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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Still Thyself And Hear God's Voice Within


6/22/98   SOLTEC


Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God.  Be at Peace.

There is much happening in your world as your clocks continue to tick ever so regularly as if "nothing" could ever change.  Each moment that passes brings forth change, even if you see it not.  The clues are all around you, if you but look and see.

"But," you say, "there have not been these terrible earthquakes or massive shiftings of the planet's waters."  I say to you that, from the point of view that we monitor on a regular basis, they are occurring this very moment, as you read this.  Maybe nothing drastic has personally impacted you yet; however, the subtle signs of change are there nonetheless.

These changes are perceptible if you tune your attention properly.  Most of you never even notice the thousands of subtle Earth shiftings that happen each and every day that are below a magnitude of 1.0 on your measuring scales.

How many of you perceive the decay of your own body from moment to moment?  Do you sense the decay of, let's say, a tooth with a bacteria etching the outer enamel layers?  Or, do you wait until the decay has progressed to a level where a nerve is exposed, and only then decide to take note?

We observe that many of you are too mentally preoccupied with the outer world of your existence to take the ounce of preventive "time" that it would take you to still yourselves and listen within to the sound of your own heart-beat or feel the sensation of blood flowing through your veins and arteries.

As caretakers of your planet, how is it that you plan to take preventative care of a massive organism such as she, if you cannot even monitor yourselves?  No, you cannot, and your actions, as a whole, confirm this statement.

You can deny that the teeth in your mouth are rotting or that the mineral array in your body is out of balance.  But such behavior will not change the fact that the nerves in your teeth will become exposed or that your kidneys will someday give way.

So, too, can you deny that there are any great Earth changes coming.  The denial will not change the fact that such are coming; it will only allow you to perhaps continue in your irresponsibility for another short bit of time.

All of the warnings that you ones need have been penned prior, and printed here, over and over again.  Those of you who do give a damn about selves and do wish to stand as example for the world to see, have prepared for these eventualities. Those of you who sit on the fence and continue to procrastinate, will soon find your fence shaken-out from beneath your firmly seated and dearly coveted assets.

We witness that many of you have the time and money to go out and purchase new vehicles to drive or fancy clothes to wear, and then go about complaining that you do not have enough money or time in order to prepare for emergencies.  The excuses will not feed your children, grand-children, neighbors, or friends. You ones will also be the ones who pray the most for God to come and save you or help you in your time of desperation.

Every day God will tell you that your enamel of protective covering is eroding and that you need to attend this before more extreme measures are needed.  Do you listen?  For the most part, the answer is--NO, you do not!

Why?  Because you do not take the time to still selves and discipline your own minds to receive the vast array of information available to you each.  You are each quite capable of connecting within for your own guidance and information, yet many of you rely solely on others to do it for you.

Again, you who refuse to accept your personal inner responsibilities for self will be the ones who cry the most for help.  Learn to help yourselves, for in doing so you will be able to deal with any and every challenge that you may ever encounter, regardless of the situation.

Your current environment is as plastic and malleable as is the clay that a sculptor uses to convey an inner idea into a physical representation.  It is your challenge to master this form of expression.

You each hold the key to understanding and utilizing the inner ability to KNOW, yet you will shrug-off the memories of doing so and say that it was only a "coincidence" and that you really didn't do anything.  NO!  Coincidences are merely the conscious recognition of the synchronicity of your place in the universe and how you relate to all therein.

Coincidences usually stand out in your mind as having some sort of significance even if you do not appreciate the confirmations that they are.  Perhaps they are answers to prayers and you just are not connecting the answer with the question.  Again, many of you will pray for (focus your desire upon) many different things, and when the answer comes, you most often miss the connection between the desire and the fulfillment.  This, too, points to a lack of self-discipline.

If you continue to refuse to learn for yourself, then there is only so much we can do beyond continually asking you ones to go within and connect for self.  GO WITHIN AND CONNECT FOR SELF!  GO WITHIN AND CONNECT FOR SELF!!!!!

You are the answer. You can modify and change the outcome of the play. You can create the necessary conditions for yourself in order to ride-out the roughest of times upon your globe.  Or, you can simply allow yourself to become the "victim" of your own lack of self-discipline and self-worth.

We of the Hosts have held your hand and walked with you through your various stages of awakening.  We will continue to offer assistance--but you have to be willing to "hear" the message, "feel" the nudge, and most importantly, pay attention to the clues that are being offered EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY!

When you-the-student are ready, we will always be there for you!  ALWAYS, it is our desire and God's promise to you each.  You get "ready" by disciplining yourself and going within and accepting the gifts offered.

Please ALWAYS remember to call upon the Lighted Brotherhood for protection.  If you are not comfortable with this term that may sound "New Age" to you, then simply call upon God--the One who created YOU!

It is the intent of the heart that is monitored.  Half-hearted attempts will likely bring half-hearted entities and half-hearted results. Remember: like attracts like.  When you demand honesty, truthfulness, and clarity, and make these attributes part of your character, then you will ensure a Lighted connection at all times.

Will the Earth changes come as prophesied?  Yes and No.  Yes, they will appear to some to happen just as foretold, and yet others will see the same events differently.  Each person's ability to perceive is unique and different, therefore you will have varying accounts.  Those who are experiencing in underground bases will experience from a vastly different perspective and understanding than, let's say, ones who live in self-sufficient rural environments or in large cities.

Just as the ancients of your world would perceive our craft as "chariots" (vehicles of the day) of "fire" (the only item to compare the lighting of our craft to), so too will you ones relate to what you witness in terms of your abilities to understand what you are seeing.  Learn to accept that there is a greater knowledge beyond your current perception.  But more importantly, learn to accept that it is your God-given right to "tap-in" to this knowledge any time you may desire to do so.  It is up to YOU to recognize this connection for self!

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec, elder brother and geophysical scientist overseeing the various transitionary stages of your planet's cleansing and rebalancing into health at this time.  She continually petitions that each and every life-form on and within her may find inner peace and their connection to Source (Creator God).  When was the last time you petitioned on her behalf?

In Light and Service to the One Light, Creator Source, blessings to you all.  Salu.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 23, 1998, Volume 21, Number 5, Pages 20-21.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.