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March 10, 2015

3/14/93   SOLTEC

Good morning.  I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec, present in the eternal Light of Holy God.  Our mission is that of service unto Holy God, to assist in the transition of planet Earth-Shan.

It grows more interesting day to day, does it not?  You who live in the eastern portion of your United States have just experienced the worst winter storm in your remembering.  What you experienced was a winter hurricane and carried with it record low barometric pressure readings--28.54 " in some instances.  This storm has left many areas with no electrical power, frozen or burst water pipes and many without heat in their homes.  Many of you were isolated, even though you live in large metropolises.  Florida was struck by tornadoes and many homes were totally destroyed.  Even your nation's capital was left virtually paralyzed by this sudden, strong storm of previously unknown proportions.

How many regular LIBERATOR readers in this area were caught off guard and without your emergency supplies?  This is an excellent lesson in point, as we have over and over explained to you ones that there would come about many occasions when you would wish that you had heeded the warnings and prepared selves for these eventualities.  It is not a game of, "I told you so".  Rather, it is a subject which apparently still needs to be brought to the forefront.  Since your world is not the same place as it was ten or even five years past, you can no longer depend on that which sufficed in the past.  This storm should have made this quite apparent to those who were left unprepared.  Have you ones not been told that this year was going to be one which you would not soon forget?  Have you not been forewarned that it was going to be a rough ride?  Did you think, perhaps, that it meant only in the political and money end of things?  When you are stranded, as has just occurred, you can have all the money in the world and it would have done you not one ounce of good, for you could get no where to spend it.  Please, consider these things for it is long from being finished and over.

At this point in your time, there are a very many things taking place on very many levels.  You cannot afford the luxury of focusing only on political events, for you are being assaulted by the Adversary on all sides and all things are, therefore, linked together.  You must be prepared on all levels to safeguard, as much as is possible, against being caught unaware and with your proverbial pants down.  Have not your own prophecies warned you to be alert to strange things in both the heavens and the Earth in these times, or do you perhaps not yet believe that you have entered into that time foretold as the tribulation?  Do you still believe that everything will turn around and go back to the way it used to be in the "Good Old Days"?  Do you believe the drivel that you see on your news casts and read in your controlled newspapers, or do you use your own reasoning powers to determine that things are not as they are presented for your viewing?  Do you still take the LIBERATOR weekly and try to prove what is written therein by that which you see on your television?  Has it not yet become a reality for you that you have been set up by the Elite Controllers on your place?  Have you, as they had hoped, followed along behind them as sheeple, believing everything you are told?  WAKE UP, PLANET EARTH!  TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS FROM YOUR EYES AND REASON FOR SELVES.  YOU ONES HAVE BEEN SOLD DOWN THE RIVER INTO SLAVERY AND BONDAGE, AND YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS OF FOLLOWING THE SLAVE MASTERS WILLINGLY AND BLINDLY UNTO YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION.  AND IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR GOD TO DO IT ALL FOR YOU, YOU ARE IN FOR A VERY RUDE AWAKENING FOR GOD IS NOT GOING TO DO IT--YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT OR IT IS NOT GOING TO GET DONE!

God has sent His messengers with the Truth to inform and awaken those who will but hear.  The Truth that we bring unto your place will, if utilized, bring about the changes that will liberate your planet from its slave masters.  But you must pick up the load and get it done for selves, for it is after all, your planet and your destiny, not ours.  We teach you and we assist you, but we will not do it for you.

We are in receipt of a communiqué regarding the causes of earthquakes.  If I am in understanding of this one's conclusions, he believes that earthquakes are caused by magnetic changes and fluctuations rather than by the faults and fractures.  This may be an over-simplification of his conclusions, but I believe it shall suffice for this discussion.  There are many dangers associated with targeting only one aspect of a greater picture as being the only cause of anything.  Religions on your planet got started in the same manner--by picking one piece of The Truth and claiming it was the only Truth, which ignoring and rejecting all other truths.  It is a dangerous position to believe that you possess the entire truth about a thing, as you are now in the position of limiting God of Creation, and as you should by now know, this is an impossibility.  So by limiting your search of The Truth, you may end up missing the most important point of all.  This is dangerous because, while one is focusing only on one truth, all the other truths are taking place about you, yet you deny that they play any part in your belief system and these other truths end up sneaking up from behind and destroying you.

