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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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2/26/93 #1   SOLTEC


Good evening.  Soltec present in the Radiant Light of Holy God of Creation, in service of the Host of Heaven, serving only that One, Holy God of Light.  Our mission is known by your terms as Earth Transition.  You grow nearer that time of stepping through the doorway into the Light as we sit to write this day.

All about you there are changes taking place in all aspects and areas of your physical existence. Your world maps change daily as kingdoms war against kingdoms and redraw the lines of national distinction; your topographic maps change daily as new lands are created by the ever changing nature of the very planet itself; the weather patterns are in a rapid state of change as storm after storm pelts your world, while other parts of the globe are drying into desert dust.  Famine and plagues of every variety imaginable attack the masses as the Adversary struggles to maintain the bonds of slavery over you, in attempt to stall off the inevitable demise of his reign.  Your own president works diligently day and night to take more and more of your lives away as he responds to the puppet master manipulating the strings of control.

Lies abound as the controllers step up the pace, knowing full well that The Truth is alive and awakening the sleeping masses.  Many in your own countrymen who have awakened to this Truth are starting to speak out against the government. It may be a small sector, but it must begin somewhere, and Chelas, it has begun!  But a word of caution: Do not become over confident, as the Adversary has no intention of giving up the fight.  The new awakening of the masses will cause yet a greater resistance from the adversarial side.  You see, he does not have a very good sense of humor when he is on the losing side and will come out of his corner of the ring with renewed vigor and anger.  So, step firmly, but step carefully, as there are many traps which have been set for you ones.  You ones tire of the word, but DISCERNMENT is your key to success and perhaps your very survival.

Survival is paramount if this world is going to make it.  You are in the midst of a great battle, and it is extremely important that you ones understand the seriousness of the mission.  You must work together as a team, with one another, not against one another.  The greatest threat from the enemy is division.  If you can be divided, you can be conquered, and believe me when I tell you that there is no greater threat at this time.  Hold the course--for you are about to take the most difficult enemy camp and you must work as a team, all working toward the goal.

You who are ground crew members are the ones on the front lines taking the greatest amount of assaults and hits.  You have been placed in this position because of your experience and knowledge.  Remember, to whom much is given, much is required.  You have received much in the manner of The Truth and now it is time for you ones to put that education to work.  How much have you learned?  How much of this can you apply in this mission?  It is the time for the doing, and there is much to be done.

A great portion of that Truth is working together as ONE, supporting the team at every turn, laying aside the personal ego of the "I wants", and realizing and doing that which is for the betterment of the team.  The work is so much easier when performed by many hands all working together toward the goal.  Keep this in mind in the days ahead as the Adversary picks up steam.  Your world is about to explode all around you ones and this is the time for which you have been in training.


I need to once again address an old subject that has been left unattended recently due to all the critical issues which have been the forefront of attention.  The subject is preparedness.  You have been given a little forewarning and you should have taken this into consideration, yet as we scan the thought frequencies, we find that it has been greatly forgotten and ignored of recent.

The Earth Changes which we speak of in every writing are continuing, and in fact are accelerating. How many of you have rotated your stored water and canned goods?  How many have checked the integrity of batteries and supplies of candles, matches and emergency or alternate fuel supplies? How many have checked and prepared emergency and survival medical supplies--including natural remedies?  Preparing for the moment of the disaster is but a very small portion of your survival. Preparations for the aftermath is another thing altogether and is potentially long-term.


The recent flooding situations across your country should have been a strong reminder to you that in a matter of hours or minutes you could be in survival mode.  In many areas the flood waters have only now begun to do their greatest damage as the waters from overfilled reservoirs and rivers pour into tributaries and flood the lowlands.

The after-effects of this massive amount of water will be felt long after the water itself has receded as many are now left homeless and farmlands are unable to be cultivated.  This is going to leave a shortage of many foods, which of course will precipitate extreme increase in prices at your supermarkets.  The insurance companies are already in dire trouble from the hurricanes of last summer, and now there will be even more trouble as these victims of the floods begin to assess their losses and file claims to recoup their losses.

