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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' S

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9/16/92   SOLTEC



Good morning, Soltec present in the Light of Holy God, the God of Radiance.  We of the Host are most pleased with those who are in service to assist in this mission.

Though it may seem somewhat quiet on the geologic front, rest assured that the lull is a temporary one.  There are forces at work, both natural and man-caused.

You just experienced the worst hurricane of the century in Hawaii, which all but leveled the island of Kauai and now they, too, are under the control of FEMA.  Hurricane Iniki was the result, partially, of the warming ocean currents brought about by the underwater volcanic activity heating the water.  However, there was, once again, man's interference with this which caused the massive intensity of the storm.  The technology used in this was developed by our Mr. Tesla, who will be addressing the issue some time in the near future.  Though Nikola's intention was for the benefit of all mankind, remember that anything invented or created for good can and will be utilized by the Adversary toward the detriment of mankind.

There is still a tremendous amount of volcanic activity occurring in the depths of the Sea of Peace and it is merely a matter of time before there will be additional geologic activity.  The potential is existent and could appear at nearly any point in or around the volatile Pacific Plate as pressures continually increase.  The releasing of these pressures could result in minor to major seismic activity and/or additional volcanic eruptions.  You can expect more surface breakthrough of volcanic gases such as have occurred in your California.  Japan, likewise, is experiencing a tremendous pressure build-up and there have been few recent releases of any sizable magnitude.  However, to pinpoint any specific point for imminent activity is next to impossible.  Suffice it to say that the evidence points to some sizeable occurrence in the very near future.

As we have started in previous writings, we do not possess a crystal ball and we are not in the business of predicting the future, for such is foolishness.  We can merely observe current activity, analyze past activity, and from these arrive at projections.  It is done scientifically, not mystically.  We are more accurate simply because we possess what you would understand as a more massive "data base".  Our data comes not just from your planet, but from many others as well and, although all worlds have differences, there are likewise similarities that exist throughout the Universe.

Let us now change our focus and consider the Eastern Coastal region of your continent, specifically the area around New York.  There are, in your Atlantic Ocean, fractures and rifts which have become active recently, and this activity is building at an accelerated rate.  Our best projections indicate that an earthquake along the fault under Manhattan is very likely.  The area has also been quiet of late, geologically speaking.  The chances of a major occurrence is slight at this stage, but there does exist the definite possibility of activity.  The more dangerous aspects of an earthquake in this area is that very few of the structures would tolerate a seismic jolt of 5 or greater on your scales.  Considering the high density of population in that region, the rate of casualties would be in the thousands or possibly even tens of thousands.

Should a cataclysm of this sort occur in New York, your nation would come to a stand-still but to the fact that all your major financial institutions, the Stock Market, the United Nations, to say nothing of the national and global headquarters of large corporations house themselves in that over-populated city.  Chelas, this would not only affect your United States, but all parts of the world, and the financial stability of your globe at present is very unstable already.  This would push the economic collapse of the world past the point of no return.

Your Earth is in the process of many massive changes and these changes will be on many levels.  The Native Americans refer to it as "multi-voiced", which means many levels.

Your planet undergoes these massive changes every so many thousands of years.  (Geologically speaking, 10,000 years is a short period of time.)  Your own scientists are becoming aware that the Earth shifts on its axis every so often, and your magnetic poles change position relative to this shifting process.  When the shifting takes place, there is an increase in volcanic and seismic activity brought about by the tilting taking place, which causes the molten core of the Earth to shift within the Earth's interior.  When this happens, you would find, if you could view this happening, that the magnetic activity would appear to become unstable.  Once the shift is completed, over a period of time, the magma will once again "settle" and the volcanic and seismic activity will subside.  The tilting or shifting, likewise, causes stresses and movement of the continental and oceanic plates, which result in increased seismic and volcanic occurrences.  In some cases, it will cause cracking or fracturing, which would result in rupturing the strata of rock and soil, allowing the magma to find outlets to the surface.  This is occurring continually in the Pacific Ocean.  As the lava breaks through the surface; it is cooled by the water and new land is added in the bottom of the sea.  It is an absolutely magnificent thing to behold!

Why do I bring this pole shifting up at this time?  Simply because your planet is nearing another shift, as you are completing another 25,000 year cycle.  This shift will create many changes in the topography and cosmology of your planet.  This will also bring about massive environmental changes.  Deserts could become tundra, the Arctic and Antarctic could melt and ice caps would form at other points on your globe.  The equatorial regions would change position and rivers would change their courses.  From your perspective on Earth, your relative position to the four directions would shift; what you once considered north could appear to you to now be east.

Is it not interesting to contemplate?  This is not to instill fear, but to educate and bring you into a level of better understanding of what is occurring with the planet upon which you dwell.  There is much perplexity upon your place regarding the changes you are experiencing.  Most are aware, to some degree, what mankind's interference and abuses have caused, but most are lacking greatly in knowledge of the sciences.

Partially, this is due to the flat-out misinformation which has been taught and partially this is due to lack of emphasis on the sciences, especially in your nation.  Most of your school children would not know the difference between a sedimentary rock and an igneous rock.  Your schools are lacking sorely in the study of your natural sciences.  Mostly this is intentional on the part of your Elite Controllers.

As these changes accelerate, you ones are going to be begging for information and many are going to panic.  But remember that knowledge is your only armor in these changing times and that is our job--to bring you into knowledge.

We will continue to address these changes in greater depth in future writings.

I shall leave you for this season with the blessings and love of God of Light.  May you walk in peace and come into the knowledge.  We are, as always, honored by your service unto God and the Hosts.

Soltec to Clear.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, September 22, 1992, Volume 20, Number 10, Pages 2-3.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.