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Ceres Anthonious Soltec

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April 11, 2016

2/9/97   SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend!  It is I, Ceres Anthonious Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God.  Thank you for again sitting this day to write for we of the Hosts.

There is a need at this time to issue yet another warning concerning the geological INstability of your planet.  Your planet is under severe stress this day and she is in great need of relief.  She shall have her relief!  You ones need to be prepared for the upcoming changes.  Whether they be from man's tampering with forces that he does not understand, or from natural balancing of pressures within the body of Earth-Shan is of little consequence when the walls of your dwelling are coming apart!

Your Elite controllers feel they are running out of time--when they perceive the extent of their progress toward world control and compare that to where they think they should be according to their blueprint agenda.  This is cause for sounding an alarm because there are horrendous plans to counteract this "time" discrepancy in their schedule.  There are several plans developed to counter this perceived problem and each plan has a set of back-up plans.  We could discuss any number of these plans, but most of them have already been touched upon in previous writings.

However, at this point in the unfolding "play", you who are going to be prepared have already done so, and those who are still sitting on the fence will continue to do so until the fence is literally shaken out from beneath you.

You are well into serious times down there and most know it not.  The fox is in the hen house and he has you convinced that he belongs there and that you should have to feed and support him in his efforts to destroy all that for which you have worked.

Many down there will blindly continue to support those dark ones who are draining the life force from the very being of these unsuspecting ones--until this blind majority completely succumbs to the Elite controllers' parasitic condition.  The ignorance and naiveté of these clueless ones will enable the Elite controllers to pull off the massive annihilation on your planet.

It is only through knowledge and understanding that you can divert these catastrophic plans for your planet.  As always, the masses will refuse to listen for it causes them great discomfort to have to feel responsible for their part in the overall drama of life.

These are the ones who will refuse to hear the messages of Truth.  These are the ones who will say, "What's the use?  I am only one small person; I can't change anything."  These are the ones who are frightened by the thought of taking an action that might lead them into a position of responsibility.  These are the ones who will choose to remain in ignorance and thus go along with "Big Brother" as he uses them, and then discards them when they are of no further value.  These are the ones who shall have to recycle through this sort of experience, again and again, until they "get it right".  These are the "young" ones whose growth we stand ready to assist!

By contrast, many of you who diligently read these messages are the Ground Crew members who have volunteered (Oh, yes you did!) to come at this time, in the physical form, in order to re-give that which others before you have given to you.  Inasmuch as you prepare now, you will find that your job will be easier to accomplish in the years to come.

When catastrophe strikes and YOU are prepared, those who are not prepared will come to you asking, "How is it that you knew to prepare for these things?"  At that time you will probably have the undivided attention of the ones you have been trying to help all these years.  It is at that time when a larger part of your mission will be recognized!  You are Teachers and Wayshowers for the ones who are in need of realizing who they are and why they are going through such horrendous experiences.

You are part of the Hosts who have been sent at this time so that God's promise would be fulfilled to those who are seeking diligently to find the answers to the questions that demand an answer.  These are questions like: "Why am I here?" and "Why has all this (catastrophe) happened?"

God promised that the truth shall be known and that people would be given to know WHY the great tragedy has befallen them.  YOU are the answer to this promise!  You shall stand as a Beacon of Light during very dark times.  Your job is to assist your brothers in their understanding of WHY all of what will transpire has transpired.

Inasmuch as you prepare NOW for your future survival, you will capture the attention of those around you for having greater insight than they, because your very actions will have proven this to be so!

There are many reasons why we of the non-physical expression suggest that you do the things that we ask.  We will, however, always wait to see where you are at, in ability to discern for yourselves, prior to just giving you the answers.

So, if you're just sitting out there all alone, and you are thinking that you do not need to prepare, for you have no real responsibilities to attend such as children or family, then I would suggest that you consider your choices most carefully prior to dismissing preparation as a course of action.  To those of you who have prepared for yourselves, you may wish to consider adding to your food supplies so that you have extra to offer those in need.

