resources.”

“It’s a cumbersome process and it’s an unneeded, unnecessary distraction while they’re overwhelmed and our border is out of control,” he further added.

“An illegal immigrant doesn’t get the vaccine and they’re released. A border patrol agent doesn’t get the vaccine and they’re removed. On what planet does that make sense?”

The official deadline for all federal employees to get injected for Chinese Germs is November 22, just three days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

“If the border patrol loses half of its agents, will the rest even stay?” asked a commenter. “The situation would suddenly become a lot more dangerous for those who are left.”

“If they lose their jobs, you know what will replace them: illegal alien invaders and / or their sympathizers,” speculated another. “The Traitor Biden administration will never stop destroying our nation. Words are inadequate to stop them. That leaves actions as the only solution.”

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