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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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You Are ALL Mighty Spiritual Beings!


6/13/98   SOLTEC


Greetings, my scribe.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come with and in the Light of the One God.

Be at peace and put aside thy fears, dear ones, for all is playing out as it shall.  Your planet is poised at a pivotal point this day, and each of you has a definite and important role to play out. Those who have been with us through the past years know of that to which I refer, and so what is taking place should come as no REAL surprise to any of you.  You are the ones upon whom others are going to cling in the coming days.

As to the problem of precisely what is going to occur, exactly when it is going to take place--no one can predict down to the precise day or time.  However, if you have been paying attention to all the warnings, all the signals, all the markers along the way, you will come to but one conclusion, and that is, it is underway even at this moment.

Oh, yes, the world has not been blown to bits, your stock markets still hang on by a thread, and most all of you still have places to go, things to do, and money to spend.  However, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper or listen to any news media, and just be a little bit smarter than are they, and you can see that things are in a state of definite change--ALL things, children--politically, socially, geophysically, economically and what have you.

What do I expect will happen?

Let me rephrase that for you: What do YOU expect?

Ah! Puts it in an entirely different light, does it not?

Let me ask you another question: What is it that gets your backs up so much at ones such as futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion and remote viewing instructor Major Ed Dames?

You holler that they are setting dates!  For goodness sakes, children, is that really what gets you so heated up?

Look deeper and examine what it is that really upsets you.  At the core of it all you are going to find your old arch-enemy, FEAR!

It is that fear that only disguises itself as anger over ones, such as I mentioned above, setting time lines.  Look around you!  Get outside your little glass houses and REALLY LOOK AROUND!

It is a mess on your planet, and every one of your precious, little, man-made systems are breaking down around you.  "Why?" you ask?  Because they are man-made, based on all of man's fears!  Not a one of them were God-based.  Are you beginning to get the REAL picture?

Anything that has been contrived and conceived out of fear is pre-destined to crumble.  Fear is the design of the adversary, not God.  That which is God-based has been designed around love and faith in abundance.

There is NOT lack with God!  There is NOT fear with God!  For with God, that which you might perceive as lost is never really lost, but merely changed!

You now fear loss of financial security.  Just what is that, anyway?  Suppose you are able to keep all your money, only to have it useless?  Then what is it that you truly have, other than dirty, smelly pieces of paper?  You have fear of loss only because you lack faith in the abundance of God!

Each and every Lighted one of you on the planet, bar none, have the ability to manifest and provide everything you need, and even that which you desire.  However, if you are trying to manifest because you are afraid of lack, you will forever be without that which you are trying to manifest.  THAT IS FEAR-BASED, and will negate what you are trying to accomplish.

This is not news to anyone who has been following our messages for any length of time, for though different words and different examples may have been used, our messages have nearly always been about overcoming your fears and moving forward.  It is that same state of fear that is causing you ones to go about in such a state of panic as to demand information about what is coming and when it is coming.

Yet, have we not always told you that setting exact time frames is impossible because all is based upon sequence of events?  We have no special crystal ball to look into and tell you, for instance, that the Long Valley Caldera is going to erupt on July 20th.  It does not work that way. We can only look at that which has occurred, that which is occurring, and project that which MAY occur.

But there is the little matter of free will, which is always a variable in any and all equations.  You ones continually forget about your powers of creation!

HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE: The Long Valley Caldera is building a dome at the rate of 100 centimeters per month (by your calendars).  If that is the only factor in the equation, the time to a full-out eruption may be 100 years into the future.

However, let's now throw into the equation a nuclear test of 1000 kilotons, say in Nevada, at a depth of one-half mile.  Let's say that it takes place when the magma beneath the surface is shifting in one direction or another.  Now, those little wrinkles will change the original equation by a certain length of time.

But, let's throw in an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area, of oh, say 6.5, into the equation.  Now that little factor is also going to change the outcome of the equation.

Do you begin to see the picture?

Now, let's say that some politician, or scientists, decides to move the nuclear test up by two hours, just at the exact moment as the San Francisco earthquake takes place.

Now, guess what?

You have again altered the outcome!

Now if, at the same time, someone changes the intensity profile of the directional antennas of the HAARP array in Alaska in such a fashion as to make their magnetic field cut across the path where the nuclear test is occurring, then chances are that the nuclear test is going to have an altogether different blast profile and thus different effect upon the potential for an eruption at the Long Valley Caldera.

