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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Birthing Contractions Of A Natural Planetary Renewal


5/4/93   SOLTEC


Good evening, Toniose Soltec present, in the Pure and Radiant Light of Holy God.  The Divine Plan of Creation continues, unceasingly, ever in-breathing and out-breathing, in the endless cycle of life and all things in the Universe conform to this Law of Creation--there are no exceptions.  Your world, planet Earth-Shan, being one part of this creative cycle, likewise conforms to the natural laws.  You may deny and denounce the natural laws as being archaic and superstitious myths, yet the denial or denouncement does not exempt any from the law--it merely means that you shall exist in ignorance and darkness.  For the separation from God rests fully with you, not with God.  It is impossible that God could separate from that which He created for it would require that God sever Himself.

Denial or rejection of Truth does not negate the validity of The Truth, nor cause it to be ineffective.  The Laws of God are unchangeable constants, thought from the human point of view, the Universe in which you exist is ever changing.  The reason is that Creation is in a continual state of out-breathing, growing, changing; yet the Law remains ever constant.  Is it a riddle?  There are no riddles with God.  It is only a riddle because you are viewing it from the limited perception of your veiled experience.

Earth-human views life as a span of something in the neighborhood of seventy years--yet life is ongoing, unceasing in the same manner as Creation itself.  From your limited vision, life cannot be fully understood.  It never ends, but goes on for as long as Creator creates the physical Universe.  Even when the creation process of the physical Universe seemingly stops, life merely rests for a period of time, then the cycle begins all over again.  Life has never stopped existing.

Death, then, is merely the rest cycle through which physical life must pass before the cycle begins anew.  It is not the ending of anything, but the real beginning of life.

Is death then, something to be sought after?  Of course not.  Life is the outward expression of the Creator.  But death should also not be feared, for you do not cease to be and you will again return to the physical dimensions to continue as an integral part of the creative cycle.

When a person passes from your dimension through the doorway of death and does so in fear, that fear goes with the soul and makes the journey more difficult.  You ones have been so misinformed about the passage from physical existence that you live your lives continually struggling against the Natural cycle.  Please do not misunderstand, I am not glorifying death.  I am merely trying to show you that it is all a part of the ongoing cycle of Creation.

You should live your physical experiences with all the vigor and joys that are possible in this dimensional presentation.  Treasure and preserve the time you spend in physical expression for these are the times in which you truly grow in ways not otherwise possible.  And your growth, because you are an interconnected part of Creation, is additive unto the rest of Creation.  You see, you are not so insignificant as you might have thought.

Now, on to Earth Changes.  Yes, there are plenty taking place around your globe.  You ones may not have had your long-awaited "BIG ONE" last week but your world has certainly been a busy one these last few days.

There was an earthquake in the area of the Philippine Islands this past week which, on your scientists' scales, measured 6.6.  This part of your world experiences some sort of seismic activity on a daily basis so the occurrences are seldom reported by your media.  Daily earthquake reports, unless there is some loss of life or destruction, would not make for money-making news reports.  You ones would grow too weary hearing of it day to day, just as your world grew bored with the situation in Waco, Texas after only 51 days.

Many of the news stations packed up and left after a couple of weeks because the viewers lost interest in the event.  Everyone wanted to see some kind of "Old West shoot-out", I suppose, and when this did not take place, viewers became bored and turned back to the violence, lust and excitement of movies and soap operas.  Your world has come to believe that Hollywood-make-believe is real life and, when real life does not measure up, you are disappointed and you lose interest.  You want to see something exciting happen and, when it does, you rant and rave and carry on but do nothing to change things.

The same is true with the Earth Changes that are occurring on your world.  The hurricanes of last year were great media blitz events and you ones sat glued to your television sets watching as hundreds of families were traumatized.  During your Gulf War you sat, daily, watching the missiles blast Baghdad but, when you saw the depth and destruction, you were sickened.

Earthquakes that just shake things up a little bit are not hot news items and you will be kept in the dark.  The truth of the matter is that these little shakers are ongoing constantly and are harbingers of greater events.  If you were truly educated properly, you would recognize what was on the horizon!

Again, Alaska has been shaking with two quakes in one day in excess of 6 points on your Richter Scale.  And Northern Arizona, since the two quakes in April, has been elevated to a Level 2 Earthquake Zone, on a scale of 1 to 4, with California being a level 4.  There have been no less than 30 tremors per day since the two April quakes near the Grand Canyon.  And, in Iran, there is a volcano erupting.

