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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Ignoring the Clues Won't Lessen The Lessens

9/6/98   SOLTEC

Good evening, my friend.  It is I, Commander Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.

Many have taken notice of the recent tectonic plate movements around the Pacific "Ring of Fire".  In the last week of your counting, there have been in excess of 6 large quakes greater than 6 in magnitude around the boundaries of that Pacific Plate.  (I say "in excess of" because of how your reporting philosophy devalues the actual earthquake intensities.)  This last Wednesday there were greater than 6.5M in one day along the Pacific Rim.  The one in the Philippine Islands was reported to you there in the United States as a 6.9M event, while it was locally reported in the Philippines as a 7.4M shaker--this is about 5X greater in intensity.

There are very good reasons why these numbers are so obscure to you who have the ability to reason.  You would be in full alert and some--IN FULL PANIC!  There are but threads holding the fault lines at this time.  You will soon see terra firma turning into "terror-fury" as your geological stability becomes more and more compromised with each passing day.

These earthquakes should be viewed as signals to you ones, especially those of you who are experiencing them first hand.  These areas are the ones that will indeed be the most impacted in the coming days, weeks, and months.

For many, this message will simply be discarded as another "fear-mongering" attempt to frighten you ones.  However, if one can see "around the corner" because of the advantage of their current viewpoint, and that one is able to "radio" down to those who are driving along and cannot see that the "bridge" is out up ahead, is that one doing so in order to frighten and harass those who are on a collision course with pending disaster?  Or, is that one merely attempting to assist ones who are asking for assistance?

You see, from my vantage point, I can see that the "bridge" is crumbling beneath your very feet and that what is about to happen is a mere matter of material physics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.  This is not to even complicate the picture by mentioning all of the "etheric" precursors and indicators which have a very real and "solid" scientific "grounding" in fact--whether your current science acknowledges same or not.

I can do no more than respond to your inquiries in a matter that is of a logical and caring nature.  If that brings discomfort to your weary heart, then you should do well to look within and look at what about this sort of message that truly bothers you.

Is the discomfort, perhaps, the fact that you do not want to be reminded that you have continually ignored the clues and indicators all about you?  Or maybe your uneasiness swells from procrastination about making the changes you already know you should have made?

Allow me to assure you that there WILL be a remnant, and those who are left WILL have their hands full with the necessities of survival.

There will be little time to worry about those who chose not to participate in the rebuilding of your world.  This is to say that only YOU who do not intend to survive will "suffer" your reluctance to prepare.  Your actions indicate your true intent.  You can scream from mountain tops that you want to survive, but if you do little more than excessively vibrate your vocal cords, you will surely not be prepared for that which is coming.

It is God's promise to you ones that there would be those sent to assist you in your times of need.  THESE ARE THOSE TIMES, and I, Ceres Anthonious Soltec, come with the many Hosts of God as a Messenger, Teacher, and Guide.  We of the Hosts are entrusted with the task of giving forth the necessary guidance so that those of you who have "eyes to see" will see, and those of you who have "ears to hear" will hear.

It is NOT our job to MAKE your see or hear.  We have offered--and will continue to offer--our assistance to any and all who wish to have it.  We will always provide you with a unique and broader perspective from which to view any given situation.  We will also always effort toward that which will enhance YOUR overall growth experience as an Infinite Creative Being.

You are each there in the physical because you have a strong desire to expand your awareness and knowledge about self and Creator Source.  The physical experience is nothing more than a holographic type of role-playing game.  There is nothing about this game to fear, and if a building crumbles and falls upon your physical head, then your body may cease to function, but YOU will go on!

I know that, for the majority of you, you wish to keep the body functioning as long as possible so that you can better optimize your growth potential.  It is easy to see the "right" answers from a non-physical perspective, looking back.  It is not so easy to perceive the "right" answers from where you ones are experiencing at this time, looking forward.  This is the wondrous challenge that you ones desire greatly to master.

Many of my fellow Teachers have, in recent weeks in these pages, expanded upon the following point, which I likewise emphasize: It IS possible to connect to Higher Source in a deliberate and continuous manner WHILE REMAINING IN THE PHYSICAL.  However, desire and self-discipline must be strong if you are to achieve such awareness.  With desire and persistence on YOUR part, WE will assist you with this connection--a most worthy goal or skill to develop at this time.

YOU DO NOT NEED WEATHER REPORTS, EARTHQUAKE REPORTS, OR ANY SUCH REPORTS IF YOU BUT LEARN TO LISTEN WITHIN!  Many of you who are reading this continue to deny that YOU are CREATOR.  Regardless, you each have within you a Divine Connection--a "Spark of Light" that IS CREATOR within you!  You are all efforting continually to actualize this perceptual realization for self.

I tell you now that you need not struggle towards the realization; you only need to allow for it to BE!  Most often, you are in actuality pushing it away.

Do NOT dwell upon that which you do not have, but rather be thankful for all that you do have.  In the appreciation of that which you do have, you will find that you will have more and more for which to be thankful, and that your life is continually becoming fuller and fuller.

If you continue to dwell upon that which you don't have, you will become more and more miserable, and you will become more and more disconnected from the Inner Infinitely Abundant Energy that IS your God-given "Spark of Life".

When you feel "alive" and "on top of the world", you can KNOW that you are allowing this Creative Energy to flow.  If you are feeling anything less, then you can know, with equal certainty, that YOU are disallowing this same flow.

I will always strive toward that which will assist you ones the most in your overall experience of growth, for as you each respond to these messages in your own way, we monitor the effectiveness and impact of the energy (the messages) that we send forth.  This return flow helps us to see what is then the next best step to take to help you ones.

Many of you have agreed to participate in very daring and elaborate experiments along these lines.  This is to say that some of the approaches that we will use to guide you toward your goals of growth would be considered a "long shot".  But, as with any "long shot", what comes in the "pay-off" (reward) is usually quite large in terms of movement and growth.

You will see the physical world turned upside-down and inside-out, and you will have reactionary responses to many situations that are coming.  You only need to remember that all are part of the "game" of life and living, and that there are perfectly good reasons for all that happens, and that none whose bodies perish are truly "gone", and that the result of these experiences will be a clarifying of the thoughts, priorities, and subsequent "realities" of many ones.

The net result will be for the betterment of all beings, everywhere, for all will grow either directly or indirectly from the experiences of any one.  You in the physical are on the leading edge of creative thought, and contrasting experiences cause the greatest potential for new experiences and growth.

Out of pure chaos will be borne a pure desire for balance.  As a pure balance is achieved, ones begin to develop a sense of mediocrity and boredom and thus look for a "problem" to solve a "challenge" to face or a new "game" to play.  Adventure is often a more desirable experience than is a tranquil and lazy afternoon.  This is to say that the cycles of life are infinite and ever-changing.

Just as an electromagnetic pulse-wave of energy cycles from a positive potential through a zero point of pure balance, and continues on into a negative potential, only to repeat the cycle again and again, so too are the infinite experiences of life.

So, for those of you who wish to remain stagnated where you are, you don't have to worry, for your next experience will surely pick-up right where you are--right now.  For those of you who truly desire a new and evolving experience toward a greater understanding of your true creative potential, you will heed these guiding messages and take full advantage of the insights offered herein.  Yours will be "the adventure of a lifetime".

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec.  I come with the Hosts of God so that His Will be done.

It is from within this Light that we originate, and it is this same Light that we continue to seek out and understand.  Know thyself and you will come to know your Creator.  May your journey be that of excitement and growth, and never be without a good challenge!  Salu.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, September 8, 1998, Volume 22, Number 3, Pages 13-14.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.