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4/5/97    SOLTEC


Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant Light of Creator God.  Thank you for sitting this day, for we have messages that need to get written.

Change is inevitable and NO-ONE ever remains completely the same from moment to moment. Your thoughts today are different from those of yesterday, even if the difference is slight and hardly noticeable.  Your surroundings such as the temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, position of the Earth in relation to other celestial bodies, or less noticeable changes such as electromagnetic pulses, are constantly impacting and affecting you in a relentless manner.

As you move through your experience in the physical, we notice from our position of Higher Understanding that many are resisting change.  By this I mean that ones are constantly efforting to go against the natural flow of Creation.  It is quite contrary to the EVOLUTIONARY nature of your being to stagnate, and not evolve and move forward.  Yet, we see many stuck in and paralyzed by fear, or living in the past where there is usually great emotional pain constantly being reflected upon.

Many of you would be wise to go back and re-read Journal #27 called the Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual, for therein lie many of the insights that have been offered so that you can learn to recognize the subtle nature of the adversary and come to appreciate and more fully understand the TRUE Laws of Creation and God.

In the introduction to that Journal, Aton says: "MY LAWS and those of THE CREATION were given unto you of physical experience to honor total simplicity and gain wondrous fulfillment and joy from your relationships with your brethren, to pass the journey of experience in learning, and then make passage into Higher Levels of understanding and knowledge.  You have now bound yourselves by shackles of lies into the endless rotation of the wheel of experience, worsening with each experience until you have forgotten all the Truth of LIFE.  Most of you have wasted your experience and are the moving DEAD searching after bits of physical dregs to pass the journey."

And in the Forward, Esu Sananda says: "Herein you shall find The Laws clearly outlined.  There is no room for misunderstanding the message.  There are no little gray areas for you to move around in.  If you violate The Laws after completing this document, you shall do so willingly, knowingly, and therein shall be CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE ACTIONS.  God is most forgiving for actions done in ignorance.  Willful violations of The Laws is entirely a different matter.  It is the better part of wisdom to heed this warning for it is most grave indeed.

"We are at the final hours of the planetary cycle.  Choices will be made by man that shall affect him for eons in your future counting.  Be most cautious when seeking the momentary thrill, for the excitement you seek shall not satisfy you in the countless generations of recycling and rebirths before you as you learn well the lessons you so carelessly refused to learn this time around."

There is not time here to re-write all the lessons over and over again.  We will, however, direct you to that which is often overlooked, for it has been over six years since the release of that Journal and many of you Ground Crew members would do well to refresh the memory with these TIMELESS words.  They are just as important today as they were the day they were first written to help in the guiding of you ones through the many experiences and challenges of the third-dimensional path.

As you evolve and grow, you will see that your experiences are NEVER without challenge. In fact, the more you grow in responsibility, the greater the challenges become!  So when you are feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending barrage of greater and greater pressures, know that these are a sign of your growth and that you need all the combinations of challenges that you are being faced with so that you can truly evaluate your abilities.

The greatest difference between those who seem to "have it easy" and those who appear to be the constant "victim" is the viewpoint of ATTITUDE of the individual and their reaction to each challenge.  Those who can keep the Larger Picture in mind while going through the experiences of challenging growth, will naturally see that fear and anxiety need NOT be part of the experience. Those who are resisting their lessons (opportunities) for growth, and are constantly focusing on the pain or hurt, will pull into themselves more PAIN and HURT!

Step outside the inner world of your mind and see the unfolding drama from a Higher Perspective. You are on a small planet in a small solar system circling around your Sun.  Your solar system is part of a galaxy (the Milky Way Galaxy) of trillions of stars.  Your galaxy, in turn, makes up a very small part of what you refer to as your universe.  There are MANY universes out there, all of them full of life.  This is only a third-dimensional (physical) point-of-view of the truly infinite expanse of Creation of which you are a part and to which you contribute.

Begin to see that your personal challenges in the physical, though they are important to experience, are but the baby steps of awakening the inner potential of your responsible awareness of the enormity of your true self.  When you can see that you NEED the experiences that cause the emotional responses that generate pain, anxiety, grief and such, so that you can learn to control same with responsibility and knowledge of the fact that you have created the conditions (either deliberately or by default) that have led to the situation with which you are now faced, then you will begin to realize that there is NOTHING you cannot handle in terms of emotional control.  It is only your current beliefs that limit you in this regard.

You may feel grief over loss of a loved one, but let me put this into a slightly different perspective: How do you think God feels when one of His free-will planets degrade to the point of destruction of the entire planet?  In His moment of great sorrow, if He did not realize the value of the experience for all involved (both physical and non-physical), and instead only focused on one very small aspect of the event, rather than on the larger reasons for such a challenge, there would be such a GREAT unbalance in the Creation as to cause every living entity, everywhere, to experience an overwhelming condition of grief and sorrow.

This situation God would view as unjust and unbalanced.  You in the physical often focus on "getting even" or "I'll show them what pain really is" and go forth in an emotionally unbalanced state of irresponsibility that will only garner more pain for yourselves.

This is a vicious cycle once it has started and is very difficult to get oneself out of, for you are often too much focused on the inner world of your mind to take a larger viewpoint and forgive self and those whom you have allowed to be a part of your experience.

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM!  You have created your emotional state, and when you can take responsibility for your condition and stop blaming others, you will have then taken the first major step toward finding the balance that you have been pushing away from yourself.

