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Ceres Anthonious Soltec

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SEPT. 3, 2016






by Soltec  9/18/94


Good afternoon, Toniose Soltec present in and with the Light of Holy God of Light. Today, there are so many, many things of significance occurring upon your planet, that we are kept extremely busy in the monitoring department. Not only are there three beings in Haiti, “negotiating” for a settlement to that situation, but you still have a Shuttle orbiting around your globe, playing little games of “laser beam tag”.


Those three “negotiators” in Haiti are more up to “giving the store away” than they are negotiating a peaceful settlement to anything. How is it that Jimmy Carter, who was a disaster in the Presidency, all of a sudden is your most precious commodity when it comes to foreign policy negotiating? Your President is in trouble so far over his head and so inept in the position, that even Jimmy Carter now looks good to you ones. So it is not that Carter has gotten better, it is just that by comparison of what you have in Washington today, Carter appears to be competent. That ought to REALLY make you feel “safe and secure” this day!


How about the Space Shuttle? Yes, now there is another interesting little news tidbit for you: While your attentions are turned to the threat of military action upon that little island of Haiti, you have a Shuttle up there shooting green laser beams at your planet. Now isn’t that fun? For what purpose are they using the planet for a little target practice? Had any shaking lately, California? Had any strange little weather occurrences? Felt any disturbances in the electromagnetic fields about you? Had any unexplainable power outages of late? How about disruptions or interference in communication networks? Computers acting up? Ah, I thought so. I don’t believe that I need say any more—I think you have the picture.


[Editor’s note: Remember, this past week, in one day there was a whole array of MAJOR computer & communications problems just in the Chicago area alone. These included dangerous O’Hare Airport control tower and MCI telephone system disruptions. But, of course, while reporting all of these, the media said, with a straight face, there were NO connections between these events!?! And over here is the bridge that’s still for sale.]


Let’s talk a little bit about California and your most recent round of ground shaking. You had a nice little reminder of your current status last week—a little 6.0 or 6.3, depending upon who reports it, over there near the California-Nevada border area. That took place on September 12. Since that date, there have literally been THOUSANDS of aftershocks. Then, of course, you have had a few little shakers in Colorado and Utah, so you now have the interior areas of the North American Plate getting into the act.


I have told you ones that everything is interrelated and the quakes in these places are a direct result of the earthquakes which have been occurring along the coastal areas of California. As the Pacific Plate grinds past the North American Plate, it creates a great deal of stress and pressure. The North American Plate then must release that energy somewhere, for it is beginning to buckle as the Pacific Plate continues to press upon it. The North American Plate is moving basically in a westerly direction, while the Pacific Plate is moving in a north-easterly direction. You have two opposing forces coming into conflict with one another and something, somewhere, sometime has to give.


That chain of mountains known as the Rockies was formed from exactly this type of action—so what might be happening now? Well, whenever there is buckling of a land mass, there is usually mountain building taking place. Where are the Rocky Mountains? Oh, in Colorado and Utah, perhaps? Mountains are built, usually, very slowly over many hundreds-of-thousands or millions of years, so don’t go looking for a new mountain to form overnight. It is but the start of a cycle which will eventually push those mountains higher and perhaps form a few new, small hills and ridges. It is but part of the ever-changing face of your planet.


Now on to Japan. Japan is by no means out of the picture, for even this day, there is still significant seismic activity surrounding those little islands. Someday these little land masses will give way and disappear into the depths of the ocean, just as has been the cycle of this same part of your globe for eons. However, in this instance, it may not take hundreds-of-thousands or millions of years—for one good jolt within the depths of that deep oceanic trench there, could cause the land beneath the water to slip away and that above would simply drop, WITHIN MINUTES OR HOURS, into a watery grave. No, chelas, Japan is, right now, in a most tenuous position. Those who reside there are reminded, on a regular basis, of just how much in charge of the situation the planet really is.


The Japanese have some of the most intense earthquake disaster drills upon your planet, for they are fully aware that the disaster is coming, and it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when, for the warning signs are present and they know that when that big earthquake comes there will be massive destruction, death and injury.


The cities in Japan, such as Tokyo, are so over-populated with people and structures that an 8.0 earthquake there will literally destroy the city. As buildings collapse and people are crushed to death and buried alive, even more will perish in the aftermath. Then there will occur the succeeding Tsunami wave which will literally wash over the entire expanse of land. It will be destruction as you ones have never imagined possible.




