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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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2/12/93   SOLTEC


Good evening, Soltec present in the Radiant Light of the Holy God of Creation.  This has been a tiring week for the many who labor continually in the mission of putting forth THE TRUTH unto your world.  As your adversaries find themselves losing ground, they will begin to throw all the "dirty punches" they can.  Theirs is not a battle of integrity--their only goal is to be the winner.  Their concern is not how the game is played, rather who wins or loses.  It is the philosophy by which all things are done on your world today and it matters little as to who is destroyed in the process of winning.

The corporations of your world suck the very life from their employees, taking all that they can from the individual and then dumping them on the heap of dying humanity, all in the name of the almighty dollar.  And, as the dollars grow ever more scarce, you can look forward to even more of this practice.  By the time a young executive reaches the age of forty years, he is completely used up by the corporation and has outlived his usefulness in their eyes.  He is fired, losing all financial security falsely placed in career, and another young executive moves in to take his place.  What happens to the other?  He becomes yet another statistic for your Elite to use against you ones in order to convince you that only "they" can take care of you properly.

It is a sad state of affairs, indeed, that your world is in, and even sadder at the lack of value that is placed upon the human being. There are so many of you out of jobs that you have become an overabundant commodity to be traded back and forth like so many head of cattle.  No, it is no exaggeration, for it is exactly how you, as the human being, are considered.  The employee has become a liability rather then an asset and all these new Executive Orders and laws to supposedly protect you are only going to work against you in the future.

So, you now have ability to have twelve weeks leave for family reasons--so what?  How many of you could afford to be without income for twelve weeks?  How many businesses can afford to do without an employee for those twelve weeks, considering that most of your businesses have trimmed staff in order to just stay above water?  Who are those who will benefit from this?  Only those of the Elite family, that's who!  You-The-People will only stand to suffer even greater from all these wonderful programs that are being shoved down your throats.

You should, by now, understand fully that what is given to you in one hand will equally be taken from the other hand.  There is nothing free in your world, and to believe so is nothing short of plain foolishness.  You are being led down the rosy path only to have it end in a bed of thorns and it is time for all to awaken from their Rip Van Winkle sleepiness.  While you ones have been sleeping and searching for the elusive pot of gold and the end of the rainbow, the enemy has been hard at work cleaning you out of all that you worked to acquire.  The "golden rule" by which they live is: "He who has the gold, rules.".

Those who are not in power are more dangerous than any you have dealt with in the past, as they are able to deceive even those who know because they do so with such displays of emotion that it tugs at the heart.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED; THOSE EMOTIONS ARE BUT FOR THE APPEARANCE.  They are programmed to become "more sensitive".  It is but a ploy to weaken you ones yet further, as many are still "uncontrollable".

This is a time in which you must be very careful and, above all, USE DISCERNMENT.  Without this, even many who have begun the path toward the Light are apt to fall into the trap of this deceit.  It is, as Commander Hatonn has stated, a time of sorting--a time of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Chelas, you are nearing the time of graduation and these things are all part of final examinations which must be taken before graduation from this expression takes place.  It is more important than ever before that you review all your lessons and recall the teaching that has been given forth unto you.  The enemy is struggling to maintain ground and is fighting with renewed force in new arenas because their control is rapidly slipping away.

Though ones are weary and nearly exhausted from the fight, this mission will continue, and those who are ready to give it up shall rely not [on] their own strengths, but rather, on the strength of Holy God.  Your weapons are not those of gun or sword or bayonet--your weapons are the Truth and the Light of God, and these weapons shall sustain you even though all about you may look dark and hopeless.  WITH GOD THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!  WITH GOD THERE IS LIGHT!  WITH GOD THERE SHALL BE VICTORY IN THIS BATTLE!

Now, on to Earth Changes.  Where to begin?  The volcano in the Philippines is continuing to spew out ash and deadly gases; California is shaking; Japan is shaking; Washington state in shaking!  Not enough?  Well, to add to the list, you can look toward not only Mt. Mayon in the Philippines to continue its eruptions, but you can look to other volcanoes in this same region to begin with eruptions very soon, and you can look forward to several volcanoes in Japan to act up as well.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Northwest is rapidly approaching a critical state as the thought-to-be dormant volcanoes are rumbling deep within the Earth.  Pressure continues to build beneath these magnificent mountains as the Juan De Fuca Plate presses and squeezes into the nearby underground magma chambers.  To this growing list, you can add the volcanoes in Alaska, South America, and the Hawaiian Islands.

The Pacific Plate has entered a new geologic cycle and much of what is experienced is due to this cycle of activity.  As happens with all things which are cyclic, activity will continue to increase until it reaches its apex and then it shall begin to subside once again.  This area of your world is geologically very young and has much life so it is only to be expected that it would show signs of continual activity.  This is why so much attention is given to this place for, as I have stated in previous writings, the Elite are using the already natural activity to their advantage in order to throw the world into a state of catastrophe so that destruction or control over you ones is assured.

