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3/12/98   SOLTEC



Good afternoon and be at peace.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at peace.

There are reasons for all things that happen.  The ones with whom you interacted on your trip were indeed influenced by your presence.  Much of what was communicated to them was in your attitude and non-verbal mannerisms.  These ones were indeed helped by just being around you.  Let not even the smallest comment be discredited as insignificant.  There was much work done as we and their Guides worked with and through you.  Many Ground Crew function in a similar teaching capacity, especially toward their circle of friends, at this time of imminent transition of a planet.

There is but little time left for any sort of "hand holding".  Change will be ever increasing on your globe and we need able persons up and working.  If ones choose to ignore the warnings and assistance offered, then that is their choice and it should be honored.  Let us now go forth and be about our Father's work.

There has been much taking place in the world that needs to be addressed.  For example, there have been serious weather manipulations, especially in your Midwest and Southeast (of the United States) that have gone unnoticed.  Ones are, rightly so, questioning such phenomena as the blue-green lighting noticed during the Midwest's recent paralyzing snowstorm.  Meanwhile, others are questioning the "precise timing" and "pinpoint accuracy" of a flood and freeze that shall destroy much of this year's peach and strawberry crops in your Southeast.  (And yes, there is a serious connection between this activity and the glowing "stuff" observed by many to be falling out of busy night skies recently.)

There has been a new and "enhanced" series of earthquakes in two south-central regions of the California desert area.  One swarm was centered about 30-35 miles north of Ridgecrest; the other created a very widely-felt early morning (3/11/98) wake-up call, centered near Redlands.

The Ridgecrest area quakes (near the China Lake Naval Weapons Center) were in the magnitude 5 range according to Cal-Tech's earthquake web page data on this day (

I asked my scribe to check the readily available data.  What was noted was an interesting "discrepancy" between various information sources.  One source, called Seismic Event Bulletin (, which prominently displays the United Nations symbol, listed the same Ridgecrest events with the magnitude lower by a factor of 10.  This is to say that what the Cal-Tech site listed as a 5.1 magnitude, was listed on the Seismic Event Bulletin site as 4.1 magnitude.

Remember that the magnitude scales are logarithmic.  This means that the difference between a 4.1 quake and a 5.1 quake is a factor of 10 in intensity!  Perhaps this was just a mistake on the part of the one entering the data onto the web site?  But, with closer inspection you will note that many of the quakes listed on this later site are entered with a lower magnitude--if they are even listed at all.

There are three quakes greater than 4.0M that were listed with Cal-Tech and yet did NOT even show up on the other list.  Here again I must remind all of you to discern carefully any and all information that comes across your path, including this information!  May your truth be of YOUR own reasoning and not that of another.

There are electromagnetic manipulations affecting the planet's natural energy grid that are causing many a distortion all around your globe.  Most of these distortions are causing problems that the perpetrators cannot even begin to understand, let alone monitor.  Your planet's energy centers (chakras) are beginning to compensate for these anomalies, and in doing so there are occurring some un-planned weather patterns, plus seismic and volcanic shifts that the elite cannot compensate for, control, or understand.  These ones have no understanding or respect for the entity known as Mother Earth.

This is where it becomes most difficult, if not impossible, for you ones to know what is natural and what is man-made.  Be assured that what you ones are experiencing is, at the very least, a reaction to man's toying with energies and forces that he does NOT fully understand, let alone respect.  From our perspective, it is a lot like giving a two-year-old in the sandbox a loaded hand gun and telling him to go play.

Be also assured that BALANCE shall be returned to your planet, for that is God's promise to your planet.  Those of you who wish to be part of the solution are welcome to join in the challenge.

There is more to discuss on this subject, but let us stop for now, for there are other priorities to attend at present.  Toniose Soltec to stand by.

* * *


3/13/98   SOLTEC


Toniose Soltec here in the Radiant One Light that connects us ALL!  Let us continue please.

As your planet progresses forward in these times of change, there shall become more evident the true awesome power of her being.  Ones will have no doubt as to the life force that she possesses.  The magnitude of her being is indeed great.  You ones shall stand witness to her evolvement and transformation as she progresses forward in her cleansing and subsequent growth.

You can play your part in these times of change by learning to cleanse the garbage from within yourself and by finding your own inner balance.  In doing so, you will find that you will be more fully alert to our nudges and thus more able to flow with the changes and not be "swept" away in them.  This is to say that you will evolve along with Mother Earth, for you will be in harmony (agreement) with that which is the natural course of unfolding.

There is no need for any to struggle or suffer in these times, yet there shall be many, out of ignorance and stubbornness, who will choose to do so.  Do not worry over another's choices.

Many of you shall see family and friends go through massive struggle as they try to understand and cope with what they will be faced with in terms of change.  Again, this will be a product of THEIR own choices.  Be not upset over these things, for these are the lessons and challenges that these ones have come to experience.