And these are just SOME of the variables one must take into consideration in making projection of this kind!  I have not even begun to mention what your scientists would consider exotic factors which nonetheless have an effect upon this calculation.

This is precisely why we have warned you about exact dates.  With five billion people on your planet, you have five billion free wills to deal with, and it is absolutely impossible to predict with any accuracy what will occur.

Windows of possibilities are a completely different matter, however, because based on current conditions and past happenings, we are likely to tell you that there are certain potentials.  There also are points of what are best referred to as "critical mass" points.  These are the times when so many things of a particular nature are happening, in such rapid succession, or simultaneously, that the potential for a particular occurrence is nearly a certainty.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I SAID NEARLY A CERTAINTY.  That does not mean that it will definitely take place.

This is how prophecy works, children.  It is, at best, estimates of potential and possibility, based on past, present and projected future events and trends.  From our perspective, we do have the advantage of much more historical data, as well as more of the current facts, but it is NEVER, NEVER and absolute certainty!

Yet, I will tell you that your world is on the brink of many of what your prognosticators are calling for.  Each of you has the same ability to tap into the same Source as these ones, but most of you are, I am sorry to say, either too lazy or too afraid to take the RESPONSIBILITY to find answers for selves.  It is much easier and safer (in your minds) to sit back, wait for someone else to do it for you--and then proceed to slay these messengers if they scare you.

No one has held a gun to your heads and forced you to believe any of it.  If you are afraid, then I suggest you find out exactly what it is you're afraid of, and why you're afraid.

Fear is the only thing that is holding you back, you know.  You can weave into your lives all the excuses and reasons you like, but the basic truth is that all your excuses and reasons were based on fear.

Why does it appear that the adversary is winning?  Because most of you are afraid to really stick your necks out and get them chopped off.  But, you will stand behind somebody else and push them out there, won't you?

Ouch!  That one really hurt, didn't it?

Well, I am truly sorry, but there are times when the best medicine is that which causes just a bit of discomfort.  It helps to get the attention better, does it not?

Yes, you are in for some tough times, on your planet, both physically and emotionally, dear ones, and if you're not ready now, then you better plan to pull a few all-nighters and study what you have been putting off because then it comes right down to the wire, you are ALL GOING TO STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET, OR YOU WILL NOT STAND!

It is time that you recognize who and what EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE! Dannion Brinkley says it quite beautifully: "YOU ARE ALL MIGHTY AND POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS."

I could not say it more exquisitely, nor more straightforwardly than that.  Awaken to your true reality and recognize that you do not have to accept anything that the adversary brings your way!

Do whatever you must, but make it a part of your very beingness.  If need be, stand in front of the mirror a dozen times a day and repeat: "I am a mighty and powerful spiritual being!"  And no, it is not a magical mantra, nor mystical spell. It is called an affirmation.

Stop visualizing yourselves as VICTIMS, and start seeing yourselves as VICTORS!  Stop affirming that you are only one little person.  NO, YOU ARE ONE MIGHTY AND POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEING, and you do not have to accept anything the adversary delivers to your door.

Many of you who are, at present, Ground Crew, are in actuality Commanders.  You have been such in the past, and have taken on your present lives, upon that planet, for these precise times, because you do have the experience to take command of any and all situations when the need arises.

But you have gone there with your pasts veiled so that you might be able to be a part of your current world.  You have, however, the ability to see past those veils, but you have bought into the concept that such is not for you to know.  These lies are straight from the adversary in an attempt to disable you and keep you from taking up your proper positions.

It is not different today than it was in the final days of Atlantis.  You had, for the most part, the same gathering of souls there as are present in your world today--and once again you are all getting the opportunity to make decisions and play out the same lessons as you experienced in those days.

During that time in your long-ago past, technology had progressed to the point where it was possible to annihilate every living thing on the planet--much as it is today.  You had created weapons of such mass destruction that it was possible to completely destroy the Earth. However, in the end, the destruction was limited to the land-mass once present in your Atlantic Ocean and your planet's axis shifted.

Now, it is up to you again as to whether you will stop before mass devastation occurs, or, whether you will once again go to the brink of utter destruction--or worse, past the brink and finally blow yourselves into bits and pieces of cosmic particles.

Among you, however, there are those who have become known, over time, as the "Wayshowers".  They are everywhere and usually not at all what you might expect them to be.

