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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Recent Volcanic Clues To What's On The Way


7/12/97   SOLTEC


Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Find peace within and let us continue.

Your planet is convulsing and very few seem to be paying attention to the clues that are unfolding all around you. The masters of distraction have, indeed, done their jobs well.

Approximately six weeks ago, I asked that CONTACT re-run my "Tutorial On Volcanos And Related Geophysics" [in May 20, 1997 issue] from writings I delivered through Dharma in 1990 and 1993.  That review was for a specific purpose and I believe those of you who are paying attention to the geophysical news of late can appreciate why.

Since the beginning of 1997, there have been approximately 20 significant volcanic eruptions worldwide on your planet.  As I have lectured at length in the past, there is a close connection between volcanic eruptions and the tectonic plate motions that produce major earthquake activity.  Both the frequency and violence (magnitude) of these volcanic eruptions are good indicators of Mother Earth's rising "blood pressure" condition.

One of the most important recent events was the newest series of explosive eruptions of 18,000-foot-high Mount Popocatepetl in Mexico, starting about April 24, 1997.  According to reports by your own geologists studying that volcano: "Explosions at Popocatepetl from April 24-28 destroyed the lava dome inside the throat of the volcano.  The lava dome had been growing since January 1997.  An explosion on April 24 sent ash 13,000 feet above the summit."  And then, on June 30, 1997: "Popocatepetl threw ash 7.5 miles into the air on Monday, June 30, during its largest eruption since 1925.  Lava was also thrown 1500 feet into the air.  This event led to the first ash fall in Mexico City, 45 miles from the volcano, in over 70 years.... At least 15 small towns are planned to be evacuated including about 30,000 people who live on the flanks of the volcano."

The second significant volcanic event happened this past week near Italy.  Watch closely the recent (and still ongoing) eruption of 11,000-foot-high Mount Etna, in eastern Sicily, on July 8, not very far from 4,000-foot-high sister volcano Mount Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy (which buried the city of Pompeii in a thick layer of volcanic ash in the twinkling of an eye in 79 A.D.).  Recall, please, the timing clues for major Earth changes connected to these sister volcanos as given forth by ones such as Edgar Cayce.

There are many pieces of the puzzle now coming together and a more complete picture is beginning to unfold.  As you watch these volcanos come to life, feel compassion for a very long-suffering and patient Mother Earth as she begins the process of rebalancing in earnest.

You who are there on the Earth now will witness the great changes prophesied through many sources.  There is NO avoiding this inevitability.


We, of the Hosts, have said over and over to prepare, yet we see many who sit and wait for another to somehow do it for them.  We can do much more to help you--IF you take action and focus your energies on helping yourselves, FIRST!

For example, in my first public writing through this receiver, on 6/13/96, I emphasized: "Dream time is long over and those still running around in La La Land shall wish they had awakened to find out what all the commotion was for.  Indeed, the changes shall come: 'Like a thief in the night', as far as the general masses are concerned.

"But, for those who have heard the 'alarm clock', you shall see much of what we, of the Hosts of Lighted God, have told you, time and time again, shall come to pass.  There shall be much excitement for those of you who have prepared.  God truly helps those of you who make efforts to help selves.

"Even if you do not notice all the subtle clues along the way, know in your heart that He is there and is helping you along your way.  Pay attention to the seeming coincidences, for NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE--especially now, and from here on out."

When you take action in the physical, you are reinforcing the mind's desires and amplifying manifestation of the thought or desire.  As the desire begins manifesting in physical space, ones around you, either directly or indirectly, will be adding their energy to that which you are creating.

We, of the non-physical realms, can add our energy to that which has already been set into motion, in many direct and indirect ways.  The key is to solidify your intent WITH ACTION, and ask for assistance and guidance while DOING your part.

We have helped many to produce the "miracles" that defy mere coincidence or luck.  Yet, many will still view it as mere "luck" or "coincidence", not realizing the true nature of the dynamics set in motion when they first take sincere and determined action in the physical.

Also, some more aware ones will realize that there is a Higher Guidance assisting them.  These ones will rightfully and humbly give thanks for the assistance that manifests in their lives.  You ones are fond of an expressions that goes something like: "Luck favors those who help themselves."  You might take a moment to ponder on the possibilities of that elusive thing called "luck"!

Our main concern in this regard is that we see many of you just sitting around and worrying over the upcoming Earth changes and economic collapse.  We see that you are either too frightened, or too easily distracted by the daily matter of living, to take serious actions in preparation.

Many ones have great excuses, such as: "I have a family to take care of and not enough extra money for such things."  Or another good one: "My family thinks I am crazy and they resist my reasoning with them on the subject of survival preparation."  And then there's the perennial fall-back position: "I only have to take care of myself and I can survive on very little, therefore, why should I prepare?"

I think you ones get the idea here.  There are many other colorful, yet sad, excuses that are given.  Many of you who have not yet prepared, will not prepare, and such is YOUR choice.

