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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Thought-ful Tools For Meeting The Challenges Ahead

8/30/98 SOLTEC


Good afternoon, my friend, and thank you for sitting to write when there is so much else to attend!  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.

Allow for the changes in "life" to evolve and come forth.  You shall see the rewards for your efforts come back to you many times over.  All will come full circle in proper sequence.  There is no need to concern self with all of the INFINITE possible variables that could impact or influence these changes.  Allow for your intent and inner desire to carry you forever forward and you will see that all will work out in perfection.

These are indeed magnificent times in which to experience.  The opportunities available to you ones are most unique and perfect for providing you with the challenges that will enable you to stretch beyond who you are or have been.

There will always be choices to be made and each choice will determine the subsequent experience that you will have.  This will NEVER change and you will find that, with experience and growth, the choosing will become easier and easier.  There will always be those choices which are difficult to make, for as you grow, you will inevitably seek a greater challenge.

If you were to reach a point of zero potential for growth in your present life, you would simply leave that experience (transition out) and move on to a more productive situation.  There will always be newness to experience, for the variables of "life" are truly infinite and evolving.  You can neither grow too much nor too fast.  The greater the rate of growth, the greater the rate of change, and thus the subsequent awareness of new variables or possibilities.

There will always come the next challenge.  It is by design and universal desire that this fact can be stated as a "universal law". One cannot escape it, for it is the fundamental awareness of the Creation that infuses all life with the Life-Force energy that brings forth consciousness.  This is to say that it is a desire that spans all dimensional "realities" and permeates all aspects of all possible electromagnetic frequency spectra.

Learn to embrace the changes that you will inevitably experience, for change is the excitement and newness; it is the inner desire that you ones seek.  You are all explorers on a journey that is without end.  Death (transition) of the physical body is perhaps a resting point for some of you, and yet all the while you are quite busy planning your next great adventure.

Allow for the element of time.  It is a buffer for those of you who are experiencing in the physical.  You need it so that ones can slow down the creative process enough to truly examine it in great detail, so as to have a unique opportunity to study the energy flows of the creative process itself.

Focus carefully your thoughts, for you create that which you dwell upon.  If you wallow in your fears, you will surely find yourselves closing off from one another and withdrawing from "life".  If you lack excitement, then it is surely because you have disconnected yourself from the inner security of knowing that you are infinite and immortal.  This is to say that, out of fearful (or doubtful) thinking is born a desire to be overly cautious.  This out-of-balance desire for security is always based upon fear of losing that which you have, or never having that which you think you want.

These are subtle but powerful emotional emanations that will always be a part of your experience.  Part of you challenge is to amplify and recognize the subtle habitual thoughts that play in your minds like a "skipping" record, forever repeating the same track on an album.  Every now and then some one or some thing will come into your experience and "jar" (or jolt) the record player so that you can move on.  This "jarring" will almost always be uncomfortable at first, but the aftermath will always prove to be quite valuable.

The key here is to learn to first recognize for yourself these "stuck" recordings that play continuously within your mind, and then get the "needle" (energy translational device) moving again!

In doing so, you will always find that, after the "chaos" settles, you will have accepted change and move forward in a new direction, with new experiential knowledge (tools), and new and evolving challenges.  THIS WILL ALMOST ALWAYS CURE ANY BOREDOM IN WHICH YOU MAY BE WALLOWING!

You are part of a larger Whole which spans many dimensional "realities" and connects you to one another in a most direct manner.  This connection draws you ones, there in the physical at this time, together for common types of experiences and challenges unique to your current environment.  This bond also draws many of us, who have agreed to be your Guides, into your experiences as well.

We, in turn, call upon counsel from yet Higher Source still, as we too are faced with challenging decisions and choices.  The net result is a massive collective experience that causes all beings, everywhere, to expand their awareness.

Among many ones from many different levels and realms of experience and awareness, this common desire to experience the opportunities that you now have available also can be looked upon as a "planetary karmic-type of connection".  This is to say that there will be challenges on all levels of societal structure.  You will be faced with personal growth, growth in a family setting, growth in community or group settings, and growth as a planetary species as a whole.  There are many aspects to each of these general groupings, and each of them overlap in many ways.

This overlap would be as follows: Let's say that you take the time and effort to go through extensive training to become a skilled healer.  You may have to put focus on a "narrow" part of your life experience.  As you are going through your training, you will be interacting with others on the same or similar course, in group types of settings, and in individual settings.  Let's say that, when you finish your training, you treat someone who then goes on to discover and share a new method of producing energy that subsequently feeds your starving world.

Do you see the interconnectedness in this example?  And how YOU (just one person) could assist in "feeding" the world!

You are ALL part of the planetary condition that has evolved at this time.  You both contribute to this condition, and modify it on a DAILY basis.

Most of you will not accept the personal responsibility for your planetary condition, and thus do everything you can to avoid taking an active, CONSCIOUS role in changing it.  HOWEVER, on another plane of awareness, you are crying out for balance!

Those of you who are more "in touch" with these other levels and dimensions of awareness will feel a strong desire for balance. This desire swelling up within much of mankind is what is summoning forth great global changes (challenges) so that there WILL BE the return to balance.  Count on it!

This "restlessness" is the same reason your dark elite controllers do NOT wish to place too many, too fast into a state of feeling desperate and trapped.  People feeling desperate and trapped, if they do not become overwhelmed with fear, will most often become VERY focused upon the desire to survive, and will thus create the conditions that will ensure their survival.

This sort of strong emotional desire, coupled with extreme focus, will wreck the suppressive plans of these dark elite controllers EVERY TIME!  Though they can observe the phenomena, they are powerless to do anything about it, for the energy summoned forth and focused in this manner MUST manifest the desire.

As the people of your world head closer and closer to the point of mass awareness of their "desperate" situation, you ones will find that you are coming closer and closer to great and "catastrophic" events that will ensure the ones who survive to be JOLTED into a new mental and emotional attitude and focus.  From this "new" perspective, ones will no longer tolerate the lies and deceit.  The house of cards, with all of its illusionary coverings, will crumble as ones demand answers and see Truth.


Please give careful thought to these words, for they are in response to your petitions to have the "tools" that you need in order to face and overcome your coming challenges.

I am Ceres Anthonius Soltec.  I come in the Light of Creator Source (God of Light).  I am a Messenger and Guide to your planet Herself, and to many ones around your globe.  Be not mistaken about the Power that lies within you each--it is limitless and infinite!




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, September 1, 1998, Volume 22, Number 2, Pages 16-17.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.