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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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4/4/98   SOLTEC


Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.  And yes, it is correct that you feel a blending of energies present for this writing session.

Though one or another of us will usually assume the authorship of a writing in order to not confuse readers, it would be correct, more often than not, to assume that we work in a "blended energy" fashion where many ones from our realms make contributions as needed and as a specific expertise may be called upon.

Often you ones expect me to focus solely on what YOU understand to be the geophysical aspects of this planetary transition mission--earthquakes, volcanos, etc.  And this is understandable from the "drama" and "excitement" associated with these events.

However, how often have I and many others, in many writings past, stated that "ALL is connected to ALL"?  Thus it would be wise on your part to assume that even messages and lessons, such as I am offering here, which SEEM to be unrelated to my scientific command duties, do indeed have a strong, if not readily appreciated, geophysical component.  How ones conduct yourselves in ALL facets of living has a DIRECT impact upon Mother Earth.

All is as it should be!  This is perhaps the most compact way to state that all is unfolding in perfection according to God's plan.  We of the Higher (vibrational frequency) Realms can observe this as fact, whereas most of you in the physical experience will question and doubt.  Such is the way of your world, especially in these times of great challenges.

You will see value in learning to trust that which you can FEEL IN YOUR HEART to be true!  Many ignore these heart-felt warnings, for they symbolize responsibility for self.

This is to say that, when ones begin to go within and LISTEN to their own Guidance, they are often fearful of being responsible for that which they "hear" (sense/feel/know).  And thus, if they were to act upon these inner nudges, they (in some cases "you") would begin to feel the discomfort of coming out of ignorance and into the knowing that the Guidance has been there all along.

You are NEVER alone!  You need NO one and NO thing in order to commune with Father-Mother Source!

This statement, of course, is heresy from the point of view of your mind-controlling organized religions.  These tell you that you need the priest (or minister or rabbi or other "authority figure") to act on your behalf.  Nothing could be further from the truth, yet is every day presented to you as such, for the typical religious machinery is a source of great financial profit as well as absolution from personal responsibility.

Rather, you ALL should be coming into a more direct awareness of your personal connection with Creator Source.  You should all be striving to wean yourselves from depending upon the external guidance of others.

In its healthiest form, this external guidance should only be offered for your use as a means to confirm that which you are already sensing (hearing, receiving, etc.) within.  It is fine to utilize a "crutch", however, it is unwise to become dependent upon that as your only means of support.

In the relatively near future you will be very happy that you have spent time strengthening the necessary "receiving muscles" in order to support self--and others, if need be.  Ones who bring forth these public messages will be about their own lessons, and in the times of chaos, they will not have the means to get these words to you for your education, confirmations, or support.  What will YOU do then?

Would it not be wise to plan for these times and prepare NOW?  The task is not difficult.  All you need is a strong and focused desire to do so, and allow for the connection to unfold.

This message is for those of you who refuse to even try.  Or, who pretend to try, but really have given up before even starting.  You ALL can and will learn to communicate in a direct manner with Creator Source!

Will you all be writing general public messages to the masses?  No.

You will, however, benefit greatly by "making the connection" within to Source, and so too will those with whom you interact on a regular basis.  The "mutual benefit" is a direct result of the interconnectedness of all of creation.

The question of how to make that Inner Connection to Source has been addressed at great lengths prior to this.  You ones would be wise to re-read that which has already been offered on this subject.

We of the Hosts of God are here to assist each of you through these times of challenge.  You can assist us in doing our job by doing your part to meet us part way.  Recognizing the "fear reaction" from the attendant responsibility that is a common initial consequence of the receiving process goes a long way toward that goal of helping us to help you.

There are many of you out there who are able to "hear" us quite well, yet many of you prefer the comfort of what you perceive to be "all" that you can do.  So be it, for we are not about force, nor would we coerce any into doing anything.  The choice must be YOURS, or it simply will not be.

You each have "gifts" to share with one another.  This is to say that you are all unique fragments of Creator Source with your own unique talents and abilities.  These "gifts" are meant to be utilized and shared with those in your immediate circle of influence.  You all can benefit greatly by establishing a conscious two-way connection between yourselves and your Guides.

There is a great level of redundancy in our planning for this phase of the planetary transition mission at hand.  Many will not even wake-up to realize that they are indeed part of the team.  For those of you who are curious about the actual numbers, there can be as many as three who are "lost" for every one who awakens.