Seldom will they appear as the little old man with the funny hat and long white beard, carrying a lantern.  Most likely they will look just like you, but there will be something about them that is striking, that you just can't put your finger on.

These are the ones who seem to have a little extra twinkle in their eyes and who talk as though they tap the Wisdom of the Ages (and they probably do).  They are the ones whose words continue to echo in your ears long after they have passed through your lives.  They are the ones who have been warning you, prompting you, and challenging your most fundamental beliefs. They are the ones who others scoff at and call mad, or doomsayers.

They are the ones to whom you should have listened.  They will never tell you anything that you don't already really know.  They will but bring it to your forward remembrance.

They are the same ones who were with you in those final days of Atlantis.  They were the ones who were shouting the warnings and trying to persuade others to reconsider their works.  They are the ones who were then, as now, scoffed at, laughed at and called mad.  They were the ones who were trying to remind everyone of their responsibilities and their real identities.

Sound familiar?  It should, for most of you who are going to read this message--are the Wayshowers!  You are the ones who are shouting your warnings and pleading with the world to stop the madness now, for you have been there before and you know what the final outcome is going to be if things do not change.

But I digress.  I only mentioned that because you have the Wisdom and the Knowledge within you.  You have the ability to see past the veil.  YOU ARE MIGHTY AND POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS!  You just need to refuse to accept that fear that is holding you back!

I do not know how else to tell you how to bring you from your state of immobility.  Stop the fussing, the fighting, the arguing and become one united mind.  Each of you are powerful within yourselves, but two are more powerful than one and a thousand are a million times more powerful, yet, because it all has to do with channeling the energy that is present in everything, everywhere, about each and every one of you.  And, if you link your channeled energy with that of another, and another, and another, then you will have that much more energy focused and channeled into a particular thing or idea.

Remember Esu "Jesus" Sananda's words: "Where two or more are gathered together, of like mind..."  Chelas, he was talking about exactly what I have tried to say.  You are all individuals, but you are also all an intricate part of a greater whole, and it's that greater whole from which you draw your Power.

That Power is not about guns and knives and weapons.  It is not about money or any material things.  It is not about courts of law and attorneys.  IT IS ABOUT GOD!  And with God, all things are possible, IF YOU BELIEVE AND DO NOT DOUBT!  It is doubt, that comes from fear, that will negate it all, so your first task must be to eliminate your third-dimensional-based fears.

No, it is not easy.  But then, nothing worthwhile ever is easy. Anything you really have to work at, is a lesson you will remember and not forget so easily.

Well, we could go on with this subject for a very long time, but let's face it, chelas, we have been going over this for far too long as it is.  IT IS PAST THE TIME FOR PUTTING OFF UNTIL TOMORROW.  THE TIME HAS PASSED FOR SITTING ON YOUR BACKSIDES.  THE TIME HAS PASSED FOR PASSING THE RESPONSIBILITY OFF UNTO ANOTHER.


The time is upon you when the medium for these messages (this newspaper) may not be available to you.  Then, what do you intend to do?  Will you remember then what you have been told, and start hearing for yourselves, or will you just shrivel up and become part of the nasty statistics?  The choice is completely your own.

Do not look to your neighbor to do it for you.  He has had no more advantages than have you.

It is time to put away your childish behavior and begin to act and live as you should.  It is childish to quibble among yourselves and be jealous of another.  Stop pointing your fingers at one another, for your shortcomings are no less than another's.  Stop running around gossiping and tattling.  It's time you moved up from your third-grade emotions and actions and began to take upon yourselves the full responsibility for selves.

The only reason you are behaving in such a manner is because you are afraid, and by pointing a finger at another, you are hoping that it will take the attention off yourself.  But while that ploy may work with others in your immediate grouping, understand that it does not work with us--and GOD, above all, sees past all those little games.  You might be able to hide your fears from one another, but you cannot hide them from God!

So long as you continue your current behavior, you are never going to step off that wheel of karma.  You see, in order to step off, you have to let go of your fears--all of them, and take full and complete responsibility for every bit of your lives.

You bet, this is a tough message!  But guess what?  It's past time for hand-holding and nose wiping.  It is time for you to grow up and become productive members of the Universe!  But, that decision is completely up to you.

Have a good day and thank you for sitting and penning this message.  I am Toniose Soltec.  I am in service unto the One Light of Holy God.  Blessed art thou, oh children of the Universe!




Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 16, 1998, Pages 39-41.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.