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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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ife's A Real Balancing Act


4/11/98    SOLTEC


Good evening, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Allow for the natural evolutionary flow of thought to manifest around you.

We of the Higher Realms are grateful for that which you do.  We are here to assist you ones when and where we can.  Remember that we can do more to assist when YOU first make effort to assist yourselves!

What you all are going through is what we shall call "growing" pains.  There are often difficulties experienced within the individual who is efforting to understand the Greater Picture of who they are.  Your challenge is one of inner reality versus outer reality.  Both are a product of the same Source, yet they are, also, seeming dichotomies of thought.  There is ONE ultimate "reality" that encompasses the whole of each.

While in the physical, it is, indeed, very difficult to maintain the balance necessary in order to function in BOTH realities simultaneously.  This is to say that most ones are either very physically oriented or they are very spiritually oriented.

There are very few who readily achieve harmony in the spanning of both realities.  This is a most difficult lesson to learn and master.  And yet, there is great value in doing so, for there come great insights into being able to see the True Cause behind that which precipitates events.  In knowing and understanding True Cause, one is, in effect, recognizing that which is their own ability to create.

Also, ones will be able to see and understand that neither they, nor anyone else, are ever a "victim".  They (you) are directly responsible for EVERYTHING that they (you) experience.

You are Creator manifest!  You are also a "player" in the physical arena of your current (physical) environment.  You CAN achieve a balance between the spiritual and the physical.

You have chosen the physical environment for its unique qualities of compressing and amplifying (dramatizing) those areas of your knowing that need to be strengthened.  These same compressive and amplifying qualities of the physical environment can also cause you ones to "forget" who you are or why you have chosen to come into that environment in the first place.

You are very much a non-physical entity, partly experiencing in and through your body.  This is so that you will have a focal point of expression in the physical--an anchor of sorts.  Let not the focal point limit your ability to function in a much greater capacity.

The point here is to say: let not the PERCEPTION of physical "limitations" impede you from anything that you are desiring.  There are (and will be) plenty of opportunities to experience ALL of the physical experiences that you can ever imagine.

But, remember: you are there for your own SPIRITUAL growth and it is for this primary reason that YOU have chosen to experience at this time.

Let not the pressures of the physical environment cloud your understanding of the fact that you are a limitless spiritual being on a spiritual quest of self-knowing.  We of the Hosts will always offer you the reminders that you need (desire) so that you can have the opportunity to see greater reasoning, if you so desire to see same.

Let not the distractions of the physical impede you from your true desire for greater understanding.  Call upon Source for your guidance, and learn to recognize and accept the Greater Hand operating in that which you experience as physical "reality".

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to experience the physical side of your physical expression.  However, when you completely neglect the "spiritual" (non-physical) side of your being, then you will have created prime conditions for the "harsher" physical experiences that will cause your to look within and search for greater understanding.  Note that such "harsh" experiencing is a balancing mechanism--or, to put it another way, there is really NO escaping the TRUE intent (spiritual growth) of your soul.

True balance comes from recognizing the spiritual component (God) in EVERY person that you can see, touch, or feel.  When you can do this, you will be better able to appreciate the true value of the physical environment and the exquisite opportunities it affords you.

Your "reality", "sanity", and "truth" each have plenty of room for growth.  There is no person incarnate in the physical who has mastered completely this balance between physical "reality" and non-physical "reality".  You each have plenty of room to grow in terms of understanding.

There are ones who are very spiritually attuned to their Higher Guidance, yet they are withdrawn from society to a point that they will not share the gifts that are intended to be shared.  These ones are as much lopsided as are the ones who completely avoid anything that they cannot physically see, touch, or feel for themselves.

Most ones who read these messages function "in between", efforting to find that which satisfies the inner desire for fulfillment, with great amounts of time being spent in a trial-and-error approach to deducing what it is that IS fulfilling to them.

Ones often are missing the fact that, unless and until they begin to move toward a greater balance between physical sensing and inner understanding, they will not find the peace they are looking for.  This is to say that as long as ones avoid confronting themselves as they truly are--non-physical beings incarnate into physical bodies with limitless potential for creating--then they will always be seeking to find fulfillment.

This is just the first step toward coming into a more balanced condition of experiencing.  Next is the denial phase.

As ones begin to awaken to the idea of who they are and the true potential of their being, they will often deny that such could be, for they will no longer have any real excuses for why it is that they have had it "so bad".  The truth of the matter is that the reason any ones "have it so bad" is because ones NEED it "so bad" in order to wake themselves up to a greater reality of experience!