For those of you who have awakened enough to be willing to attend these messages and understand the significance of yourself as a fragment of Creator Source, you would be wise to spend the necessary time it takes to cultivate your inner talents to the best of your perceived ability.

In doing so, many of you will eventually realize that you have been "receiving" (communicating with) Higher Guidance most of your conscious life experience.  You will also soon realize that what you perceive as your personal limitations are far from what your actual limitations are.

How does one know what their limitations are?  Only by surpassing them!  You each have infinite potential to create.  YOU are your only limitation.  As you grow, you will be showing others what is possible if they but effort to understand and develop their own unique gifts.

This brings us around to the reason for your current experiences.  You have chosen to experience at this time for very specific reasons.  The main reason is for the challenges that you presently have and will face.  These challenges, especially ones of perceived hardship, shall serve to cause you ones to go within and decide what YOUR values really are.

Can you live without money?  The plants and animals seem to manage without it.  Can you survive without your vehicles of transportation?  How about without your supermarkets or shopping malls?  If you had to walk a mile to simply obtain a bucket of water, could you make it back with the water or would the walk alone "do-you-in"?

The point here is to emphasize that you each have MUCH to learn and to do in order to prepare for the trying times ahead.  Thus it would be wise on your part to get moving, and the most important step in that direction is recognizing when FEAR is holding you back from making any progress.

We cannot answer all of the personal questions for each of you through these few who effort to assist in this public manner, BUT, WE CAN ANSWER YOUR PERSONAL QUESTIONS IF YOU BUT LEARN TO CONNECT FOR YOURSELF IN THE SAME MANNER AS DO THESE PUBLIC RECEIVERS.  Remember that the call always compels the answer!

What right do you have to demand of another that they answer your questions if you are not willing to help yourself?  They should not, and if they do, then perhaps it is justified that you would have to pay money for their time.  Ours (time) is free for the asking!

Again, the point is to get you each to the point of SELF reliance.  We will help you, but YOU must do your part!

When you connect directly for self, there is greater patience for all of the personal questions that you can ever imagine.  But when you are taking up another's time with YOUR personal questions, we generally will only allow so much before we withdraw.  It can be of value to the receiver to experience such questioning for awhile, if the conditions truly warrant the interaction.  But, if they will not pull back when becoming a crutch, then eventually we will.

We are grateful for the many who DO commune on a regular basis and we honor your diligence and persistence.  The rewards for that which you learn now will last you into all your future experiences.

Enough on this subject, for it has ALL been stated before and you each must learn to be responsible for yourselves.  We are here for YOU!  Your growth is directly linked to OUR growth.  The cycle is infinite and the journey challenging.

My scribe asks: "Don't you get tired of all the excuses we offer up?"

No, not in the sense of "tired" that you would perceive of being tired.  We recognize the value in each of Creator's creations and it takes less than a moment to back up and see the Greater Being efforting to learn and grow.  It is in that moment when we feel renewed strength struggling to comprehend the enormous potentials of their being.

As long as YOU persist, we shall persist alongside you, and it is truly OUR pleasure to do so!

Please also keep in mind that we rejoice when you ones grow past the need for "excuses".  When you do so, you will have made an enormous step forward in your own growth, and that means we ALL move forward in our understanding of the Greater Potential of the ALL that is Creation.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve those of you who reciprocate the gratitude.  We are also grateful for those who have chosen to play the role of "adversary" so that the entire (challenging) learning experience can even exist in the first place.

There are no losers in the overall experience.  There are those who awaken now, and those who will awaken later.  It is but a waiting game, and God has eternity and infinite patience.

It has been stated: "Some of the first (created) will be the last, and some of the last will be the first."  You can view the adversary as perhaps one who will choose to be last.  Know that he is a very experienced (old) soul who has perhaps chosen the most difficult path back home to Source.  We will also assist him when he calls, and he WILL eventually call.

Ponder these words well, for there are insights for you each.  I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec.  I come in service to and through the One Light of Creator Source, that you might see a bit farther this day.

For each of you who make the effort to become stronger sources of Light yourselves, so too does Mother Earth benefit and rejoice from your contribution to her health.  And THAT is my geophysical lesson for today!




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 7, 1998, Volume 20, Number 7, Pages 22-23.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.