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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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June 9, 2015

5/3/96   SOLTEC

Commander Ceres Anthonius "Toniose" Soltec present in the Light of Holy God of all magnificent Creation.  As I write, through this translator and scribe, we of my command are very busy monitoring the geophysical activities of Earth-Shan.

At this time you are experiencing a greatly stepped-up level of earthquake activity worldwide and, where appropriate, also stepped-up volcanic action, along all of the major fault lines dividing your various tectonic plates.

As a matter of most serious observation, we frequently call to your attention the actions around the Pacific Plate because, especially as concerns the stability of your West Coast of America, that is the "gear" driving the machinery which shall precipitate impending great change for the United States.

Before proceeding with a discussion of the current situation, I would like to refer back to a writing of mine, written through Dharma, from 6/15/91--just to remind you for how long it has been that our lessons have been offered and mostly forgotten or ignored.


As Hatonn told you in the past days--pay attention for there is massive movement in the entire circumference lip of the Ring of Fire (the Sea of Peace Ocean).  I believe it is the Pacific Plate Tectonic, as you refer to it.  Please note that Australia is NOT within those boundaries but is THE MOST IMPACTED by movement of the Pacific Plate.  There is tremendous activity in the outreach portions of Australia and New Zealand.

Georgia (Soviet Union) is a different matter and is in established upheaval to cause the Soviet Union to remain united, for as the Russian Republic becomes republicanized so will the other Bloc nations again rise up and Georgia is one which is already at a level of unacceptable restlessness.  It is, of course, far more than that but it is a most dangerous game played when you tamper with Mother Nature.

You people of Earth-Shan are either the most daring or the most foolish beings we have come upon in a very long time of traveling.

The primitive people of the Philippines are terrified, just as are the natives of Australia and New Zealand, for they know the underground is ready to "uncreate" those islands or project up the entire ocean floor--which is going to cause happenings like you can only hold in the imagining.  The atmosphere havoc is proof of that activity.

It is the location of Mt. Pinatubo that is most distressing to the Indians of the region for it is a part of the predictions (clues) of changes which would come upon the people and the world (which, of course, to them IS the Philippines and little more).  The eruptions could have been from Taal, Caniaon, Mayon and it would not have the same meaning as one which is dormant for centuries.

Now, please, look to Japan and the earthquakes and rumblings--this is NOT unusual for Japan, but you might well be seeing eruptions of those volcanos in Japan, also, within hours or days.  Whether or not you hear of it, there will be great numbers of temblors in the Aleutians and right down through your chain of volcanos in the North American continent and through the entire circle to the south.

Earth man can precipitate earthquakes but he cannot control the activities very well, of volcanos.  He can detonate high level nuclear explosions within the craters or from underground placement, but to cause activity in the mountain itself, there has to be a hole opened into the pressure caverns. This is why eruptions mean far more to geologists of the observers in my geologic survey teams, than does all the earthquakes you can produce.


I have also chosen to example this particular writing from almost five years ago because of the teaching theme running through it that "all is connected to all"--that you cannot separate the earthquake or volcanic activities from the other shenanigans orchestrated by your would-be kings of darkness.  So, let us continue with this lesson.


As you study the upheaval in Georgia, U.S.S.R., note its political proximity to both Turkey and Iran, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and remember the trouble in Azerbaijan and Armenia, both bordering to the south and to the south-east.  You ones must begin to look at the WHOLE and stop using the telescope attached to the kaleidoscope which simply blinds you through visions of colored glass.

The "state" of Georgia (U.S.S.R.), for instance, is a restless nation with many uprisings which have been quelled militarily--against the wishes of "Russia".  Russia has over 146 million people to be reckoned with and Georgia has some 5.3 million to which the U.S.S.R. must account.  Almost all of the states of the Republic will side with Russia as the "party" grows stronger.  Ah indeed, Yeltsin is a man with whom to be reckoned, and aid to little Georgia for earthquake relief may not be sufficient any longer.