The scenario I have painted for Japan is equally as possible along the western coastal regions of your United States of America as it is across the Pacific Ocean. You who reside west of the San Andreas Fault line are living on a separate land mass from those residing to the east of that fault line. These two land masses are NOT connected to one another and the only thing holding them in place is the position of each of these land masses.


One moves and the other is going to react—it is a simple law of physics. You who live in the greater Los Angles area live on a very mobile section of land mass. It is the eastern edge of the Pacific Plate. Go east and cross over the San Andreas Fault line and you are on the North American Plate—a separate land mass. The coastal regions are riddled with faults because they are on the edge of a land mass, where most of the seismic and volcanic activity takes place.


Of course Los Angeles is a mass of fault lines—what else would you expect? Of course new faults are forming, because the Pacific Plate is in a new cycle of activity and movement, and as it moves past the North American Plate, stresses occur and pressure has to be released somewhere; so fractures form. These fractures are cracks in the Earth’s crust and they are weakened areas which are susceptible to land- mass movement.


The San Andreas is not the “bogie man” that everyone makes it out to be. It is simply a division marker of two land masses and, when one or both of these land masses move, there is going to be activity along this boundary line.


Right now, however, your greater threat is from all those other little fault lines, such as that which stirred up activity in January in Northridge. By the way, the energy is increasing in that area and there are other little faults of all different types criss-crossing that Los Angeles basin area. It would resemble, if you were able to view below the surface, a spider web of fracture lines. They are running in all directions, intersecting with one another and bisecting the entire area into little bits and blocks.


The little shaker in January (and yes, I said LITTLE, for that is precisely what it was) was only a warning for greater things to come. There, too, it is not a matter of IF, but WHEN—and right now that WHEN could come at any moment! The type of faults there range from thrust faults, such as that which gave way in January, to strike-slip faults. Thrust faults have the capacity for greater damage, because they thrust vertically, while strike-slip faults thrust horizontally.


Once again, that thrust fault system is responsible for mountain building, for it is thrusting upward. That is how those mountains in that region came into being in the first place, and Nature is simply continuing its creative processes. Nature is not out to destroy human beings; rather, it is continually re-creating the face of the planet so that it can house life. It is only man’s inability (or more accurately, refusal) to live in balance and harmony with his planet and all the rest of creation, which begets him destruction.


Some of your scientists are finally coming to the realization that the entire areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco and other such places are so riddled with active faults that the entire areas should be labeled as danger zones. Of course they should be, and for those of you who are in touch with your surroundings— your planet—it is only common sense!


Yet, in some ways, it is a giant step forward for your scientists to finally admit to the fact that they have encountered something greater than themselves. They are beginning to realize that there is nothing which they can do to predict the unpredictable, or to control the uncontrollable.


This is a giant leap for science upon your planet. All the “high-tech” gadgets, all the study, all the postulations have only led to more questions and an uneasiness of not knowing. The only way they have of discovering most of these “buried” fault lines is when one of the faults “wakes up and stretches”; and, because activity is taking place continually deep within the planet, new little cracks and fractures are always forming, for motion is ongoing, always.


If I have said it once, I have repeated myself a dozen times for you: You live on a living organism known as Planet Earth. It is alive and it is changing and re-creating itself continually, just as is everything in God’s Universe. You MUST come to the realization that everything changes in the process of creation—planets, stars, every living creature, including man. Everything is a part of everything else and, therefore, all is interrelated and existing in a symbiotic relationship with everything else. It is all so very simple, yet difficult for Earth man to grasp, because most have come to the place of denial about his relationship to anything. It is the self-centered attitude of Earth mankind which shall cause him the greatest hardships.


Face it, chelas, your planet is going to change. Your job is to decide how you shall deal with that change. You have but two options and they are to either be with the current of the changes or try to fight the current and swim upstream.


If you wish to continue to live in these known areas of seismic activity and to continually be in fear of losing life or property, then that is your choice. However, blame no one but self if your fears become manifest. When the earth moves beneath you and your home collapses, then remember that you have been warned of such things and you chose to either ignore the warning or remain there, betting against the odds. Either way, it was your choice and no one forced that choice upon you.


