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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Follow Your Heart-Sense And Let Others Do Likewise


1/30/99   SOLTEC


Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Commander Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.

Allow for the unfolding of the "drama" at hand.  We of the Hosts have all the details "covered" with regard to ensuring that all have a fair opportunity to awaken and realize the condition and position they are in.  This is to say that there will be given ample opportunity to the ones who play irresponsibly with the gifts they are given.  You need not concern yourself with another's challenges or lessons.

When there is overlap (of sorts) you should effort towards recognizing the lesson that is being presented to you.  You each play a very intricate role with regard to each other's lessons.  When you ignore the clues that are in front of you, there will always be a greater (in terms of impacting your awareness) clue offered.  This is often one that is much more UNcomfortable to deal with.

You each are being guided down pathways that will garner you the experiences you need in order to bring forth the awareness and viewpoint you need the most.  When ones blindly follow another, there will always be the stumbling of the one who is leading and the one who is following.  Both are responsible for creating the condition and allowing it to persist.

One is no more at fault than is the other, and each will grow and learn from the experience.  Follow your own path and discern always the correctness of each situation for yourself.  Observe each situation from the largest perspective you can conceptually grasp, and you will be well on your way to seeing where you might be "fitting-in" to the equations which precipitate life experience.

There is value in every experience, for each involved directly and for those who observe from afar.  You can learn much from the actions of another and the subsequent results.  Be thankful that THEY are walking the path YOU are observing, rather than you.  Likewise, be forever willing to step out of your current situation and take a look at the path you are projecting forward.

Wisdom comes from being able to see your own mistakes and understand how and why you chose what you did.  There are very few who truly awaken to the point of seeing such.  Most simply sit in the same old "rut", walking in a slow, tight spiral that takes many lifetimes to achieve forward progress.  Look within and find the ruts in your own life first, and worry about another's ruts only after you have gotten yourself out of your own.

Never follow, but rather, walk side-by-side in the journeys of life.  Be willing to assist another who asks for assistance, and be allowing of another to find their own way when this is their choice.  Many wish to have insight and knowledge, yet few are willing to take responsibility for finding it for themselves.  There are many helpful "rule books" written, yet few will take the time to read them.

Your world is full of ones who want someone to give them the condensed version of the rules, and this often lends to their confusion, for the one passing on the "condensed" version is often working from a similarly condensed version as well.

Knowledge is free to any and all.  One must simply "tune-in" and recognize that there is no real excuse for ignorance.  God will give you the answer to any and every question you can pose.  Let not your limited perceptions about self stop you from utilizing this Inner Gift.

We of the Hosts see the reasons behind all of your actions (and reactions) taken in the physical. We also know very well the challenges that you are facing and why you have chosen to face such challenges.  We offer you the Guidance that you seek on a continual and personal basis.  Often our messages go ignored or "filtered" so that you ones can avoid the personal responsibility (and human ego embarrassment) of showing to the world that you have somehow made a mistake.  As Aton said in last week's message, "Again, if the adversary gets you one degree off course, and though from day to day you notice not the 'drifting', you may very well wake-up one day and see that you have wandered several miles off your intended course--only to be too embarrassed (another tool often used by the adversary) to admit to yourself (or others) that you have been 'played' by the adversary."

If your current path is making you physically ill, then you can know that you have ignored your Guidance at some point and you are currently off the path your Higher Self has plotted for you.

All illness and dis-ease come about as a byproduct of inner conflict.  Inner conflict here is defined as a battle between the physical, fear-based, reactionary ego and the Higher-Knowing Soul-you.  Whether the illness in the form of a "small" headache, or a life-threatening cancer, you can know that there has been a divergence from your intended path.  When there is continued resistance to the natural tendency and "signals" for balance, the small "headaches" often grow and grow and become the cancers at a time 20-40 years down the road.

Learn to recognize the inner signals offered to you, and learn to take seriously even the smallest of inner annoyances.  Left unchecked or ignored, these small "things" will grow--every time!  If your body needs rest, then give it rest.  You ones have the ability to override the physical machinery and push it to extremes, but this is often not a wise thing to do on a regular basis.


While on this subject of seeking balance, your planet is likewise seeking her own balance and she has been making quite a few adjustments lately.  There has, once again, been a substantial increase in the earthquake activity around your world.  This increase is both in amplitude and frequency.

There are great pressures being applied to her outer skin due to "secret" testings of atomic and advanced scalar weaponry.  There is also a great electromagnetic torque being generated and applied to the Earth's crust, through a magnetic field "coupling", from the intense electromagnetic pulse-waves that are being generated from these tests.

The electromagnetically induced weather modifications that affect greatly the barometric pressures around the planet also contribute to the abruptly changing pressures on Mother Earth's crust, and thus upon her tectonic plates.  Add into the equation tons of water (snow and rain) deposited in great quantities where it is not usually deposited, or not deposited in normal quantities where it should be (droughts), and you, again, change the pressures on the tectonic plates.