Georgia can be most central in damage on an emotional level for it is in the western part of Transcauscasia and contains the largest manganese mines in the world.  Well, what could that be worth?  Lots!  It is often a prime substance in the manufacture of steel, falling into the 6th octave wherein argon is the seed and running from fifth toward seventh includes potassium, calcium, scandium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese and iron with cobalt on the cusp.  So you see, you would have a much higher frequency, or "finer" steel than, say, vanadium or chromium. Lower in the octave you have argon, chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus, and silicon on the cusp. Moreover, manganese is a relatively low-frequency element and is utilized in producing low-frequency pulse beams.  Indeed, the U.S.S.R. would not like to lose that commodity.

Further, Georgia is rich in timber resources and COAL mines.  Basic industries are food, textiles, iron, steel, but it is resource for grain, tea, tobacco, fruits, grapes and other agricultural-related products.  To maintain control, the U.S.S.R. MUST control at least Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and especially the Ukrainian SSR.  In the Ukrainian SSR, for instance, are almost 52 million people. Can you see how frail a reed Mr. unpopular Gorbachev actually is blowing in the winds of possibilities?

I recognize that I am a "geologist" by "trade" but my commission is to study your globe from that particular aspect within the "whole".  I could recommend nothing more important to your PHYSICAL input than to get good reference material and KNOW YOUR WORLD.  You ones of Earth do not even know your own bodies and almost NOTHING about your planet.

You speak of the "Ring of Fire" and yet you understand not the connections and why, for instance, eruptions in the Philippines are important!  The Pacific Plate "generally" outlines the Ring of Fire, but oh, if you look no further, you are amiss in good judgment for there IS a Philippine Plate which has great impact just as does the Indian Plate which encompasses Australia.

These particular plates are impacted greatly by the movement of the Pacific Plate.  Note also that the coastal areas of the volcano chain and the major western coastal fault lines are within the North American portion of the American Plate, while areas of Central America and northern South America are in the Caribbean Plate.  South America is in the southern portion of the American Plate.

Now, you have to look at the area of Georgia which you will find in the Eurasian Plate which is affected by movement in both the American, Philippine and Pacific Plates.  The magnificent Himalayas are the crumpled consequence, for instance, of an Indian Plate pushing northward into and under rigid Eurasia.

Do you begin to feel your education is lacking a bit of valid input?  Precious brothers, you simply cannot expect to know nothing about your little world and then expect to be accepted without limits within the universal cosmic order.  You as a species (civilization) of human physical beings are still quite in your infancy.  There is nothing "wrong" with that, it is just so unlikely that your ability, at this stage of development and knowledge, allows you to participate in the great Federation of the cosmic experience.

You grow technologically into inability to control or cope with that which you tinker.  You will find your brothers in the cosmos will not be very accepting of your demands in a Council wherein you do not even know the tectonic plates of your own planet.  And I promise you that the ones who develop the death rays and weapons do not know anything about the working order of your globe--much less do the politicians who control every facet of your existence in your physical experience.

Fifure 1

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Would this not be the wondrous gift one such as "Inquirer General" Cole COULD give unto his listeners--or would he simply lose those who proclaim him "entertaining"?  You see, we of the Command do not understand the insults to your intelligence which you not only tolerate but encourage.  "Understand" is not a good word for use herein, for we DO understand what is happening and what is intended by your would-be King Masters, but our difficulty is the lack of expectation on the part of you-the-people to stand against the insults upon your experience.

I believe it should not have to be from an alien being that you should be gaining your education regarding these matters--it should be from your learned teachers at your universities and kindergartens.  DO YOU NOT REALIZE THERE IS AN ADULT WITHIN EACH OF YOU TRYING TO GET OUT?

