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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Soltec's Post-Election Observations: Make the Most Of A Pause In The Action


11/10/92 #1   SOLTEC


Soltec present in the Light of the Holy God of Creation.  May all that you receive be a blessing unto you.

We write today, one week after your presidential election, which ushered a new regime into power.  This day, you are on the fringes of many anticipated changes both political and geophysical.  As the transition from the Bush Administration to the Clinton Administration takes place, many things will be discussed and decided behind tightly closed doors, most of which will never be made public.  Do not think for one moment that these two are not talking to one another or that Clinton's people are not talking to Bush's people.  You can also bet that the shredders are running overtime in Washington these days, as the exiting administration is busy destroying a terrific amount of incriminating evidence.

Some are breathing a sigh of relief that George Bush is leaving the office of President.  I would, however, caution those who believe that all the economic and ecological ills will now be solved.  Firstly, know this: The debt of your nation and the combined debts of the other nations of your world are such that NO MAN can put a stop to the decline of your economy.  The only options open to Mr. Clinton are raising taxes and declaring insolvency.  There is not enough money in the world to solve the problems you are facing.  Even if there was, do you think for one minute that Mr. Clinton, even if he wanted to, would be allowed to pay off the debt?  Not on your life!  Your economy is right on track according to the wishes of the Elite Controllers.  Mr. Clinton will only succeed in bankrupting more of You-The-People and getting property out of your hands and into the hands of the governments.

What you are seeing at this time is the "fluff" to get you into a state of confidence in the new administration.  In the minds of the Elite, you must buy into accepting the new President and his appointees and trusting them.  The way to accomplish that is to show him being a "real person, with real problems".  He was chosen long before this election; his people were picked long before this week and his agenda was laid out long ago.  He was shown as the boy from poor roots who made good and remembers what it was like to be poor.  It has to look good for you.  Though he may have that "boyish down-home charm", don't kid yourself--Bill Clinton has been groomed for many years for just this position.  What you call the "Baby-Boomers" like him because he is from their generation and they believe that he understands them and thinks as they do.  However, take into consideration the lies that his generation has been taught.  They have been taught to measure everything of value in terms of dollars and cents and how many material items they can possess. They bought the lie of greed and are now going to pay for it dearly--some with their very lives.

So, Mr. Gore is the great ecologist?  The words he speaks may sound like what you want to hear, but the end result will be simply taxing you more for the so-called ecological programs which are coming upon you.  The rain forests will continue to be cut down in the name of money.  However, you will be forced to spend thousands to convert your present freon-using equipment to an alternate system.  You will be taxed for the privilege of so-called recycling programs to be forced upon you.  But, many of you will believe that this is a good thing to be taxed for.  Oh?  Will it really stop the problem or will it mean only lining the pockets of the Elite with yet more of your hard-earned money?  Face it, Chelas, the only recycling is going to be that of the money from your pockets into theirs.  There are great riches to be had from you in the name of saving the planet and that, dear ones, is the name of the game.  Will you or your grandchildren benefit from it?  What do you think?  If I have to answer that, you need to go back and read more of the 64 JOURNALS, because you have not done your homework.

Your planet is in trouble ecologically.  Only a fool would argue otherwise.  But, if you think that your politicians are trying to change this course, you are sorely mistaken.  They will only regulate the already oppressed citizens in a manner that would rival Adolf Hitler.  There are many methods of producing clean, safe energy, but the controllers of the almighty dollar will not allow things as wind power, solar power and utilization of Tesla'a discovery of "free energy".  Anyone who has discovered or invented alternate sources of power in the past has been bought off or ended up dead because the oil producers and Elite demanded the full market, and sharing or compromising is just not in their agenda.

The so-called "Right to Choose" activists are thrilled that Bill Clinton will be sitting in the Oval Office come January.  The question of abortion, which, by the way, is killing, like it or not, has steam-rolled across your nation with a vengeance.  Yes, you are here as free will agents, and God will allow you to do that which you choose, even if that means your destruction.  If that is your choice, God will allow it.  THAT, HOWEVER, DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!  Taking a life, whether before physical birth or after, is a crime against Creation.  The physical life of man begins upon conception--when the sperm and egg unite.  So whether an abortion takes place at two days or nine months makes no difference.  It is still taking a life.  If you wish to argue, then argue with God.  It is not Soltec's idea--it is God's!  It just so happens that I am in agreement with God.

Now, we are asked whether the threat of earthquakes, volcanos and massive storms is behind you.  Again, I have to repeat.  What do you think?  You are in a period of transition, when the new administration wants everything to remain "status-quo", at least until the inauguration in January.  What you may have is a period of grace.  This does not mean that you can put away your survival supplies and unhook all those annoying bungee cords, though.  It is not a time to become lazy and complacent.  If you are lucky enough to have been given one to two months reprieve, then I would suggest using that time to your benefit in further preparations.  If there are things you have been urged to take care of, this is the time to do them, for you may not have such an opportunity again. The plan toward world domination by your year 2000 is still rolling.  Only the puppet has changed. The puppet master is still in control and has not changed his mind.  You are only in a short time of quiet, geologically speaking.  The activity will resume far too soon, most likely with added acceleration.  The difference this time will be that there will be no holding back.  The little changes to begin after Mr. Clinton is safely seated in the President's seat on both the political and the geophysical fronts, are actually one in the same.