While this person makes some excellent points, he also omits other factors from the equation.  We have, in the past, attempted to re-educate you ones to look at all possibilities, regardless of their source, for truth comes from many sources, in many packages.  This is why I have told you that you cannot separate out just one thing from the others, because they are all interconnected and interrelated, because all that exists is but a part of the overall whole.  The Native Americans have a phrase. "Mitakuye Oyasin"--All My Relations.  It is a simple phrase that sums it up quite nicely. Everything is related--there are no exceptions.

Though magnetics play a part in the overall picture of earthquakes, they are not, by a long shot, the only aspect that must be taken into consideration.  All things in the Universe abide by the law of cause and effect, but the causes and effects are multi-layered, and must be viewed in this way before any understanding can be achieved.  The Universe is a multi-dimensional thing--not mono-dimensional.  In other words, there are, at all times, an infinite number of causes and effects all playing out simultaneously on multiple levels of consciousness.  For you to declare that only one thing is responsible for earthquakes is to assume that the Earth is but a flat, one-dimensional object, which it is not.  This is the reason that you are not able to predict earthquakes or volcanoes or weather with any degree of accuracy.  You have falsely concluded that only weather occurrences affect the weather and only faults, volcanism or magnetics affect seismic events.

Just a small listing of energy forces that affect your planet seismically would include: the rotation of the core within the Earth, causing plate movement and volcanic activities; gravitational forces of nearby objects in space; torsional effects on the Earth's core caused by magnetic interaction with extraterrestrial bodies; planetary consciousness; crustal weakening caused by varying barometric pressures, temperatures and moisture content; prana scalar beam energy; ground evacuation caused by underground detonations; depletion of ground water supplies; impact of extraterrestrial objects on the Earth; planetary and other heavenly body alignments; centrifugal forces produced by the wobble in axial rotation of the Earth; solar magnetic storms, solar flares and solar magnetic storms, solar flares and solar wind influences; weight and balance stresses caused by concentration of population center; sound vibrations caused by population in already weakened areas--and the list could go on and on.

All these things have a definite effect upon your planet, seismically speaking.  It might take only one of these forces in the right place at the right time, or it may take a combination of many of these forces to have an effect seismically.  Not only is it not fair to say that only one of these factors is the only cause, but it is also foolish to make such a statement.

Let us examine, briefly, the magnetic field of the Earth.  Invisible lines of magnetic force surround the earth and deflect magnetized objects, like compass needles that are free to move.  These lines of magnetic force emanate from the South Pole, encircle the planet and reenter the Earth at the North Pole.  The field has what you call north and south magnetic poles, one which is near the geographic North Pole and one near the geographic South Pole.  These magnetic poles are approximately 11.5 degrees offset from the geographic poles.  Because the Earth has two poles, the magnetic field of the planet is called dipolar.  The strength of the magnetic field is greatest at the magnetic poles, where magnetic lines of force appear (if they were visible) to leave and enter the Earth vertically.

Throughout its history, the Earth has experienced magnetic reversals, in which the polarity of its magnetic field has reversed.  As I stated above, the magnetic lines of force exit from the Earth at one pole and reenter the Earth at the opposite pole.  At different times during the past, the poles have reversed and instead of the magnetic forces leaving the South Pole and entering at the North Pole, the magnetic forces have left at the North Pole and reentered at the South Pole.  What was the cause?

In order to understand this, you must have a basic understanding of the effects of magnetism.  With any magnet, you have a north pole, and a south pole--positive and negative, male and female, if you will.  You have all heard the old saying that opposites attract, I am sure.  This is exactly what happens with magnets.  If you were to take two magnets, and lay them end to end, with OPPOSITE poles together, they would pull with equal force towards one another.  If, however, you laid these same two magnets end to end with LIKE poles together, they would repel one another and attempt to turn and align themselves with the opposite poles.

Now let us look at this on a larger scale.  The Earth is a magnet with a south pole and a north pole. Another magnetic object in space approaches the Earth within a distance that the magnetic fields of the two objects begin to feel the influence of each other.  If, as these two objects approach one another, like poles facing one another, they will have the natural tendency to repel one another and align their opposite poles.  When this occurs, it is highly likely that the core of the Earth would try to turn itself in an attempt to balance itself with the approaching object, thus causing the pole reversals that are apparent.  (Remember that all things in the Universe will attempt the path of balance of its male and female counterparts.)  So what keeps these objects from colliding?  You must now take into consideration the rotation of planetary objects around the central planetary system object, in this case, your sun.  This is where gravitational influences come into the picture.  The sun is a much larger object than the planets which revolve around it; therefore, the sun exerts a greater amount of gravitational influence.  So, should you have a planetary alignment, and the magnetic forces are affected, you have to also consider the gravitational influences being exerted by the sun, which would have a tendency to offset the magnetic forces, because the gravitational forces are greater than the magnetic forces, in this case.  However, should an object pass close enough to the Earth to cause the magnetic core to move within the Earth, yet far enough away that gravity would not allow the object to collide with the planet, you would have the effect of the poles either reversing completely, or tilting several degrees one direction or the other, depending upon the strengths of the two influences, magnetic and gravitational, as one will always attempt to counter-balance the other.

