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Accepting The Driver's Seat In Your Life


2/2/98    SOLTEC


Good evening, and thank you for sitting at this time.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace, yet know that what you perceive as a critical time upon your world, centered in your Middle East, is indeed so.  However, let not even these distractions detour you from your own duties and preparations at this time.

Before launching into the main subject of this writing, I would like to call to your attention several recent earthquake events.  The first of these was a "M2.6" event in the New Madrid, Missouri region of your United States on Thursday morning, 2/19/98.  (I put these officially reported magnitude readings in quote marks to remind you that such events are purposely generally under-reported, according to what Dr. Young likes to call the "K-mart discount scale of creative measurement".)

In conjunction with two large (approximately M6.0) earthquakes earlier in the week along the mid-Atlantic (Ocean) Ridge, you can begin to arrive at a picture for pressures increasing which are buckling the middle of your continental tectonic plate in that critical New Madrid Fault area which runs north-south approximately along your Mississippi River.  Molten magma material, which is flowing east-west from where it is oozing out along a north-south line in the middle of your Atlantic Ocean, is squeezing the land masses at each shore.

Remember that your continental United States is being squeezed by forces pushing from BOTH sides, and this is resulting in the observed stepped-up earthquake activity starting all the way up at your St. Lawrence River and near Montreal, Canada, on down through the Great Lakes region, and then continuing down to the famous (or should I say soon-to-be infamous) New Madrid Fault region, terminating at the Gulf of Mexico, splitting Texas from Mississippi, right through a sinking Louisiana.  It would be wise to take another look at the Figure Map Of The United States which Gordon-Michael Scallion produced.

While most all attention is focused upon you volatile West Coast, with its heightened storm and earthquake activities, it would be wise to not completely forget about this "sleeping giant" called the New Madrid Fault.  It may prove to be the focus of the greater hysteria and destruction simply because so few have been willing to associate that region with major earthquake activity, compared to your already infamous West Coast, and thus most ones there are quite ill-prepared for what is to happen.

Meanwhile, ever-shaking Japan has been officially "allowed" to have earthquakes again, so long as they do not turn you from the center stage distraction events there called your Olympics.  Those of you who were viewing those events on Friday evening (2/20/98) were briefly and casually informed about a "mere" "M5.2" event, felt by "some" at the Olympics, which was centered near the west coast of Honshu, Japan.

I am not going to list all of the relevant Earth-related activity going on at this time, for such would only overwhelm your already purposely overwhelmed attention spans.  It is enough to simply call to your notice several clues, from what has occurred this past week, which are outstandingly indicative of the further escalation of pressures which shall, soon, result in events of pressure release which will no doubt shock the sleeping masses, and may distract even those of you who think you are prepared for what is to come.

And it is this theme of distraction-from-responsibilities to which I would like to turn, for such is a chronic problem upon your place.

There are many distractions thrown your way at this time.  Beware of those who might impact your day with trivial matters.  It is one thing to help someone who has a true need; it is quite another thing to get distracted into another's drama of perceived helplessness.

You must use your own Inner Guidance and judgment, for the challenge is yours to face and grow from.  Look for the clues and signs, and you will know what is the best choice for you.  Many will come seeking answers, and many will want someone to follow.

These ones are looking for someone to discern FOR them what is appropriate, what is "right", and other matters of private concerns that have little or NOTHING to do with why YOU are there at this time.  This is but a distraction, at the least, and if you bite, it could become quite a "karmic" trap from which you may have future difficulties.  Each MUST learn to discern for self, and a wise person will not even attempt to do so FOR another.

If ones become offended by your reluctance to discern on their behalf, then that is their choice.  From the larger perspective of the soul, they will be thanking you for the assistance that you are, in fact, providing.

Your world is one of opposites.  This is to say that, often, what people think they need is, actually, the exact opposite of what they truly need.

We observe that ones in the physical are easy to give over their responsibility for self to another.  We see this happen when ones of Ground Crew offer assistance to ones with apparent need, and then these ones in "need" often take advantage of the offered generosity to a point of dependency, if the one offering assistance allows that.

This fostering of dependency is NOT a "righteous" thing to do for your brother.  In fact, it is the exact opposite of what he truly needs.

Do NOT misunderstand my point here!

I am not suggesting you contribute to a cold and heartless world.  But for those of you who always fly to the other extreme, of "helping" everyone who asks, all of the time, I AM suggesting the need for cultivating and applying "tough love" in those appropriate instances.  And there will ALWAYS be clues.

