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I have been waiting for Anne to pen a message from me, as you have not heard from me for some time.  I am in command of a geological information concerning Earth Shan.  I, too have been incarnated upon Earth with many lifestreams.  In reality I am a King, according to Earth’s standards.

I want to mention a bit of information concerning the Masters, who volunteered to reincarnate upon Earth, as she graduates into a higher dimension  Also, these Masters have the great opportunity to gain great soul growth.  When the Masters all agreed to this important mission one of them spoke to Hatonn.  He said, “You of the Command also have family members.  Have anyone of your family volunteered to reincarnate? 

Are you surprised at that statement?  We, too of the Command Ship have family just as you.  Our children volunteered at that moment to be among the Masters to return to Mother Earth.  My son volunteered, as did the children of Hatonn, Serapis Bey, etc.  Do you think this is beyond belief?  Of course not.  We, too are involved deeply as our family members had to reincarnate without memory.  We, too, ran the risk of losing them if they did not awaken.  Thankfully, they did awaken, but it was a most anguishing time before they each opened their eyes to the Truth!

As I stated above, I am I charge of the geological information not only of Earth but other planets in the great Cosmos.  Now I shall explain what is happening on Mother Earth.

A planet is formed by volcanic action and over thousands of years the planet develops into a habitual one for life upon the surface.  Earth is no different.  If you were to look at a volcanic map showing all the volcanoes on your planet, you would be much surprised.  There are endless ones that are dormant of which are not know to the common person.  They dot the western U.S. in untold numbers.    You all know about eh Cascade Range, the Ring of Fire, the west coast and other volatile areas of the earth that have earthquakes all the time.  Indonesia, India, Japan, China and many of the Asian countries. also, have a difficult time with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

There is one gentleman, who goes by the name of Dutchsinse, who really tells the Truth of how many earthquakes are happening at this time, worldwide. He has been harassed and shut down at times, as your government is not wanting the people to know the truth.  They  keep the real information from you goyim and down grade the Richter Scale to make things look less serious. . They deliberately do not list many quakes that have and are happening.  They are NOT OK!

Coupled with all the earthquakes and volcanoes that are happening worldwide, ones in the U.S. have another problem.  It’s called fracking.  These digging efforts in fracking have removed the tectonic plate lubrication—oil, and replaced it with chemically tainted water.  All I can say is that you are all living on a time bomb ready to explode.

I keep track of all Earth’s movements.  The difficulty I face is that the original name of the volcano has been changed over many millennia, and it is most difficult to pinpoint what each volcano is doing when the name is different from the original.

In essence ones have ripped open Mother Earth’s “skin” with their greed for money and power.

What has anyone done to stop this destruction?  Most people stand  hopeless of the whole situation.  They agree to take the money and let the fracking happen near their home.  What has happened?  Their water is polluted by having fire come out the water faucet.  Their animals are dying, let alone their own life.  They have to move out or die.  They have reaped what they have sown. 

I do not relish giving you such ugly information but it is the truth, and you had better wake up to the damage done to your once most beautiful p planet.  There are groups of people who are trying to stop this destruction.  You could help these groups by your prayers and concerns or be a part of them to do your part in helping Mother Earth.  Tell Mother Earth how much you love her. These dark entities are out to destroy Mother Earth, but in the process are destroying their own environment the air, water and soil upon which they live.

It is not up to the Lighted Realms to solve all these problems.  It is up to you to take care of Mother Earth.  Start where you live to keep it clean and free of chemicals and rubbish.

I will add that the evil controlled weather is part of the problem, but not all of it. Because of the negativity of evil, Mother Earth is reacting to that negativity by earthquakes and volcanoes to release the pain she feels within.  Her agony has been heard and she shall soon rid her surface of all 3D life that has brought her to death’s doorstep.

What else can you do?  You can pray for Mother Earth, and tell her how much you love her.  Do your part in keeping where you live in order.  That is your responsibility.  Help the environmental groups if you can, but certainly you can add pray for these groups to get the job done they are doing to help Mother Earth.  It will not be long now, before Mother Earth graduates into a higher dimension where no evil can exist.  That, my dear ones is very soon.

At that time. in order for you to be safe, step into the beam of light  given from the ships above for safety, for nothing in3D can survive the coming cataclysm.

Above all, keep your Shied of Light about you, as you live these last days in 3D upon Earth.  Ask for protection and know you have it.

We are helping all we can.