Know that you ALL have a purpose to fulfill.  Realize also that, though we may not always respond to the individual question in this forum, we WILL most certainly respond to individual questions on an individual basis, for the call compels the answer.  But that means making the effort to go within and be attentive to the response!

With this said, I will ask that this morning's earlier "private" writing to this scribe be attached following this message, for there are many who can benefit from the words and we simply do not have the time to re-write the message again.

PREPARATION IS THE KEY TO FULFILLING YOUR INDIVIDUAL PURPOSE and we will assist you in ALL your efforts--when YOU take conscious action to meet us part way!

I am Ceres Anthonious "Toniose" Soltec come in the Light of Creator SOURCE!  May you see beyond the words and feel the Love with which these messages are sent.  Salu.

* * *


Good morning, my friend; it is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator God.  Thank you for hearing the call and responding.  We have work to get done so please get comfortable and find balance within.

We shall stand with you throughout all of the challenges that you will face down there.  Call upon the Light whenever you feel the desire to do so.  Please do NOT hesitate to do this!  We can assist you more when a conscious call is made.

Allow for the changes in perception to unfold within your mind as well as within your heart.  You will be guided to the answers you desire.  Be patient and persistent, for the answers are there when YOU take the proper focus in order to perceive them.

We shall assist you when and where we can.  You can help us by keeping your space cleared and by calling in the Light for assistance.  Once the call is made, you can KNOW that an answer WILL present itself to you.  But--YOU must recognize the clues and follow your inner nudgings in order to help manifest the answers in physical space (or in the physical consciousness).

Many times we send you ones the answers you desire, or a clue that will lead you to the answers, only to have the opportunity lost due to a lack of cognitive recognition of the subtle nudges that we are sending to you in response to your call for assistance.  Be attentive to the nudges and learn to recognize the thoughts that seem to "pop" into your head.

In time you will come to greatly appreciate the communications and insights that manifest because of this developed perception that you ones call INTUITION.  We shall continue to work with you ones in order to strengthen this sort of communication cycle.

It always helps to have a reminder, such as this one, to help you to remain focused upon the training cycles that you are experiencing almost non-stop every day.  However, this is also to caution that, when you are being constantly guided throughout your life, you will sometimes become complacent with the whole process and thus begin to ignore the suggestions that we are making to you.

When you remain focused and place the proper amplification on a thought, then you will have done YOUR part.  You will soon more fully realize the value of maintaining a conscious mental awareness of our Higher Presence within your mind as thoughts come and go throughout the day.  You will also be able to connect more easily to the Higher Consciousness of we of the Higher Energy Realms as you consciously practice becoming attuned and then amplifying those thoughts.

As always, you must maintain your guard at all times, for the adversary will most certainly try to influence this process IF you give him the opportunity to do so!  Keep your Light shielding up at all times, and if a thought causes you concern, then clear your space and ask for clarification.

Act always in wisdom for you are responsible for all that you dwell upon, and thus manifest in the physical experience.  Release the thoughts that will only serve to distract you for they are just that--DISTRACTIONS!

You are under constant barrage from all directions in order to slow you up or even stop you if the adversary is able to "pull it off".  Again, there is nothing new here--just a reminder to you to keep an "ear open" to the nudges and follow your Inner Guidance.

Recognize when we are there working with you.  Even the small, seemingly unimportant or mundane tasks can be turned into a training session IF you but call us in and then pay attention to the clues that we will provide.

As always, the choice is yours and YOU must have desire to participate, else there is little value that we can add.  Thank you for receiving my energy this day.  We shall walk through the challenges together, if you but ask

I am Toniose Soltec--Friend, Guide, and Teacher, in Light and service to Creator Source.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 11, 1997, Volume 16, Number 1, Pages 30-31.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.