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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Make Truth, Honesty, And Integrity Your Guides

3/6/99   SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace.

Allow for the forthcoming confrontation to play out its natural course.  The adversary will always try to intimidate, bash, and destroy any who would expose him in the Light of Truth.  We of the Hosts shall stand with you in these times of "head-on" confrontation, for there is a time and a place for everything.  Let Truth, Honesty, and Integrity by your strengths and convictions.

Act in wisdom, certainty, and compassion for these ones are still your brothers and they truly know not what they are doing.  The volatile nature of the reactionary ego pressures will certainly cause these ones to make foolish statements as you have already witnessed.  There has been great outward bashing under the guise of "Hatonn" of ones who did not deserve such bashings.  These ones needed to experience these things and thus helped create the conditions for such confrontations.

This is allowed, to a certain point, in order for you ones to experience the subtle but effective influence of the dark ones.  This only goes on as long as it takes for the impact of the lesson to "sink-in" and this is when there will inevitably be a call for assistance made to Higher Source.

Remember that the purpose for your current environment is to provide you ones with opportunities for growth and learning.  We will effort to help you find the solutions to your problems only after you have truly grasped the nature of the challenge facing you.  True recognition of the nature of your challenges is as much a part of the learning and discerning process as is the finding of the solution.

We monitor closely the frequency of your intent, and when it is in alignment with the high frequency nature of the Higher Self, then there will be the miracle "soul-ution" brought forth into conscious recognition.  When the frequency of intent is of a low-level nature, such as to "get even" or "I'll show you", then there is, to a very great degree, a fundamental disconnect from Higher Guidance.  This will always lead to great hurt on the part of the one who chooses to operate in such a manner.

Seek first inner calm and balance prior to responding to harsh accusations.  Find the inner connection to Source, and know that ALL is connected to ALL, and that harsh words spoken in anger will only serve to disconnect you from the nurturing Light you so deeply desire.  This energy will likewise circle back to you and continue to fester and grow until it either consumes you or you come into understanding that YOU have created the out-of-balance situation in the first place, and simply choose to stop reliving the "nightmare".

Did not Esu "Jesus" Sananda show this to you when he asked forgiveness for those who were impaling his flesh: "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."  Compassion for your brother, who is failing to recognize the Lighted path will always help you to find a balanced solution, for the frequency of TRUE Compassion is born out of Love and Understanding of the true nature of your spiritual heritage.

We are all One within the collective consciousness of Creator God.  What you do to your brother, you also do to the entirety of the collective Oneness that IS Source--GOD!  Remember: "What you do unto the least of mine, you do unto me."

Be kind and compassionate to those who come against you, and you will be doing great service to them in terms of their continued soul growth.  You will likewise be doing a great service to yourself for you will be showing, through action and high-frequency intent, that you have achieved a basic understanding of the true nature of your being and your interconnectedness to ALL that IS.

This is an achievement in consciousness which prepares you for even greater challenges and rewards.  There must first be a truly solid foundation upon which to build, else there will not be given the assistance from Greater Knowing, for it would be spiritually unethical to do so without the proper preparations.  This is to say that you will not be given more than you can responsibly handle.  Responsibility is shown through the results of actions taken and the subsequent balance achieved.

If there are consistently out-of-balance conditions created, then there is always evidence of disconnect from Higher Source.  The amount of balance in any situation is directly proportional to the amount of Life-Force (God) Energy one is willing to allow to flow through them.

As one seeks greater balance and clarity, there will always be challenges of greater magnitude presented, so that you can have the opportunity to appreciate and see the wisdom of remaining connected at all times.

If you wish to grow, there must be that which offers to you a means to appreciate the difference between where you were and where you are.  These contrasting viewpoints are what give you ones the confirmations that you desire and need along your physical journey.

Each of you wish to know the "Great Secrets of Spiritual Truth", yet many of you are reluctant to walk the challenging path of RESPONSIBILITY in order to reach the desired results.  We frequently witness you ones opting for (and rationalizing in your own minds) the easier path, especially where "tough love" confrontations in truth are warranted.

You each must make the journey for yourself.  If you think that another can impart Higher Knowledge to you with words written or spoken, then you err greatly for both the connection and the journey are personal and unique for each of you.  True knowing comes ALWAYS from within, never from without.

We of the Hosts of God can and will guide you each along your journey.  A wise traveler will always be efforting toward strengthening their own inner connection to Higher Guidance.  Learn to discern, for yourself, Truth.  You all can do this, for it is an innate gift given to you by Creator, and "it" is YOUR direct connection to Source.

Be thankful for the "LARGE" challenges for they are indicators that you have grown in ability, knowledge, and responsibility, and that you are now ready for the next level of challenge and subsequent strengthening.  Let not the perceived size of any challenge become overwhelming to you, for you CAN handle the task at hand!

Patience is a natural byproduct of certainty and knowing.  When you find yourself impatient with another or a situation, you can know that your frequency has dropped and that you have withdrawn to some extent from your connection to Source.

Monitor closely all aspects of the emotional responses that you feel from moment to moment, and you will begin to understand how it is that some ones can seemingly discern better than others.  The biggest difference is that the ones who pay attention to all of the subtle clues will begin to recognize the nature of the Higher Self guidance, and use it as it was intended.  Make note of all sensations you have and any correlation to thoughts or ideas that may be associated with them. You will then be well on your way to the next level of understanding, challenge, and subsequent growth.

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec.  I come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  I come as a member of a much larger team of like-minded Lightworkers known as the Host of God.  Our purpose is to assist any and all who wish to have inner spiritual guidance and are willing to go within and connect for themselves to this Higher Knowing.

Be at peace, and go in certainty that God awaits your inner conscious communion.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, March 15, 1999, Volume 24, Number 4, Page 23.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.