These forces, then, would have a direct effect upon the planet and would place stress upon the plates and the already existing faults and fractures, and would produce large earthquakes and volcanic activity as the plates would move over hot spots beneath the surface and allow magma to flow up through the cracks and fractures.  New cracks and fractures would be produced as the plates moved and twisted due to the forces produced by the movement of the core within the planet. It would have the effect also of changing the ocean currents, which would change the jet streams, as well as volcanic ash in the atmosphere, which in turn would change the planetary weather cycles.  So, in this case, the cause would be the magnetic and gravitational influences of other spatial bodies, and the effect would be the seismic reaction of the plates, fault lines, etc.

The letter states that, "geological events and formations are STRICTLY exceptions!!!"  Geologic events and formations are results or effects of many other influences and factors; however, the factors involved are more than just the magnetic field.  This person is not totally out of touch, he merely needs to broaden his scope and look at ALL possibilities and causes. He believes that major earthquake activity will begin as early as the 2nd or 3rd week of March, 1993, with the high points of mega-seismic events to follow near mid-April and into May 1993.  He also believes that California is due for a lot of trembling throughout the entire year of 1993, and also, following the activity in California, he sees seismic activity in the Midwest along the New Madrid and Wabash Valley areas.  He feels that most people in the Midwest will be caught off-guard and that these events will most likely be occurring in the six to nine month period following the advent of the major quakes in California.  The possibility of this occurring definitely exists today and, as time proceeds forward, the probability of same increases.

He is absolutely correct in that he foresees massive campaigns of deception waged by the "experts", enjoined by the financial establishment to mislead the citizens about the prospects for earthquake hazards to follow in the wake of these upcoming events, as the Elite Controllers will use any avenue available to them to exert even greater control over You-The-People and are not above using a catastrophic event to their advantage, regardless of what effect it may have upon the people for, in their opinion, you are an expendable commodity.  Also, each community of scientists will have their own theories about why it took place, each arguing with the other that they are the only ones with the truth when, if it were examined, each one possesses a part of the truth and, if linked with the other pieces of the puzzle, they would have greater overall view of the picture.  This is where the ego of each one needs to be put on hold long enough to examine and give consideration to ideas and proposals of the other--in other words, cooperation--working together toward a common goal, not in opposition to one another.  So, I caution you, not to fall into this trap.  You have some excellent points and thoughts on the subject, but do not be so quick to disavow the validity of another's idea, for joined with your ideas and studies, you may open up an entire new avenue for science on your planet.

This person is right on target regarding the events and time frame for same.  The Earth is in a period of great transformation and great changes, but I urge him to not throw the baby out with the bath water and consider all things as factoring into the equation.  His statement that the planet is in a period of striving to achieve balance is true; however, this state of equilibrium is taking place on many levels, both those seen and those unseen, and all must be taken into consideration if one hopes to achieve the full scope of the overall picture.

This is, I realize, an over-simplification of the case in point, but I believe that you are able to grasp the image of the lesson.  Of course, it goes without saying that many other factors would enter into the equation, but without writing an entire book or thesis on the subject, this gives a general overview of the subject.  As you progress toward transition, more will become apparent and you will be able to understand the greater forces that affect your planet.  You approach the Light and in the Light is knowledge.  An entire new arena will be opened and your understanding will abound.

At this time, I only am attempting to drive home to you ones to see that more than one factor must be taken into consideration, for all things have a direct effect to some degree upon all other things. It is the way the entire Universe operates, because all things come from but One Source; therefore, all things are related and exist in a symbiotic relationship--Mitakuye Oyasin.  In order that you begin to understand the Universe in which you live, you must expand your scope of vision and thought and consider all things--even those things which you cannot see.  It is time to remove the blinders and look what lies not only ahead, but that which is to the side and behind, for yours is a multi-dimensional existence and it is time that you begin thinking in these terms.

Let us bring this to a close for now.  We have given a lot of information in a short space, and it will need to be digested slowly for understanding.  Keep the shields about you and keep your eye on the Divine Source of all things.  For in this Source are the answers to all things, both of the seen and of the unseen.  I leave you with the blessings of Almighty God.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 16, 1993, Volume 22, N

umber 8, Pages 19-21.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.