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California Gets Swarmed By Trump’s ICE – Just Weeks Before The 2020 Election, They Arrest 128

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

President Trump made a promise recently to defend our borders and bring violent criminals to justice.

In recent months, the DOJ has conducted a major operation that has arrested hundreds.

Thanks to their efforts, many communities are much safer. But Trump’s not done.

His administration has just moved to apprehend a large group of people wanted for terrible crimes:

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday announced that it had detained 128 illegal immigrants in a five-day operation in California last week, including those with convictions and charges for crimes including murder, child sex offenses and domestic violence…

Officials said 96 percent of those arrested had convictions or pending charges for crimes including homicide, sexual assault, sexual offenses against children, weapons offenses and domestic violence.

A DHS raid rounded up 128 non-citizens wanted for a variety of serious crimes.

The raid took place in California, a sanctuary state whose policies protect these criminals from justice.

President Trump has taken a hard stance on undocumented aliens that break our laws.

Democrats have called him racist, xenophobic, and many other names, for simply trying to protect actions.

Left-wing cities and states embrace laws that prevent the federal government from apprehending these criminals.

In fact, when they are arrested for these horrible deeds, they are often released scot-free!

Americans who break the law go to jail. But these criminals don’t face a single penalty.

It seems, again and again, Democrats are on the side of crime and chaos, not law and order.

President Trump has vowed he will always be the law and order president. Even as Democrats look the other way from crime, his administration is fighting back.

This raid meant 128 dangerous people are off the streets. They will be removed from the country. And thanks to Trump’s continued success at the border, they won’t be getting back in anytime soon.

It’s hard to understand why Democrats are so against defending their own citizens? Do they really prefer to protect killers and assaulters?

They might claim they don’t, but their actions prove otherwise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Department of Homeland Security apprehended 128 criminals in California.
  • The non-citizens had been charged with a range of violent crimes.
  • They eluded arrest for years, thanks to Democrats’ sanctuary laws.

Source: Fox News