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Feb. 6, 2016

1/29/93   SOLTEC

Good evening, child.  Soltec present, as always, in the Light of Holy God.  May our presence and the message we bring serve as the beacon of Light in your darkened world and bring many into that Light of Holy God.  As we press forward, there is only promise of a load of work for those of you who have chosen to serve the Light.  It grows ever increasingly important that you work closely together and in total love and support of one another, as your enemy is all about and even, at times, comes into your midst to do their dirty deeds.  Your attackers would cause division among those serving as ground crew, thus weakening a link in the chain, which compromises the integrity of the entire chain.  We would caution each of you to keep your space cleared at all times, being on guard against such infiltration.  Though you would turn away no one who hungers for the Truth, know that some come proclaiming themselves in service only to undermine the foundation.

Discernment is a must in these times as the enemy struggles to maintain control.  Allow not the small disagreements to divide; rather, recognize them for their reality--the attempts of the darkness to interrupt the good work that is making strides in your world.  There will, undoubtedly, be those who will turn away and follow the darkness, though it be in ignorance.  Grieve for them, but do not lose sight of your mission; Chelas, for grief, left unchecked and allowed to run rampant, is destructive energy.  In these times, keep your sight on the Light and your feet firmly on the Path toward Holy God.  In these things, also, are there lessons to be learned, even though they be painful ones.  For each must follow his or her own path.  Reach out to guide, carry them from time to time if it be necessary, but know that you cannot drag another down their path.  It must be walked willingly by each.


This week there has been a large earthquake near Beijing, in the Hunan Province.  It was measured by your methods at 6.3 and caused considerable damage, including a dam.  Earthquakes have become such commonplace events that few pay attention to them anymore.  This plays right into the hands of the enemy--that is, to have such things be ordinary, everyday events that no one notices.  That way, Chelas, they have the advantage over you ones and are able to cause earthquakes and such right under your noses without detection.  DO NOT FALL ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL!  KEEP EARS AND EYES OPEN AND STAY ALERT.  THE ENEMY IS AT YOUR DOOR AND YOU HAVE RECOGNIZED HIM NOT!


You have schedules, this weekend, the largest sporting event on your planet--you call it the Super Bowl.  It will take place Sunday in Los Angeles.  It brings with it many visitors to the area, most of whom bring with them an aggressive, lower-order energy.  It has many implications, on multiple levels.  This place already suffers greatly from the effects of the energy of it inhabitants.  Only a few on your world are beginning to understand the power associated with the unseen energies created by your thoughts and lifestyles and most of them are still of the belief that these energies only affect the unseen.  Not so.  The physical experience utilizes the higher frequency light energy of pure thought, but pushed outward and brought to manifestation into the denser places.  The thought process is one of the most powerful energies that there is and, even though you do not have conscious understanding of such things, thoughts are very real and have very real effects upon your world.  That is why discipline of thought is so confounded important!  You have no idea what you create for selves by your very thoughts!

Los Angeles is about to multiply that aggressive, lustful, greedy energy a thousand-fold, for this game of football is extremely aggressive and it begets yet greater aggressive energy, proportional to the masses.  The hyper-energy that precedes the event itself only serves to exaggerate the situation.  It stirs the fans into such a frenzied state of excitement that, by the time of the game, the energy has built to a state of critical mass.  The energy, when released, explodes with an energy equal to that of a nuclear blast.  That, then, combined with what is already in existence in Los Angeles, pushes aggression through the roof.  Add to this, now, the effects of the extremely low frequencies that are continually bombarding the entire globe, and you have the potential for some very unsettling things.  Now, should the Elite have any plans for some of their dirty tricks during this event, you will have a real mess on your hands.


California has been, this week, once again experiencing blasts, an added attempt to bring about more earthquake activity.  It is also meant to be a show of force against our people, to remind you that the enemy is still alive and well.  Besides, keep in mind that since your recent heavy rainfalls the ground both at and below the dams are bulging from the pressure of the added water.  You definitely do not need any help from them right now.  You ones are concerned, and rightfully so. Today, you experienced blasts so strong that your dwellings actually began to give way under the pressure.  They are not finished playing with you by a long shot and they will continue the games with you until the very end of it.  You see, you are opening the eyes and ears of many and are providing the knowledge for people to liberate themselves from the bondage of slavery.  You are helping many to find the path of self-responsibility which is in opposition to the plans of the enemy. You are bringing Truth to the dying masses and giving hope to many who had given up.  In addition, you now are providing methods by which the physical body can live as it was intended.  You are, to the Adversary, an enemy to be reckoned with, for you are standing in the way of his advance.  YOU ARE LIGHTING THE WAY THROUGH THE DARKNESS!

We did not promise you that the road would be smooth and easily traveled, and you also knew this upon accepting the tasks.  Keep in mind, however, that the smooth road offers little in the way of growth, but the uphill rocky road is the one that will net the most growth.  You are quite capable of the journey, Chelas, otherwise you would not have chosen it.  Take another deep breath and hold on tight.

These blasts were targeted at the ground well below the surface on the weakened faults, which is explanation for the strength of the blasts that you experienced.  It would be very easy at this time to begin a chain reaction of seismic activity.


I have spoken of the power of thought in this writing for a specific reason.  It is to get you ones in the habit of watching closely what it is that you are allowing to flow forth from you as thought.  You have the ability to create or destroy with thought--you have the ability to heal or to remain ill in the same manner.  And, because you and your planet exist in a symbiotic relationship, the thoughts of Earth's inhabitants have the ability to create or to destroy the very planet itself.  You are the very essence of God, which is Light, which is energy.  Thought is also light energy, which has the ability to create.  Yet, you exist on a planet which is under the veil of darkness; therefore, that same thought energy, used in darkness, carries with it the forces of destruction.  It is part of the lessons of this expression of existence to learn to discipline the process of thought.  The combined thought energy of many people increases the strength of the energy.  And, as you travel nearer to the Time of Light (Photon Belt), the light energy will seem to magnify and become more powerful.  The magnitude of the energy will not have altered--only your perception of reality will have changed.

I bring this subject unto you ones because, as I have told you in the past, there are many things which affect your physical existence and all is a part of the whole.  It is important that you ones become knowledgeable of what is considered to be "etheric" or "unseen", which is nothing more than another state of existence.  These "unseen energies" have great effects upon you and your planet and cannot be separated from the whole of the problems which you are experiencing at this time.  It is difficult to teach of these things when the language of communication is so limited and lacking words which convey the entire concept of meaning.  But we will do the best we can, given the limitations.

Let us draw this to a close now, precious.  Continue to press onward and upward to the Light of Holy God.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 2, 1993, Pages 29-30.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.