Just this very day there were two moderately strong earthquakes which occurred in southwest Mexico, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  These shakers were measured in the range of 5 and 6 on the scales.  This occurrence, as well as the ones in the Philippines and in Alaska, are all part of that active Pacific Plate moving.  As we have spent the last months telling you, the activity all across that Plate is only going to increase in the coming months and will, in turn, spur activity in other places across your globe which have not known seismic or volcanic activity in your times.

Your Earth is like a woman about to give birth and her muscles are beginning to have those early-on contractions, preparing her for the birthing event.  That which she is going to give birth to is a renewed, reborn world in which all will be changed and life will once again flourish in harmony, understanding and knowledge with its surroundings.

So, that is what is happening that the Elite Controllers are not telling you.  There are so many things occurring on your world--things that your scientists are not about to tell you.  While the planet is preparing for the new life which is now deep within her womb, the Elite are attempting to abort this new life.  The Elite know as well as do you that your planet has entered a cycle of change.  They are also very well aware of the consequences of this event and know that it heralds the finale of this particular cycle of time for your planet.  Their goal is to win the planet for their own pleasure and greed and it mattes not to them how they accomplish this goal so long as they are the winners.

Fortunately, God has other plans for your world.  The Adversary, however, is very powerful upon your planet and his empty promises are very seductive to those who believe the empty lies.  The Truth, you see, is less desirable to the greedy for in Truth there is no greed for possession or control.  That is the reason that the adversarial forces are struggling so against you who are trying to bring the Light of Truth into the world.  The Light of Truth will reveal that which has been hidden in the darkness and you are beginning to see these lies and broken promises for what they are.

As The Light grows ever stronger and more powerful, it will illuminate even the darkest corners and closets in which all the lies and hatred have been hidden.  You are making a difference, for conspiracies are being revealed and more shall follow so long as you do not let up in your battle against the darkness.  This little publication is making a mark upon your world--bringing The Truth to those who have known for so long that there was a different way.  You are bringing to the forefront the knowledge of what the so-called leaders of your world have done unto you. You are educating people in The Truth of science and revealing to them the changes your planet is undergoing.  You are showing them that the Natural Order--the Natural changes are not to be feared; yet, you are also showing them that not all they see is of Natural cause.  You are also showing them how to tell the difference.

Is it not time for such things to take place?  Is it not time for The Light to shine forth upon your world?  Is it not time for Truth?  When ones come against you, know that you are right on target and right on the mark, for it is only when The Truth strikes a sensitive spot that the adversary will flinch.  Judging from all the troubles that have befallen many of you, you must be doing something right!

Very little has ever been gained on your world without a struggle and this is no exception.  The only difference is that this time the future of your world is at stake.

You may not realize it but your planet is a focal point at this time because of your nearness in time to the point of transition to the next level of expression.  Upon your world's transition hinges the transition of many other worlds.  Do you ever wonder at all the ships that you see every day?

There will be much rejoicing in Heaven on the day when this transition into The Light takes place.  Likewise, there will also be much weeping in the darkness by the Adversary for his time of influence and control over your world will have ended.

Just as your planet has undergone change a thousand times before, it shall again.  No, it is not an easy time in which you live, yet it is one of the most exciting times you shall ever know.  You stand at the doorway of a great event and you shall grow bountiful from the experience for there are a myriad of lessons that you are learning from your experience in this cycle of life.

So, as the storms blow over you and weather patterns seem out of season, and earthquakes shake your planet, and volcanoes spew forth the promise of newly created life, keep in your hearts and minds that God is not asleep at the wheel.  There is a Divine Plane in action and you, Chelas, are part of that Divine Plan!  Someday, you will come to understand these things more fully and the veil of darkness shall be lifted as you look up and see the expanse of Creation as it truly is.

Hold tight to The Truth and keep pushing outward into your world with the Light of Holy God. Together, we shall get there!

Let us draw this to a close.  The Host of God is always present with you, keeping a watchful eye upon that which is God's.  I leave you with the radiance of Light and Truth.

Toniose to clear.  Salu.http://www,



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 18, 1993, Volume 1, Number 8, Pages 22-23.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.