It is often the correct action to assist someone in true need.  Offer the assistance and, in doing so, TEACH THE OTHER TO HELP THEMSELVES!  If the other does not wish to learn to help themselves, or gives pitiful excuses as to why they cannot, then let them to THEIR choices.  There are ALWAYS the clues, if you are honest about interpreting what is being displayed in front of you.

It is unwise to short-circuit another's opportunity for growth.  In doing so, you will only cause yourself unnecessary hardship and grief.  Be willing to lead another to water, if they be thirsty, but do not try to swallow it for them.  If they cannot see the value in doing things for themselves, then let them experience the consequences of their choices.

We of the Hosts often witness choices being made which give EVERY indication of a wayward purpose or lack of thoughtful value placement.  For example, how many have money for cigarettes or movies or vacation trips or new gadgets, and yet "cannot afford", or worse, remain dependent upon others for, such as a CONTACT subscription and/or health-promoting items from New Gaia Products?

As we of the Hosts have taught in so many past lessons, be ever attentive to the ENERGY FLOWS in all situations.  Are the flows two-way or one-way in nature?  Are they giving and receiving, or are they talking and taking?  While not difficult discernments, these do take honesty!

You who are truly of Ground Crew have that which you NEED IN THE MOMENT in order to accomplish your mission.  Remember: YOU ARE CREATOR MANIFEST!  You can create that which you need, and you will, when your desire is both strong enough and clear enough.

Ah, but, this is where the adversary gets in: If he does not completely incapacitate you through doubt, he keeps you distracted, and in doing so, he keeps you from marching a straight line to your goal.

When you can become determined and focused upon that which has true wisdom and value, especially that which is consistent with your Higher Self's purpose, then you will manifest the desired end result.  This is where joy enters the equation.

Remember, however, that the fundamental Law of Creation is blind to purpose--desire and determination are the keys--and nowhere is this concept better demonstrated today than in the case of the "success" of the dark elite in manifesting what they desire in your world.  As Commander Hatonn has emphasized so many times, if you Lighted Ones only mustered half of the determination that motivates these dark ones, your world would be a very different, better place at this time!

For those of you who are asking the question about justice, yes, it is true that there are still Higher Laws of Creation which will eventually cause the rebalancing of that which has been manifested or created that is inconsistent with Creator's Higher Purpose. But that, too, is part of your lessons as experiencing beings along the path toward eventual oneness with Creator.

And speaking of paths, the path toward any goal is of secondary concern.  This is to say that the END RESULT is what should preoccupy your thinking, not the infinite possible paths there are to reaching that goal.  Remember how many times we of the Hosts have reminded you that we (as well as your personal Guides) may HELP you along the path, but we shall not do it FOR you.  Yet from our point of view, there are unlimited possible pathways, so don't become preoccupied with any one possible route.

Take the case of ones with an addiction to a chemical substance.  These ones will become greatly fixated upon their desire for their next "fix" (euphoric high derived from the chemical substance).  In doing so, they begin to set in motion creational energies that will spawn an idea that will lead them to fulfilling their desire.  These ones often cannot hold down a job, but can manifest enough money to support a $1000-a-day drug habit.  Why?  Because their desire is that strong!  Ethics and morals, as you ones perceive them, have little to do with one's basic ability to focus and thus manifest, at least in the short term.  Naturally if what you are manifesting is of a destructive nature, it shall eventually teach you that lesson too.

Clarity of thought has become one of the greatest challenges facing you of Ground Crew.  The primary challenge that many of you encounter is learning to mentally cope with the "denseness" associated with the environment of your planet.

This denseness that I refer to is in the frequency range of MENTAL activity.  There is great and deliberate bombardment aimed directly at the mental "electrical field" of your bodies, in order to keep those of you who are awakening (and thus gathering creative inertia) distracted and off-balance long enough so that the intended enslavement of your planet can be realized.

You who are awakening are the single greatest threat to these elite controllers, for you hold within your collective creativity the solution that will unravel their plans.  When your desire for justice becomes great enough and deep enough, you will draw to you the idea(s) necessary to expose, and thus topple, these ones who think themselves greater than the rest of you.

The recent media-orchestrated fiasco (from the point of view of the elite planners) at Ohio State University is a good example of the dark elite's plans gone awry due to too many of you remaining awake despite weeks of mind-numbing propaganda that was calculated to stir you into a frenzy FOR a war in the Middle East.  Oops!  Could the dark elite have overestimated their power? Might they have grown a bit too smug toward the success of their precious goal of world control?  If they be so great, then why is it that they so thoroughly fear the Truth?