Here, again, I remind you ones who wish to narrow my focus to reports on Earth changes and related activities, that I am a Higher Teacher as well as a Brother, come at this time to assist you to integrate into your consciousness the concept that "ALL is connected to ALL".  With respect to the upcoming Earth changes (that I have written about extensively over these many past years), it is now time to integrate those "physical" lessons with their greater spiritual reality (True Cause).  In other words, appreciate that even the upcoming, potentially "harsh" Earth changes are a basic part of physically-oriented man wishing to AWAKEN to the consequences of his imbalances and his general inattention to the spiritual side of his expression.

You are each infinite beings.  This particular experience in the physical is not your first.  You can, if you so choose to, ignore the greater reasons for experiencing--but you will be no closer to finding the inner satisfaction that you are so desperately seeking than you were 100 lifetimes ago.  In that context, perhaps upcoming "harsh" experiences (say from living near or on an earthquake fault zone, or in the vicinity of a potentially active volcano) are just what you desire (and thus have chosen) to finally cause you to awaken to what has escaped your grasp until now.

It is not our place to judge you ones.  We are simply Guides and Wayshowers who have walked the path that you are now on.  We only wish to assist those who desire our assistance.


Many are desperately seeking fulfillment at this time.  We see, for the most part, that the seeking is most often done in a very external and physically-oriented manner.  This is to say that many are looking to other people like cars, houses, clothes, or even food, sex, or drugs.

These are but distractions at best, and the excitement quickly wears off, leaving ones heavily "in debt", either physically or emotionally, or both.  Ones are often left wanting more, and so they go off somewhere to "find" their next big distraction.

The answers that you ones are looking for come from recognizing who you truly are.  This recognition (re-cognition) comes from within.

How can you know that you are more than just your physical body?

How is it that YOU actually know you are conscious?

How is it that YOU know you even "really" exist?

Do you need to go and ask another, or can you determine for yourself the answers to these questions?

What is YOUR relationship with God?

Do you have one?

How do YOU know?

Are you your body, or are you more than a physical mass of electro-chemical combinations?


Let's see:

I can cut off my arm, and I'm still me.

I can have a lung and tonsils removed, and I'm still me.

I can have a heart transplant, and I'm still me.

Now we get into the tricky area--the brain:

If you replace your brain, are you still you?  Since this has not been done successfully in your current level of publicly-known technology, you would likely say: "No, I would not be me."

So, from this limited viewpoint, you may be inclined to think that you are your brain.  Let me just say that it is possible to replace brain tissue in such a manner as to maintain perfect continuity of the brain's original functioning.  So, are YOU your brain?

Please stop for a moment to reflect upon all of the thoughts and emotions that have been triggered by simply going within and asking yourself just these few questions.

Did you have to physically GO anywhere or physically (externally) Do anything?  No!  Yet, you were, in fact, seeking, were you not?

You say: "But this does not apply to me, because I already know that I'm more than just a body!"

Well, this is good; but why is it, then, that so many who claim this awareness are petitioning God for Mr. or Mrs. "Right" to come along, or for money, or for a "better" job, etc., in order to be "happy"?

The answer: Because just knowing that you are more than a body IS BUT THE BEGINNING of awakening to truly understanding the implications of this fact--and of who you REALLY are!  It is among the first steps.

The point of this exercise is to show you that, with diligent inner questioning and reasoning (searching), you will begin to see and understand more and more of who you are.  As this process unfolds, you will begin to draw into your experience those confirmations that will let you know that you are, indeed, on the right path.

It is for this reason that you ones are taught to NOT question authority figures, such as school teachers, politicians, clergy, policemen, judges, doctors, and such.  If you were to begin to develop independent thought--truly thinking for yourselves--then you would not stand for the lies that are meant to keep you pliable to the mind control exercised by these ones in "authority".

True teachers will effort to bring their students to a point of awareness wherein the students will realize they can derive their own answers, independent of the need for the teacher.  Or as the important statement on this subject goes: "The true purpose of education is to teach the student HOW to think, not WHAT to think."

By simply asking yourself the appropriate questions, you will be well on your way to guiding yourself to the answers that you are looking for.  And you will be surprised by the "accidental" discoveries that result during this process of exploration!

Enjoy the physical experience.  But more importantly, effort to understand that which makes the "physical" experience possible in the first place.

There is inner satisfaction awaiting you each.  You need not go anywhere to find it.  Another cannot find it for you.  A determined desire to find it, and knowing that it is there, are the keys to having it.

You each have within you the potential abilities that the Christed one you call "Jesus" has. He is your Brother, not your God.  What he did while incarnate, you too will do--eventually.  Let not your past beliefs and indoctrinations keep you from realizing this "Christ potential" within you.

I am Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, Teacher, Scientist, Philosopher, Artist, Friend, and Wayshower.  I have been sent by OUR Creator so that His promise to you ones will be fulfilled, and so that I, too, may experience and grow.

In His Light--blessings to you all.  Salu!


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 14, 1998, Volume 20, Number 8, Pages 17-18.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.