Roads and bridges to many areas have been completely cut away by the power of the water, leaving these areas totally cut off, reachable only be air.  Where will the money come from to satisfy all the insurance claims and the road repairs?  This will mean yet greater insurance premium payments and greater taxes.  How many of you ones have enough money to dump into these empty coffers? I thought so.


Money for you ones to get by on is all but gone, and that which is not yet gone will be as soon as Mr. Clinton and his cronies begin to levy upon you the greatest tax increases in the history of your country.  Plan 2000 is proceeding at full-speed-ahead, Chelas.  It is time that you were prepared, for time is just about out.  When the money is gone, you will need something to survive on and it had best be that for which you have prepared.  Otherwise, you will become slaves of the government, rounded up and encamped in government-operated work camps, which will be nothing more than concentration camps.  These are already being prepared and many are ready for use at this time.  This is how your government plans to "take care" of the ones who are the "poor unfortunate" unable to care for selves.

This is no exaggeration, precious ones!  It is the plan and you who want the government to take care of everything for you are playing right into their dirty little hands.  WAKE UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SELVES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  IF YOU DO NOT DO IT FOR YOURSELVES, THEN IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU AND YOU SHALL HAVE NOT CHOICE IN THE MATTER, SAVE TO CHOOSE DEATH!  And the latter is totally acceptable to the Adversary for it is his ultimate goal to destroy God's people.


Many ask questions of where to go in order to be safe during these coming days.  You want to know where to go, when to go, and what to do when you get there.  If you have to ask these questions after all the information that has been given unto you, then I wonder how many are truly listening and learning.  In past writings by myself and by Commander Hatonn, you have been given much information on this subject.  If you have not read those JOURNALS which deal with this matter, then I would admonish you ones to go back and restudy.  You might consider beginning with SURVIVAL IS ONLY TEN FEET FROM HELL.  It deals quite succinctly with how to prepare yourselves for that which is coming upon your world.  If you have not yet laid out a plan, I would strongly suggest that you do so immediately.

The earthquakes are increasing and have been reported to you weekly.  We have given you information about the location, causes, and probabilities of future activity in certain areas.  These are not considered "safe places".  Likewise, we have given you the same information regarding volcanic activity, and again, these are not considered "safe places" either as this is where you ones will be "rounded up" or quarantined by the authorities.  Again, DISCERNMENT is the key issue.  You have been given so much information on this matter that you should be able to make these decisions for selves.  Remember, it is not our position to do it for you.  Our job is to inform and assist.  Your job is the doing.

At this very moment, however, it is imperative that you do not go off and form "survivalist communes".  This is only going to call attention to you and signal the authorities to watch you very carefully.  It is the time to be making preparations, yes, but you need to remain an active part of your society and "blend in".  By calling attention to yourself, you are only marking yourself for trouble.

Go about your normal routine and business.  Stay out of the business of protests, obey the laws, pay your taxes, keep all your permits and licenses in scrupulous order and behave yourselves. Learn when to speak and when to remain silent and to whom to speak and to whom to remain silent with.  If you will stay close to God and to the Hosts, you will know when the time has come to make the move.  In the meantime, STAY THE COURSE AND STAY ALIVE!  DEAD MARTYRS ARE INEFFECTIVE WORKERS.  GOD NEEDS YOU ALIVE ON THIS EARTH.

I realize that there is much here for you to digest, and in some manner it may sound harsh to some. Yet, our only concern is that you ones are informed of The Truth and that this same Truth will be your weapon and your source for preparation and survival.  We are not allowed to interfere with your destiny, whatever that destiny shall be.  It is your world's choice to shape and mold your own destiny.  We shall guide and teach, but we shall not do it for you.  We are ever present and ever willing to assist in the manner in which we are permitted and we shall not depart until this mission is completed.  We are like the mother bird that must watch as her youngster attempts his first flights. She instructs and demonstrates and is there as support, but she can not fly for her child, and neither can we.  You must learn to fly under the power of your own wings.

Let us close this writing.  May the Light of Holy God bathe you in Warmth and Radiance and Divine Love.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 2, 1993, Volume 22, Number 6, Pages 14-15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.