Hatonn and Dharma are going to bring forth some very interesting information which might be worthy of your attention; you keep working with the thin person trying to get out from the overweight trap; the inner child coming into protection--NO, NO, NO!  Within each is an ADULT trying to get past the whole lot of the garbage!  Beyond the tending teddy bears. I believe Hatonn will have you cuddle your Constitution and NOT your teddy bear and binkie.  Haven't all of you slept with your binkie long enough??

When God says, "come as children unto me", He doesn't mean with binkie and bunny.  He means with curiosity, flexibility and eagerness to come into KNOWLEDGE with Himself.  He cares not about your sexual or physical food preferences, nor other of the physicalness.  YOU MUST COME INTO KNOWING THAT ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE OF THE FLESH-PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE AND YOU--YOU--WILL COME INTO MATURITY AND KNOWLEDGE OR YOU WILL LINGER WITHIN THAT SHROUD OF DISCONTENT AND RESTLESSNESS.  SO BE IT.

You-the-people are on the brink of allowing the Puppet-Masters to commit particle/atomic suicide of a planet.  Is it not time you gave up your binkie and stopped this insanity?

I see that I have outstayed my welcome and will, therefore, give my appreciation--with a reminder or two.  Within the next few years of your counting, things are going to heat up from your own place (I DO NOT MEAN GLOBAL WARMING BS) and from your atmosphere.  You are going to have a lot of radioactive debris pouring back in on your orb and, if you don't get with the program and petition assistance, you are going to all get a very big hotfoot.


Now, with that refresher lesson for foundation, let us take a brief look at relatively recent earthquake map data, first for the entire Pacific Plate and then for Northern and Southern California of your United States.

We consider the exercise of looking over these maps not so much because there are any changes from what I have discussed in over five years of past lectures, but because so many of you plead with me for an update on the geophysical front.  Well, the same speeding train is still on the same crash course toward the same mountain side.  Nothing has changed, nor is likely to, in solidifying probability space for your orb.

Figure 1 [previous page] is from the May 19, 1996 issue of the superb publication called Seismo-Watch Newsletter (Advanced Geological Exploration, P.O. Box 18012, Reno, NV 89511; 702-852-0992) where the world map we are using shows earthquake activity for the time span of April 29 through May 5, 1996.  Remember that the Pacific Plate is approximately framed on its east side by the Americas and on its west side by Japan and Indonesia.

Now, if we consider the Pacific Plate as a clock face, it is plain to see that from 11 o'clock, north of Japan, down through 7 o'clock, near New Guinea, a great deal of activity is occurring.  In the time frame of this particular graphic, Alaska (at slightly past noon on our clock face) and the Americas (between 2 and 5 o'clock) are "relatively" quiet.

But such is only the sleeping calm before the abrupt storm which must occur as that massive plate continues its northwesterly journey with increasingly more deliberate motion.  Study the map carefully to discern just how busy in Mother Earth's crustal skin in its attempts to equilibrate massive forces at work beneath her surface and within her circulatory system.

Figure 2

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Figure 2 [see this page] is also from Seismo-Watch and covers approximately the same time span, specifically from April 25 through May 1, 1996.  What I wish to call to your particular attention here is the greatly increased level of creep activity along the San Andreas Fault in the active segment that is south of , and then northward on up to, what I shall call the "triple-junction point" where the San Andreas is intersected by the bottom ends of the two dangerous East Bay faults, the Hayward and Calaveras.  [See dotted oval on map.]

This is a most dangerous situation in the making, as that creep energy "piles up" like box cars on a train track at that triple-junction point, waiting to release this energy in travel by slippage, further on up north, along those three major fault lines, into all of those heavily populated San Francisco Bay Area cities.

It is a matter of particular tragedy that, for instance, most of the East Bay Area's hospitals and schools sit directly atop the Hayward Fault.  Can you imagine the problems waiting to happen just from this one condition--assisted as it had to be in the past by town politicians and their real estate planning and zoning commissions?

Figure 2 [see next page] is taken from the Southern California Seismographic Network's weekly newsletter, covering approximately then same time period as do the other graphics we have been discussing, here specifically for the time period of May 2-8, 1996.

