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Toniose Soltec

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7/1/98   SOLTEC


Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at PEACE!!!

All is unfolding according to God's plans.  There will always be the ebbs and flows of life.  Let not the delays (ebbs) dissuade you from your path.  There will always be offered that which you need in order to find your way.  You must actively seek your confirmations; rarely will they just "fall" into your lap.

We are always willing to assist any and all who would desire assistance.  We will always present that which is in the best interest of the one who is seeking, even if that one cannot see same.  Be patient and kind to one another, for each has their own set of challenges and none is greater than another in terms of personal perception of challenge magnitude.

There is fast approaching a sequence of events which will have a tremendous impact on you there in Tehachapi.  Many will not know what "hit" them.  Remember that your prophecies speak of "cleansing by fire" and that there will be NO place left untouched. This caution is not placed here to worry anyone; it is just a reminder that safety and security are by-products of inner emotional and mental energy emanations.  Let not the course of external events cloud your personal judgment or cause you emotional turmoil.  Learn to stay calm and HEAR your inner Guidance, and act upon what you hear without unnecessary hesitation or procrastination born of fear.

The physical is a fleeting thought projection that will eventually fade.  Life is what you make of it, yet many perceive that they are the victims of chance happenings and at the mercy of the swing of luck.

No!  You each create your own future and your own realities.  You experience those things that you need to experience, so that you can have the opportunity to grow past your current state of limitation.

Life is eternal and so are each of you.  The physical body is but an interfacing mechanism which allows you to participate, and interact with others, in a focused environment within a specific set of agreed upon rules.

The adversary tries desperately to keep you ignorant of the rules, and thus keep you from recognizing your own inner Higher Potential.  And, as you who make an effort to observe what is going on in the world can see, these days the adversary is having quite an easy time distracting you ones with everything under the Sun.

In the times ahead, you will have your massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, along with great shifting of the planet's waters.  None of this has been changed or averted.

These experiences will cause you ones to become quite focused and determined to survive as a species.  In this state of new found determination, you will recognize an inner Power that you have been afraid to acknowledge and even more afraid to use.  This is just the beginning of the awakening process for most of Earth's inhabitants.

In these times of great change, do you think that a White man in the deep South will refuse the help of a Black man who has come to rescue him from say, his burning house?  No, especially if the lives of other family members are at stake.  Do you see that when basic survival is the issue, there is often left behind the prejudices, hatreds, and other petty differences that you ones like to hold onto?

We witness all too often ones of the same family who will go years without a word to sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc., because ones feel they have been offended in some way.  These petty differences signify the need to grow on the part of the one holding such a "grudge".  This condition is immature and out of balance.  In the end, the only one who truly suffers is the one who maintains and feeds the emotional state of anger.  Yet, look around; it is all too common an occurrence.

We who have come as Higher Guides to you ones in the physical are most often frustrated by your lack of attention to your own inner feelings and sense of values.  With just a few moments of conscious connection to Source, you could achieve a point of balance and awareness of what has TRUE value.  Then you would quickly release the petty prejudices that you use to somehow establish the ego-generated ideas of "right" versus "wrong".  This sort of judgment of one another will only lead you to more and more experiences that will cause YOU to be judged in like manner.

It is often the ones who yell loudest about discrimination who are, in fact, the ones who perpetuate discrimination and discriminate the most.  If you must play favorites with one another, instead of being objective with the facts before you, then you are discriminating and judging one another based not upon actions or abilities, but upon personal likes and dislikes.

We in the Higher Realms are appointed to our positions based upon our abilities and our need to experience the projected challenges that we may encounter.  This is determined by our past accomplishments (actions) and by going within and discerning what part of our being we would like to focus upon so that we may grow in understanding.  Creator is always made a part of the decision-making process--ALWAYS!

Your world is full of ones who make decisions NOT based upon objective data or by going within to ask for assistance data or by going within to ask for assistance from Higher Source.  Rather, your world is full of ones who only look to trying to impress one another by offering their "buddy" the choice contract or position, and thus you often end up with projects that are doomed to fail because you have under-qualified people in key positions.

This will end up generating a "merry-go-round" of karmic-type "misfortunes" for the ones who simply refuse to let go of these old ways of doing things.  To break the cycle, we would suggest that you ones monitor very closely each choice and decision you make.

Ask yourself at least the following questions:

"Why am I so inclined to make this particular choice?"

“Have I indeed looked at ALL of my options?”

"Have I consulted with any and all who would be able to offer a qualified perspective other than my own (if for no other reason than for confirmation)?"

"Have I inquired what God might do if He were in my position of choosing?"

If you honestly pursue the answers to these kinds of questions, you will be guided to ones who will help you to find a balanced solution to whatever it is that you are confronted with.  A wise person will always gather as much data as they can prior to making an important decision.

Remember that you are rapidly approaching a time when you will be confronted with challenges of all kinds.  The successful overcoming of these obstacles is not going to "magically" occur because you have a "buddy" who "may" know something about, say, pulling out a stump with a tractor, when your expert farmer neighbor remains an overlooked and thus untapped resource.

There are ones who almost always do this sort of objective decision-making that I am stressing here.  And if they are faced with a situation where they cannot see a clear choice, they will always seek within and note carefully the "gut feeling" associated with each option.

The point here is that, with a balanced approach to decision making, you will begin to turn around your "bad luck", and the bumps in the road will begin to occur a little less frequently for you.

Remember: What you experience in your life is a direct result of the choices and decisions that you make.  The emotions that you feel while making any decision will often give you clues as to whether or not your decision is of a balanced nature.  If the intention of focus is merely to prove value to another or gain acceptance from another, then the chances are that the decision will feel good in the short term but will ultimately only perpetrate more of the same insecurity that is behind such an unbalanced decision in the first place.

You see that it can be a tedious task to monitor closely your thoughts, and the emotional associations with those thoughts.  It takes discipline, patience, continual practice, and honesty with self.  The rewards are greater and faster growth.

This approach will greatly help your personal Guides to help you to steer a productive course through any and all challenges that you may be faced with in your current life experience.  And it cannot be over-emphasized that ALL associated with Earth at this time (whether those of you in the physical, or we in the non-physical guidance capabilities) are here for the tremendous growth that can come from experiencing the great challenges soon to come upon your planet.

The road to greater freedom and knowledge is always the one which requires personal discipline.  No one can do it for you, but these words are given with great love and compassion for each of you who ask for insight.  If this message seems to "hit a nerve", then I suggest that you examine closely what it is that is bothering you.

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec, Guide Teacher, and Messenger.  I am sent by our Father Creator God.  It is His Divine Will that I serve.

In Light, blessings to you all.  Salu



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX EDUCATOR, July 14, 1998, Volume 21, Number 8, Pages 19-20.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.