The truth of the matter is that greatness comes from within, and they operate from a purely external, physical, non-caring, detached point of view.  They know not the meaning of the term INNER SATISFACTION.  These ones derive pleasure from taking and destroying, for such generates emotional responses in the only frequency range in which they can actually FEEL anything at all!  These ones are efforting to feel "alive", but, at the expense of their only true connection to Life.  While they may be great at manifesting their desires (to a point), their ignorance of basic spiritual truths keeps them from experiencing the Greater Reality that is fundamental to what you term experiencing joy.

"Learn to accept those things that you cannot change."  Yes, but first learn to RECOGNIZE those things that you CAN change! This, again, goes back to personal discernment.  The complete gem of a saying goes like this: "Lord, grant me the Courage to change the things I can, the Patience to accept the things I cannot, and the Wisdom to know the difference!"

Can you change the state of your world?  Yes, by recognizing those un-Godly practices that impede true freedom, AND taking appropriate action to correct them, which requires effort.

Can you truly change another's thoughts regarding anything?  NO!  The thoughts of an individual are for them to choose.  You can, however, educate ones who have, first, the desire to learn.  It is unwise to try to push in anyone's face, this writing or any information that an individual resists for any reason.

The information in CONTACT is primarily for the purpose of awakening Ground Crew.  It also acts to alert the adversarial forces to our (Higher, the Hosts of God) presence so that they, too, can have the opportunity to wake up and realize the wisdom of maintaining an inner connection with Creator Source.

Those who are "in between" are the souls who are here to experience choices between "inner (soul) connection" and "outer (physical) detachment".  We are here to assist any and all who would have the desire to more fully recognize and utilize their own Inner Potential.

God's Plan allows for us to help anyone, no matter what they have done in their past.  When ones ask with the heart, and truly acknowledge their past ignorances, they shall be given all the help they can handle in a balanced and acceptable manner.  God knows the heart intent of each individual and there is no tricking Him with silly plays on words.  Your agreements with Him are made in the universal language of heart intent, a language in which physical words, with limited and obscure meanings, play no part at all.

As Ground Crew, you are expected to learn to utilize your own God-given ability to discern for selves what it is that you are to do from day to day and moment to moment.  When your physical (ego-based) intent is in alignment with your (Higher) heart intent, the connection to Source, which brings assurance of path and conviction of purpose, will be most evident.  In overcoming this challenge (the alignment of intents), you will begin to find the answers to such questions as:

"What is my purpose?"

"What can I do to be a part of this larger game?"

"Am I really a part of Ground Crew?"

These are common questions about which many of you are petitioning for answers.  These are questions that are answered from within, in the form of heart-felt Knowing.

Learn to focus clearly upon any questions that you have. If need be, ask yourself: "How would Hatonn, Sananda, Germain, Lanto, etc., answer this question?  (This is the mental attunement process which was basically how this receiver started out--long before he ever got the idea to write down our responses.)

Sit down and write out, to the best of your ability, how you feel that the entity of your choice would answer your question.  Hint: We are Teachers and we will help you to find your answers, but we will almost never dump the answer upon you.  You will be guided, often through a series of questions that will help you to learn to discern your own answers.

Often you can find your own answers by knowing what questions to ask selves.  Many of you already do this naturally, and simply miss the fact that we are the ones who help you to formulate the questions in the first place.

Choose what works best for you and TRUST that you are NEVER alone--NEVER!  You ALL have been appointed personal Guides, but if you are not sure enough about your Guides to interact with them in a direct fashion, then forget about that route and go straight to the One Light Source with your questions.  Be not distracted over who may or may not be YOUR Guide(s).  Keep the Light all about you and let your intent ALWAYS be within the highest frequency of Light you can imagine.

In these times of massive, planned distractions, you will each be confronted with orchestrated, artificial events which will seem so real that the only way to know they are not is to pay close attention to what your heart is telling you.  The perfection of current holographic technology is beyond what any of you can imagine.

If you get nothing else from this message, please recognize the value in consciously making YOUR own connection to Source, for therein can you fulfill YOUR responsibility to discern for yourself.  This is YOUR experience and YOUR growth; do not expect another to do it for you!

May you not allow yourself to be distracted from finding YOUR inner Source connection.

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec, come in the Light of the One Light Source of ALL That Is.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 24, 1998, Volume 20, Number 1, Pages 44-45.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.