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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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AUGUST 25, 2016

6/13/96   SOLTEC

Be at peace.  There is much going on this day and change is on the NEAR horizon for ALL.  The Earth, as you call her, is about to convulse in her effort to find balance and peace.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, here in Light, that you and others may see.

That which has been prophesied is at hand.  You are in the Ending Times of the current cycle of humanity on that orb.  This is a time when chaos reigns supreme, for the confusion of change is overwhelming to the masses.

All things continue in a revolving, evolving spiral of never-ending cycles of birth-growth-decay-rebirth.  Out of the old harshness of chaos shall spring forth the peace and balance that you ones constantly seek.

These are grand times for experiencing.  The Light shall reign supreme.  The awakening masses shall overcome or succumb to their ignorance.  It is always their choice.

You ask, "Why such a message at this time?"

Why indeed!

This is the time for change.  Nothing shall be the way it was.  NOTHING!

The past is gone; it only lives in memories.  The past has been written and cannot be changed.  Let go of the past, for it shall stand in the way of the future if you allow it to consume you.

Past friends and acquaintances shall make their own choices and be held responsible for their own condition.  It is natural to want to awaken another, especially one you care deeply for.  You must, however, allow each to grow at his or her own pace.  THEY must make the effort.  There shall be many a broken heart and much sadness for those souled beings who choose to remain in ignorance of spiritual truth.

Remember the past and learn from your mistakes, but do not try to live in the past, for it shall only serve to stagnate your personal growth.  Learn from your past experiences.  Forgive yourself for those mistakes you can consciously recognize--and move on.

Look forward to the future and create that which your heart desires.  There is peace, balance and joy out there for you.  You must allow yourself to experience these things else you shall surely miss them.

In the next few months many new energies (new to you in that "conscious" expression) shall be coming through to communicate with you ones.  Always discern their messages, for names and labels are simply for your identifications.  You shall soon begin to FEEL the difference and come to know each by their energy pattern.

Much is heating up in the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, Alaska is a warning to Japan, and Japan shall serve its wake-up call to the West Coast of the U.S.  (How about with some incredible TSUNAMIS?!?  Hummnn?)

[Editor's note:  Toniose is here referring to the recent large array of earthquake activity centered approximately midway along Alaska's Aleutian Islands chain.  The largest of the quakes was eventually reported on the controlled news as a M7.7 and, via the Internet, by the University of Alaska's seismology laboratory, as M7.9, and occurred at 8:03 p.m. Sunday evening 6/9/96.  This cluster of activity was located near the Adak Island area and this location is a convergent boundary between the Pacific and North American crustal plates.  Between 11 p.m. that Sunday night, when first mention was made about the quake, and 3 a.m. Monday morning.  I (E.Y.) never heard the magnitude of this big quake mentioned in listening to at least a dozen news broadcasts on radio.  It was skillfully and purposely and astonishingly left unmentioned--but they did warn of Tsunami wave activity all the way down to the coast of Northern California!  Thus is the basis for Toniose's timely parenthetical warning above.]

Dream time is long over and those still running around in La La Land shall wish they had awakened to find out what all the commotion was for.  Indeed, the changes shall come: "Like a thief in the night", as far as the general masses are concerned.

But, for those who have heard the "alarm clock", you shall see much of what we of the Hosts of Lighted God have told you, time and time again, shall come to pass.  There shall be much excitement for those of you who make efforts to help selves.

Even if you do not notice all the subtle clues along the way, know in your heart that He is there and is helping you along your way.  Pay attention to the seeming coincidences for NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE--especially now, and from here on out.

Face your past fears and allow Lighted Truth to show you what the fears are.  Know that you have nothing to fear if you be a Lighted Soul of Creator God, for in the Light you shall see and experience a glory beyond anything you can imagine in a third-dimensional compressed existence of matter.

There may very well be confusion, even for those of you who scribe these messages, for you ALL doubt and cry out for balance.

You come from places where peace and balance is the normal way of life and you long for the return home.  For some of you it is out here among the stars.  For others it may be a home world planet in a Pleiadean solar system.  Each has their own preference.  Many enjoy the variety of experience and do not stay in any one experience for too long.

Relax, my friend, I know you are not used to this type of writing.  Yet, it is now time for you to experience same, for you are being prepared for greater tasks such as SPEAKING for we of the Hosts.  You, along with some others of the ground crew, shall be called upon to speak to the masses.  Do not be frightened; you happen to be quite experienced in this method of communication and shall come to remember this talent as well as others.  Be at peace.  We shall end this now, for the distractions in your present environment are great.

Toniose Soltec to clear in the most radiant Light of Holy God, Who guides the magnificent transformation now accelerating in your manifestation.  Salu.