The pressures that are building in the etheric realms are indeed of an awesome magnitude.  Never before have the conditions been this spectacular.  There are great potentials for inward and outward growth available to each of you.


Garbage here is defined as that which only serves to hold you in past emotional, low-frequency patterns.  For example: If someone has publicly humiliated you and embarrassed you, and every time you hear the person's name you react in an emotional outrage, the YOU will, by your choice to hold onto the past hurt, be giving up a most grand opportunity of inner growth, because the low-frequency state generated will keep you disconnected from the Inner Guidance you will be needing in order to most effectively utilize this opportunity.  In effect, you will become you own worst enemy.

No one can be blamed for causing you to feel grief.  No one!  Neither can anyone be blamed for causing you to feel joy!  YOU create your own emotional feelings, and YOU are solely responsible for how it is that you are feeling at any given moment in time.

Time is the key!

What happened even just a moment ago need not affect you now.  It is your wallowing in the past that causes you the most pain and discomfort.  LET IT GO!  You all do this to some degree.

When you are at your worst, stop and analyze what it is that you are so upset about.  When did it happen?  The answer will always be--IN THE PAST!

Let it go and find something to be thankful for regarding the situation.  Even "bad" relationships have the positive value of helping you to become more clear on what exactly it is that you are wanting.  Is this not of value?


Be thankful for those who have "done you wrong".  But most importantly: forgive yourselves for having been ignorant to the nature of these ones who feel the need to manipulate and control.

They are usually ignorant of what it is that they are wanting and how to create it, so they spend a lot of time taking apart the creations of others in their attempt to back-engineer the whole process.  This is the backwards way of doing things.  It is like taking apart a clock to see how it works.  Usually the only thing that is truly learned is that there is a LOT to learn before true understanding will be evident.

You all have room to grow in terms of understanding the true potential of your being.  Allow for your own mistakes and misjudgments.  Forgive yourselves when you feel anger toward another, for it is almost always due to misunderstanding on YOUR part of the greater reason for being part of this grand experiment in progress.

You are here to learn to control your emotional energy flows in a balanced and responsible manner.  There are indeed appropriate times and places for ALL emotional experiences.

These, my friends, are the fundamental keys to happiness and fulfillment that you ones are so deliberately seeking.  Your inner (Higher Knowing) self knows what has true value.

It is the experience of inner GROWTH that you are seeking!  When you are dwelling in the past, there will be little-to-no time left in the present for the opportunity to grow.  By contrast, when you are in the process of growing, there is an excitement associated with what you are doing, for you are fulfilling a very fundamental desire of Creation--EXPANSION AND GROWTH!

Your planet is operating in like manner.  She has agreed to serve in a capacity which would facilitate an environment wherein she would experience with and through each of you.  Your inner emotional state is sensed by your planet, and she experiences these emotions.  The converse is also true; you feel her emotional state.  As she continues to shift upward in frequency, there will result an ever more serious mismatch between those who insist upon dwelling in the lower-frequency states and her new higher frequency radiance.

This creates a situation like an electrical potential (voltage or pressure) that is ever growing.  There are many who are feeling the effects of this potential today.

Many of your elite would-be controllers are entering into states of frenzied anxiety due to this potential energy charge that is building.  This anxiety will only serve to push these ones "over the edge" mentally, and thus you have the prime conditions developing that will eventually trigger massive world changes and shifts in awareness.

Man's tampering with the planet's electromagnetic grid only serves to accelerate his own downfall.  These energy devices could be utilized in a healing capacity, to help the planet regain her own stability--if the proper enlightenment of those who are currently misusing the technology had been attained.

Your planet shall, in these times of desperation, be given the assistance to sluff-off those who have efforted, in their ignorance, to destroy her.  Such has been the way of your world and there is no evidence of these children, in the sandbox, waking-up to see that they are about to shoot themselves in the head.

Find yourself in the moment that you are now in and seek deliberate understanding of the words offered herein.  We of the Hosts of Creator God have a great desire to assist any and all of you in these times of challenge and growth.

Your growth is directly linked to our own.  Our creative challenge is to help you to find the key that enables you to move beyond your own limitations.  In doing so, we garner great insights into our own being, and thus we too grow.  It is truly a "win-win" situation for all who choose to participate in this interchange.

May you find the inner value offered WITHIN these words.  Seek within for your clarification and understanding.  Be quick to call upon we of the Lighted Brotherhood for assistance, for when a deliberate call is made, we are granted a greater level of interaction with you.  Likewise, we will not go where we are not welcome.

I am Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec, come in service to Father-Mother Source.  It is from within this ONE LIGHT that we all come forth to experience.





Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 17, 1998, Volume 20, Number 4, Pages 27-28

Transcribedto HTML format by R. Montana.