All the attention in your nation is turned toward the economy and while your backs are turned they will slip up from behind and get you.  As we have told you before, look at that which is not so obvious, for in that place you will see what is really taking place.  What you do not read in your newspapers and what you do not see on the non-news should be your clue to what is happening in reality.  The Native Americans and other aboriginal peoples watch Nature instead of Dan Rather.  Nature is a much better reporter.  If you have pets, or live in an area where there are animals in the wild, pay close attention to their habits.  Pay attention to their feeding patterns, their mating patterns, migration habits and nesting habits.  Learn to tell when they have changed their routines.  If you see them doing things out of the ordinary, know that something is happening.  Watch the leaves on trees and other plants.  Know their normal coloring, growth patterns and such.  When you see something out of the ordinary, again, know that something is happening.  Nature has only Nature to inform it.  They do not watch CNN and wait until the earthquake has already occurred to react.  Animals know when the frequencies change, they sense it happening and react accordingly.  Man has become desensitized to the subtle changes in his environment and has lost the natural ability to communicate with his surroundings.  But, Chelas, if you notice the absence of wildlife in your area, or if your pets begin pacing or become restless, you better be prepared to act.  You can be assured that something out of the ordinary is taking place.  This can be one of your greatest lessons--to know your environment so well that you, too, will be able to judge when the earth changes are imminent.

There is so much that you can learn just from studying your world and paying attention to little changes that most people ignore.  It could mean the difference between your survival and your demise.  For instance, you can tell how severe a winter will be by examining the thickness of an animal's coat during the autumn.  Birds roost prior to tornados and severe weather occurrences.  Many animals will move from an area prior to an earthquake.  Roots and plants will be deeper in a time of drought.  Why?  Because plants and animals exist in a symbiotic relationship with the planet.  What is causing the extinction of all the species upon your planet at this time is man, because man is not living symbiotically with his planet.  He is causing his own demise by destroying his world, and he has no one to blame save himself and only man can turn it around.

But in order to change this course, man must learn to think beyond himself.  He will have to step out of his greed and selfishness long enough to understand that every action and thought has a direct effect upon all.  You live in a society in which it is cheaper, economically, in most cases to purchase a new item rather than repair the old one.  Everything is designed to be thrown away.  It may be healthy for the economy, but it is death for your world.  You dig the ore for metals from the earth, turn them into automobiles, drive them until they no longer work and then toss them onto mountainous heaps of scrap metal, left to rust and waste.  You cut down trees to produce billions of tons of paper a year to use and throw out.  Oh, you recycle paper?  Would you believe that only about 5% of the paper that is produced annually is recycled?  If you want to continue to have oxygen on your planet to breathe, the rate of deforestation on Earth has to stop or you will have nothing to breathe but poisonous gases.  Why does this go on?  Because mining and logging are money-making industries because you continue to demand new cars and paper products.  I shall not even go into plastics at this time for that is a whole can of worms in itself.

Think upon this, precious ones, for you are responsible for the care and nurturing of your planet.  All these habits of man are direct causes for the pollution and destruction of your world.  It may seem to ones a burden too great, but every day you can make a difference by just altering your living slightly.  Do not try to change everything at once for it would be overwhelming.  Start with one or two things that are obvious and change those first, then move on to other areas.  It is really only common sense.  If it can be repaired, even if it is a little more costly, then repair it instead of throwing it away.  If it can be used a little while longer, then continue to use it.  If it is not worn out, do not replace it with a new one.  Adopt the motto: "Use it up, wear it out and make it last a little longer."  Use reusable containers instead of plastic or paper.  Take your own reusable cloth bags to the market.  It is usually the little things you do without thinking which make the difference.

Learn to be a little kinder to your planet and the planet will be a little kinder to you.  If that sounds simple, guess what?  It is!  It only takes a little thinking and reprogramming of habits.  Become responsible for your own existence.  Get to know your world--all of it.  Learn what makes it work and what causes its ills.  Your Earth is a gem of a planet--your society is not, yet the planet is suffering the consequences of the irresponsible behavior of its inhabitants.

We shall draw this writing to a close.  Make the most of this quiet and use your time wisely.  As I stated earlier, you may not have another opportunity such as this.  Do not be fooled into thinking that all is better forever, for the time is short and the sickle is ready to fall.

Tomorrow is your Veteran's Day.  Take time out during this day to pay honor to those Veterans who are still not returned to their homes and families.  Your government would have them forgotten.  We shall not.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, November 17, 1992, Volume 21, Number 5, Pages 24-25.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.