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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Thoughts To Reflect Upon In Times Of Challenge


1/29/98   SOLTEC


Good evening, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.

All is well.  Thank you for hearing the call and responding.  These are times of preparation.  Be thankful for each day as there are indeed few left between now and such time as many ones of your world have a severe jolt to their reality--quite literally.

For those of you who are Internet literate, and thus can have regular access to the real-time earthquake and volcano information available on the Net, you should be more than aware of the escalating build-up of pressures all around your planet.  I would merely call your attention to several recent signs and clues, and especially to the satellite data concerning your sea surface temperatures.  I would also remind you of the news your controlled media could not hold back concerning the new underwater volcano activity just off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Do you think this unprecedented upsurge of activity is normal? Do you think the sleeping ones will care enough to open their eyes and prepare for what is imminent?

Be not concerned with the plight of another, for they have their lessons and you have yours.  Trust in we of the Hosts for your guidance through these times of great change.  Have faith in your heart that we of the Lighted realms of Creation do know what we are doing and that many a pothole along the way will be avoided if the advice and assistance offered is acted upon in a diligent and timely manner.

Many will there be who will sit too long upon the fence of indecision, only to realize too late that the brief window of opportunity in which to prepare has come and gone.  Respect the choices of each individual and leave them to deal with the outcome of same.  You cannot awaken one who is not yet to be awakened.  Move forward without them if need be, and go forth and fulfill that which you have come at this time to accomplish.  Keep always the larger picture of the mission at hand foremost in your heart and let not the forthcoming distractions of the elite puppet-masters fool you.

Horror and fear are but a product of your imagination and are as much a perception as is a value.  Do you fear for lack of a thing? Are you afraid of the horror of suffering?  Many shall face these questions in a quite deliberate, in-your-face manner in the upcoming years upon your globe.  Overwhelm of shock shall be the end result for most.  Your only means of helping yourself to avoid the same affliction will be through keeping the proper mental perspective on the situation.  Again, the only difference is in your perception of what is taking place.

If you believe yourself to be a victim, then surely you shall be a victim.  If you believe that there is great value to be garnered for having persisted through the upcoming experience and that you need the experiences in order to grow from within, then you will have a much greater ability to focus and overcome any challenge that you may be faced with.

Only with the proper mental preparation will you be able to keep your head clear, and thus function rationally in a time of complete confusion and severe emotional bombardment.  There is no such thing as a complete loss or waste.  All experience has value to the ones experiencing.  You are taught to be dependent upon political, religious, and social (entertainers) leaders.  Many will simply sit and await whatever instruction that comes and allow it blindly without a second thought.  Is this what God gave you free will for?  Do you question what is best for you?  Or do you seek first the approval of others so as to actually be doing a thing that is of another's determination rather than your own?

Have you diligently prepared to the point that you are confident that you can go forth and make proper decisions without the need to first consult another?  Have you strengthened your own inner connection to Higher Source to the point that you are confident that you are "hearing" correctly?  Have you learned to listen to media bombardment in such a manner as to distill it into what is really being said--or do you just wait for the next CONTACT to come out and point it out for you?

We are not about telling you what to think or what to do?  It is your challenge to navigate your individual path as you see fit.  We shall and do offer assistance to those who ask, as it is God's promise to you that He will always be there for you if you but ask with the HEART.  Empty words shouted from rooftops are seldom in alignment with the heart intent of a being.

Do you pray that God crush or punish your enemies?  You are often, due to ignorance, your own worst enemy--so do you see that if God were to literally answer your prayers, He would have to crush or punish YOU?!  Be thankful that He only responds to the soul's call for justice, and not to your limited perception of what you perceive to be right or wrong.

Many of you shall witness events that shall challenge your senses as to what is of TRUE value.  You shall witness such things as ones committing murder over a scrap of rotting food.  Why?  Because so-called "sensible" men of so-called "reasonable" intelligence could not see the writing that is now--and has been for some time--on the wall.  This is to say that their lust for material gain clouded their vision and mind to a point that they ignored the gentle nudges of their inner soul-guidance that would have helped them to see and prepare.

