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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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7/9/93   SOLTEC



Good evening, Toniose Soltec present in the Holy Light of the one Creator God.  As we sit to write this evening, let us take a few moments to reflect upon that which we are--that being a portion, or fragment, if you will, of that Divine Light of Creation--a physical expression of Divine Thought from the Mind of Creator God.

You ones are of Divine origin, expressions of the Creator, each one individual, yet all inexorably linked and connected one to another by this Divine Light.  Only through this knowledge can you ones ever hope to "redeem" your world out of the darkness which has its long shadow cast upon it.  This Light is the enemy of the darkness and one small spark has ability to extinguish a vastness of dark influences.  Many sparks of the Divine Light make an intensely brilliant Light and have the ability to absorb ALL the darkness present upon your world.

A few steps forward have been taken in recent days, yet there is much work still to be done by you who are of the Light.  Each step forward is a milestone in these days of trouble.  Yet, do not be so overwhelmed by the victories lest your enemy attack from another direction, for this is always the case.

The enemy does not take well to losing his battles, and you ones can rest assured, that each time you see a small victory for freedom and for God, the enemy will strike back even harder, for his time grows ever shorter with each passing day.  Therefore, it is more important than ever to allow your Light to shine outward, that you are vigilant, for the battle is not yet finished.  This fight shall be won one small victory at a time--consistently.


You still have before you many serious battles--one of which is the man-made and genetically-altered viruses.  Has the little episode in the "Four Corners" region gone away?  What do you think?

The problem still exists, but you ones are simply being programmed through your Elite controlled media to switch attention to other things:  For instance, how about your president's trip to Japan and his giving away billions upon billions of dollars, which you do not have--to other countries, yet your own vice president offers to LOAN MONEY WITH INTEREST to the farmers in your own country!  Does this not raise some eyebrows out there somewhere?  Wherein lies the loyalty of those ones who are your leaders?  Wake up, America, for your shopkeepers are giving away the store to the enemy!

These farmers are up to their necks in farm loans and subsidies which the government knows full well can never be repaid, and yet they offer still more indebtedness to those whose very lives have been washed away down the river!  Charity is a most wonderful quality, yet, as your old saying goes, "Charity begins at home"!  Your nation cannot support itself, and yet it is going to support more foreign countries?  People, your nation is bankrupt!  There is no money to loan or give away!

So do not be lulled into thinking that all is well with your world, for all is not well, and the viruses have not gone away.  There will now be new rounds of new bacteria and viruses from all the flooding along the Mississippi, for the water treatment plants have all flooded and are incapable at this time of providing potable water for consumption and are incapable of treating the waste water, as well.  And, with all the wet areas, the mosquito population can be expected to increase, along with the associated diseases.

In addition to the flooding, there have also been extremely high winds and tornadoes.  The crops in fields are completely gone, and much livestock has been killed as well, now, so you can expect shortages and higher prices in the months to come, as this area of your country is the "Bread Basket" of the world.  The losses are already being estimated as exceeding that which was lost during your hurricanes of last year.

What effect do you suppose this will have upon your already floundering insurance companies?  Will they now threaten to pull out of the Midwest, or will this finally be the straw that bankrupts the insurance industry?

So, you see, Chelas, things are not well with your world.  That is why it is so important that you ones continue to remain ever vigilant.  For while you might be busy guarding the back door, the fox can slip in the front.  It is, therefore, important to keep watch on all fronts.


Let us move our attention now to a different subject.  There has been renewed seismic activity which occurred within your Pacific Ocean this past week.  The events of which I speak are two earthquakes in the region of the Easter Islands.  On July 5, there was an earthquake registering 5.5 on your scales, and on July 6 there was another shaker that registered 6.0 on your scales.  These two are especially significant due to their location.  As we have discussed in the past, in this area there is a cluster of approximately 1100 volcanoes, all of which are considered active.  This chain of volcanoes is situated along the Eastern Pacific Rise, an underwater chain of mountains in the Pacific Ocean, extending from the Baja Coast south, the full length of South America.