And yes, I hear you when you say that it is risky picking up and moving somewhere you know nothing about—how shall you make a living and put a roof over your heads? Of course it is risky—LIFE IS RISKY! NO ONE EVER PROMISED IT WOULD BE A BED OF ROSES WITHOUT THORNS.


Just remember that living over a known, active fault line is also very risky. You must only decide which risk you are more willing to accept and deal with. We are here to give you the necessary information for you to make your own decisions, for without proper knowledge, you are unable to make educated decisions. Remember, knowledge is power and once you have the knowledge you have the necessary tools to perform the decision-making processes.


Your level of knowledge has, up to now, been very limited and, consequently, you did not have the proper tools to perform the job. Now, however, is another story. Once you know a thing, you are held in responsibility for the knowledge. That is, when you are in ignorance you are not accountable but, once you have moved from ignorance into the light of knowing, that which you have knowledge of, you are accountable for.


In order for you, as a species, to take the evolutionary step forward, you must come into the light of knowing and be in accountability for the knowledge which you possess. It is but another law of the Universe with which you must conform.


The experience of third-density existence which you are in at this time is the most difficult you shall experience. It is the last of what I shall refer to as purely physical existences, the fourth density expressions being somewhat of a gateway to the more etheric realms. These terms are used for your present understanding, although they are not completely in accuracy, for all expressions in the physical universe are in some way of a physical nature, yet the closer you get to returning to the Source, the less physical and more etheric are your expressions.


As you draw ever nearer to the coming transition, knowledge shall come to you in greater portions and much more rapidly, for you are beginning to transition from your present boundary of time and space. There are always boundaries of time and space in all physical expressions, yet, once again, the nearer to the Source, the less effect these physical limitations shall have upon your physical experience. It is all but another part of your overall journey from the Source, through all the physical experiences, and your return unto the Source when you have completed all that you set out originally to accomplish. You have made every choice from the very beginning and you shall continue to make those choices. It was your choice to come into the veiled experiences of your present experience and it shall be your choice to move forward.


I realize that much of this is far beyond that which you are at this time able to comprehend, yet it is important that you begin to acquire this knowledge as well, for it too is a necessary tool to you ones now.


There are many who are beginning to see the fruits of thought energy and choices, for you are standing now upon the threshold of change. Your planet is but another expression of change which is part of your overall experience and journey and lessons. We are aware of the times in which you are living and the perceived veil of confusion. We are here to bring unto you the light of the knowledge that will assist you in the removal of that veil and bring you back into remembrance.


No, you shall not always reside in the darkness of unknowing, unless that is what you choose—and there shall be some who will choose to remain in that darkness and that shall be their choice and we shall not and cannot force them otherwise. However, these ones will not be allowed to remain ignorant simply to avoid responsibility.


The messages are out there among the people and very, very few are they who have not truly heard. Our job is to spread the information to as many as will receive. Once the information has been received, the task is with those who have received the knowledge. They must then take that knowledge and make their decisions based upon all the facts, for only with all the facts is one in ability to make quality decisions.


Yes, it is all taking place at a very rapid rate now, and the perceived speed with which changes occur shall only increase. It is always the way during times of change and transition. Know that the more knowledge you receive and understand, the more you shall draw unto you; and the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you shall be to perform all the tasks that lay before you ones.


Go now, in peace and understanding, for that which you require shall be provided. Thank you for your attention. Keep the Light about you in the coming days and keep your eyes and ears open, for it is coming fast and furious. It shall be a great adventure for those who are willing to accept the challenges, but a time of woe and weeping for those who choose to stand still.


Thank you for your attention. Toniose Soltec to clear.  Salu.


Editor’s note:  Alert!  By early this Monday morning, 9/19/94, the news started leaking out aboutsome MAJOR volcanic eruptions at the southwest corner of the Pacific Plate. Specifically, the active volcanoes are located in Rabaul City on the northeast corner of New Britain Island in the New Guinea Islands group. THERE ARE REPORTS OF ASH PLUMES RISING TO 60,000 FEET! The initial (less sanitized) reports were describing a series of 6 volcanoes blowing their tops, whereas the later reports had brought that number down to 2 or 3. The ash has darkened the entire area, covered the city of Rabaul in ash and mud, plus thunderstorms related to the volcanic activity are reported to be quite intense. All of this was easily visible to the astronauts in the Shuttle.