Many on your planet have, of late, begun "predicting" Earth changes.  Though this has been going on for many years, with others, the renewed predictions deserve at least some consideration.  For you see, many are seeing the exact same events on the horizon, in the same time frame.  We are not advocating dependency upon so-called psychics, but there are some who are very accurate and of good intent.  These ones are all seeing major Earth changes occurring within the next three to five years, with activity picking up tremendously in this year.

Several are seeing major earthquakes in California before May 9th of THIS year, at least on of which is in excess of 8.5 by your scales.

Is this a possibility?  Absolutely!  Those of you who live in this place can attest to the fact that the shaking is almost continual.  Is this normal?  Absolutely not!  There is so much damage below the surface and so much being targeted from above that the Earth just can not hold on for very much longer.  There is a point at which pressures will reach "critical mass", so to speak, and at that point the chain reaction will begin and there will be no stopping it.  Yes, it is a very busy time on your planet, and it is equally a busy time for those of us who have the continual job of monitoring these events.

Many of the events that are occurring in California are directly caused by the activity that is heating up below ground level in the underground facilities.  It is critical to their time frame that these facilities are completed and fully functional in very short order. There are many, many things afoot that you ones are unaware of and, at this point in time, it is best to keep it that way.  Just know that the Elite are working overtime and in many places.

You also have new satellites in orbit that have even greater capabilities than those of the previous generation.  The accuracy with which they are able to target is so precise that they now have ability to strike within mere inches, and it is, as your military would refer to it, "surgical" operations.  In other words, you may be standing next to someone who is hit directly and you would experience nothing.  The machinery of destruction on your world is unparalleled.

Stop work on the space platform?  Don't you believe it for one moment.  This is merely to quiet you ones who are demanding the government cut spending.  This space platform, though not fully completed, has been operational for several years, and the refinements and work continue.  (There are some of us who have a bird's-eye view!)

Oh, Chelas, we wish that we could come to you ones and tell you that it is all over and that the battle has been won.  It has not, unfortunately, and it is our position to bring you the Truth of things regardless of how unpleasant it may be.

And speaking of unpleasantness, I shall add one more bit of information to your list.  Let us address the situation of water, not just that which you drink, but that which is being used to water such places as golf courses and parks.  Much of this water comes from your sewage treatment plants--you call it effluent.  This water is not considered potable, but your government has determined that it is suitable for such things as sprinkling of golf courses and parks, etc.  This water is from your sewer systems, brought back to wastewater treatment plants, treated with certain chemicals and micro-bacteria, and then pumped out for use in watering.  The solid material of wastewater settles to the bottom of these treatment plants and is being used in some places as fertilizer on farms.

The problem with this practice is this: what happens to all the blood and bodily fluids from hospitals, mortuaries, slaughtering houses, etc.?  It should come as no surprise to you that it is poured down the drains and goes into the public sewer systems.  Are you beginning to get the picture?  All the viruses, bacteria, and poisons are being recycled back into your environment in one form or another.  Chelas, the hepatitis virus is a very hearty little fellow and is not destroyed during the treatment process of the sewage.  It is recycled back into your environment by way of watering of golf courses and as farm fertilizers.  Is it any wonder that hepatitis infections are on the increase?  Also, know that 90% of water used for human consumption is never tested for these viruses.  It is interesting, however, that one of the places which tests for such and treats the water with ozone (which is effective in killing viruses) is the state prison in my scribe's state!

Your new President is pressing head-long into mandatory immunizations for all children.  Oh, precious ones, this is most dastardly for these children have no say in the matter.  You know not that which is being injected into these little ones, and it is a crime against Creation!  These little immune systems are being destroyed before they even have a chance to develop.

What new diseases will be developed in this experiment?  This insanity far outweighs any of the acts that were performed in Nazi Germany.  Your Elite make Hitler look like a Sunday School Teacher!

As an aside note, today, three of the four KC-135 military cargo planes assigned near this location took off, fully loaded.  To some this would mean little, but to someone who has spent a lot of time around the military, it is indication that some sort of alert status was initiated.  What were they carrying, and where were they going?  Just know that from this southwestern location, their heading was northwest.

Let us draw this writing to a close.  There is enough here to cause many to think and search out some answers, and that is part of the lessons which you ones must go through at this time.  Our job is to help bring you to a point that you ones find these things out for selves--it is known as taking responsibility.  The facts are difficult to find and it is often difficult to sort TRUTH from lies, but this too is part of the lessons which you ones are learning.

We of the Host thank all of those who have "stayed the course" in these difficult times and can only tell you that it must be done, and done by you.  No one else can do it for you, not God, not the Host--only you.  I leave you with the blessings and the Light of Holy God of Creation.  Know that you are a spark of that Light and therefore quite able.  We hold you in total God love.

Soltec to standby.  Salu.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 16, 1993, Volume 22, Number 4, Pages 20-21.


Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.