The primary goal of each experience should be that of inner growth.  This is best accomplished through active participation and interaction with others who can perceive this same goal.  Together you can help one another to keep the larger "picture" in mind so that you can see that this experience is for you to go through and grow from.  There is NOTHING wrong about it!  It is the end result of the choices that you have made, both in the current physical experience and prior to the current experience.  Many of you have been preparing for these events, now, for OVER two thousand years!  Many of you ones walked with the great teachers of the past and you are still in need of the challenges that will help you to protect your understanding of the Laws of Creation.

The mastery of energy flow dynamics is indeed a tedious process.  Your thoughts are energy forms that are sent out and responded to and reflected back into your experience for you to examine in the form of consequences.  This is the beauty and the perfection of the third-dimensional classroom.

There are no victims, for you each determine your own experiences.  If you did not need the lessons, you simply would not be there at this time under these circumstances.  There are infinite other possible scenarios that you could have chosen, yet from a greater perspective you have chosen this one.  Be thankful for the opportunities that you now have for they are indeed unique and rare.

Horror, grief, trepidation and such need not be a part of your experience, and shall only serve to distract you from greater opportunity to grow.  Yet, these are the challenges that you must face in order to generate a strong enough emotional desire to reach beyond your current level of perception and tap more fully the Infinite Source for new and creative soul-utions.

The emotional energy generated in the upcoming sequence shall eventually resonate within the survivors as a unifying bond that will result in a great sense of interconnectedness and recognition of the Oneness of all things.  Only then shall the wars and fighting stop, and you will see a part of yourself in everything, everywhere.

These are truly wondrous times in which to be participating, and many of you wouldn't miss a minute of it for all the bliss in the known universe!

Keep in mind that you are infinite, creating beings who exist across a broad spectrum of dimensional planes.  There are many levels of consciousness from which you project forth and the third-dimensional experience is "merely" the most seemingly solid in terms of mobility and focus.  This is due to the compressive nature of the third dimension and thus the perceptual awareness of time.

Many of your observations in the physical are a result of reflections of what is actually real (your thoughts).  This gives you the equivalent of a massive bio-feedback device (environment) in which to practice and learn to create in a deliberate and responsible manner.

However, many believe that God micromanages every part of your experience and that He punishes and rewards ones for the deeds that they do.


You simply "reap what you sow".

The harvest is a result of your thoughts.  Your actions are secondary to the thoughts behind them.

Therefore, the only REAL thing in your third-dimensional experience is the thought energy or GOD-FORCE within.  He created you.  You were born from His desire.  His thought (desire manifest) is you.  Thus is the Infinite Sacred Circle that represents the Oneness of all things, everywhere, in ALL planes of experience.

These are the ideas to remember in times of great challenge.  Learn to feel the connectedness that is within.

Know that you can ask at any time for Guidance.  Expect the answers to come.  Learn to recognize them when they present themselves to you.

Know that within each argument, disagreement, or confrontation lies yet another opportunity to grow, and that when you come to a better solution or method by which to handle these challenges, they will likewise alter (respond), for they are the reflections (manifestations) of YOUR thoughts in the first place.

Thus your environment is a product of your creation and you cannot be a victim, except through your own ignorance of the Laws of the Creation.  And, again, this is why you are there in the physical environment--to learn to master, in a responsible manner, YOUR understanding and use of the Laws and Infinite Potential of Creation.

Remember the words of the greater teacher Esu "Jesus" Immanuel:

"The highest command of the Law of The Creation is: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.  The highest command of the Law of God is: You shall honor God as the ruler of the human races and follow His Laws, for He is the 'King of Wisdom'."

May the limitations or words in the physical not stand in your way of understanding the greater ideas represented herein.  Go within and seek your own clarifications.  Ask and I shall sit with you as you read.

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec, sent by our Father (Creator Source) that His promise be fulfilled and that we ALL might grow from the challenges of these experiences.

In Light and service to you all.  Salu.


Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 3, 1998, Volume 19, Number 11, Pages 14-15


Widdom of the Rays, Volume 2, pgs.. 215-220

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.