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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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7/20/96   SOLTEC


Good morning, my friend, it is I, Toniose Soltec, here in the Radiant Light of the One Creator.

My, are we not in an awkward predicament this day.  The power players are positioning for the opportunity to unleash their weaponry in order to gain full control of your planet's resources.

The plane explosion [TWA Flight 800 in New York], as you can now see, was clearly a deliberate act of murder.  These dark ones have so little regard for life that they would destroy over 200 people in order to get the one that they really want.

The rumored government documents was a secondary target, but nonetheless a target that cost lives.  Allow this to show you the means and the methods being used against you in order to control the masses.

It is viewed that you ones (the American, especially) have too much freedom of travel, thus the need to create panic and fear to keep you ones stationary.

CONTROL is the key focus of these "power players".

There is much else planned in the way of retaliation.  You will have to pay VERY CLOSE attention to the clues and reported "accidents" worldwide.

These dark ones are desperately trying to hold their power positions, yet they slip away anyway. This is how the adversary eats himself.

Through patience and persistence we of the Lighted team can continue to grow in strength and wisdom, and eventually be the only ones left on the playing field.

We are not a threat to these "heavy hitters" for they know that we will not attempt any physical action against them, just merely inform those few people who might listen.

The dark ones are so confident in their ability to control the mindless masses that they rather enjoy what they like to call "our brag sheet"--otherwise known as CONTACT.

Thank you for writing this short message, my friend.  We are those who watch over you. May God give all of you the strength and conviction you need to persist through these trying times.

With much Love and Light, Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 23, 1996, Volume 13, Number 11, Page 8.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.