It will not be instantaneous.  Like a person with a drug addiction, you will have a lot of habitual thoughts and beliefs that will cause you to want to react emotionally without thinking.  You will have to modify your thoughts and monitor your emotional reactions so that you can allow for the balance of taking responsibility--not just once but ALWAYS!

When RESPONSIBILITY becomes the habit, instead of the excuses or blame of another for your condition, then you will have the balance and general happiness that you want, for you will be now thinking ahead as to the consequences of a thought or action and not just living a reactionary life.  This is to say that a by-product of truly learning responsibility is control over your life.

To sum this up: With knowledge (understanding) applied in a deliberate, responsible manner, you WILL create with deliberate control over your experiences.  Remove the responsibility from the equation and you will find that your deliberate control will be removed as well.

Please see that you are fast entering a time wherein you will need to allow those who continue to turn away from The Laws, or otherwise enter into a state of shutdown of overwhelm, to experience the unfolding events as they so choose.  This means that if ones do not want to face the responsibility for their experiences, then let them to their self-imposed misery and move on with your experiences.  You do NOT have to make another's pain YOUR pain!

No souled being likes to see another person in pain, and I tell you now, those of you who go through this Transition will see ones in great, great emotional confusion and pain.  And you will then see that if YOU are to survive, you will have to learn to allow these ones their experiences without taking on the responsibility for their care.  If they cannot see value in helping themselves, then why should you force you viewpoint upon them?  They will either come to this realization on their own or they will not.  It is each individual's choice.

Offer always a helping hand, but do not "carry the donkey", lest you both perish in ignorance!  This is not to frighten; it is to offer a reminder of WHY you are there and WHAT you should be preparing yourselves for mentally.

The mental part of you is far more important than the physical, for the mind controls the physical. The physical part of you would be a motionless blob if it were not for the mind to give it direction. Note: I did NOT say brain!  I said MIND!

These words are offered in Love and with the intent to educate and remind you ones of WHO you are and WHY you are there.  Keep the Large Picture in focus and, for your own sake, keep your thoughts centered in LIGHT (GOD) and keep the dark ones out of your sacred temple--your MIND!

I am Toniose Soltec, come at this time with the Hosts, as a Guide and Wayshower, in the Light of OUR Creator.  Thank you!

Soltec to clear until we next can have time for a writing session in which to continue this subject.


4/12/97   SOLTEC

Good morning, and thank you for sitting this day.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God.  Let us please continue with the subject of responsible, balanced choice.

This is a time of great challenge and opportunity.  Look forward to the upcoming experiences with excitement!

Worrying over events that have not happened yet serves no real purpose.  Having the intention to prepare for any and all challenges will allow for the manifestation of WHAT you need WHEN you need it.  Worry will only serve to cause those events which will feed the worry and it will grow.  If you redirect that focus of energy toward joy and fulfillment, then you will, likewise, feed the joy and fulfillment and it will grow.  The choice is yours.  This is free will.

This challenging time is an experience that is meant to be fulfilling and full of great value. Value, in this case, is as it would be perceived from your Higher Self viewpoint.  From this viewpoint you would perceive great value in growth of your being and not in anything of a physical nature.  Money and such are but a symbol of value as viewed from a third-dimensional standpoint.  There is nothing of lasting value from the experience down there except for that which you gain in the way of experience and knowledge.

Continue to seek out that which has true, lasting value and you will find the fulfillment that the Infinite YOU desires.  Expect the joy to be there along the journey and it will be so!

There is no such thing as a complete waste of time, for all experiences will give you feedback in the form of emotional feeling.  Those things that are not of great value to your overall growth will leave you feeling less than alive and in time you will learn that there are better ways of spending the moments of "now" and you will gravitate towards those experiences of greater and greater inner fulfillment.

Yes, restrictions from your current beliefs are usually limiting your experience.  But, this too has value in that only those who are ready to accept the responsibility of CREATING IN BALANCE will be given those experiences that will allow them to transcend the crowds of disbelievers.

This is a natural self-testing process that is in place, so that only when ones have grown enough mentally to accept this level of responsibility will they be able to put the information gathered in any one experience together in such a manner as to see that they, themselves, are solely (soul-ly) responsible for their creations and that they create EVERY FEELING that they experience.

This is the point when one can deliberately create the life of excitement and joy.  Prior to this, ones will simply continue to believe that "life is hard" and thus continue to create a "hard life" for themselves.

Life is what you decide it will be! Nothing more and, indeed, nothing less!  As you begin to realize the implications of this message, you will begin to see the value in NOT dwelling upon the emotionally hurtful experiences, but focusing more upon those experiences that allow your heart to soar with laughter and joy.




If you are feeling pain (emotional or physical), sadness, boredom, frustration or whatever, then it is because YOU have allowed those thoughts to persist within your mind and YOU feed and nurture them to the level they hold at this moment.  When you change your focus to thoughts that are positive, you will create more of that which will cause you to feel good.  What could be simpler!

The answer to ALL of your emotional "problems" lies within.  Seek for your happiness within yourself.  Another may be able to offer a short-term comfort for you, but unless and until YOU change the mental programming, you will find the old tapes resurfacing and those old seeds planted long ago will still be bearing fruit.  Whether the fruit is bitter or sweet depends upon the seed YOU have planted.

Perhaps it is time to weed the garden and plant again anew?  With the gained value of the past, you can, if you so desire, make a more educated and deliberate choice about what seeds you will plant and grow, and what weeds you will no longer tolerate.

Thank you, I am Toniose Soltec come in Light and in Love.  Salu!