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GRANDFATHER CONTACT, February 14, 1995, p. 50.

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CONTACT, February 14, 1995, p. 50.

[ Quoting: from Rick Martin ]

On August 19, 1987, Grandfather (not Doris's father, but Creator GOD in the language of the Native Americans) spoke to these ones following a lovely gathering of ones professing to be friends and who set the meeting---for these ones (Ekkers) did not call any meeting of any sort; they simply allowed use of their property and welcomed all in graciousness, who wished to come. They knew nothing of "harmonic convergence" or space men or new age---Dharma (Hatonn refers to Doris as dharma, small d. Actually, in the first few years of contact he referred to her as dorma) had penned a small book she though to be fantasy. The fact that it was not fantasy was not apparent to her at the time, and she gave it unto others to do that which they would with it. I tell you this to lay the scene.

Grandfather came the day after the crowd left and Dharma simply wanted to get her home into some semblance of order. She and Oberli (Hatonn refers to EJ as Oberli) were washing up the sticky kitchen floor and Grandfather asked Dharma to please come forth as he would like to make an audio tape for the departed ones. Dharma said to Oberli that someone, Grandfather?, wanted her to make a tape with "information" of some sort. She was weary as anyone would be who had had some 30-40 guests for 4-5 days and she said aloud---"Well, not now---I am going to tend this house and maybe after I finish this floor I'll consider doing something else. I don't really believe in those silent little voices from out of nowhere, anyway." Wham, she was flat on the floor and hardly able to get to the couch to lie down. Oberli helped her cross the room and it was quite clear that it was time to make a tape for Grandfather.

He quietly asked them, "Would you have a clean floor and no brother to walk upon it?" He spoke for a great time and he told them that the space brothers would be coming forth and that they would be as the hosts in service unto Creator and they must pay attention. He told them that the cover-up has been magnificent and that cover-up would continue as long as possible. Then there would be the great discounting, and the connection made from high and planted sources that there were evil aliens causing havoc and the fear planted in the mass consciousness and then, finally, every dastardly deed on the planet would be blamed "officially" on the aliens when the truth could no longer be kept secret. Have you not seen it played out in just these three years?

[ End of quoting. ]