 Figure 3

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I wish to call to your attention the continued build-up of the activity along two major geometric "triangles": One extends from Santa Barbara ("SB" on the map) eastward to the Lake Isabella-Ridgecrest (China Lake Naval Weapons Center) area and then on down southeast through the northeast side of Palm Springs and the Salton Sea, and onward into Baja Mexico; the other triangle is smaller and tighter, encircling Palm Springs itself.

Those of you who have been attentive to the visions given to Gordon-Michael Scallion are already well alerted to keep an eye on this Palm Springs area for major, violent activity which will likely precipitate much, violent activity which will likely precipitate much shifting of the crust with attendant devastation on up through greater Los Angeles proper, especially along the volatile Elysiam Park Fault.

And while we're on the subject of Los Angeles, look closely at the blob of black dots at approximately 11 o'clock to the letters "LA" on this map.  This is the San Fernando Valley wherein was precipitated the Northridge earthquake on January 17, 1994.  If any of these shaking events manage to cause enough nervous responses of inquiry in the public to warrant mention over the media channels, such will always be along the lines of "not to worry", that they are "simply more expected aftershocks" of that devastating Northridge event.  One can but marvel at that which is accepted without question by the mostly sleeping masses.

Thus, to sum up this three-map scenario, it should be clear that major stress-relieving (but life disrupting) earthquake and volcanic activity is imminent at many locations all around the massive Pacific Plate.  From Figure 1 you can see clearly the motion as it looks from the perspective of the "big picture"; and from Figures 2 and 3 you can see, on a more close-up scale, the effects of that big picture motion as such reflects in the heightened activity in two very populated and economically powerful arenas of your United States' West Coast.

Remember my earlier quoted lesson from 1991, especially that "all is connected to all", and you will be well on your way toward forming a true understanding of your world.  I thus leave it to you ones to connect the dots which fill in the details of this most sobering picture of impending great destruction which I turn now to addressing an issue in the larger context of the planetary transition now in progress.

We must never lose sight of the fact that earthquakes and other seemingly violent "natural" events are but "adjustments" made by Mother Earth at this time of transition as she strives to return to a state of healthy balance after much injury has been inflicted upon her by a particularly heartless variety of self-centered "fleas" crawling around on (and somewhat beneath) her skin.

* * *

By way of introduction to this next topic, I shall first tell on my scribe as an example: As we write this, he is consciously carrying on four tasks, simultaneously, in order to try to "get everything done" that needs to get done within the confines of the seemingly available "time" as you perceive same. Of course, if I were to let him see what all else he is ALSO working on, simultaneously, that he is NOT conscious of doing at the moment, there would likely be a mutiny--or at least a weak plea for higher pay!

So, like most of you of the ground crew, he wrestles with both the frustrating limitations of seemingly more rapidly disappearing "time" or how "time" seems to be speeding up as the planetary frequency continues to move upward, as this transition process progresses, carrying with it all those who can adjust to the changes.

While this is a nearly impossible adjustment (upward in frequency with the attendant perceptive loss of time) for the many soulless or soul-deficient beings who mindlessly are running around on your orb, chasing after the next marketed item spewed out by your vidiot box programmings, for the Lighted ground crew, adjusting to and dealing with "the case of the disappearing time" is a nearly constant, often annoying, and sometimes downright unnerving struggle.

Nearly two years ago now I discussed the physics of this apparent "missing time" phenomenon with this scribe because he reasoned (and quite correctly so, from a strictly conscious point of view) that, as one's frequency increases, with the attendant stepping-up of all related activities, such as mental functioning and awareness-perception, time OUGHT TO SEEM to slow down.

After all, you ones can all relate to the slowdown-of-time sensation that comes from intense concentration and focus upon a task such as, say, "getting into" a fast sport like racquetball or ping-pong, or having to deal with some life-threatening emergency like your automobile brakes failing while you're driving down a winding road.  Time seems to almost stand still in those situations.