Now, perhaps, you can see a bit more clearly how these "invisible", so-called secret tests may be affecting you ones.  There are ignorant, ego-driven ones who are destroying themselves in their "struggle" for power.  They would have already destroyed your entire planet, in terms of being able to sustain life as you know it, several times over if it were not for extraterrestrial intervention.  And yet, these ones continue to repeat the same insane, selfish scenario all over again.

These experiences are all for a reason.  The majority of you were on the planet at the time of Atlantis, when the same insanity and lack of respect for life existed.  Most of you are here to face the same challenges today that you faced then.  You have each grown since you last faced this challenge.  Many on your planet have made the same choice they made then--to sit back and claim that the problem is too big, and therefore there is nothing they can do about it.


You are each much, much more than a physical body bumping around in a physical world.  One person can change a world.  Look to the many Christed teachers of just your known past.  Look also to the so-called evil ones, such as Genghis Khan or Hitler.  Even when only acting as figureheads, for behind-the-scenes idea-makers, ones came forth and made great changes.  They projected forth goals and manifested around them the realization of a vision.

YOU TOO CAN DO THIS!  You must first drop those self-imposed limitations and beliefs.  You are Creator manifest!

There are many out there who have long been using their own minds to modify weather patterns and create favorable situations for themselves.  This is "merely" ones using their God-given right to CREATE!  This ability is not to be feared, nor is it to be worshipped; it simply is part of who you ALL are--an extension of God's creative thinking.

YOU CAN!  You can make a difference!  You can bring about change.  You can bring to the masses an awakening vision of what is taking place on your planet.  You alone can initiate the necessary energy in order to manifest change in physical space and mass consciousness.  YOU CAN DO IT!

You do it by going within and connecting to Source and finding inner balance, peace, understanding, and knowing WHO you really are.  And then, from this position of great certainty, you make determined and powerful decisions that summon forth and create the "miracles".

This is as much a physics lesson as it is a spiritual lesson.  There really is no difference other than, perhaps, the terminology.

Let not another distract you from your goals.  Allow for ones with like goals and focus to walk with you, SIDE-BY-SIDE in your journey.

But never insist, at one extreme, on being the "leader" of a group, or at the other extreme, become overly dependent upon instructions from another.  It is YOUR life and YOUR journey.  Even those who function well as a team respect each team member's individuality.

If your focus is conflicting with another's, then without judgment of ego reaction, allow each to go their own way.  There are infinite pathways to reaching any goal, and all are a "right" path from the Greater Perspective.

From a position of balanced confidence, be always daring and let not another's ego-reaction opinion of you, or ultimatums to "control" you, influence what you know to be true within your heart energy center.  Be true and honest with yourself first, and never compromise your own integrity in order to remain outwardly "popular".

YOU become the example and the wayshower by walking the uncharted or forgotten path; it does not "just happen" by your sitting in a rut of repetitive familiarity.  In fact, the rut path is likely to generate the "kick in the behind" from your Higher Self to get you moving in a more productive direction!

Look beyond the physical illusion of mirrored reflections and know that what you experience is a result of what you are projecting forth in terms of energy flow.

Are you building up with your energy flows?  Are you sucking dry the energy from others?  Are you simply re-creating what already is?  How is it you are flowing your energy this day?

How do you feel?  Tired?  Worn out?  Invigorated?  Full of energy and life and determination and joy?  Do you complain a lot about what is, or do you focus more on your dreams and goals?

You can always ask yourself these questions.  The answers will generate a correlating emotional response that will help you to honestly evaluate yourself.

If you know you feel chronically tired, but try to convince yourself otherwise because you understand the implications are that you are "off course", then you will surely generate an uneasy feeling within that will sort of "gnaw" at you.

You can never hide from your inner feelings!  You can ignore them if you like, but then we get back to the earliest discussion, and these "small" announcements will grow into the bigger and more pronounced "problems"--such as chronic fatigue, strings of illnesses that seem to hit one after another, cancers of some sort, or whatever is your stress-induced preference.

If your excuse is old age, then so be it.  You are not necessarily older than the young child who runs and plays and looks forward to every day with an eagerness to explore the gift from God of that day.  Your soul enjoys exploring and creating in a focused, yet playful manner.  When was the last time you "played" in such manner?

I am Ceres Anthonious "Tonious" Soltec.  I come in the Lighted Oneness of Creator God.  My intent is that of a Messenger to those who are seeking Insight and Guidance.

Take within this message and discern for yourself the usefulness of these words.  Monitor closely any reactionary responses, for this is surely your Guidance (Conscience) communicating with you.

In Light, blessings to you ALL!




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, February 2, 1999, Volume 23, Number 11, Page 18-19.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.