Remember also that in this area you will find the confluence of five plates--the Pacific Plate, Antarctic Plate, Nazca Plate, Cocos Plate, and the North American Plate.  The Pacific Plate, Nazca Plate, Cocos Plate, and Antarctic Plate are moving away from one another, while on the opposite sides, all these plates are converging with yet other plates.  The area where the plates are moving away from one another in known as a "spreading center".  The pulling apart splits the crust, allowing the hot mantle material to push the lithosphere upward and is responsible for the presence of the volcanoes.

These volcanoes have been doing a lot of rumbling, which is producing the earthquakes of late in the area.  So, this is definitely an area of your world to keep you eyes on.  Also remember that any seismic or volcanic activity involving the Pacific Plate, and especially on the eastern edge of the Plate, has direct effects upon you ones who reside on the Western Coast of North America, for all is interconnected.

Just yesterday, July 8, you ones had another shaker in the Barstow, California area--I believe that it was reported to be in the 3.8 area, or something like that.  There have also been other, related small shakers associated with this one.

On July 1, there was a "small" tremor near the important southern intersection point of several Northern California faults in the area of Salinas, California.  So, as you can see, all is not quiet on the San Andreas earthquake front.

Furthermore, the Alaska area continues to shake, as does the Indonesian area.  So, just because you ones are not seeing or hearing this from your controlled media, does not mean that nothing is taking place.  It is simply business as usual and keeping such information from you ones.  The controllers would rather have you informed about the latest diet, latest fashions, and Hollywood gossip--for this way, you are kept pacified and pabulum-fed--"sheltered and protected" from all the Bad News, such as that which the Hosts bring unto your world.

Do we enjoy spreading "doom and gloom"?  Of course not, yet you ones have greater need of this information than that which you are being spoon-fed, for as we have stated in the past, knowledge is the only effective weapon against the enemy.  This enemy can not be defeated with guns and arrows, for it is first a spiritual battle in which you ones find yourselves and you simply cannot shoot your way out of a spiritual battle.  The only thing that shooting will get you is dead--and then the enemy will have won the round.  Certainly, you will continue onward, but should you desire or need to continue your work here, you will have to re-enter the world from birth and begin all over again.  So it is not only foolish, it is also not time-effective, and time is of the utmost importance to you ones today, for you are rapidly running out of it!


Your Eastern United States is presently in the grips of a terrible heat wave, with record high temperatures everywhere.  This is in the same area that experienced the winter "Storm of 1993" this past winter.  I am telling you ones that you are being bombarded with a vengeance at this time and, unfortunately, it only promises to get worse.

I am reminded by my scribe of a statement made at the beginning of 1993 by one of your psychics.  He stated that 1993 was going to be one of those years in which people would want tee-shirts saying "I SURVIVED 1993!"  So far, Kali believes that this person was right on target, and the year is only half over!  So hold on to your hats, Chelas, it's not over yet.




It is, therefore, important for you ones to continue to stay informed, and not become lax in your preparation, for come today, tomorrow, or a year from now, you will be glad when the time comes that you have prepared in advance.

Chelas, we cannot give you absolute time frames, for it is simply not possible.  We have discussed this previously, as well.  Every passing moment of every passing day has effect upon projections and probability outcomes.  It is simply impossible for us to update you as often as it would be necessary.  Besides which, it would merely create more confusion and frustration on your part and you ones already have ample dosage of such.

However, know that the only thing that has changed at this point is the time frame.  The faults remain in the weakened, fragile state, the volcanic activity is still occurring, the weather patterns are continuing to change constantly creating all sorts of problems, the magnetic grid is still being tampered with and causing physical, emotional, and psychological problems with people, your governments are still playing the game of "cat and mouse" with you ones, and on it goes.

You must, therefore, continue to hold the Light of God about you, taking the Truth unto all the corners of your globe to all who will receive same.  This Truth is still the Light in the darkness and they who are the bearers of the Light have taken on a great responsibility that is not always what your world would refer to a "fun life", yet it is absolutely necessary--the only hope your world has.  So, let that Light shine forth brightly and proudly, for it shall be a blessing unto your planet.

Let us draw this to a close, as the hour has grown late and it has been a very long day.  As always, I leave you with the blessing of Holy God and His Hosts.  Thank you ones for your service, for without you ones, your world would be forever destined to remain in the darkness.

Toniose to clear.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 13, 1993, Volume 2, Number 3, Page 29-30.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.