And yet my scribe was complaining about finding himself LOSING time--that it was greatly speeding up--and sometimes at an alarming rate.  The question was: how could this be?

The reason for the apparent contradiction is that, as you Lighted ground crew members continue to increase in frequency, access to other dimensions of expression become more fluently possible. Thus, like my scribe, you readers too are doing more and more things simultaneously--BUT THEY ARE BEING DONE MOSTLY IN THOSE NEWLY-ACCESSIBLE OTHER DIMENSIONAL SPACES!

Thus you could look at it as spending less "time", say per hour, in this particular conscious domain, so that every time you "come back" (and gather up the courage to look at the clock) you observe that more time has gone by than you can consciously account for.  Thus is generated the apparent sensation of time speeding up!

The problem is that, right now, you are just not particularly conscious of this expanded theatre of activity which includes these now-more-fluently-accessible other dimensions.

By way of another example, consider that you are washing several dishes in the kitchen sink, a job you feel takes several minutes.  But while you are doing that, at an UNCONSCIOUS level you make several trips to your den to play a few moves of chess with the computer, you check on the laundry in the laundry room, and you go outside and move the lawn sprinkler to another location.  Now consciously back in the kitchen, you look up at the clock and are shocked to see that so much time has flown by while seemingly you were "just" washing those few dishes.

I share this discussion at this time because, from our vantage point of observation and monitoring, we see so many of you frustrated by and frequently questioning this accelerated evaporation of your useable "time".  And you often support this observation with the self-defeating thought that YOU, most certainly must, finally, now, be going crazy (or some such explanation) for, after all, there seems to be "no time" anymore for getting things done.  You feel that you "blink twice and the day is over", right?!

Well, take comfort in the knowing that you are operating in a constantly expanding dimensional arena of activities, not all of which you can appreciate at the present moment.  But while you work to be more patient with self and others, as you all effort through this disorienting perceptual phenomenon with time associated with the planetary transitioning process, ALSO consider this as a notice to consciously put what "time" you are given to good use!

On that note I think I shall take my own advice and sign off for now.  As I said at the beginning of this writing, we are most busy in the monitoring department of Earth-Shan's geophysical activities. What has made our job most complex these days is, of course, that the effects of man's continual, heartless dinking with this planet are becoming so intertwined with the nature processes of rebalancing that the overall "vegetable soup" has become a most difficult broth to analyze in real time.

But now I've used that mysterious word again--time--and so it's probably time I take my leave.  Know that all of you of ground crew are much beloved and constantly watched over by we of the monitoring realms.  Always keep an eye out for us as we make our presence known--whether in the "curious looking" and "appearing from nowhere" clouds you can easily spot, mostly in the daytime, or in our magnificent spectrum-strobing star-like jewels of the night sky.  Know that we take as much delight in your confirming acknowledgements as you do in our subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) displays of presence.  And we are ever only a thoughtful--or maybe better yet, a heartfelt--mental call away.  Thus you should NEVER feel alone!

Toniose Soltec to clear in the Radiant Light of Creator's most perfect plan for the healing and growth that is this time of transition.

Salu--and make it a point to ask God to help YOU use your "time" wisely in these final days.  You'll be glad you did!


Source:  CONTACT: The Phoenix Project, June 4, 1996, Volume 13, Number 4, Pages 12-15.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana

 Supplemental information:

Plate Tectonics Map by USGS

Southern California Earthquake Center Fault Model.
SCEC Community Fault Model.  This map shows the 3-dimensional structure of major faults beneath Southern California.  Vertical faults such as the San Andreas (yellow band from top left to bottom right) are shown as a thin strip.  Faults that are at an angle to the surface are shown as wider ribbons of color.  The nearest fault to you might be a few miles beneath your home.  Areas that seem to have few faults can still experience strong shaking from earthquakes on unmapped faults or from large earthquakes on distant faults.