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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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6/2/97   SOLTEC


Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  There is work to be done--thank you for attending the call.

Your world is in a heightened state of agitation and the energy is becoming quite unstable.  The illusionary tactics of the adversary are failing more and more each day as ones are waking up, and more importantly--SPEAKING UP!  The TRUTH BEARERS (Light Workers) are hearing the call and are responding in a timely manner.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see who all arises to the challenge and will not sit still for more and more lies.

Be careful, for there is the allowance by the global Elite, at this time, for the introduction into the world consciousness of the realization that there IS extraterrestrial life visiting your planet and on your planet.  This is to prepare you-the-people for the next phase of unification under a one-world dictatorship as these ones will try to convince you that these "aliens" are attacking you.

The adversary will always give some truth and accompany it with the lies that will cause ones to be sucked into a reactionary impulse to respond in a programmed manner.  Be thankful, for there has been sufficient groundwork laid, here, in TRUTH that the adversary's plans will indeed backfire for the most part.  Ones will not stand for the lies, especially when they are given the whole truth.

There has been such a complete effort to hide the truth about extraterrestrial life over the years that it will not be an easy task to convince the American public that there are, in fact, extraterrestrials. This should stand as a testimonial to the effectiveness of the mind-control techniques in use by those who wish to enslave you-the-people of the Earth.  AND THESE SLAVE-MASTERS ARE NOT THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS!

We are offering this information, AGAIN at this time, so that you who effort to understand what is truly taking place on your planet will be able to get your confirmations as to what is Truth versus what is lie.  Watch your media sources for the clues and you will see that there will come more and more controversy over the cover-ups and lies about extraterrestrial visitors.  You are being primed to accept the possibility of a massive war that will cost the lives of many innocent people.  Do NOT buy into these lies for they will destroy you if you do!

Keep your heads squarely upon your shoulders and learn to trust your Inner Guidance.  You will be given to know what to do when the opportunity and sequence of events are appropriate.  Keep your space cleared and keep a discerning eye on all the information that you will be inundated with. There will be a deliberate effort to flood your minds to overflowing with controversy after controversy wherein both sides of the debate will, in fact, be controlled by the same ones who are efforting to enslave you.

As always, question all data that you take in, and discern for YOURSELF what it is that YOU believe deep within YOUR heart.  Let not your excuse be that you were tricked into believing the lies.  YOU choose that in which you believe or disbelieve.  If you choose to believe in lies, then be responsible for your choices, and when you come into the realization that you have been had, do not cast blame upon another for no one else is responsible for you except YOU!

All will come to a point of inner conflict as you-the-people will be shown things that you cannot explain.  And when the so-called "experts" offer up an explanation, most will be quick to accept that which is offered, for such will provide a comforting (even if misleading) focus of thought and thus give a semblance of alleviating confusion.  Prepare now and remember these writings for they are tools to help you to traverse these trying times of confusion and trickery.

There is much in the way of trickery that can be accomplished with the toys of the adversary.  These ones have perfected, to a large degree, holographic projection technology.  This technology has tricked and fooled even some of the most avid readers of CONTACT who consider themselves well informed and astute.  You ones are not beyond the influence of these illusionary tactics!


If you find yourself in a state of confusion as a result of what you have seen--whether it be from a television broadcast or first-hand experience--you would be wise to seek within the answers to your confusion.  Monitor closely how the event affects you personally.

Were you frightened?  Excited?  Or, perhaps overwhelmed?  This is the first clue to you as to what it is that you have actually witnessed.

Your Inner Guidance is plugged into Higher Knowledge and Awareness.  This connection cannot be fooled for it is YOUR connection to Creator--who most certainly cannot be fooled!  Learn to trust that which the heart is offering you in the way of emotional FEELINGS.

You are not usually taught in your schools or churches to do this, for if you were, you would be most difficult to control and you would become quite resistant to the "habit-modifying techniques" (that is, the mind control) of those who effort to keep you in a state of fear and confusion.

When ones can get you to go run and seek OUTSIDE yourself for answers, then they have succeeded in accomplishing the first step toward controlling you.  This is where all the so-called "experts" fit into the picture.

Please note here that it is wise to look for confirmations to that which you are discerning for self.  It is also wise to effort to educate yourself, especially when there seems to be contradictory information regarding the same subject.  Take in the data, and then go within to discern for yourself what is right for YOU!

You do not have to follow the crowds, but likewise, you do NOT always have to go against the crowds either.  There is always a balance point of intelligent choice that can be reached when the data you are trying to digest is merged with the nudges of your Inner Guidance.

Be strong in your convictions and do not waver from that which you KNOW in your heart to be true. Be open to those things which provide clues and otherwise offer insights into the workings of the adversary, for you will in turn learn to see within self where you have allowed the adversary a foothold.  When you can spot and isolate a fear that is dictating to you how you should or should not live your life, you can be assured that it is the adversary exploiting a weakness that you have not sufficiently attended.

Be thankful when such a fear is recognized, for you then will have the conscious ability to spot and overcome personal limitation (such as beliefs) that are holding you back from the growth that you seek.  In the overcoming of the fears comes the personal growth and fulfilling satisfaction that you ones are constantly seeking.

Every time the adversary lashes out, he is, in effect, providing you with an opportunity to spot personal weakness within self.  He is thus giving you an opportunity to focus on your self-imposed limitations so that YOU can experience for self the inner conflict (usually confusion or frustration) that results when you are caused to confront that which is uncomfortable to you.

Again, be thankful for these opportunities to recognize, and thus grow beyond, who you are this day. Everyone has something to learn and each has plenty of room to grow!

May your path never be without challenge!

We of the Higher-Dimensional Realms await your call for guidance and assistance.  We shall never do a thing for you, but we can help to guide experiences and teachers across your path.

Look carefully at the so-called "coincidences" that are brought to your conscious attention.  You can KNOW that there are NO coincidences.  Rather, such gifts are your Guides working with you to help you to see that you are indeed on the right path.

I am Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, come as Guide and Wayshower, in service to the One Light, Creator Source.  Blessings to you all!  Salu.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 24, 1997, Volume 17, Number 5, Page 14.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.