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HATONN CONTACT, February 14, 1995, p. 49, Part I.

CONTACT, February 14, 1995, p. 49, Part I.

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CONTACT, February 14, 1995, p. 49, Part I.

[Quoting: What follows is from the Forward of Sipapu Odyssey ]

I am Hatonn, cohan of this chela (teacher of this student). Much in the life journey upon the placement of Earth must be understood in segments of truth which pierce the veil of your memories, each and all of you who walk this trail.

This portion, which comes in fantasy format is, in fact, truth in every measure---names have been changed for security of living individuals who would be moved from your life dimension were they located too soon. As truth comes forth in segments ones can comprehend and accept that it is most dangerous for those who dare to speak out. The life of this chela has been taken three times just since the writing of this "fantasy" and we have recommenced her life stream.

We of the Brotherhood of Light, and we who serve in the Intergalactic Fleets and Cosmic Federation Councils, come forth to bring you knowledge for a most eventful and confusing transition into change. The time of your projected "Revelations" is upon you and we are sent from our Higher Sources to assist you and bring instructions for this final act of your play of third dimensional experience.

It was decided that we would first bring forth an message to the ones awaiting instructions and the knowledge that the time of final instructions and "count-down" is at hand---it most surely served its purpose and we honor all of you ones who saw and heard the message and responded instantly.

It comes forth as a "fantasy" that man in mass can accept of the story as fiction but the heart will know of the truth. Then, we can move on into the truth of the instructions. Further, the entire story has not been enacted in your reality---but the truth is there to its smallest detail. So be it.

[ End quoting. ]