If money be your excuse in any way, then I would suggest you look carefully at that upon which you spend your money--that is, what has value to you.  What is it that you buy that is truly necessary?  What are the not-so-necessary items that are more for your immediate pleasures?

It is wise to have balance in all things.  When you can prioritize, with responsibility, you will find that you can have the best of both worlds.

When you can learn to prepare not only for self and your immediate family, but perhaps ALSO for your neighbor, then you will find that you will draw into your experience the creative energies necessary to manifest all of the things that you truly desire.  The basic Law of Giving and Regiving operates quite well here.

A large bag of beans or rice is truly inexpensive, as is a large container of peanut butter.  If you make the effort to shop around, you can stretch a dollar QUITE far when you focus your energy upon doing so.

Going to fast-food restaurants will deplete your funds faster than you may realize.  When you pay a dollar or more for a single cup of carbonated, flavored sugar-water, you would be wise to reflect upon your health, as well as upon what you COULD buy with the money that you spend, on a regular basis, on such nutritionally empty items.

The point here is NOT to tell you how to live your lives or how to spend your money.  The point here is to get you to take a look at the day-to-day robotic actions (actions taken with little or no thought) that you ones seem to not notice.

The mind-control experts have done their jobs very well through the media machinery of advertising campaigns.  Do you really NEED that cup of sugar water or that cigarette or that beer?  How about the fourth one of the day? [sic]  Do you really NEED a new car every few years?  Do you really NEED those expensive vacations?

When the Earth changes or the economic collapse impacts your lives, you will then know what you truly NEED versus that which you "think" you need.  You WILL figure it out, one way or another--sooner OR later!  This is where Mother Earth's "school of hard knocks" comes into the picture!

There is great wisdom in diligently going about the business of preparation and all of the contrite choruses of "I should have listened" that many will be singing AFTER the fact, will not ease those empty stomachs--whether such be your family's stomachs, or those of your neighbors and their children.

We of the Hosts have been sent at this time to give forth the warning messages that were promised to you at this time so that your excuse cannot be that you were not warned and that you did not know.

In that same 6/13/96 writing, I also warned: "That which has been prophesied is at hand.  You are in the Ending Times of the current cycle of humanity on that orb.  This is a time when chaos reigns supreme, for the conclusion of change is overwhelming to the masses.

"All things continue in a revolving, evolving spiral of never-ending cycles of birth-growth-decay-rebirth.  Out of the old harshness of chaos shall spring forth the peace and balance that you ones constantly seek.

"These are grand times for experiencing.  The Light shall reign supreme.  The awakening masses shall overcome or succumb to their ignorance.  It is always their choice."

I will ask you here and now: What causes you to read these messages in the first place?  What part of yourself allows you to accept these messages, even when others are laughing at you or are antagonistic towards your beliefs?  Learn to consciously connect with who you really are and from where you come, AND KNOW THAT IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE GROUND CREW!

Ground Crew is part of the team sent to assist in the awakening of the ones on this planet at this time.  You lead by example.  That means that when you are compelled to tell another that they should prepare, then they, in turn, are most likely to ask you: "Do YOU have food supplies stored up?"  Now, if the honest answer is "No", then how effective do you think your efforts are going to be toward convincing others of the seriousness of that which is offered here?


Live your life AS AN EXAMPLE for others to follow and you will be doing a great service to those who cross your path!  There is a phrase on your planet which goes something like, "Nothing is more annoying than a good example."  Indeed!

If you invite someone over to your dwelling, and you have to ask them to excuse the cases of canned food in your living room area because that is the only available space in which to store the overstock, this will speak with certainty and conviction of who you are and how serious you are.  Remember--ACTIONS ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDER THAN DO WORDS--ALWAYS!

Please know that the resisting family members will be thankful to have food to eat and candles to light the darkened hours of the night, or the unhybridized seeds to plant that will symbolize hope for the coming months.  The greatest teaching can and will be done when there is no distraction from the television or such!

There will come a resurgence of community.  Ones will again come to know who are their neighbors and what it means to be neighborly.  The man-made distinctions of race, color, creed, or religious conviction will also drop away.  You will all be faced with a common reality--DAY-TO-DAY SURVIVAL!

Please take whatever action is necessary to prepare yourselves for the extreme possibilities.  You will be thankful that you did and you may save many lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Call upon We of the Lighted Brotherhood for assistance along the way.

BUT--YOU take the first step and build the momentum!  FEEL, in your heart, the connectedness to those around you, and KNOW that your actions will teach, where your words fall onto deaf ears.

I am Toniose Soltec.  I come as the Geophysical Commander for your planet at this time.  I am sent by Our Father, as are many of YOU!  Face your challenges with His Light in your heart, and create the miracle.  In Light and Love, blessings to you ALL!  Salu.



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 15,1997, Volume 17, Number 8, Pages 17-18.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.